Huawei: The two "boundaries" are ready, and the two "boundaries" are ready to go.

With its affordable price, Zhijie S7 has pre-sold more than 20,000 vehicles so far.

On November 28th,Yu Chengdong announced the official selling price of Zhijie S7-starting from 249,800 yuan, which is nearly 10,000 yuan cheaper than the pre-sale price.


For Huawei, the significance of Smart S7 is not only that it is a "real fragrance" product that attracts a large number of consumers, but also the embodiment of Huawei’s core competitiveness and product strength, and marks that Huawei’s smart car selection business has entered a new chapter.



New energy vehicle companies with the highest sales volume must have their core competitiveness. Among them, Huawei’s smart car selection, including the core competitiveness of the intellectual and intellectual circles, is undoubtedly the high-level smart driving that Huawei empowers.


Some time ago, Huawei boarded the hot search because of AEB problem. Through the live test of some bloggers, we found that Huawei’s intelligent driving level is really outstanding. It was only at the full scene conference of Zhijie S7 and Huawei that Huawei showed the full strength of ADS 2.0.

In the past, we often saw drivers drive their cars slowly to the booth when attending car conferences, but the intellectual S7 was different.It can automatically drive to the booth without a driver, and face the audience at the press conference, and it can automatically drive out of the booth after the press conference.Yes, this is the strength of Huawei ADS 2.0. Users take out their mobile phones and open the App to summon cars, and the cars can automatically drive to the users.


Parking service is also a highlight of the intelligent S7 intelligent driving. Unlike automatic parking, parking service doesn’t need anyone in the car.After entering the parking lot, the owner can leave after opening the parking service, and the car will automatically find a free parking space and stop. Even if it isThe parking space is relatively narrow, and it is difficult for old drivers to park in it. There is no pressure on the intellectual S7.



Traditional automatic parking requires drivers to sit in the driver’s seat and concentrate on it to prevent bumping when parking. If the parking space is too narrow, the driver may need to get off and use the remote parking function.


Huawei is not the first enterprise to put forward the functions of Calling Auto and parking service, but it may be the first enterprise to realize and gradually popularize these two technologies.


In the aspect of automatic driving, which users pay attention to, ADS 2.0 also realizes more accurate and fast obstacle recognition ability through general obstacle monitoring network, RCR road topology reasoning network and other technologies. At the same time, Huawei said that by the end of 2023, NCA (Intelligent Navigation Assistance) coverage in urban areas can be achieved nationwide, and it is a map-free mode.



Undoubtedly, in terms of intelligent driving of core competitiveness, Huawei strives for perfection and takes the lead in achieving the goal set by its friends a few years ago. However, Huawei’s research on smart driving goes far beyond this. The core of smart driving is not only "smart driving" but also "smart travel".


With the blessing of AI big model and Harmony 4.0, Xiaoyi voice assistant has stronger interactive ability, can answer all kinds of questions of car owners at any time, and provide various services, such as voice-controlled booking and facial recognition payment. The whole process can be completed automatically without users’ hands-on.



In-car payment mode has also been proposed by car companies before, but Huawei has once again achieved it first.



The protagonist of this conference is naturally Zhijie S7, the first car of Huawei’s smart car selection business.Superb technology is only one aspect of creating explosions, and on the other hand, it has enough hard power.


Zero-hundred acceleration of 3.3 seconds, 0.203cD wind resistance, Turing chassis, suspension, 855 km long battery life, 800V fast charging, high-order intelligent driving, magic space, queen space, no wheat K song …



These functions all illustrate the Excellence of Zhijie S7, with a starting price of 249,800 yuan, and without losing the configuration and experience of Model S, 20,000 orders are only the limit of time, not the limit of Zhijie S7.


In fact, there is another car that announced the price at this conference, that is, the new M7 Max rear-drive intelligent driving version, with a five-seat version of 289,800 yuan and a six-seat version of 309,800 yuan, which is 20,000 yuan cheaper than the four-wheel drive version. With lower price, similar configuration and driving pleasure brought by rear drive, this car is undoubtedly very competitive.



