"Leslie Cheung Concert" Repair the beginning and end: Tencent Cloud Multimedia Lab waiting for an opportunity


On April 1, Leslie Cheung’s last concert, which was also considered a "classic", "Passion" Ultra HD Repair, premiered globally on TME live, QQ Music, WeChat Channels, Tencent Video and other platforms.

The ultra-clear repair version of the concert by Tencent Music Entertainment Group and Universal Music’s record label Polygram jointly launched, Tencent Cloud Multimedia Lab undertook the specific repair work of the concert video.


Tencent Cloud Multimedia Lab is affiliated to Tencent CSIG Business Group (Cloud and Smart Industry Business Group). It has been engaged in video processing since 2013. One of its main responsibilities is to provide fully automated digital repair technology to various internal product departments, featuring low cost and high efficiency. Batch processing of 2D-based massive videos in Tencent Cloud and other systems.


According to reports, Tencent Cloud Multimedia Lab is mostly engaged in the repair of movies, TV dramas and other scenes. The repair of concerts is the first time. The difficulty lies in the fact that portraits and scenes can change and switch rapidly in the concert lighting. However, Tencent Cloud Multimedia Lab has previously accumulated less data in this regard.


Li Songnan, director of Tencent Cloud Multimedia Lab, told Dongxi Entertainment that this also gave Tencent Cloud Multimedia Lab the opportunity to upgrade the system and algorithm of the repair technology by repairing this concert.


Li Songnan said that the goal of this restoration is to ensure that the repair is as old as the old, but also to preserve the artistic effect of the concert. Due to the many scenes of the concert screen and the complicated changes caused by frequent lighting and switching, Tencent Cloud Multimedia Lab has adopted the measure of "algorithmic classification processing for different scenes" to find the optimal solution in the continuous trial and error, and at the same time add manual intervention to optimize the algorithm parameters.


The restoration of Leslie Cheung’s concert has further enriched the restoration category of Tencent Cloud Multimedia Lab. In view of the strong demand for the restoration of old films, Tencent Cloud Multimedia Lab plans to further connect its own technology with various demand parties, and use technology to achieve the goal of helping the inheritance of classic culture.


First attempt at concert repair

Automated digital repair + manual intervention combined


Tencent Cloud Multimedia Lab expert researcher Xia Zhen told Dongxi Entertainment that the cooperation between Tencent Cloud Multimedia Lab and Polygram began in early March.

"At that time, Tencent Music Entertainment Group contacted Polygold Records, and the two sides had their own needs, and the cooperation was reached very quickly."


Xia Zhen introduced that since the establishment of Tencent Cloud Multimedia Lab in 2013, one of the main technical directions has been fully automatic digital repair, but previously it was mainly engaged in the repair of movies, TV series, etc., and it was the first time to engage in the repair of concerts.


"Concert scenes are not as stable as movies and TV dramas, which are more uniform in terms of color and artistic style, and are more suitable for automatic repair through algorithms. The picture, color and scene of concerts are constantly changing and switching. Previously, the algorithm model of Tencent Cloud Lab did not process much data on concert scenes, so it would be difficult to automate repair based on algorithms," Xia Zhen said frankly.


In this regard, Tencent Cloud Multimedia Lab is based on a set of automated processing engines.According to the different scenes of the concert screen, the algorithm classification processing is carried out to find the optimal solution in the continuous trial and error, and the manual intervention optimization is completed.

Xia Zhen gave an example. For example, for a large scene in a concert, Tencent Cloud Multimedia Lab used GAN superfractions to repair it. Before the repair, such large scenes were generally blurred, but after GAN superfractions, the clarity and texture were greatly optimized. For example, if there is a lot of noise in a concert, the technical team will also reduce the noise for this scene.


It is understood that pure algorithm repair usually takes only two days, but this time it is a concert, so more time is spent trying different algorithms to ensure that there is a balance between the results of the algorithm and the final effect.

This is also related to the overall goal set by Tencent Cloud Lab for this fix:That is to repair the old as the old, while ensuring the improvement of image quality, it can also retain the original artistic effect of the whole concert.


However, Xia Zhen also said that there is no standard in the industry to define the degree of repair, "I can only say that this is the goal or purpose, and then try to adjust the algorithm towards this goal, and then try to judge according to the degree visible to the naked eye."


"For example, the resolution of the master tape we got at that time was only 720 × 480, which was not high. But after the repair, the relevant image quality has indeed been greatly improved. We have achieved a resolution close to 4K, and the resolution has been increased by about 6 times. The smoothness of the whole picture has also been improved. We have also made some optimizations in the frame rate, including some details of Leslie Cheung’s face, as well as his eyes, eyes, and the long fake hair he wore throughout the concert. The hair is much better than before." Xia Zhen said.



