Strength leads the tide, outstanding debut! Nova 11 series and the whole scene new product launch conference appeared in Shanghai.

On April 17th, 2023, the new product launch conference of nova 11 series and whole scene was held in Shanghai as scheduled. Huawei’s nova 11 series new machines, which dare to shoot and excel, were officially released, and many new products including X, Huawei bracelet 8, HUAWEI MateBook D14, HUAWEI MateBook D16 and Huawei Smart Screen S3 Pro were also released. At the same time, Huawei’s smart door lock series brought a new upgrade, and AITO Wenjie M5 series Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving version and new products were also unveiled at the press conference, and it was predicted that the full-size flagship SUV Wenjie M9 would be officially released in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Picture 11

Huawei nova 11 series extrasensory all-around portrait mobile phone interpretation dares to shoot and dare to be excellent.

As a Huawei nova series product that has adhered to the design concept of "beauty comes before everything" from the beginning of the original generation and has always brought solid image strength, this new Huawei nova 11 series machine has created a brand-new nova "Star Universe" for young people with avant-garde and bold fashion design, excellent performance of portraits and smart and convenient use experience.

In terms of appearance, the nova 11 series released four colors: No.11 color, Obsidian gold black, snowy white and Chenxi gold. Among them, the No.11 color of nova 11 Ultra and nova 11 Pro is matched with Obsidian Gold Black, adopting the embossed technology of Xingyao plain leather pioneered by the mobile phone industry, supplemented by the small litchi pattern which is deeply loved by young people. It has delicate touch and practical, fall-resistant and wear-resistant characteristics, bringing a stable sense of security. At the same time, Huawei adopted Kunlun glass for the first time in the nova 11 series. Kunlun glass has grown hundreds of millions of nanocrystals through compound ion enhanced implantation, which greatly improves the toughness of the glass. Nova 11 series Kunlun glass version models accompany young people to "dare to dry and resist making" with a more reliable and fall-resistant whole machine experience.

Picture 14

In terms of images, the nova 11 series launched the XD Portrait portrait engine, presenting more details and focusing on improving the portrait shooting experience. Through the portrait dark light enhancement technology, richer image details and more realistic colors can be presented in extremely dark light, and facial defects can be effectively removed while retaining skin details, so that the imaging is more natural and the face is more refined. Nova 11 Ultra and nova 11 Pro adopt the newly upgraded front binocular stereo vision imaging system, which is equipped with 60 million portraits, 100-degree ultra-wide angle and 1/2.61-inch outsole, with excellent resolution and light sensitivity. In addition, nova 11 Ultra has a ten-speed physical variable aperture, which realizes the strongest sensitivity and the best depth of field of the nova series so far, making it easy to create art blockbusters.

In terms of performance, the nova 11 series is equipped with the industry’s first short video engine, which is used in conjunction with Tik Tok App to support dual scenes of subway and high-speed rail, covering 38 major cities. Nova 11 Ultra also supports the two-way Beidou satellite message function. In the absence of ground network signals, it can not only send preset text or quick help mark the current status and check the location information through Changlian App, but also receive the reply message from the other party. Multiple pieces of position information can generate a trajectory map, which clearly guides the direction. Realize the two-way contact between the rescuer and the rescuer, and protect the safety of users.

Picture 15

In terms of battery life, nova 11 Ultra and nova 11 Pro are equipped with 100W super fast charging and Turbo 2.0 charging mode. According to Huawei’s laboratory test, when the screen is turned off, it can be charged to 60% in 10 minutes and fully charged in 20 minutes, easily alleviating low battery anxiety. At the same time, nova 11 series also supports emergency mode. According to Huawei’s laboratory test, it can be started intelligently at 2% low battery. nova 11 Ultra and nova 11 Pro can continue to support standby for 4 hours, or talk for 20 minutes, or Alipay scans the code for 8 times, or lights the code for 23 times, to help you tide over the emergency. In addition, the nova 11 series is equipped, which brings smarter and more convenient interaction and functional experience.

Picture 16

In terms of price, nova 11 starts at 2499 yuan, nova 11 Pro starts at 3499 yuan, and nova 11 Ultra starts at 4499 yuan. At 18:08 on April 17, 2023, the nova 11 series will be pre-sold, and at 10:08 on April 26, the nova 11 series will be officially put on sale. Users can visit Huawei Mall and major authorized e-commerce platforms or go to Huawei experience stores and authorized retail stores to make purchases.

Huawei enjoys a 60X large screen and long battery life.

Huawei Enjoy Series welcomes the "X" version for the first time-Huawei Enjoy 60X. The new machine continues to be advanced in super battery life and large storage, equipped with 7000mAh dual-cell large battery and up to 512GB large storage, bringing users a "super cup" surprise experience; The 6.95-inch super-beautiful large screen with slim body is not only pleasing to the eye, but also brings a comfortable grip. The appearance adopts the iconic star ring design, which stands out among thousands of people; Brand-new X physical buttons, one-click direct access to common functions, one step ahead of others. In addition, Huawei enjoys the 60X equipped with a rear-mounted 50 million AI dual camera system, bringing excellent image experience; Equipped with 3, it brings personalized and safer full-scene interactive experience.

Huawei enjoys 60X at a price of 1799 yuan, and the pre-sale will start at 18:08 on April 17th. The 128GB and 256GB versions will be officially launched at 10:08 on April 26th, and the 512GB version will be officially launched at 10:08 on May 13th.

Picture 12

Huawei bracelet 8 ultra-thin and long-lasting big-screen smart bracelet

Huawei bracelet 8 has been fully upgraded, with fashionable vertical design and 1.47-inch AMOLED colorful full screen. The weight of the watch body is only 14g, and the thickness is only 8.99mm It is the lightest and thinnest large-screen smart bracelet of Huawei so far. Support the new TruSleep? 3.0 sleep monitoring technology, support users to participate in sleep apnea research to help identify risks, and support the provision of hierarchical sleep improvement suggestions. TruSeen? 5.0 heart rate monitoring algorithm is newly upgraded, and the accuracy of heart rate monitoring is improved by 10%. Support 100 sports modes and provide professional sports management. Equipped with HarmonyOS 3.1, a new smart negative screen is added. The NFC version supports the bus/access control card swiping function, and the longest battery life can be 14 days. (Data from Huawei Lab)

C: usersl00586 ~ 1 appdatalocaltemprar $ dra31520.4629 [Huawei bracelet 8 press release] with pictures of P16.jpg.

Huawei MateBook D series Huawei’s first super-connected notebook upgrade experience

At this conference, Huawei released a new generation of MateBook D 14 and MateBook D 16 notebooks. Among them, MateBook D 14 is Huawei’s first hyperconnected notebook. The notebook focuses on the needs of young users, upgrades the product quality and experience in many aspects, and connects the lifestyle of young people with innovative technology! The new generation of Huawei MateBook D 14 launched the new Huawei metamaterial antenna technology, which greatly improved the network connection capability; Upgrade the 13th generation Intel Core ? processor for powerful performance and smooth experience; The 14-inch 16:10 golden ratio full screen has been certified by Rheinland TV for low blue light, which improves the comfort of the impression and doubles the efficiency; At the same time, the quiet space of wireless headphones is upgraded to support AI voice, super terminal and other functions, and multi-device collaboration is more efficient and smarter. In a word, the new Huawei MateBook D 14 is a high-quality smart and light book with outstanding configuration and experience.

Picture 2

At the same time, Huawei released the first 13th generation Intel Core. TM I9 large-screen lightweight book-Huawei Matebook D 16, with a 16-inch 16:10 golden ratio eye protection full screen and a numeric keypad, brings an efficient and carefree work experience to heavy office workers; Huawei has developed metamaterial antenna technology, which greatly improves the network connection ability. The super terminal can unlock more smart office scenes and realize efficient and collaborative multi-device interconnection. This portable large-screen and high-performance lightweight notebook will bring users a comfortable, smooth and pleasant experience.

Picture 5

Huawei Smart Screen S3 Pro Newly Upgraded Home TV Scene Smart Experience

At this conference, Huawei’s first new smart screen product in 2023, Huawei’s smart screen S3 Pro, made a new appearance, achieving multi-faceted improvement in product performance, image quality and smart experience. Equipped with brand-new smart dual cores, the support performance and image quality of the 4K flagship core jump, and the image quality of Honghu is more refined; AI vision chip provides rich intelligent recognition ability, and innovates smart entertainment at home. Super screen projection creates a shocking experience with clear immersion, smooth stability, convenient operation and rich scenes. At the same time, it will upgrade the intelligent functional experience of children’s care, family connection and super entertainment. Powerful performance and Huawei’s flagship software and hardware configuration bring super smart experience in home TV scenes.