Perhaps it is because Huawei and Cyrus saw the hot sale of the new M7 Max rear-drive intelligent driving version.According to Huawei’s official data, the new M7 in the world has exceeded 100,000, of which 60% is the smart driving version, and 75% of users have selected the smart driving package in the city.


At present, the most serious problem facing the new M7 is probably the production capacity. Huawei has stated that the expected delivery volume will reach 23,000+in December this year, and the monthly delivery capacity will be increased to 30,000+next year.



Another reason why Huawei is eager to increase its production capacity lies in the release of the M9—— in December, the product with the highest positioning in the car industry. The car has not been officially released, and the order volume has exceeded 33,000 units, which shows that the heat is high.


Ask the world to focus on SUVs, the intellectual world to focus on cars, and the route of Huawei’s smart car selection business has been determined. Relatively speaking, SUVs meet the needs of home users, while cars are more suitable for young people who pursue a sense of driving.


8227600 _ 20231127141045 _ 267975 _ 658279615 _ Mie7728-Edit-Edit-Edit.jpg.

The M5 Smart Driving Edition, the new M7, and the upcoming M9 have helped the car to achieve mainstream price coverage of more than 200,000 yuan. Perhaps in the future, after Huawei’s smart car selection business and the car industry realize profitability, the car industry will also launch M1 and M3 with lower positioning to achieve full coverage of major price points. At present, it is possible to make a profit if the new forces build cars and launch cars with more than 200 thousand yuan.


The era of the intellectual world has just arrived. An S7 is in the front line, and it is not expected to take long. S5, S9 and other models will also be released. Occupy the two mainstream models of cars and SUVs, and there are still some smaller models such as off-road vehicles and MPVs. I wonder if Huawei is willing to get involved. However, it is certain that the scale of Huawei’s smart car lineup will have a period of rapid expansion, and the brands that help Huawei achieve subsequent expansion are the remaining two "boundaries".



At the press conference, Yu Chengdong personally admitted that there are two "boundaries" coming, and the other two corresponding car companies are BAIC and JAC.


Long ago, Huawei HarmonyOS Zhixing registered many trademarks related to "Jiejie", such as HarmonyOS Jiejie, Yaojie, Youjie, Xuanjie and Huijie, which made preparations for other partners who might join Huawei’s smart car selection business.


As the most valued model of Huawei’s automobile business, under the smart car selection model, Huawei will not only provide technical support for car companies, but also use its own offline channels and the brand value and popularity accumulated by C-side operations for many years to promote them.

8227600 _ 20231127162135 _ 267975 _ 658360553 _ Mie7792-Edit. jpg


Today, only Changan Automobile is left in Huawei’s Hi model, but the partners of smart car selection business have developed from only Celeste to Chery, BAIC and Jianghuai.


In the era of new energy vehicles, the automobile industry will usher in a reshuffle. Just like the changes in the era of smart phones, it is inevitable that some old car companies will fall.

Today, with the emphasis on the Internet of Everything, full-scene intelligence is particularly important, and Huawei’s strength lies in full-scene intelligence. As early as the early days of the 5G era, Huawei launched the whole house intelligence, and now it has also included cars in the whole scene interconnection, taking the lead.


Up to now, there are still more than 60 self-owned brand car companies in China, and the competition among new car-making forces has reached a white-hot stage, with more and more new forces with monthly sales exceeding 10,000 yuan. On the contrary, it is a traditional car company. Except for Chang ‘an, Great Wall, Chery, Geely and BYD, the performance of other independent brands is very general.


It is expected that more car companies will join Huawei’s smart car selection model, use Huawei’s technical strength to help them improve their product competitiveness, and use Huawei’s brand value, popularity and offline channels to help them sell vehicles.


Huawei has already registered a large number of "Jie" trademarks and is waiting for them to come.