Borrow the concert to repair

Realize the dual iteration of the original technical system + algorithm


Li Songnan said that by repairing Leslie Cheung’s concert, Tencent Cloud Multimedia Lab has also undergone a relatively large number of technical iterations, mainly including system-level iterations and algorithm-level iterations.


The system-level iteration is mainly on the iteration of the analysis module.According to the introduction, in terms of the repair process, it is generally divided into four steps. One is intelligent analysis, which mainly analyzes the quality of the video, including the type and degree of distortion; the other is repair, which is mainly used to repair various distortions in the video, such as the distortion that often occurs in old movies, such as noise, interlaced distortion, etc.; the third is enhancement, the goal is to make the image content look clearer and richer; the fourth is coding, that is, to restore the content of the video at as little bit rate as possible.


The iteration of the analysis module is the first step in the repair workflow. Li Songnan said that since the algorithm of Tencent Cloud Lab has basically not touched the type of concerts before, the video content of various industries varies greatly, especially the type and intensity of video distortion in different generations are very different. "This requires the adaptability of the iterative analysis module, so that under the principle of minimizing manual intervention, the analysis module can adaptively handle different types of videos."


Algorithmic iteration mainly refers to video super-resolution and face repair.


Li Songnan said that the original work of Tencent Cloud Multimedia Lab was mainly video noise reduction and background enhancement, based on traditional algorithms.


"After that, many of the models on Tencent Cloud were based on AI and deep learning, but they were originally based on convolutional neural networks, and now they are expanded to use generative networks because generative networks can generate a lot of details," Li Songnan said.


Another major iteration is face repair.According to reports, the previous face repair in the industry was mainly based on pictures. The face repair in the video of Tencent Cloud Multimedia Lab was considered an innovative attempt in the industry. At the same time, with this concert starting to be based on video repair, the lab also began to make some artificial algorithm parameter adjustments based on the algorithm.


Li Songnan introduced: "During this research and development process, I tried some technical methods, accumulated some good results, and became a good experience in the laboratory. Of course, there is still room for progress in the future."


The market demand for old film restoration is increasing day by day

Technology empowered culture


According to official information, the Tencent Cloud Multimedia Lab is a technology-oriented laboratory under the Tencent CSIG business group, and its work mainly consists of two parts. First, it will participate in the formulation of international and domestic multimedia-related standards; second, it will provide the daily accumulated technology to Tencent Cloud, Tencent PCG (Tencent Platform and Content Business Group) and WXG (Tencent WeChat Business Group), and Tencent Music Entertainment Group and other departments internally, and export the technology to customers externally.


Li Songnan introduced,At present, the common "old film repair" in the market generally has two categories: physical repair and digital repair. Physical repair refers to the repair of film, including removing impurities on it and repairing deformation; while digital repair is divided into automatic repair and manual repair.


"At present, Tencent Cloud Multimedia Lab mainly focuses on fully automated repair based on machine learning and deep learning. The goal is to use algorithmic automation to reduce the cost of subsequent manual repair and improve related efficiency through less human intervention," Li Songnan said.


This path choice comes from the needs faced by Tencent Cloud Multimedia Lab. "Since the user videos served by Tencent Cloud Multimedia Lab are very large, it is impossible to do fine offline processing for each video, so it is necessary to continuously improve the adaptive ability of the algorithm to achieve the purpose of saving time and increasing efficiency."


Li Songnan, for example, for a two-hour concert, traditional manual repair may take one or two months. But from the perspective of algorithm repair, the result can be run in two days.


It is understood that the market demand for the restoration of old films is increasing, and many film studios and TV stations have accumulated a large number of old videos. Some of them plan to be re-released or need to be adapted to the current 4K or 8K TV. In addition, some entertainers also need to restore earlier concerts.


"The restoration of old films is a relatively long-term thing, and it can be done all the time," Mr. Li said. "The reason is that the quality of the videos that the audience sees now is not bad, and the quality may not be good in three or five years. At the same time, the viewing equipment is also being upgraded. For example, VR monitors and immersive displays will be used more and more in the future, and the update of the display method will accelerate the diversification of the demand for old film restoration technology."


