I found a major trend by digging 30 bloggers on maternal and infant nutrition in Xiaohongshu!

Original title: I found a major trend by digging into 30 bloggers of maternal and child nutrition in Xiaohongshu!

Xiaohongshu has always been an important platform for the new generation of treasure mothers to learn parenting knowledge and collect good things.

In the app store,The prompt of Xiaohongshu has been quietly changed to "a living community shared by 300 million young people".The age of this young man can’t be defined. According to the data of the Seventh Census, the population aged 15-59 is 894.38 million, accounting for 63.35%, and one third of them are in Little Red Books, which may actually be higher.

Among the massive topics that young people pay attention to, such as travel, photography, weight loss, study and life,Mother and baby are one of the most important sectors.There are also various mother-infant related posts in Little Red Book.

After a period of research and study, I selected some bloggers with good fans, praise and collection, and carefully watched what they shared. The main types are the sharing of daily life, the evaluation of similar products, daily parenting recipes, clothes, Bao Ma’s postpartum care, scientific nutrition and parenting knowledge, and the experience of stepping on a pit.

The identity of bloggers is mainly concentrated in baby nurses, nutritionists, babysitters, teachers, doctors, etc.There is a certain professional background to support, and the content shared is relatively dry.

Today, I also selected 30 bloggers as cases. On the whole, the core is professional content. Some bloggers have only published dozens of articles, and the number of fans has exceeded 100,000. Some may have published hundreds of articles, and the number of fans is only about 100,000. From the perspective of praise and collection, it can better reflect the key of content. Many bloggers have been praised and collected several times as much as the number of fans, while others are equal to the number of fans.

Therefore, let’s look at the little red book again. In fact, it is not as we imagined that "users are irrational fanatics". On the contrary, after several years of precipitation,Users are actually more rational and have very high requirements for good content. Imagine this kind of professional customers entering the store. Do you really hold it?

Little Red Book Name: Rice Cake Mom

Number of notes: 1525

Fans: 727,000

Praise and collection: 2.065 million

Introduction: Master of Medicine from Zhejiang University, second-born mother, founder of rice cake mother. Author of the best-selling book "Your parent-child relationship is worth millions" and "Encyclopedia of Easy Parenting for Rice Cake Mothers". Share with you the feeding, nursing and enlightenment experience of children aged 0-6, and how to deal with intimate relationships.

Little Red Book Name: Mama Jinning

Number of notes: 1305

Fans: 687,000

Praise and collection: 10.9 million

The main introduction: the hot mom after 90 loves food and enjoys the process of making, and the food is constantly updated.

Little Red Book Name: Xiaoyuan Mama

Number of notes: 349

Number of fans: 201,000

Praise and collection: 950,000

Introduction: Second-born mother loves life sharing.

Little Red Book Name: Bean Bag Mom Xiaoshan

Number of notes: 430

Fans: 210,000

Praise and collection: 973,000

Mainly introduces: food, parenting, photography, lifestyle, warm food notes of bean curd and mother, recording CCTV2 "Going home for dinner" with my daughter, and recording delicious time with love cooking.

Little Red Book Name: Nutritionist Wukong Mama

Number of notes: 275

Fans: 397,000

Praise and collection: 1.431 million

Mainly introduced: Wa is 3 years old, a senior nurse, an ACI international nutritionist, and has been working in the maternal and infant industry for 6 years. Evaluation & Composition & Technology Revealing.

Little Red Book Name: Cocoa Nutritionist

Number of notes: 72

Fans: 124,000

Praise and collection: 1.241 million

Introduction: ISF international registered dietitian, chief nutrition officer of Kiddyfresh Deer Youxian, sharing tips on parenting.

Little Red Book Name: Nutritionist Cher

Number of notes: 285

Number of fans: 108,000

Praise and collection: 349,000

Main introduction: second-class nutritionist, senior child-rearing expert, pediatrician & master’s degree, millions of fans all over the network.

Little Red Book Name: Xiaoxiao

Number of notes: 1168

Fans: 186,000

Praise and collection: 879,000

Main introduction: During pregnancy, a graduate student, a nutritionist, has two treasures at home, recording a simple and happy life.

Little Red Book Name: Nutritionist Anxin Mom

Number of notes: 400

Number of fans: 201,000

Praise and collection: 487,000

Main introduction: keen to sort out dry goods, share parenting experience, share good things, graduate MBA, national first-class nutritionist

Little Red Book Name: Nutritionist Mumu Ma

Number of notes: 344

Fans: 160,000

Praise and collection: 653,000

The main introduction: Senior nutritionist/senior baby nurse, Gu Jia Cancer & picky party, seriously sharing 100 experiences on the road to raising a baby.

Little Red Book Name: Nutritionist Mom Emily

Number of notes: 222

Fans: 205,000

Praise and collection: 312,000

Main introduction: doctors and nutritionists in 3A hospitals.

