Be steady and far-reaching, and then create an intelligent driving decision control system.

In recent years, driven by policies, technology, market demand and capital, the process of automobile intelligence has been further accelerated, and autonomous driving technology has also ushered in a new stage of development. IDC’s "China Self-driving Vehicle Market Data Tracking Report" shows that in the first quarter of 2022, the penetration rate of L2-class self-driving cars in the passenger car market reached 23.2%, and L2-class ADAS is the core of the commercial landing of self-driving cars at this stage.  

At present, overseas giants occupy a high market share. However, with the rapid increase of the penetration rate of ADAS, China automobile enterprises have a great opportunity to break the monopoly of overseas giants, and major automakers, suppliers, Internet companies and other enterprises have come to the end, hoping to compete for victory in the uncertain domestic market. Under the general trend of the rise of independent brands, with the advantages of localization, high cost performance, coordinated chassis control and timely service response, Lianchuang Automotive Electronic Intelligent Driving Team has grown steadily in a down-to-earth manner through cooperative development with OEMs such as SAIC, Jianghuai, Datong and Aichi, and polished the differentiated user experience to the extreme. The products cover all application scenarios of L1-L4+, and it has the ability to compete with the world’s first-class suppliers.

Be steady and far-reaching, and then create an intelligent driving decision control system.

Figure 1 Lianchuang Automotive Electronic Intelligent Driving Product Roadmap

Consolidate the cornerstone and maintain the ingenuity.

The product solution of Lianchuang Zhijia ADAS is mainly a lightweight controller with medium and low computing power of 1V/1R1V/3R1V/5R1V.

Be steady and far-reaching, and then create an intelligent driving decision control system.

Figure 2 Lianchuang Automotive Electronic Intelligent Driving Product Planning

The main challenge of developing this kind of products is how to achieve the ultimate performance with limited computing power and cost; And how to create differentiated functions and establish technical highs to reflect publicity and brand power. Lianchuang Zhijia ADAS products adopt international and domestic SOC differentiation dual schemes, which greatly meet the diversified needs of customers, and the modular design can flexibly adapt to the full range of L1-L2+ vehicle architectures.

From the realization of basic functions to continuous optimization, Lianchuang Zhijia team constantly solved various Corner case in the test, accumulated a total of more than 200,000 kilometers of road tests, and realized closed-loop solutions to many problems found in the road tests.

Be steady and far-reaching, and then create an intelligent driving decision control system.

Figure 3 Lianchuang Automotive Electronics ADAS National Road Test Starts

Compared with the practice of "patching" a single problem by some enterprises, Lianchuang Zhijia starts from the root of the problem, thinks systematically, constantly upgrades the core algorithm framework and underlying architecture of each function, improves the performance of the real vehicle ADAS function under various complex working conditions, and calmly responds to various extreme scenarios. For example, multi-layer safety check is carried out on vehicles, sensor measurements and environmental signals to ensure the safety of vehicle functions when signals are abnormal, and the expected trajectory is generated by using structured road and traffic flow information to improve the robustness of lateral functions.

In order to solve the problems of large dead zone of EPS actuator, uncomfortable experience brought by high steering wheel speed in the dead zone, and braking stagnation and second start caused by abnormal drag of ESC actuator calipers, the intelligent driving team gave full play to the collaborative advantages of Lianchuang drive-by-wire chassis development team, introduced EPS lower control into intelligent driving upper control, and proposed a four-level closed-loop control algorithm, so that the lateral function can obtain a better control experience without demanding steering system. In order to optimize the driver’s comfort experience in cut-in scene, an adaptive adjustment strategy based on cut-in distance and time is proposed. In order to reduce the false triggering of AEB-related functions, the confidence level of AEB and FCW functions is judged in different scenarios by accessing the relevant security signals provided by the perception suppliers, thus improving the accuracy of AEB and FCW functions. There are countless similar technical optimizations. These measures have greatly improved the driving experience under the premise of ensuring safety, making safety and comfort a significant label for Lianchuang Intelligent Driving products. At the same time, the collaborative development and cooperation between the intelligent driving and the drive-by-wire chassis team in Lianchuang packaging scheme creates the effect of "1+1>2", providing customers with more safe and intelligent driving experiences.

Under the continuous optimization of Lianchuang Intelligent Driving Team, the performance of Lianchuang automotive electronic ADAS products is not inferior to that of Global Tier1. Among them, Lianchuang’s regulatory test results of AEB function of automotive electronics ranked first among various benchmark models, and reached a very low false trigger rate in daily public roads.             

Be steady and far-reaching, and then create an intelligent driving decision control system.

Figure 4 Lianchuang Innovative Functional Features of Automotive Electronic Intelligent Driving

Customer first, continuous pursuit of Excellence

Lianchuang Zhijia team has successively cooperated with SAIC passenger cars, Jianghuai and Aichi to develop and fully realize the mass production of ADAS products. For all kinds of problems in the process of project cooperation, Lianchuang Zhijia team has given a joint creation plan, which has won unanimous praise from customers.

Lianchuang Zhijia is committed to meeting the differentiated needs of the OEM. For the parts not mentioned in the customer function specification at the initial stage of the project, Lianchuang Zhijia will focus on customer experience and continuously optimize and realize the high-quality subjective feeling of driving. Lianchuang Zhijia has an efficient project development process, which can realize the closed loop from requirements input to defects and rapid iteration of software development, ensuring the accurate realization of project nodes and high-quality delivery standards.

In order to solve the problem of tight time nodes in some projects, Lianchuang Zhijia also has corresponding special processes to achieve faster communication and ensure the achievement of node goals.

Steady and far-reaching, then promising

Lianchuang Zhijia is also laying out and planning the future while improving and maturing ADAS products. By recruiting talents, setting up relevant attack teams, and strengthening technical exchanges with peers, we will promote the independent development of functions such as AEB, full environment integration and DNP, and realize the iterative research and development of autopilot functions from L2 level to L3-L5 level in stages to meet the needs of customers and consumers. Lianchuang Zhijia is committed to creating independent products suitable for its own national conditions and breaking the monopoly of foreign giants. The goal is to realize the mass production of autonomous AEB, all-environment integration and interactive lane change by the end of this year, and complete the mass production of DNP by the middle of next year.

Lianchuang Zhijia is based in China, facing the world, working closely with domestic mainstream car companies and actively participating in global competition. Bring safer and more comfortable driving experience to consumers and provide better products and value-added services to the main engine factory. In the starry sea of intelligent driving, Lianchuang Intelligent Driving Team will continue to move in the right direction, be steady and far-reaching, and then be promising. At the same time, Lianchuang Zhijia will also provide a bigger development platform and attract more like-minded talents who are dedicated to the industry and serve the country!