Li Songnan stressed that the current video processing is mainly based on 2D video repair and enhancement, and in terms of resolution and frame rate, try to improve the user’s immersion in 2D conditions."But in terms of the future direction, it may also develop in a holographic way.3DAlso, including3Freedom, and finally6Degrees of freedom, the lab has invested in this. "


However, Li Songnan also pointed out that some voices have raised the question of whether the current video repair can be used in more social fields, such as optimizing surveillance video and cracking down on crimes. "Although the current technology can achieve face repair and face clearing, it is still difficult to apply in the actual security field. It is impossible to judge whether it is that person from the video. After all, it is generated by an algorithm, and it is not suitable to use it as evidence.


Li Songnan said that at present, as a technical department of the laboratory, more business goals are to cooperate with more partners with the ability of the laboratory’s ultra-clear immersion repair engine, while helping the development of the audio & video industry, empowering the classic culture through technology.




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BAK Battery Deeply Layout Four Product Lines, Fully Empowering a Better Smart Life

Lithium batteries have the advantages of high energy density, smaller and lighter size, and long cycle life. They have been widely used in 3C electronic products, new energy vehicles, energy storage, smart home appliances and other fields. According to the data released by the market research agency EVTank, the total global shipment of lithium-ion batteries in 2023 was 1202.6 GWh, an increase of 25.6% year-on-year. Among them, the shipment of lithium-ion batteries in China reached 887.4 GWh in 2023, an increase of 34.3% year-on-year, and the development momentum is very rapid.

Shenzhen Bike Power Battery Co., Ltd., as one of the pioneers in the lithium battery industry, has always been at the forefront of the industry, and has carried out a multi-layered layout for different market needs and application scenarios, forming a highly competitive new generation of product matrix. At present, Bike Power has strongly opened up four product lines: large cylinder, small power, polymer, and energy storage. Lithium battery technology and product performance have both broken through, and comprehensively helped to upgrade the "core" of smart life.

BAK large cylindrical battery, promising

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BAK Small Power, Performance "Core" Upgrade

Under the development trend of miniaturization and convenience of intelligent end points, the penetration rate of cordless intelligent end points is getting higher and higher. On the basis of the application characteristics of small power scenarios and the higher requirements for batteries, BAK Power continues to promote the optimization and adjustment of small power batteries at four levels: material selection, battery design, safety assurance and customer application. It has six advantages: high energy density, long cycle life, high magnification, fast charging, strong temperature adaptability and high safety.

At present, BAK’s small power cylindrical battery products cover two series of 18650 and 21700. The capacity has not only increased from 2.5Ah of 18650 to 5.8Ah of 21700, but also the volume specific energy density has been greatly improved. Now it has been widely adopted by well-known customers such as Philips, Meituan, Hello Travel, Midea, and Xiaomi. In the beginning of 2024, BAK Power once again announced the mass production of N21700CH-58E high-capacity batteries. This blockbuster new product adopts high nickel + silicon anode system, and the capacity of single cells has "soared" to 5.8Ah, once again refreshing the performance ceiling of small power cylindrical batteries.

BAK Polymer, Open Smart "Core" Life

The 5G era makes life more and more intelligent. BAK battery polymer lithium-ion batteries provide long-lasting and reliable power for smart homes and smart lives.

From 20mAh products to 10000mAh products, all support fast charging and high-rate discharge, and the application scenarios cover sports bracelets, Bluetooth headphones, handheld printers, drones, power tools and portable vacuum cleaners, making a better life within reach with reliable power.

BAK Energy Storage for Efficient Clean Energy

In recent years, many governments in China have successively issued energy storage industry support policies, ushering in a new upsurge in the market. In order to promote the wide application of efficient and clean energy, BAK Power Energy Storage Battery adopts a modular design and is equipped with an intelligent battery management system (BMS). It has the advantages of small size, light weight, long life, high temperature resistance, and support for high current discharge. It is widely used in household energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, UPS energy storage, energy storage power stations on all sides of the power grid, communication energy storage and various customized power supplies.

The four major product lines of BAK Battery not only meet the needs of applications in many fields, but also inject surging impetus into the high-quality development of customer enterprises. On the hot lithium battery track, BAK Battery has fully deployed four product lines, deeply explored the "new path" of development, and created a "new highland" for the lithium battery industry.