Smart Screen KN- Function Summary 0416.018

Huawei’s smart door lock series is renewed and upgraded, and the new function of family care is launched.

Huawei’s smart door lock series has ushered in a new upgrade. In addition to the three new functions of online message memo, safety reminder for elderly people living alone, and children’s home reminder, it also brings many bright spots at the security level. Huawei Smart Door Lock Pro adopts the new AI 3D face recognition 2.0 technology and is equipped with HarmonyOS distributed visual cat’s eye, which can grasp the dynamics outside the door anytime and anywhere. The unique dual-engine AI fingerprint unlocking function allows users to effectively improve the unlocking rate while obtaining security guarantees, and the elderly and children can easily unlock it. At the same time, Huawei’s smart door lock is the first smart door lock in the world to pass the highest security level (Grade C) evaluation of the Security Evaluation Committee of the Intellectual Property Organization, and also the first smart door lock in the world to obtain the enhanced security certification of CCRC (China Network Security Review Technology and Certification Center). Huawei smart door lock series puts family care in place, and leads a new experience of smart home life with solid technical accumulation and rich full-scene wisdom linkage.

Picture 1

HUAWEI ADS 2.0 was launched, and the M5 version of Zhijie was officially released.

AITO’s M5 series Huawei Advanced Intelligent Driving Edition was officially launched, becoming the first vehicle equipped with Huawei ADS 2.0 intelligent driving system and HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0 at the same time. It is equipped with an overhead laser radar, three millimeter-wave radars, 11 high-definition cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars, which is the first to realize the high-speed and urban advanced intelligent driving function independent of high-precision maps, bringing the advanced intelligent driving experience infinitely close to L3, making people safer to drive, more comfortable to drive intelligently and more worry-free to park. This year, Q2′ s unmanned commercial high-order intelligent driving scheme will be extended to 15 cities nationwide, and Q4′ s will be extended to 45 cities. M5 Smart Driving Edition has a pure battery life of 255km and a long comprehensive battery life of 1425km. Lidar, HUAWEI MagLinkTM The magic car interface and other brand-new hardware get on the bus, and the breakthrough of technology such as perceptual GOD network and HUAWEI SOUND spatial audio makes the M5 intelligent driving version become a real intelligent ceiling.

Picture 3

The official guide price of Wenjie M5 intelligent driving version is: Wenjie M5 rear-drive intelligent driving version 279,800 yuan, Wenjie M5 four-wheel drive intelligent driving version 299,800 yuan, Wenjie M5 pure electric intelligent driving rear-drive version 289,800 yuan and Wenjie M5 pure electric intelligent driving four-wheel drive version 309,800 yuan.

HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system software package comes standard with 19 functions such as high-speed LCC, urban LCC and high-speed NCA. The optional premium package also includes three functions of urban NCA, AVP and urban LCC enhancement. The one-time purchase price is 36,000 yuan, the annual subscription is 7,200 yuan, and the monthly subscription is to 720 yuan.

The full-scale flagship SUV M9 will be officially released in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Positioning the flagship SUV of panoramic wisdom, AITO Wenjie M9 has brought a brand-new family design on the design concept of Wenjie series "extreme simplicity and purity". As a full-scale flagship SUV, Wenjie M9 has a comfortable seating space comparable to MPV, and provides 3-6 changeable seating spaces. The newly-built D-class luxury SUV platform is equipped with an all-aluminum chassis, and the whole system comes standard with air springs and CDC damping system, which brings better riding comfort and safety. As the flagship product of Huawei’s deep empowerment, Huawei’s smart car full-stack technology solution is fully on board. On the basis of the double "ceilings" of intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving, Huawei’s megapixel smart headlights, HUAWEI AR-HUD, AI big model, sensing federation and other black technologies are all on board, bringing the ultimate intelligent experience of the whole scene.

Picture 17

The estimated price range of Wenjie M9 series is 500,000-600,000 yuan. The extended range version and pure electric version will be booked on April 17, 2023. Consumers can book through Huawei Mall and enjoy the corresponding rights of booking, which will be officially released in the fourth quarter of 2023.

"Smart luxury flagship SUV" Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris highlights listed

[Global Network Automobile Comprehensive Report] On February 21st, the "Smart and Light Luxury Flagship SUV" Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris was listed in the global highlight of Shanghai Bund E-sports International Cultural Center, which started the first shot of the high-end SUV market in China in 2023. There are six models of 400T TGDI two-wheel drive and 400T TGDI four-wheel drive in the new car, and the price range is 15.28-20.28 million yuan. Judging from the previous professional media evaluation, Starway Eta Ursae Majoris has the leapfrog strength to comprehensively benchmark the 400,000 joint venture luxury SUV. Combined with the people-friendly price and rich configuration level announced this time, it is believed that after listing, it will quickly set off a "luxury equal rights" movement in the 200,000-yuan SUV market, leading the Starway brand to establish a new pattern of independent high-end market.

What’s even more surprising is that on the basis of high-value purchasing power, the listed Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris has also brought six star enjoyment rights to users, effectively achieving "understanding what users think and pampering what users need":

  1. Hui Xingli: You can enjoy a discount of 10,000 yuan when you buy a car with a loan.
  2. Huanxingli: enjoy a subsidy of 10,000 yuan for replacement to the highest level.
  3. Provincial Star Gift: Free basic maintenance for the first owner for 3 years or 6 times (including the first insurance)
  4. Yuexingli: Free basic traffic for life (first car owner) and free entertainment traffic for 3 years (10G/ month).
  5. An Xingli: the first owner’s lifetime warranty for the whole vehicle
  6. Star ceremony: the first car owner’s life-long free road rescue

Yin Tongyue, Party Secretary and Chairman of Chery Holding Group, said at the press conference that "Starway is the crown jewel of Chery Group, and the global model Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is the representative work of Chery Group’s latest technical concept and latest user concept". Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris is not only the first strategic model in Xingtu brand 2.0 era, but also the first model of Chery Group’s "Eta Ursae Majoris 202.5 billion science and technology strategy", which is the best embodiment of the innovative spirit of "Technical Chery" in the new era. It is such a model born with its own star aura that has won professional recognition in the automobile industry. Since the blind booking was started on December 27th and the pre-sale was started on January 30th last year, Eta Ursae Majoris has received a high degree of attention-12,900 units were blindly ordered and 5,118 units were fixed. On the eve of listing, with the arrival of the existing cars of Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris, new cars have become the "hot cakes" of the local automobile market in the first-and second-tier important markets such as Chengdu, Wuhan, Guangzhou and Chongqing, and the hot market value continues to be full.

Judging from the market results of "hot before listing", the product positioning of Xingtu brand for Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris’s "400,000-class smart and light luxury flagship SUV" is not an armchair strategist, and the key lies in the precise product strategy of "breaking through the purchasing power of doubling the car price". Today, the automobile market in China is undergoing earth-shaking changes. Joint-venture luxury brands have shown signs of fatigue in terms of product change, market demand and user concept. China brand has started to rise strongly through independent innovation technology, and gradually mastered the discourse power and pricing power of the mainstream family car market. At present, there is an urgent need for a product that can show national pride and has the value of high-end cars in China, and Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris is such a model with a product value of 400,000, which is comparable to the joint venture luxury SUV brand.

Light up the "light" in users’ hearts and achieve the "light" of the national tide in the new era.

"Although the blind booking and pre-sale orders of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris have created a new speed, what is even more surprising is that we have also seen new changes in the portraits of brand users, and a large number of intellectual users and urban light and middle-class car buyers have emerged, which is also the target group of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris", shared by Huang Zhaogen, assistant general manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. and general manager of EXEED Starway Marketing Center.

According to the data, there are 350 million light and middle-class cities in China that are becoming the backbone of consumption. They are well-educated and in the initial stage of their families and careers. They attach great importance to the comfort and quality of life, and self-pleasing consumption is their belief, and they are willing to spend more on hobbies and self-improvement. But at the same time, they are also rational consumers, who know how to be moderate in consumption and pursue a more rational brand. The gratifying market results of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris in the early stage undoubtedly fully verified the accurate positioning of Starway brand to the user population and its forward-looking insight into the future market.