Little Red Book Name: Nutritionist Glutinous Rice Mom

Number of notes: 371

Number of fans: 201,000

Praise and collection: 326,000

Introduction: Master, high school teacher, second-level nutritionist, Xiaobao is 10 months old and Dabao is 7 years old.

Little Red Book Name: Nutritionist Xiao Xiao Ma Ma

Number of notes: 151

Fans: 134,000

Praise and collection: 806,000

Mainly introduced: a little sister who loves home and life, a family with two daughters, and a little cotton-padded jacket from her father.

Little Red Book Name: Mike Mom, Senior Nutritionist

Number of notes: 288

Number of fans: 162,000

Praise and collection: 505,000

Introduction: Senior nutritionist, master of education, exquisite hot mom has a good way to protect skin.

Little Red Book Name: An Miqi, Nursery.

Number of notes: 614

Number of fans: 2.153 million

Praise and collection: 6.397 million

Mainly introduce: Triplet numbness, which is not only a baby nurse but also a yoga instructor for maternity.

Little Red Book Name: Aimee, Nurses

Number of notes: 190

Number of fans: 202,000

Praise and collection: 529,000

Introduction: Senior baby nurse, sharing the experience of life and parenting dry goods.

Little Red Book Name: Nursery mongo

Number of notes: 315

Fans: 157,000

Praise and collection: 348,000

Main introduction: parent-child parenting, complementary food home, baby nurse.

Little Red Book Name: Baby Nurse Steamed Bun Xin

Number of notes: 550

Fans: 533,000

Praise and collection: 778,000

Mainly introduced: Intermediate baby nurse, 6 years of maternal and child care experience, full-time mother with millions of fans in the whole network after 90, more professional than ordinary people, more grounded than doctors.

Little Red Book Name: Babysitter Amon Memories

Number of notes: 341

Fans: 186,000

Praise and collection: 317,000

Mainly introduce: intermediate baby nurse+health manager, special editor of parenting forum, parent-child wearing, parenting sharing, life and home.

Little Red Book Name: Baby Nurse Dolphin Mother

Number of notes: 425

Fans: 204,000

Praise and collection: 485,000

Introduction: Senior high school teacher, intermediate baby nurse, 4-year-old boy&12-month-old girl, with millions of fans on the whole platform.

Little Red Book Name: Nico Sauce for Nurses.

Number of notes: 425

Fans: 205,000

Praise and collection: 290,000

Introduction: Nurses/Kindergarten Teachers, Mothers and Infants, Good Living Species Grass.

Little Red Book Name: Baby Nurse Rice Cake Mom

Number of notes: 24

Fans: 235,000

Praise and collection: 614,000

Mainly introduce: parenting sharing/good thing evaluation/wearing in person, baby-sitter and mother with cute baby at home, multi-platform baby-sitter

Little Red Book Name: Nurse Peony Sister

Number of notes: 291

Number of fans: 128,000

Praise and collection: 329,000

Introduction: Senior Nurses, Picture Book Sharing, Parenting Sharing, Good Species Grass.

Little Red Book Name: Baby Nurse Orange Mother

Number of notes: 51

Number of fans: 121,000

Praise and collection: 244,000

The main introduction: Xiong Xiaoying’s orange mother, nurse, teacher, and cute baby at home are happy and share every bit of life.

Little Red Book Name: Baby Nurses Pumpkin Sauce

Number of notes: 215

Number of fans: 108,000

Praise and collection: 227,000

Main introduction: intermediate nursery teacher, junior high school teacher.

Little Red Book Name: Babysitter Mi Erer

Number of notes: 117

Fan count: 90,000

Praise and collection: 193,000

Introduction: Intermediate baby nurse, child-rearing expert, female treasure 12 months, male treasure 7 years old.

Little Red Book Name: Nursery Moon Mother

Number of notes: 48

Fans: 117,000

Praise and collection: 219,000

Main introduction: mother and baby, dry goods, evaluation, home, personal.

Little Red Book Name: cindy’s mother, the nurse.

Number of notes: 58

Number of fans: 102,000

Praise and collection: 219,000

Main introduction: nutritionist, baby nurse, like to share parenting knowledge.

Little Red Book Name: kimi’s Nursery Mother

Number of notes: 85

Fans: 115,000

Praise and collection: 124,000

The main introduction: Even the baby nurse is kimi’s mother, sharing early childhood education, parenting skills, practical and good things, and raising babies scientifically.

Little Red Book Name: Mother Rui Rui, the Parenter.

Number of notes: 56

Number of fans: 150,000

Praise and collection: 1.275 million

Introduction: Rui Rui, a mixed-race child, is one year old. Her mother is a doctor and a national third-class nutritionist. She is pregnant with a second child.

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