Hua Chenyu’s Chengdu concert is coming, and it has been hot for three days to occupy the May 1st gear

In the midst of the May Day holiday, the Mars team gathered in Chengdu as scheduled, and the grand and gorgeous light of Mars shone on one side, opening another journey of the ten-year homecoming pact! On April 30, the premiere of the 2023 Hua Chenyu Mars Concert in Chengdu ended successfully. The three-day long standby carnival of the Mars family was unlocked for only one day, which has aroused countless topics and heat. Whether you once belonged to Mars or not, it is difficult not to be infected by this music kingdom full of romance and joy. A total area of 592 acres, 370,000 square meters of Chengdu open-air music park is full of "Mars red", smiling Martians occupy 55 standard football fields, equivalent to the total area of 3 small eggs, many fans shouted: Holiday This does not want to feel everyone, but for Hua Chenyu, I am willing to roll! At the same time, as the first "amusement park" concert in China, everyone also fully enjoyed the high degree of freedom of "Mars Paradise", changing into sunflowers, ghosts, immortals, aliens and other personalized clothing, fancy clocks in huge posters, Mars food trucks, welcome home LOGO, graffiti wall and other scenes, tracking the "happy code" that Huahua buried for them one by one, and feeling the dreamlike Martian heat wave in the pleasant afternoon field of "eating, drinking and playing" and the evening field of "dancing and dancing".

The first day of Mars Utopia arrived in Chengdu, completely igniting the Chengdu open-air music park. Tens of thousands of glow sticks were in unison, like stars converging in the sky to leave a unique symbol belonging to Mars. Some fans who failed to return outside the venue gathered outside the open-air music park to experience the joy of Martians from the air; some funny fans tried to catch a glimpse of Mars through the cracks of the protective net, and were ridiculed for "looking at flowers in the cracks". Fans who entered the city of Mars as they wished covered all ages, with fathers and daughters riding on their shoulders; silver-haired old couples and wives working together to feel the charm of Mars; little boys and old men shooting the same "across the bank" Mars concert pose made netizens play the stick as "Mars old and young love", and successfully came out of the circle! Once again proved that Hua Chenyu fans regardless of age, status, Mars infects everyone equally. This power has also completely awakened everyone’s imagination. 2023 Hua Chenyu Mars Concert · Chengdu Station launched the "Mars Bombing Street Fashion Week" event. The fans’ "fancy robes" have repeatedly subverted everyone’s imagination, and the "outrageous with a hint of reasonable" high freedom atmosphere has also become one of the reasons why people repeatedly fall into Mars. Hua Chenyu still intimately arranges birthday gifts for fans in the afternoon, plays online games, and chats like family to catch up with old times, showcasing the "home temperature" of Mars. He also confessed warmly: The tenth anniversary of my debut is also the tenth anniversary of your debut! In addition, the landing of Chengdu Hua Chenyu also inexplicably with the giant panda came to the wave of dream linkage, Internet celebrity giant panda Huahua and Hua Chenyu collided with fame, guest Zuo Li shouted "Guo Lai" in Chengdu dialect, causing Martians to collectively shout "Guo Lai", really, no "Huahua" can escape "Guo Lai".

Chengdu Station dance beauty modeling romantic pull full Hua Chenyu May Day singing full output surprises continue

The sun is slowly setting, and the premiere of the 2023 Hua Chenyu Mars Concert · Chengdu Station is officially on! Hua Chenyu’s All blue 3D printing shape is matched with the "Tree of God" stage opening, which instantly seals the audience in the dream land of Mars Ideal City. There are also many fans who compare its first set to "melting candles", which fully burn while illuminating more people. The whole evening was intertwined with a variety of emotions such as warm telling, explosive release, tears in the eyes, and reunion after a long absence. Each song implied the exclusive memory of Huahua and Martians: a domineering singing of "Seventh Personality" in a red dress, which pulled many fans back to the night of the king of singers in "Singer Dang’s Year"; "Meeting When Flowers" was full of snow, and staged the ultimate romance in the last "April Day on Earth" in 2023, once again shaking and dreaming for Martian residents; singing an adapted version of "Shanhai" in a real sea of tens of thousands of Martians, the grand dance design was perfectly integrated with the song, and even turned every Martian who went to the scene into a romantic part of the whole performance. At the same time, Huahua’s extremely high music control ability and stable on-site output also added a lot to the whole performance. The fans who came to the scene couldn’t help but shout: It’s not a waste of thousands of miles to go to Mars, and take a trip for the ideal! Every journey of "Huahua Encounter", with the concerted efforts of everyone, blooms the best radiance. This reunion may seem particularly short-lived because of the extreme, but it is only in the moment of collision and blooming, which is enough to make people enjoy it infinitely. I believe that in the next two performances in Chengdu from May 1st to May 2nd, Hua Chenyu can lead everyone to encounter more romance!

It will be unveiled on August 30, and the new Lynk & Co 03 official picture will be released

[Autohome new car official picture] Recently, Lynk & Co released an official picture of the new Lynk & Co 03 model, and said that the new car will be officially unveiled from August 30th to 31st. As a mid-term model, the new car will be optimized and upgraded in terms of appearance, interior, configuration and other aspects. Previously, the new car has been declared on the MIIT official website, and will provide fuel version, hybrid version and "+" series performance version.