"They are not only the real users of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris, but also the brand genes of Starway," said Huang Zhaogen. Users have always been the best product managers in Starway, in order to practice the brand promise of "understanding what users think and pampering what users need" on the spot. Up to now, Starway has set up user co-creation activities such as Starlight Club and Starlight Friends. Starting from Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris, Star Road will continue to make progress, and join hands with the vast number of users, partners, media, social elites and other industry representatives to create a new user ecosystem in Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris, deeply cultivate the middle-class user population, realize content co-creation, brand co-creation, and users and brands grow together.

At the event site, representatives from various industries, such as Zhang Zhijing, a senior jewelry designer, Qiu Yudong, president of What’s Worth Buying, Li Jing, a teacher from Peking University, and Qiu Yun, an entrepreneur, gathered together to talk about their vision, share their strong recognition of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris’s product strength comparable to that of 400,000-class joint venture luxury SUV, and ardent expectations of Starway brand as "the light of high-end domestic products", which once pushed the atmosphere to a climax.

400,000-level luxury value, for "enjoyment and better"

At the listing meeting, Dr. Gao Xinhua, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. and President of Automotive Engineering Technology R&D Institute, once again emphasized the "gold content" of the products of Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris. He said, "Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris is a brand-new three-good SUV model of Chery Group with the best Chery system, better brand and better market segment". Behind Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris, three firsts were realized: the first product and birth of scientific research achievements in Eta Ursae Majoris 2025 laboratory. It is precisely because of the strong technical background of Chery Group that as a "leading generation" global product, Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris can perfectly match the life and spiritual taste of the urban light and middle class.

With its advanced, luxurious and technologically perceptive design language of "Aesthetics of Light", Starway Eta Ursae Majoris won the 2022 IDA International Design Gold Award in the United States, becoming the first fuel SUV of a local brand in China to win this award. On the front face, the borderless middle net of Star Window is matched with X-type starship daytime running lights on both sides, which makes the front face very avant-garde. The car side design subverts the inherent impression of the traditional SUV. With the maximum width-height ratio of 1.149, the design of the cockpit sliding roof and the spoiler of the fighter tail, it has created a fighting atmosphere and dynamic style that is as shocking as a sports car. The design of Xinghe taillight contains mystery, and it has an intelligent light system that can rhythm with the music played in the car. Coupled with the design of the star ring welcome lamp blanket with a full sense of ceremony, it creates a sense of honor and ceremony when getting on and off.

The length, width and height of the new car are 4781 mm *1920 mm *1671mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2815mm. The size of the leapfrog body gives all the staff a wide and comfortable seating space. In a spacious space, the NAPPA leather interstellar travel seat has a delicate texture and comfortable sitting feeling comparable to that of a high-end sofa. The front seat integrates functions such as ventilation/heating, electrically adjustable leg rest, headrest sound, etc., and the co-driver position is additionally provided with an electric foot rest and five modes of back pneumatic massage. The electric stepless adjustable backrest angle of 7 and independent fresh air system make every occupant find the most comfortable place to belong.

As the first model of "Lion Eco-2023", Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is an example of its peers in four dimensions: architecture, hardware, audio-visual and intelligent driving. With the support of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 smart chip+Xiongshi Zhiyun 5.0 gold combination, Starway Eta Ursae Majoris can easily realize operations such as quick start of the vehicle in 3 seconds, identification in 2 seconds, and continuous processing of more than 20 instructions in 30 seconds, and its ultra-fast computing and processing ability eliminates waiting. 24.6-inch curved screen design, brand-new HMI 5.0 UI visual interaction, super ID and Xunfei voice engine and other configurations bring more caring. The 50-inch imaging AR-HUD function further enhances the user’s driving experience. In terms of intelligent driving configuration, the new car will also be equipped with high-heat functions such as AVP autonomous parking service and NOC high-speed pilot intelligent driving.

The new flying fish super-sensing chassis with CDC electromagnetic suspension system, Soft Stop system, chassis hydraulic vibration isolation system, all-terrain technology system, all-scene intelligent four-wheel drive system, intelligent brake-by-wire system and other advanced functions as the core will bring the new car a "flying fish"-like free leap and elegant sliding posture in all road conditions and all-scene environment, and at the same time achieve the ultimate balance of comfort, control and safety in dynamic performance. The new car is equipped with a high-efficiency power system with a 2.0TGDI turbocharged engine and a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox. Among them, the 2.0TGDI turbocharged engine has won the title of "Top Ten Engines of China Heart", which can produce a super power output with a maximum power of 192kW and a maximum torque of 400N·m, and the fuel consumption under WLTC condition is 7.5L/100km.

The safety protection capability of Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris is also very eye-catching. The new car is built according to the global N-CAP five-star safety standard, equipped with 32 ADAS driving assistance functions, and the car body adopts the new cage-type energy-absorbing space capsule technology, accounting for 85% of the ultra-high-strength steel of the whole car, which can withstand the compression of the 10-ton car body. The unique design of "six energy-absorbing boxes and three-layer force transmission paths" can better absorb and distribute the impact and energy generated by the collision.

It is worth mentioning that the Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris, which is built with the highest five-star standard in the world, has been polished by three rigorous test standards: 1.37 million km+ ultra-long user simulation test, 260,000 km+ durability test and misuse test of 12 working conditions including pits, bumps, braking and squeezing in Eta Ursae Majoris Laboratory, and its reliability can be called the "king of volume" at the same level.

Born to the light, shining to the world, lighting up the next distance.

In 2022, in the extremely ups and downs of the market environment, Xingtu brand achieved a cumulative breakthrough of 100,000 users and a few independent high-end brands achieved positive growth. The annual sales volume increased by 37.6% year-on-year, demonstrating the promising "post-wave" potential and brand resilience. Standing at the starting point of the next 100,000 yuan, Starway Eta Ursae Majoris, a "star model", is bound to lead Starway to achieve brand breakthrough, user breakthrough and market breakthrough, lead Starway to a better future and contribute more brand added value to the global development of Chery Group.

Be steady and far-reaching, and then create an intelligent driving decision control system.

In recent years, driven by policies, technology, market demand and capital, the process of automobile intelligence has been further accelerated, and autonomous driving technology has also ushered in a new stage of development. IDC’s "China Self-driving Vehicle Market Data Tracking Report" shows that in the first quarter of 2022, the penetration rate of L2-class self-driving cars in the passenger car market reached 23.2%, and L2-class ADAS is the core of the commercial landing of self-driving cars at this stage.  

At present, overseas giants occupy a high market share. However, with the rapid increase of the penetration rate of ADAS, China automobile enterprises have a great opportunity to break the monopoly of overseas giants, and major automakers, suppliers, Internet companies and other enterprises have come to the end, hoping to compete for victory in the uncertain domestic market. Under the general trend of the rise of independent brands, with the advantages of localization, high cost performance, coordinated chassis control and timely service response, Lianchuang Automotive Electronic Intelligent Driving Team has grown steadily in a down-to-earth manner through cooperative development with OEMs such as SAIC, Jianghuai, Datong and Aichi, and polished the differentiated user experience to the extreme. The products cover all application scenarios of L1-L4+, and it has the ability to compete with the world’s first-class suppliers.

Be steady and far-reaching, and then create an intelligent driving decision control system.

Figure 1 Lianchuang Automotive Electronic Intelligent Driving Product Roadmap

Consolidate the cornerstone and maintain the ingenuity.

The product solution of Lianchuang Zhijia ADAS is mainly a lightweight controller with medium and low computing power of 1V/1R1V/3R1V/5R1V.

Be steady and far-reaching, and then create an intelligent driving decision control system.

Figure 2 Lianchuang Automotive Electronic Intelligent Driving Product Planning

The main challenge of developing this kind of products is how to achieve the ultimate performance with limited computing power and cost; And how to create differentiated functions and establish technical highs to reflect publicity and brand power. Lianchuang Zhijia ADAS products adopt international and domestic SOC differentiation dual schemes, which greatly meet the diversified needs of customers, and the modular design can flexibly adapt to the full range of L1-L2+ vehicle architectures.

From the realization of basic functions to continuous optimization, Lianchuang Zhijia team constantly solved various Corner case in the test, accumulated a total of more than 200,000 kilometers of road tests, and realized closed-loop solutions to many problems found in the road tests.

Be steady and far-reaching, and then create an intelligent driving decision control system.