According to the official map released this time, the front face of the new car has changed a lot, adopting a more radical design style. The headlight group is still a split design, with LED daytime running lights above, and the through front grille is integrated with far and near light groups on both sides. The front of the new car is surrounded by a large-sized heat dissipation opening design, and the shape of the outer eight on both sides shows a very sporty atmosphere. The overall details make the new car look more domineering.

On the side of the car body, the waist line of the new car runs straight through to the tail, the front and rear fenders slightly protrude from the car body, and the side skirt of the new car also has a good sporty atmosphere. In addition, the new car is also equipped with two-color dense spoke rims and exterior mirrors that are different from the body, further deepening the sense of vehicle movement.


  According to the previous exposure of the real car map, the rear part of the new car is equipped with a small spoiler, and a through-type taillight group is used. The internal light source is arranged in a longitudinal array, which is more recognizable when lit. The rear surround of the new car also adopts a more sporty design. The double-sided tail design, together with a large-size diffuser and two oval exhaust on both sides, allows the sporty properties of Lynk & Co 03 to be directly filled.


The interior has also been exposed before. According to the pictures, the new car is equipped with a larger full-LCD instrument panel and a floating central multimedia display. The multi-function steering wheel uses a three-spoke design and is equipped with an electronic shift mechanism. The interior design is more simple and technological.

In the power part, according to the information declared by MIIT, the fuel version will be equipped with a 2.0T engine with a maximum power of 160kW (218 horsepower); the hybrid version will be equipped with a 1.5T three-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 110kW (150 horsepower); the 03 + performance version is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 265 horsepower (195 kW). (Text/Autohome Graduation)

Interview with Ren Xianqi: Playing music to pick up girls, once wronged as a playboy

actliarFrequent changes in shape have suffered, and the old man’s makeup has been accused of resembling Ge You    [Video: Become a giant liar in the rivers and lakes]

    In the new film "Twin Cities", Ren Xianqi plays"Thousand Faced Grimace"His unique skill is disguise, which can instantly transform into another person, including a long-haired shapeGe YouThe charm in "Let the Bullets Fly" is full of "laughing fruit". Due to the large number of different looks to be changed, Ren Xianqi said that he also suffered a lot in makeup.

    Movie Network:Why is it there?"Twin Cities"Playing a liar?

    Ren Xianqi:I think it’s very funny. The "industry" of scammers has always existed since ancient times, and there have been a lot of online scams and SMS scams recently. I hope that through this movie, everyone will know how many scams are carried out. In addition, the story takes place in the early years of the Republic of China and the Northwest of China, where warlords are divided.Raiders of the TreasureThe subject matter is easy to play well.

    Movie Network:So are you often cheated in your life?

    Ren Xianqi:I often receive some fraudulent text messages, but I don’t take them seriously.

Community group buying fire! Some people earn more than 10,000 yuan a month, some people can’t stand it and close the brick and mortar store

"The goods have arrived today, and those at home can come and pick them up!" At 11:00 am on December 18, a group buying group in Yuzhou Xindu Community, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, became lively with the words of the group owner, "Is the beef coming too?" "There are still XX brand milk balls recently?" Many neighbors in the community have already prepared to go to group buying to get food after lunch.

GetAttachment (2).jpg

In a community group buying, the head of the group is pushing panic buying information.

Recently, community group buying has attracted widespread attention. Residents in the community have become popular in many communities in Chongqing by buying daily necessities and vegetables and vegetables in the Mini Program.

However, community groups buying fire, but some people are happy and some people are worried.

Shop around

One community, two groups buying points, four groups buying Mini Programs

Located in Yuzhong District, Chongqing, Huayu Yuzhou Xindu Community is a community with more than 3,000 residents. Outside the west gate of the community, it is the largest group buying pickup point in the community. At noon on December 18, the group buying point was filled with all kinds of goods that people bought on the Mini Program. Among them, most of the vegetables and fruits were written on the packaging of each item with the screen name of the group buying person.


The group buying pick-up point, the goods are mostly fruits and vegetables and daily necessities.

"There are three groups buying things here, and they belong to the same leader." Zhao Shuang, who lives in the second building of the community, comes to get group buying things every day. "Now basically the daily vegetables and fruits will be seen in group buying, which is much cheaper than the supermarket."

There are a variety of goods in the group buying group, 50 cents can buy 350g of iodized edible salt, 3 yuan can buy 1kg of bergamot, and half a catty of pork belly only costs 9.9 yuan.

On the 18th, Zhao Shuang took away a catty of apples, a bag of bananas, a box of 20 eggs, and about two catties of emperor oranges, which added up to less than 20 yuan.

Zhao Shuang added two group buying WeChat groups in the community, which belong to two different group heads (who organize everyone to group buying together). The group heads will send the group buying information in each group buying to the group at any time for everyone to buy. In the multiple communities visited by the reporter, each group head will not push only one group buying Mini Program information. In Yuzhou Xindu Community, the two group heads have long promoted no less than four group buying Mini Program products.

Upstream news · Chongqing Morning News reporters visited more than one community, and most of the heads have more than two community group buying supply channels.

"I read all four Mini Programs every day, and then buy vegetables!" 65-year-old Chang Yanming lives in Jiahua Xincheng, Yuzhong District. After the rise of community group buying, he rarely buys vegetables in the vegetable market at the entrance of the community. "Group buying is much cheaper. In the vegetable market, a small handful of celery is at least 1.5 yuan, and group buying can buy nearly 0.5 kilograms for less than a dollar." Every day, Chang Yanming will compare the goods bought by the four community groups in the community before placing an order.

Some people are cheap and some people are convenient. Miss He, a 27-year-old female white-collar worker, is also a loyal buyer of community group buying. "After group buying, you don’t need to go to the supermarket and vegetable market. Just take the dishes you buy home at the gate of the community."

Monthly income over 10,000

The head of the group with two groups of 500 people closed the brick and mortar store for group buying

Lan Tian (pseudonym), the female head of Yuzhou Xindu Community, is a real-world friend of many residents in the community. As early as two years ago, when community group buying was not so popular, Lan Tian had already started to do community group buying. At that time, she only had one supplier.

"At first, I asked real-world friends from the property to help pull people into the group, and there were only a few group buying orders a day." Within a few months, everyone felt that group buying was very convenient, and the number of people in Lan Tian’s WeChat group quickly increased. Now, Lan Tian has opened a second group buying WeChat group. When there are many group buying people, she has to receive hundreds of orders a day.

rmrb2020121804p8_b jpg

Fruits and vegetables bought by groups of residents.

In the middle of this year, due to the impact of the pandemic, Lan Tiankai’s mother and baby store outside the community closed. She became the head of group buying full-time. The most important job every day was to pack the goods according to the group buying list after each group buying supplier delivered the goods, and wait for someone to take it. "You can have a small income of several thousand yuan a month, when you earn pocket money."

Compared to Lan Tian, Huang Qian, who is the head of Zhulin Community at Peking University, has more customers. She has two WeChat group buying groups, and the members of the two groups are rarely repeated. The second group is about to fill up with 500 people, "I am preparing to open a third group."

Huang Qian did not have her own storage point. She negotiated with the owner of a mahjong parlor in the community and borrowed the other party’s outdoor open space as a group buying pickup point. "I also put a freezer at his house and gave him 500 yuan a month." Huang Qian had three group buying suppliers, and each group buying supplier gave her a commission of more than 10% for each order, and some could reach 13%. "When the business is good, the group buying commission income can be tens of thousands." Like Lan Tian, Huang Qian also opened a brick and mortar store before, "The store closed in July this year, and I dedicated myself to group buying. This has no cost and no risk. "

Mainly group buying

"Selling vegetables is for group buying, otherwise the door will be closed."

Huang Qian introduced that since last year, she has started to do group buying. And her own brick and mortar store business is difficult to do, which became obvious after the effective prevention and control of the epidemic at the end of March this year and the store reopened. "During the epidemic, community group buying is more and more. By May this year, our store’s business was 30% less than the same period last year."

Huang Qian compared the price of group buying herself. For the same type of milk, her store needs to sell it for about 50 yuan a piece to not lose money, but in the major group buying Mini Program, the same brand of milk can be as low as about 43 yuan a piece. "Brick and mortar stores don’t have any price advantage."

In Yuzhou Xindu Community, the brick and mortar stores selling vegetables and fruits have also closed three in one year, and one of the stores specializing in fresh vegetables has only been open for two months.

"Group buying has basically become the standard for neighbors to buy vegetables. The price of group buying is too low, and we can’t win." Ms. Chen is an employee of a closed fruit store in Yuzhou Xindu Community. Ms. Chen introduced that the group buying is about 4 yuan a catty of bananas, and the brick and mortar store must sell at least 6 yuan to not lose money.

GetAttachment (1).jpg

Many brick and mortar store owners are "part-time" heads.