Figure 3 Lianchuang Automotive Electronics ADAS National Road Test Starts

Compared with the practice of "patching" a single problem by some enterprises, Lianchuang Zhijia starts from the root of the problem, thinks systematically, constantly upgrades the core algorithm framework and underlying architecture of each function, improves the performance of the real vehicle ADAS function under various complex working conditions, and calmly responds to various extreme scenarios. For example, multi-layer safety check is carried out on vehicles, sensor measurements and environmental signals to ensure the safety of vehicle functions when signals are abnormal, and the expected trajectory is generated by using structured road and traffic flow information to improve the robustness of lateral functions.

In order to solve the problems of large dead zone of EPS actuator, uncomfortable experience brought by high steering wheel speed in the dead zone, and braking stagnation and second start caused by abnormal drag of ESC actuator calipers, the intelligent driving team gave full play to the collaborative advantages of Lianchuang drive-by-wire chassis development team, introduced EPS lower control into intelligent driving upper control, and proposed a four-level closed-loop control algorithm, so that the lateral function can obtain a better control experience without demanding steering system. In order to optimize the driver’s comfort experience in cut-in scene, an adaptive adjustment strategy based on cut-in distance and time is proposed. In order to reduce the false triggering of AEB-related functions, the confidence level of AEB and FCW functions is judged in different scenarios by accessing the relevant security signals provided by the perception suppliers, thus improving the accuracy of AEB and FCW functions. There are countless similar technical optimizations. These measures have greatly improved the driving experience under the premise of ensuring safety, making safety and comfort a significant label for Lianchuang Intelligent Driving products. At the same time, the collaborative development and cooperation between the intelligent driving and the drive-by-wire chassis team in Lianchuang packaging scheme creates the effect of "1+1>2", providing customers with more safe and intelligent driving experiences.

Under the continuous optimization of Lianchuang Intelligent Driving Team, the performance of Lianchuang automotive electronic ADAS products is not inferior to that of Global Tier1. Among them, Lianchuang’s regulatory test results of AEB function of automotive electronics ranked first among various benchmark models, and reached a very low false trigger rate in daily public roads.             

Be steady and far-reaching, and then create an intelligent driving decision control system.

Figure 4 Lianchuang Innovative Functional Features of Automotive Electronic Intelligent Driving

Customer first, continuous pursuit of Excellence

Lianchuang Zhijia team has successively cooperated with SAIC passenger cars, Jianghuai and Aichi to develop and fully realize the mass production of ADAS products. For all kinds of problems in the process of project cooperation, Lianchuang Zhijia team has given a joint creation plan, which has won unanimous praise from customers.

Lianchuang Zhijia is committed to meeting the differentiated needs of the OEM. For the parts not mentioned in the customer function specification at the initial stage of the project, Lianchuang Zhijia will focus on customer experience and continuously optimize and realize the high-quality subjective feeling of driving. Lianchuang Zhijia has an efficient project development process, which can realize the closed loop from requirements input to defects and rapid iteration of software development, ensuring the accurate realization of project nodes and high-quality delivery standards.

In order to solve the problem of tight time nodes in some projects, Lianchuang Zhijia also has corresponding special processes to achieve faster communication and ensure the achievement of node goals.

Steady and far-reaching, then promising

Lianchuang Zhijia is also laying out and planning the future while improving and maturing ADAS products. By recruiting talents, setting up relevant attack teams, and strengthening technical exchanges with peers, we will promote the independent development of functions such as AEB, full environment integration and DNP, and realize the iterative research and development of autopilot functions from L2 level to L3-L5 level in stages to meet the needs of customers and consumers. Lianchuang Zhijia is committed to creating independent products suitable for its own national conditions and breaking the monopoly of foreign giants. The goal is to realize the mass production of autonomous AEB, all-environment integration and interactive lane change by the end of this year, and complete the mass production of DNP by the middle of next year.

Lianchuang Zhijia is based in China, facing the world, working closely with domestic mainstream car companies and actively participating in global competition. Bring safer and more comfortable driving experience to consumers and provide better products and value-added services to the main engine factory. In the starry sea of intelligent driving, Lianchuang Intelligent Driving Team will continue to move in the right direction, be steady and far-reaching, and then be promising. At the same time, Lianchuang Zhijia will also provide a bigger development platform and attract more like-minded talents who are dedicated to the industry and serve the country!

In addition to the pure visual intelligent driving without drawing, it is possible to mass-produce all-solid-state batteries. Is there really a lot to watch in 2024 GAC Technology Day?

[EV Vision Report] I remember that in last year’s Guangzhou Automobile Science and Technology Day, Guangzhou Automobile Group exhibited a number of cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements including a complete vehicle equipped with a hydrogen-electric hybrid system, the pioneering world’s first passenger car ammonia engine, highly integrated N-in-one electric drive technology, and the Guangzhou Automobile Rubik’s Cube scene co-creation platform that led the industry trend. At the same time, Guangzhou Automobile Group also ushered in the debut of Guangzhou Automobile flying car GOVE. This innovative product fully demonstrated Guangzhou Automobile Group’s in-depth understanding and active exploration of the future automobile concept.

With this year’s Guangzhou Automobile Science and Technology Day coming again, what "housekeeping skills" will Guangzhou Automobile Group show? Next, we will sort out and analyze the key exhibition contents of Guangzhou Automobile Group on this Science and Technology Day.

First of all, on this year’s Guangzhou Automobile Science and Technology Day, Guangzhou Automobile Group announced several important technological advances, including GARCIA Guangzhou Automobile’s unmanned pure vision autopilot technology, Guangzhou Automobile’s all-solid-state battery technology, and a brand-new intelligent light business architecture iGLCA. In addition, Chuanqi E9 Electric Welfare Edition was officially launched. Among them, unmanned pure vision autopilot and all-solid-state battery technology are expected to carry out vehicle trial installation in 2026.

 Among them, GARCIA’s unmanned pure visual intelligent driving system is planned to be put into full production in the spring of 2026. The core of this technology is to imitate human visual perception, so that vehicles can recognize and understand the surrounding environment only through cameras without relying on sensors such as lidar.


In the live demonstration, GAC demonstrated two automatic parking technologies. One is that in the scene of reversing into the warehouse on a broken road, after the driver selects the target parking space in the car, the car can automatically complete the reversing action, and the whole process does not need hands to operate. The other is remote parking, where vehicles can smoothly park in mechanical parking spaces. These demonstrations show the maturity of GAC in automatic parking technology.


Guangzhou Automobile Group also announced that they have completed the research and development of 30Ah large-capacity all-solid-state battery, and it is expected that it will be first mounted on Haobo model in 2026.

This battery uses 100% solid electrolyte, which has high energy density, high safety and wide temperature range.

Thanks to the third generation sponge silicon anode and high surface capacity solid cathode technology, the energy density of the battery has reached more than 400Wh/kg. Compared with the existing liquid lithium-ion battery, the volume energy density has increased by 52%, and the mass energy density has increased by 50%, which can achieve a battery life of more than 1,000 kilometers.

In addition, in terms of safety, this battery can withstand acupuncture and cutting without failure, and can withstand 200 degrees of high temperature.

On the Guangzhou Automobile Science and Technology Day, Qiji Automobile demonstrated the mass production prototypes "MLounge Qiji First Class" and "MBoard2.0 Qiji Core Intelligent Chassis" based on the new intelligent light business architecture iGLCA. IGLCA architecture includes universal core intelligent chassis (MBoard) and customizable core intelligent space (MSpace), aiming at solving the challenges of standardization and personalization of commercial vehicles, and improving vehicle development speed and module sharing rate. The architecture supports a variety of power structures such as pure electricity, extended range and hydrogen energy, and can derive 3.5-6 tons of LCV, light truck, light passenger and Van.


The first prototype of Qiji Automobile’s core smart space mass production, MLounge "Qiji First Class", is scheduled to be put into production this year. This model adopts MBoard 1.0 wire-controlled chassis and EEA architecture, which supports L2-level assisted driving and L4-level automatic driving, and the digital intelligent cabin can realize various scenes such as office and rest.

MBoard 2.0, a new generation of Core Intelligence Chassis, realizes the software-defined chassis (SDC) through distributed drive, global integration and fusion control, and the data-driven vehicle dynamics and energy management are self-iterative and digital twin self-evolution, thus realizing the operability of the chassis. Combined with plug-in cabin-driving separation technology, MBoard 2.0 can reduce the total operating cost of the vehicle and improve the efficiency of the transportation platform, and it is planned to realize small-scale mass production within two years.

On the whole, after a comprehensive review of the development of new energy vehicles, it is not difficult to find that its pace of change is rapid and the competition is fierce. In this ever-changing industry, if enterprises lack forward-looking insight and strategic thinking, it will be difficult to stand on the high-speed development track. Guangzhou Automobile Group, as a pioneer in the field of new energy vehicles, knows this well. With strong scientific and technological strength and technical research and development reserves, Guangzhou Automobile Group actively creates a leading position with the foresight of surpassing the industry. With the gradual landing of these technologies, we expect Guangzhou Automobile Group to announce more innovative achievements for us in the future science and technology day and show its profound technical strength and market competitiveness.

I found a major trend by digging 30 bloggers on maternal and infant nutrition in Xiaohongshu!

Original title: I found a major trend by digging into 30 bloggers of maternal and child nutrition in Xiaohongshu!

Xiaohongshu has always been an important platform for the new generation of treasure mothers to learn parenting knowledge and collect good things.

In the app store,The prompt of Xiaohongshu has been quietly changed to "a living community shared by 300 million young people".The age of this young man can’t be defined. According to the data of the Seventh Census, the population aged 15-59 is 894.38 million, accounting for 63.35%, and one third of them are in Little Red Books, which may actually be higher.

Among the massive topics that young people pay attention to, such as travel, photography, weight loss, study and life,Mother and baby are one of the most important sectors.There are also various mother-infant related posts in Little Red Book.

After a period of research and study, I selected some bloggers with good fans, praise and collection, and carefully watched what they shared. The main types are the sharing of daily life, the evaluation of similar products, daily parenting recipes, clothes, Bao Ma’s postpartum care, scientific nutrition and parenting knowledge, and the experience of stepping on a pit.

The identity of bloggers is mainly concentrated in baby nurses, nutritionists, babysitters, teachers, doctors, etc.There is a certain professional background to support, and the content shared is relatively dry.

Today, I also selected 30 bloggers as cases. On the whole, the core is professional content. Some bloggers have only published dozens of articles, and the number of fans has exceeded 100,000. Some may have published hundreds of articles, and the number of fans is only about 100,000. From the perspective of praise and collection, it can better reflect the key of content. Many bloggers have been praised and collected several times as much as the number of fans, while others are equal to the number of fans.

Therefore, let’s look at the little red book again. In fact, it is not as we imagined that "users are irrational fanatics". On the contrary, after several years of precipitation,Users are actually more rational and have very high requirements for good content. Imagine this kind of professional customers entering the store. Do you really hold it?

Little Red Book Name: Rice Cake Mom

Number of notes: 1525

Fans: 727,000

Praise and collection: 2.065 million

Introduction: Master of Medicine from Zhejiang University, second-born mother, founder of rice cake mother. Author of the best-selling book "Your parent-child relationship is worth millions" and "Encyclopedia of Easy Parenting for Rice Cake Mothers". Share with you the feeding, nursing and enlightenment experience of children aged 0-6, and how to deal with intimate relationships.

Little Red Book Name: Mama Jinning

Number of notes: 1305

Fans: 687,000

Praise and collection: 10.9 million

The main introduction: the hot mom after 90 loves food and enjoys the process of making, and the food is constantly updated.

Little Red Book Name: Xiaoyuan Mama

Number of notes: 349

Number of fans: 201,000

Praise and collection: 950,000

Introduction: Second-born mother loves life sharing.

Little Red Book Name: Bean Bag Mom Xiaoshan

Number of notes: 430

Fans: 210,000

Praise and collection: 973,000

Mainly introduces: food, parenting, photography, lifestyle, warm food notes of bean curd and mother, recording CCTV2 "Going home for dinner" with my daughter, and recording delicious time with love cooking.

Little Red Book Name: Nutritionist Wukong Mama

Number of notes: 275

Fans: 397,000

Praise and collection: 1.431 million

Mainly introduced: Wa is 3 years old, a senior nurse, an ACI international nutritionist, and has been working in the maternal and infant industry for 6 years. Evaluation & Composition & Technology Revealing.

Little Red Book Name: Cocoa Nutritionist

Number of notes: 72

Fans: 124,000

Praise and collection: 1.241 million

Introduction: ISF international registered dietitian, chief nutrition officer of Kiddyfresh Deer Youxian, sharing tips on parenting.

Little Red Book Name: Nutritionist Cher

Number of notes: 285

Number of fans: 108,000

Praise and collection: 349,000

Main introduction: second-class nutritionist, senior child-rearing expert, pediatrician & master’s degree, millions of fans all over the network.

Little Red Book Name: Xiaoxiao

Number of notes: 1168

Fans: 186,000

Praise and collection: 879,000

Main introduction: During pregnancy, a graduate student, a nutritionist, has two treasures at home, recording a simple and happy life.

Little Red Book Name: Nutritionist Anxin Mom

Number of notes: 400

Number of fans: 201,000

Praise and collection: 487,000

Main introduction: keen to sort out dry goods, share parenting experience, share good things, graduate MBA, national first-class nutritionist

Little Red Book Name: Nutritionist Mumu Ma

Number of notes: 344

Fans: 160,000

Praise and collection: 653,000

The main introduction: Senior nutritionist/senior baby nurse, Gu Jia Cancer & picky party, seriously sharing 100 experiences on the road to raising a baby.

Little Red Book Name: Nutritionist Mom Emily

Number of notes: 222

Fans: 205,000

Praise and collection: 312,000

Main introduction: doctors and nutritionists in 3A hospitals.

Little Red Book Name: Nutritionist Glutinous Rice Mom

Number of notes: 371

Number of fans: 201,000

Praise and collection: 326,000

Introduction: Master, high school teacher, second-level nutritionist, Xiaobao is 10 months old and Dabao is 7 years old.

Little Red Book Name: Nutritionist Xiao Xiao Ma Ma

Number of notes: 151

Fans: 134,000

Praise and collection: 806,000

Mainly introduced: a little sister who loves home and life, a family with two daughters, and a little cotton-padded jacket from her father.

Little Red Book Name: Mike Mom, Senior Nutritionist

Number of notes: 288

Number of fans: 162,000

Praise and collection: 505,000

Introduction: Senior nutritionist, master of education, exquisite hot mom has a good way to protect skin.

Little Red Book Name: An Miqi, Nursery.

Number of notes: 614

Number of fans: 2.153 million

Praise and collection: 6.397 million

Mainly introduce: Triplet numbness, which is not only a baby nurse but also a yoga instructor for maternity.

Little Red Book Name: Aimee, Nurses

Number of notes: 190

Number of fans: 202,000

Praise and collection: 529,000

Introduction: Senior baby nurse, sharing the experience of life and parenting dry goods.

Little Red Book Name: Nursery mongo

Number of notes: 315

Fans: 157,000

Praise and collection: 348,000

Main introduction: parent-child parenting, complementary food home, baby nurse.

Little Red Book Name: Baby Nurse Steamed Bun Xin

Number of notes: 550

Fans: 533,000

Praise and collection: 778,000

Mainly introduced: Intermediate baby nurse, 6 years of maternal and child care experience, full-time mother with millions of fans in the whole network after 90, more professional than ordinary people, more grounded than doctors.

Little Red Book Name: Babysitter Amon Memories

Number of notes: 341

Fans: 186,000

Praise and collection: 317,000

Mainly introduce: intermediate baby nurse+health manager, special editor of parenting forum, parent-child wearing, parenting sharing, life and home.

Little Red Book Name: Baby Nurse Dolphin Mother

Number of notes: 425

Fans: 204,000

Praise and collection: 485,000

Introduction: Senior high school teacher, intermediate baby nurse, 4-year-old boy&12-month-old girl, with millions of fans on the whole platform.

Little Red Book Name: Nico Sauce for Nurses.

Number of notes: 425

Fans: 205,000

Praise and collection: 290,000

Introduction: Nurses/Kindergarten Teachers, Mothers and Infants, Good Living Species Grass.

Little Red Book Name: Baby Nurse Rice Cake Mom

Number of notes: 24

Fans: 235,000

Praise and collection: 614,000

Mainly introduce: parenting sharing/good thing evaluation/wearing in person, baby-sitter and mother with cute baby at home, multi-platform baby-sitter

Little Red Book Name: Nurse Peony Sister

Number of notes: 291

Number of fans: 128,000

Praise and collection: 329,000

Introduction: Senior Nurses, Picture Book Sharing, Parenting Sharing, Good Species Grass.

Little Red Book Name: Baby Nurse Orange Mother

Number of notes: 51

Number of fans: 121,000

Praise and collection: 244,000

The main introduction: Xiong Xiaoying’s orange mother, nurse, teacher, and cute baby at home are happy and share every bit of life.