Xiao Shi, the owner of another vegetable store in the community, was recently lobbying his regular customers to join his group buying group. Although there was already a group buying point in the community, Xiao Shi still became the head of the group. "I set myself up as a group buying point.

However, some residents have expressed their concerns about community group buying. Guan Lin, a 50-year-old resident of Huayu Linquan Yashe Community in Shapingba District, will only buy fresh fruits on the group buying platform, while fish, pork, mutton and other big-ticket goods will still go to the supermarket to buy, because they are worried that the meat on the group buying platform is not fresh, and fresh vegetables will be purchased at the vegetable stall downstairs.

Wu Qian, 23, said, "Although many things in community group buying are very cheap, some of them are not of good quality. For example, sanitary napkins and facial cleansers will buy brand products, not group buying."

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"Seventeen" exposes nostalgic trailer, Ren Xianqi meets Alyssa Alyssa 20 years later

Alyssa Alyssa

    1905 movie network news Youth Nostalgia Pure Love has been set to be released nationwide on October 30. Recently, the film’s producers released a trailer for the nostalgic version of the film. The released trailer, with the theme of "Remembering the 1980s," tells the story of the adult Lin Keming, played by Ren Xianqi, and the adult Wang Lei, played by Jia Jingwen, who meet again after two decades of separation. The unexpected encounter also triggered full memories of the young student days of the two.

    "Everyone will have a deep crush when they are 17 or 18 years old," Ren Xianqi, the star of the film, said in an interview. "Secret love is a very shocking thing, but at the same time, secret love is also the most willing to love someone. After many years, time may change a lot, but the original fiery heart may never change." "Seventeen" is directed by Zhou Gertai and stars Ren Xianqi, Jia Jingwen, Cheng Xi and Shi Zhitian.

Ren Xianqi


    In the "1980s" trailer released this time, Lin Keming’s pursuit of Wang Lei during his student days can be said to be "moving". Not only did he try every means to attract Wang Lei’s attention, but he also followed Wang Lei all the way home by bike after school. After being discovered by Wang Lei, Lin Keming, who was in a hurry, fell heavily to the ground because he quickly braked.


    It is reported that the film "Seventeen" tells a love story that spans three decades, showing the audience the truest thoughts of an unmarried man. It is reported that Jia Jingwen had a deep understanding of the film during the filming. She once said: "’Seventeen’ conveys an emotion that a person will meet the person they love and the person who loves them in their life. For the vast majority of men, there is only one woman whose status is unshakable, and that is the first love."

In the finale of "Qingyu Nian", the second prince is the mastermind behind the scenes, leaving 6 big pits in the first season, do you know?

  "Qingyu Nian" finally ushered in the finale, and also boarded Weibo’s trending topic list. Although it has experienced a series of storms, it is undoubtedly still the most popular drama on the whole network.

  But after watching the first season, there must be many viewers who are confused, and the first season finale also makes people feel very rushed. So let the editor help you sort out what pits were left in the first season of "Qingyu Nian"?

  First, Emperor Qing played a big game of chess

  Qing Di and Chen Pingping, two old foxes, had been standing at the top, planning the whole situation and letting everyone in. But in Fan Xian’s game of chess, Qing Di was a chess player, and everything was to get the secret of the temple from Sean’s mouth. On the way to send Sean off, Chen Pingping removed the black cavalry for this purpose.

  Unexpectedly, when Sean passed away, everything was under the control of Emperor Qing and Chen Pingping, just to make Sean mistakenly think that Fan Xian was his descendant, and to inform Fan Xian of the temple’s affairs unsuspecting.

  Second, Fan Xian is the son of Emperor Qing

  When Sean died, he told Fan Xian that Ye Qingmei had married the current Emperor Qing and had given birth to a child for him. This way, Fan Xian would know his background.

  Is Yan Bingyun Sean’s grandson?

  Was he Yan Ruohai’s son or Sean’s grandson? Back then, Chen Pingping did not kill Sean’s grandson. Instead, she gave him a glimmer of hope.

  Then would Yan Bingyun know his background? Where would he go?

  Third, why does the prince always show his reckless image?

  The friends watching "Qing Yu Nian" were all confused by the prince’s character, and their IQ was sometimes online and sometimes offline. Fan Ruoruo said that everyone in Kyoto knew that the prince was ignorant and acted recklessly, but was the truth really like this?

  If he was really as cowardly and incompetent as the rumors, why did the cunning Emperor Qing keep letting him sit in the position of the crown prince?

  Fifth, the second prince is actually the mastermind behind the scenes?