Little Red Book Name: Baby Nurses Pumpkin Sauce

Number of notes: 215

Number of fans: 108,000

Praise and collection: 227,000

Main introduction: intermediate nursery teacher, junior high school teacher.

Little Red Book Name: Babysitter Mi Erer

Number of notes: 117

Fan count: 90,000

Praise and collection: 193,000

Introduction: Intermediate baby nurse, child-rearing expert, female treasure 12 months, male treasure 7 years old.

Little Red Book Name: Nursery Moon Mother

Number of notes: 48

Fans: 117,000

Praise and collection: 219,000

Main introduction: mother and baby, dry goods, evaluation, home, personal.

Little Red Book Name: cindy’s mother, the nurse.

Number of notes: 58

Number of fans: 102,000

Praise and collection: 219,000

Main introduction: nutritionist, baby nurse, like to share parenting knowledge.

Little Red Book Name: kimi’s Nursery Mother

Number of notes: 85

Fans: 115,000

Praise and collection: 124,000

The main introduction: Even the baby nurse is kimi’s mother, sharing early childhood education, parenting skills, practical and good things, and raising babies scientifically.

Little Red Book Name: Mother Rui Rui, the Parenter.

Number of notes: 56

Number of fans: 150,000

Praise and collection: 1.275 million

Introduction: Rui Rui, a mixed-race child, is one year old. Her mother is a doctor and a national third-class nutritionist. She is pregnant with a second child.

Editor in charge:

Huawei’s smart car solution has been upgraded in an all-round way, and the M5 Huawei advanced intelligent driving version was launched.

[TechWeb] On April 16th, on the eve of 2023 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, Huawei released Huawei ADS 2.0 (Huawei Advanced Driving System) and a series of smart car solutions such as smart cockpit, smart car lighting and smart car digital platform.

Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s managing director, terminal BG CEO and smart car solution BU CEO, announced at the press conference that Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving system HUAWEI ADS 2.0 will be launched in AITO’s M5 Huawei Advanced Intelligent Driving Edition, followed by Aouita 11 and Extreme Fox Alfa S?HI Edition, and more models will be carried in the future. With more models of HUAWEI ADS landing, more and more cars are running on the road, and the mileage is getting longer and longer. This system will become more and more sophisticated.

The advanced intelligent driving system built by Huawei, based on multi-sensor fusion, combined with high-performance intelligent driving platform and anthropomorphic intelligent driving algorithm, takes safety and intelligence as the core, and realizes the ultimate continuous experience for high-speed, urban and parking scenes. At the same time, based on ultra-large-scale cloud simulation and data mining training, data-driven, rapid iteration, traveling thousands of kilometers a day, making vehicles smarter and smarter.

Urban NCA can be opened with or without maps, and more cities are being unlocked.

Due to the complex road conditions, many unexpected situations and the rapid development of urban infrastructure in the city, the landing of NCA (Intelligent Pilot Assistance) in urban areas has become a difficult problem faced by many car companies. Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving system has been implemented in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Guangzhou, playing with the complex urban road conditions with the flexible decision-making and decisive disposal ability of "old drivers". In addition, Chongqing, which is known as the "8D Magic City", will soon unlock the NCA in the urban area, and Hangzhou will also land in Q2.

HUAWEI ADS 1.0 has realized the BEV architecture based on Transformer, while HUAWEI ADS 2.0 has been further upgraded, and the road topology-based reasoning network has been further enhanced. Even without high-precision maps, you can understand various road elements such as roads and traffic lights, making it possible to drive without maps. This year, Q3 will realize the landing of 15 cities without maps, and Q4 will add 30 cities without maps, reaching 45 cities, which will make smart driving more free.

The system can cover 90% of urban scenes, making daily commuting more comfortable. At complex intersections, scenes where people and vehicles are mixed can also pass smoothly, and you can take the initiative to overtake and change lanes, which greatly improves travel efficiency.

High-speed NCA (Intelligent Pilot Assistance) also performed well. The experience of HUAWEI ADS 2.0 was upgraded, and the ability to face up and down ramps, obstacle avoidance, road construction and other scenes was further improved at high speed, which made the average manual takeover mileage increase from 100km to 200km in HUAWEI ADS 1.0, realizing a "more assured" cross-city travel experience. When merging into the expressway, the system monitors and predicts the vehicle behavior of the surrounding target lanes in real time, and executes the best interaction strategy, which is fast and efficient, and the success rate of merging is high. When approaching the high-speed exit, the system changes to the exit lane in advance according to the surrounding comprehensive road conditions to avoid the embarrassment of "missing the exit" in unfamiliar environment.

On the high-speed and expressway, there are labyrinth overpasses and tray bridges. Before entering the curve, the system will slow down in advance. When passing through the curve with large curvature, the vehicle will remain centered and the steering wheel will be slippery, so there will be no frequent back-and-forth corrections, which will bring stable comfort to the drivers and passengers.

APA (Intelligent Parking Assist) has the industry-leading parking space identification ability, including automatic parking space search, 360 parking space discovery and parking space display. At the same time, it supports intelligent parking of up to 160 kinds of parking spaces, such as unconventional parking spaces such as sloping parking spaces and broken parking spaces, and can also be parked, so that it can be parked when it is really visible. After parking is interrupted, it can automatically connect. In case of pedestrians and obstacles, the car will not quit after parking, and the pedestrians will automatically connect after leaving.

RPA (Remote Parking Assist) solves the embarrassing scene of "cars can get in, people can’t get out" in narrow parking spaces, or it is inconvenient to take and put large luggage in the car and trunk, thus realizing worry-free parking.

HUAWEI ADS 2.0 has further improved its ability to handle narrow parking spaces. For narrow parking spaces with a car width margin of only more than 0.4 meters, it can be easily completed through APA intelligent parking. For extremely narrow parking spaces with a car width margin of less than 0.4 meters, RPA can also be used to realize direct entry and direct exit.

AVP (parking service Auxiliary) * will realize the industry’s first cross-floor and underground parking lot, which can be activated on the ground, reach by the optimal route across floors, and roam independently when the parking space is occupied.

*AVP will be realized by the end of 2023.

In terms of price, HUWEI ADS includes basic package, advanced package and high-end package. At present, the commercial models that have been cooperated are standard with the basic package and advanced package, and the high-end package can be purchased. With the continuous enhancement of ADS function, the price will continue to rise, and buying early will benefit early. The price for upgrading ADS from premium package to premium package is as follows:

HUAWEI ADS 1.0 is purchased at a lump sum of 32,000 yuan, with an annual subscription of 6,400 yuan and a monthly subscription in 640 yuan.

HUAWEI ADS 2.0 is purchased at a lump sum of 36,000 yuan, with an annual subscription of 7,200 yuan and a monthly subscription in 720 yuan.




The new generation of HarmonyOS smart cockpit has changed more than HarmonyOS.

The continuous evolution of HarmonyOS car operating system will not only upgrade the system capabilities such as voice and vision, but also bring the leading experience of multi-screen multi-user and independent multi-tone area in the future. Fluency is HarmonyOS’s gene, and it is also the unremitting pursuit of HarmonyOS cockpit. HarmonyOS 3.0 has also been greatly optimized in fluency, and the response speed of voice and application operation has been comprehensively improved compared with the previous generation, no matter in parking scene or heavy-duty scene of driving navigation. A new generation of car machine and the next generation of operating system will bring stronger performance. One car machine can support the smooth concurrency of the front and rear five screens at the same time. In addition, the new generation system will be equipped with Huawei’s breakthrough technology HarmonyOS kernel. As the first domestic in-vehicle OS kernel, it achieved domestic transcendence in ultra-low latency and functional safety, and became the first operating system kernel in the world to obtain double certification.


Introduce intelligent vehicle-mounted light solutions to lead cars into the era of light display.

Huawei released a new in-vehicle entertainment screen category HUAWEI xScene light field screen. This product adopts the original optical engine technology, creating the ultimate experience of large format, depth of field, low motion sickness and eye relaxation, greatly improving the visual perception in the car, realizing 3-meter long-distance imaging, 40-inch super-large format and 90PPD super-retina-level definition, and loading the immersive private cinema into the car. According to the clinical test of Zhongshan Eye Center of Sun Yat-sen University, compared with the traditional LCD screen, the adjustment ability of ciliary muscle can be reduced by 96%, which effectively relieves visual fatigue. Verified and tested by SGS and China Institute of Standards, Huawei’s light field screen won the world’s only gold standard for low motion sickness in car display, which is 35% lower than that of LCD screen and 90% lower than that of VR glasses.

Facing the intelligent and digital era of car lights, Huawei innovatively launched HUAWEI xPixel intelligent car light solution. This scheme provides 2.6 million pixel projection with two lamps, which adapts to varied shapes with the advantage of small-size module, and has the unique ability of precise fusion algorithm with two lamps in the industry. Based on the accurate shielding ability of millions of pixels, the high-precision ADB (adaptive high beam) can realize that the high beam is always bright and not dazzling, and the field of vision at night is improved by 185%; Based on the study of human experience, the intelligent light carpet scenes such as car width, blind area interaction and lighting were pioneered; Quick customization online based on 100+ scene component library, such as near-field welcome, light language customization and more applications.

Based on the industry’s first self-developed optical imaging module for 2K vehicles, Huawei continues to promote the commercialization of AR-HUD on an end-to-end basis. As an in-car above the fold, HUAWEI xHUD AR-HUD can not only replace the instrument, but also surpass it. Huawei proposes more innovative applications, such as intelligent driving and visualization, lane-level navigation, reversing images, digital elves, giant screen viewing and so on.


HUAWEI iDVP Smart Car Digital Platform, Creating a Black Land of Software-defined Cars

The digital base of HUAWEI iDVP smart car is the foundation of realizing software-defined car, and the core of this architecture is hierarchical decoupling and SOA (service-oriented distributed architecture) service. Relying on high-performance communication and computing hardware platform and basic software platform, it is a "black land" for car companies to realize software-defined automobile strategy construction. HUAWEI iDVP shields the hardware differences through the device abstraction layer and decouples the software and hardware through the atomic service layer. At present, more than 800 standardized API interfaces have been delivered to realize the rapid adaptation of cross-vehicle differences, and the cross-vehicle reuse rate of platform applications can reach over 90%. Not only can car companies improve the efficiency of vehicle development, but also make users’ application experience and usage habits consistent among generations of models, and maintain familiarity and intimacy. HUAWEI iDVP makes full use of atomic service set, simplifies application development mode and improves development efficiency. At the same time, the hardware capability is open to users, and users can customize their applications according to their personal preferences, so as to create personal personalized application services.

As the original application of HUAWEI iDVP, HUAWEI xMotion centrally controls the driving, braking, steering and suspension of the car. Through millisecond perception of the car body state and centimeter-level motion estimation, it adopts dual feedforward and feedback active pre-control technology to realize the longitudinal, lateral and vertical three-axis displacement of the car body and full attitude control with 6 degrees of freedom, making driving safer, driving easier and riding more comfortable. Aiming at the problem that driving on wet roads is easy to slip, RTC (Intelligent Dynamic Torque Control) can distribute more torque to the wheels with strong grip, thus improving driving safety. Aiming at the problem that the car is prone to understeer when crossing a high-speed curve, ICC (Intelligent cornering Control) simulates the driving of an old driver by cooperating with the motor, braking, steering and suspension, which improves the steering sensitivity, reduces the person’s roll caused by centrifugal force and improves the driving comfort. Aiming at the problem of driving fatigue caused by frequent braking when going downhill, RDC (Intelligent Ramp Cruise Energy Recovery) is based on high-precision slope estimation and applies motor energy recovery, which not only realizes steep slope descent, liberates feet, but also improves cruising range.


The overall details of the M9 interior are exposed to create a comfortable and luxurious cockpit, which is expected to be launched in December.

On September 12th, the new M7 just went on the market, and 30,000 vehicles were ordered in 19 days. It hasn’t been a month since the appearance and interior of M9 have been exposed. It seems that the news that it is expected to be listed in December is almost stable.

Get rid of complexity and simplify, and the appearance is atmospheric and natural

In terms of appearance, the M9 is obviously different from the M5 and M7 models on sale, and it adopts a brand-new design language, which is more fashionable and atmospheric than the current models. The closed front grille and the central through-lamp belt connect the polygonal headlight groups on both sides, creating a simple and atmospheric sense of sight for the front of the car.

It is worth noting that the chrome-plated decorative stripes under the front of the car and the side skirts of the car body are at the axial position of the front wheel hub, and then they extend to the tail in a full-scale way, which brings a diving visual effect, and at the same time makes the whole car body look not too bloated, even if the side of the car body is not too complicated, it gives people a sense of luxury.

The overall body is designed with blue and white double colors, and with the matching of light interior, it gives people a feeling of driving a luxury yacht. From the unique design of the exterior rearview mirror, it is not difficult to see that this time the world wants to make every design to the extreme. If you look at the design of a series of luxury models such as BMW 7 Series and Lincoln Continental, you will know the intention of every detail design of M9 this time.

The tail design retains the design language of the world family, which brings high overall recognition. The taillight shape is exactly the same as the headlight design, which is more like the continuation of the front. A large area of chrome-plated trapezoidal guard at the bottom makes the design look less monotonous.

Full of details, the cockpit is luxurious and comfortable.

Although the position of the central control part is disguised, it is not difficult to see that the overall design is similar to that of Mercedes-Benz EQS, and the flying wing triple screen design is adopted. However, the position design of the wireless charging panel under the air outlet of the air conditioner is very abrupt, which has some sense of disobedience with the overall luxury atmosphere. It would be better if a push-pull cover plate can be designed.

At first glance, you can see the leather covering and solid wood decoration of the central control and the door panel. The knob of the central armrest is made of crystal material, which proves the luxurious positioning of the M9. There is a storage space under the central control armrest. Instead of using a hollow design like the market models, it adopts a closed design to bring better storage privacy to the owners.

Thanks to the length of 5230 mm and the wheelbase of 3110 mm, it provides more comfortable seating space for the third row of passengers, making the third row no longer a useless design for temporary riding. In addition, the new car not only provides the third row passengers with a variety of configurations, such as water cup holder, air conditioning outlet, stereo, etc., but also provides a rare third row seat adjustment function. This time, the M9 really filled the details directly and took good care of the riding experience of the third row passengers.

Provides two power modes.

In terms of power, Wenjie M9 provides two power modes: extended range and pure electric. The extended range version is matched with a 1.5T range extender, and the battery pack capacity is 50kWh. The pure electric version will be equipped with a four-wheel drive system composed of Huawei’s high-voltage electric drive, equipped with a 100kWh battery pack, and its battery life is expected to exceed 600km.

Write at the end: seize the market with ideal and Weilai.

The listing of M9 also means the overall layout of the SUV market in the world, breaking through the medium-sized SUV market of about 200,000 to 300,000, and relying on the word-of-mouth accumulated in the early stage and the far-ahead intelligent driving advantage, we will seize our own domestic new energy large-scale luxury SUV market with Ideal and Wei, enriching the product line and improving the brand influence. The M9 is expected to be listed in December. Considering the sales of M5 and M7, it may really be recognized by the market.

Xiaomi Auto’s monthly upgrade plan is announced! Push began in early May.

On April 18th, Lei Jun responded to the online time of wireless CarPlay function of Xiaomi SU7 in the live broadcast. He said that this function is expected to be pushed into the car through OTA in early May.

In addition, Lei Jun also requires the team to push OTA upgrade to users at least once a month, and plans to promote NOA to the whole country by the end of May, and NOA to all regions in August.

At present, the iPad car control function has been launched, just download the "Xiaomi Auto Development Screen" APP to use it. After connecting the hot spots of the car, you can enjoy the original car-like experience such as seat air conditioning adjustment, multimedia adjustment and audio-visual entertainment.

Lei Jun previously said that Xiaomi SU7 will be the best choice for Apple to buy smart electric vehicles. He said that the car supports protocols such as wireless CarPlay and AirPlay, which can realize deep driver interconnection.

Xiaomi applied for the trademark of Xiaoaida model.

Special statement: The above contents (including pictures or videos, if any) are uploaded and published by users of the media platform "Netease", and this platform only provides information storage services.

Notice: The content above (including the pictures and videos if any) is uploaded and posted by a user of NetEase Hao, which is a social media platform and only provides information storage services.

Two car accidents in three days! Huawei asked the world, but it couldn’t stop? Yu Chengdong once said: It’s hard to hit.

It was only one day after the news of "Asking the M5 Smart Driving Edition to Ride BYD Dolphin". On November 14th, another video of an accident with the M5 was circulated on the Internet.