  He had originally thought that the Second Prince was here to make a joke, but he had not thought that he was hiding so deeply. It turned out that he was also the person behind the First Princess.

  Did Yan Bingyun kill Fan Xian?

  At the end of the first season, Yan Bingyun killed Fan Xian, but he didn’t expect Yan Bingyun to betray him? The male lead didn’t survive the first season. In the original novel, Yan Bingyun also joined Fan Xian’s subordinates.

The original price is very sincere, and Hengchi 5 starts pre-sale. Can it become a life-saving straw for Evergrande?

Wen Lan Zhan

After a long time, it began to come out!

After several bounces and twists and turns, Hengchi 5, the first model of Hengchi Automobile, finally opened the pre-sale on July 6, with a pre-sale price of 179,000 yuan. It can be said that this price is very sincere compared with the same class of cars.

It’s just that the new energy automobile circle seems to be particularly popular to compare, the former Yu Chengdong asked the world M7 is comparable to a million luxury cars, Li Xiang’s ideal L9 is the best home flagship SUV in 5 million, Xiaopeng G9 500,000 the best SUV, Hengda President Liu Yongzhuo also said that Hengchi 5 is the best pure electric SUV in 300,000 yuan.

From the product performance point of view, the performance of the Hengchi 5 is quite satisfactory. The new car is positioned in a compact SUV, and the closed air intake front grille is combined with the popular tear-eyed headlights to achieve a sense of strength on the side of the body.

The interior is available, and the new car is equipped with three screens, including a 10.25-inch instrument display, a 14.6-inch central control touchscreen, and a 10.25-inch passenger screen. The screen size and number also belong to the mainstream configuration of the same level.

As for the body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4725/1925/1688mm, and the wheelbase is 2780mm. Although it is a compact SUV, the body length is longer than that of the average compact SUV.

From the perspective of the product strength currently leaked, the overall performance of Hengchi 5 is fair, especially the pre-sale price of 179,000 is still relatively lower than consumer expectations, so if the reputation of Hengchi Auto can be guaranteed and Hengda does not have a thunderstorm, there is basically no suspense in the "big sale" of the new car.

At present, in order to ensure that Hengchi 5 can be mass-produced and delivered while restoring consumer confidence, Hengchi 5’s sales method is also more interesting. The new car adopts the unique reservation method in the current car circle. Hengchi Automobile said that the first 10,000 buyers of Xiaoding can pay for the car at the time of delivery. At the same time, you can enjoy the return and refund within 15 days after picking up the car, and the 60% discount can be repurchased within three years after picking up the car. Dading 10,000 can be worth 15,000. Free to send H-Pilot intelligent auxiliary driving bag, lifetime free quality assurance and a series of benefits for the whole vehicle.

If all these can be realized, then it is undoubtedly very sincere for the first batch of car owners. Compared with the products of the same level of new car makers, it can be said to be cost-effective. In addition, Hengchi Automobile also said that all car purchase payments and returns are returned from the notary office’s special account to show that the special funds are dedicated.

The current problem is that Hengchi Automobile still lacks confidence in the consumer side. After all, whether it is Hengda’s thunderstorm in the real estate circle or Hengchi Automobile’s mass production has been delayed several times, it can be described as twists and turns. Therefore, despite Hengchi’s launch of very sincere products, pricing, and vehicles, it is difficult to say whether it will ultimately succeed.

If Hengda didn’t have a thunderstorm, under the blessing of Boss Xu’s "buy buy buy", Hengchi Automobile would develop steadily, and it would definitely become a typical representative of the new forces in the head of car manufacturing. But things are changing, and whether the belated Hengchi 5 can still gain market recognition remains to be seen.

Of course, on the other hand, since Hengchi 5 has been pre-sold, it also shows that Hengchi Automobile has taken another substantive step in the construction of cars, and with a very sincere price and policy, if the new car can be listed normally, it will also have a certain impact on the new forces of domestic car manufacturing. It is not impossible for Hengchi Automobile to become popular with Hengchi 5.

Write at the end:

Previously, Hengda Xu Jiayin said that the sales target of Hengchi Automobile in 2025 is 1 million vehicles, and the sales target in 2035 is 5 million vehicles, making it the largest and most powerful new energy vehicle group in the world. Now in just a few years, Hengchi wants to achieve this goal. I am afraid it will take more time, but fortunately, Hengchi 5 has come, and it has given a very sincere price and policy. It can be said that Hengda Group has poured all its efforts. We will continue to pay attention to the future performance of the new car.

(This article is originally produced by the New Media Editorial Department of [Car Industry], the author of this article is Jin Ling, and the source should be indicated when reprinting)