According to the image of the vehicle driving recorder circulated on the Internet, at about 9: 29 am on November 14th, an M5 car was driving normally on the two-way four-lane pavement on the left, with a speed of about 60-80 km/h.. A minute later, at 9: 30, a construction vehicle suddenly appeared in front of the road, and a truck suspected of asphalt was towed, but no warning signs were set in front of the construction vehicle.I saw the video car directly hit the trailer.

It can be seen from the live pictures circulated on the Internet that the two airbags in front of the M5 all popped up, and the engine compartment was seriously damaged. However, no obvious deformation was found in the A-pillar. According to the netizen who broke the news, the driver opened "assisted driving" and "Huawei directly towed the car away" after the accident.

Two car accidents in three days! Huawei asked the world, but it couldn't stop? Yu Chengdong once said: It's hard to hit.

Is it the fault of Huawei’s wisdom?


Ask M5, intelligent driver or mentally retarded?

As of press time, Weibo, the official of AITO Auto, has not made any response to this matter.

In response to this accident, netizens are also "noisy".

The questioning netizens think:

Why didn’t AEB work at that time?

Didn’t you say you were far ahead?

Didn’t Yu Dazui say that "it’s hard to hit if you want to"?

Q: The M5 driver’s assistance was turned on, but it still failed to recognize the obstacles ahead, and it was badly hit. So do you still believe in the NB boasting of car companies?

Two car accidents in three days! Huawei asked the world, but it couldn't stop? Yu Chengdong once said: It's hard to hit.

On the other side, netizens think:

"Look at the picture and you will know that this is not a smart version, and there is no lidar."

This is the "Bosch", which belongs to the retarded version.

It’s two different things that it’s difficult to crash and it’s impossible to crash, and this is the old M5, which has no intelligent driving ability at all.

However, according to the blogger "New Car Tribe" on the afternoon of 15th, it was revealed that:AITO automobile has paid attention to this matter.The vehicle is 22 models of M5 EV.Before the collision, the vehicle turned on the auxiliary driving, and the early warning and AEB were triggered normally, which minimized the impact caused by the collision and did not cause personal injury.

Two car accidents in three days! Huawei asked the world, but it couldn't stop? Yu Chengdong once said: It's hard to hit.

According to this response, the accident vehicle is a standard version, not equipped with lidar, not a smart driving version.According to netizens, this car may use Bosch’s "ACC adaptive cruise control system".

Two car accidents in three days! Huawei asked the world, but it couldn't stop? Yu Chengdong once said: It's hard to hit.

According to the data, the function of ACC system is developed on the basis of the traditional cruise control device. The difference is that cruise control can only limit the speed, and the steering wheel and brakes need to be controlled by the driver, while ACC can better help the driver coordinate the steering wheel and brakes.Using ACC can free the driver’s feet to a certain extent, but his hands can’t leave the steering wheel.

Judging from the video of this accident, the driver has no obvious "takeover action", and there is no obvious "braking action".

No wonder some netizens questioned that this is "opening the mentally retarded version as a smart driving version"?

Coincidentally, on November 13th, a collision accident involving the M5 version riding on BYD Dolphin caused widespread concern. At the Liaobu User Center in Dongguan, a test drive of Huawei’s M5 Smart Driving Edition suddenly accelerated when reversing, then quickly hit the BYD dolphin in the rear and finally "rode" on the dolphin.

On the evening of November 13th, Yu Chengdong made an emergency response: the customer mistakenly stepped on the accelerator as a brake when reversing, resulting in hitting the rear car. Regarding the non-intervention of AEB function, Yu Chengdong said that after communicating with the ADS team and quality, the vehicle backward emergency braking did not recognize the stationary vehicle, and it was clearly marked in the manual.Therefore, the cause of the accident is that the customer mistakenly stepped on the wrong accelerator pedal.

The accident was also wrongly rated by netizens as a "win-win", BYD has "hard strength against truth" and the world is "all-round crushing".


Why are there many questions about "smart driving"?

There have been two accidents in succession. From the comments of netizens, it can be found that some consumers have begun to question "smart driving".

For example, when Dongguan Liaobu reversed its car, many users will immediately think of the sentence that Yu Chengdong once mentioned-"It’s hard to hit it". In fact, this is for the new M7. At that time, Huawei released the "omni-directional anti-collision system", which can identify all obstacles in the rear and take the initiative to stop.At that time, Yu Chengdong even shouted the words "It’s hard to reverse and hit".

However, users only remember that "it’s hard to hit" and don’t deeply understand its limitations.

It is reported that the "omni-directional anti-collision system" supported by Huawei ADS 2.0 is not "omnipotent" and has many limitations. For example, the backward emergency braking of the vehicle does not recognize the stationary vehicle; For example, the driver is stepping on the accelerator pedal, brake pedal or turning the steering wheel sharply; There is a large vehicle behind the vehicle, which blocks the detection area of the radar or camera of the vehicle.

For example, the test drive accident of Dongguan Wenjie M5 Zhijia Edition does not belong to the scene contained in "It is difficult to hit it". In addition, many netizens don’t know that the 22 models of M5EV only have adaptive cruise function.

Huawei’s advanced intelligent assisted driving system "Huawei ADS 2.0" was released on April 16th this year. The first model is AITO Wenjie M5 Smart Driving Edition. After the actual measurement of many media, this system has indeed improved a lot, "comparable to the old driver." Then, on September 12th, M7 was launched, the average price was lowered by 38,000, and there was a smart driving version, which only ignited the enthusiasm of consumers.On October 6th, the circle of friends in Yu Chengdong announced that the number of new M7s would exceed 50,000, and said with emotion, "It’s not easy to come back to life!"

As the manufacturer of M5 and M7, the share price of Cyrus has also achieved a "shocking reversal". Since the bottom in June, the share price has risen as high as 280%. The increase is also "far ahead" among all automakers.

Two car accidents in three days! Huawei asked the world, but it couldn't stop? Yu Chengdong once said: It's hard to hit.

Therefore, at present, some consumers have too high "expectations" for Huawei’s smart driving, and once something goes wrong, they will have doubts. In practice, some drivers rely too much on assisted driving.


Intelligent driving is more prone to accidents?

L2+ is more prone to accidents?

A few days ago, at the 2023 China Automobile Software Conference hosted by China Automobile Industry Association, Zhu Xichan, a professor at Tongji University Automobile College, publicly said: What we think of as the ADAS function with low technical level is safe, because no one regards it as autonomous driving.On the contrary, L2+ intelligent driving is easier for consumers to relax their vigilance. They may be distracted, play with their mobile phones or even lie down to sleep. It is this L2+ stage of "one bottle is dissatisfied and half a bottle is swaying" that is more prone to accidents.

Take "Huawei ADS 2.0" as an example. Even though it claims to be infinitely close to L3, its essence is L2. The core feature of L2 is to release hands and feet, but not eyes.

Two car accidents in three days! Huawei asked the world, but it couldn't stop? Yu Chengdong once said: It's hard to hit.

L2 driver assistance represents an advanced driver assistance system, which gives the vehicle the ability to automatically perform acceleration, deceleration and steering operations. howeverCompared with fully automatic driving technology, L2 still needs the real-time driver.Ability to monitor and prepare to take over vehicles.

Take the crash on 14th as an example. According to L2′ s operation specification, the driver should be able to see the engineering work vehicle stopped in front and take over the vehicle in time, such as stepping on the brakes. Of course, it may be illegal for the engineering vehicle in the video not to put warning signs in the coming direction.

Judging from the current law, if an accident is caused by using the driver assistance function, the driver is still the subject to bear the responsibility.

Take the Regulations on the Administration of Intelligent Networked Vehicles in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone as an example, which stipulates: "If an intelligent networked vehicle equipped with a driver commits a traffic violation, the traffic management department of the public security organ shall punish the driver according to law; If a traffic accident occurs and one party of the intelligent networked vehicle is responsible, the driver of the vehicle shall bear the corresponding liability for damages; If a traffic accident is caused by the quality defect of the intelligent networked car, the driver can recover from the manufacturer and seller of the intelligent networked car after assuming the liability for damages according to law. "

Zhu Xichan said that L2+ intelligent driving is between L2 and L3, and the boundary is often blurred. Enterprises are only willing to bear the product responsibility of "assisted driving", but radical consumers may regard L2+ intelligent driving as L3.

Therefore, at this stage, all assisted driving and intelligent driving need the driver’s full attention to be ready to take over the car at any time. Excessive reliance on technology, on the one hand, improves the probability of accidents, and on the other hand, bears the main responsibility for accidents.

Finally, Zhu Xichan suggested that the certification of L3 high-grade autopilot needs to be promoted rapidly to solve the safety problem.