Feminism, do you have to "force" women to become queens?

Text/Jin Cuodao Channel

"Riding the wind and breaking the waves" entered the 3.0 era.

The rising path of the term "Sister Lang" is very similar to that of women in this era.

It seems that since the first two years, a kind of feminism against traditional people has reached its climax."Feminism" and "mistress" have repeatedly become marketing terms with their own topics.

Under this momentum, women seem to have to meet the new expectations of society in order to be worthy of the title of "women of the new era" and deserve praise; In some marketing tones, women seem to be great enough only if they are independent and powerful.

As time goes on, we can see that the marketing that can make women "buy" gradually decreases, and her consumption seems to have entered a "weak period".

The reason is that the over-hyped "female gaze" and the "overcorrection" in order to seize the feminist slogan are revealing more and more problems. Many marketing slogans that seem to advocate women’s interests have imposed more shackles on women.

Female marketing is becoming more and more difficult, and many enterprises that want to seize the dividend of the times seem to be in a dilemma.

In this slightly embarrassing state, how can brands better solve the problem if they want to enter women?Euler, a car brand that loves women more, launched a special "confession" in the past 520 and handed in a high score answer sheet.

Looking back at the general marketing ideas when women’s topics just emerged, most of them are "independent you are the most whispering", "confident you are the most beautiful" and "free you are the most noble" and so on.

Although it is true, independence, self-confidence, freedom, etc., these words should imply sincere yearning for beauty, but when they become empty "please" that only exists in slogans and floats on the surface, they are not tying new burdens to women.

The frenzied marketing trend went down, and even the word "woman" on Women’s Day was once kept secret, and instead it was called "goddess" and "queen".

Since the beginning of this year, the marketing campaign with crazy momentum in the previous two years seems to have begun to be less intense, and the topic is far less sharp than before. The female theme that once "exploded per capita" no longer appears in the screen.

It is not so much that people are getting tired of women’s topics as that the society hates the routine marketing campaign.

of course,There are still some "heart-wandering" marketing cases quietly out of the circle.

Polaiya said: "Gender is not a boundary, but prejudice is"; Zhiben said: "I want to be what I want to be"; JD.COM said: "Her unknown side, every side is amazing"; Hua Xizi asked: "How do we reach the balance?" … Brands no longer praise women blindly in order to attract people’s attention, but dig, discover and affirm their unique qualities in a gentle way, and finally land on women’s actual pain points and growth demands.

Just past May 20th, the pre-sale conference of Euler Ballet Cat "Come for Love" also confirmed this trend.

Are women and cars inherently lacking in tacit understanding? I’m afraid not. By 2021, the number of female drivers in China has reached 162 million, accounting for 33.68%. With the rise of women’s demand for car purchase, her voice is eager to occupy a place in the automobile field, but unfortunately, such rights are still relatively lacking.

This is the pain point that Euler is facing directly.It is under the dedicated determination to "love women more" that Euler’s first female-only car, the ballet cat, arrived.

What kind of car do women need? Let women say:

The exclusive female research team of ballet cats unveiled at the pre-sale conference is the first in the industry. They come from various fields related to women’s life, such as fashion, jewelry, home, mother and baby, and make comprehensive suggestions for the design of ballet cats.

Is there a tacit understanding between women and cars? Let her feel for herself:

Ballet Cat sincerely invites AoDingwen, a national first-class actor and young dancer, to interact with the ballet cat at the pre-sale conference as a representative of elegant women, so as to fully show the elegance, fashion and thoughtfulness of the ballet cat to women.

As Wang Weiwei, CMO of Euler Auto, said at the pre-sale conference of ballet cats: "Euler makes cars for women, and the origin of thinking is not narrow feminism, not encouraging women to live, but making women better become women, gentle and firm, romantic and beautiful, and harvesting the softness and happiness they deserve."

In other words,Women don’t need to be taught how to be women.

We must admit that the natural differences between men and women in physiology and psychology, including vision, body feeling and emotion, are the best solutions to help women find themselves. It is precisely because Euler had such an understanding a long time ago that the ballet cat is what it is today.

People have an eternal pursuit of beauty, and the aesthetic concept of elegant renewal of ballet cats explains the aesthetic that is more in line with women’s pursuit. The use of arcs conveys a soft and elegant aesthetic feeling, and with a retro attitude, it interprets the fashion trend that is out of date; Dingbai, Azure, Rice Glaze, Junxia, Morning White, Golden Wind and Jade Dew, the official six colors condensed the glaze essence of Song Dynasty porcelain.

From the east to the west, from the classic to the trend, the ballet cat subverts the traditional masculinity in terms of automobile design, and from the perspective of women, this temperament complements each other.

At the same time,Ballet Cat has also reconstructed a deeper concept of "female friendliness" for cars, and we can see the "connotation" tailored to the needs of female segmentation in it.Workplace beauties, omnipotent mothers, beautiful girlfriends … What inconveniences do women face in different roles and different life scenes?

When commuting or dating, the ballet cat can be a mobile dressing room. The oversized cosmetic mirror with LED light source and the cosmetic box at hand are very convenient. You can also take a selfie in the car when you are in a good mood.

Driving with cold hands and physical discomfort during the physiological period, the ballet cat can be a warm man with intimate companionship, and the seat, steering wheel and air conditioner can be activated by voice control or one button to be surrounded by warmth;

When taking care of children, the ballet cat with children’s mode turned on can be a good helper, so that mothers can check the children’s situation in the car in real time while driving, reducing potential safety hazards;

There are also functional systems designed for actual scenes, such as braving the wind and waves mode and goddess mode …

The exclusive seat designed based on women’s ergonomics, the steering wheel size set for women’s shoulder width and palm size data, and even the angles of the seat, steering wheel and dashboard are precisely adjusted for women’s physiological data …

These are the answers that ballet cats give to women—Exclusive preference.

Undoubtedly,The current female consumption is still in the dividend period.So can this dividend period last for a long time? The answer is actually yes.

Since the beginning of this year, the battle of brand marketing seems to be much milder, but the consumption trend of her economy is still strong. The "Tik Tok 38 Festival" data report shows that the number of female consumers increased by 115.6% year-on-year.

In the automobile circle, with the increasing demand for women to use cars, the "female-only" tailored for them has just ushered in the ballet cat, a real new force.

At the pre-sale conference of ballet cats on May 20, Euler officially announced that the pre-sale price range of ballet cats was 193,000-223,000 yuan. Once the pre-sale was opened, it achieved good results. It is conceivable that the volume of women in the field of automobile consumption still has a huge room for explosion.

However, if you want to really reach the heart of women, you need the brand to focus on exerting force;About the female theme of marketing, it is a "long-term doctrine" that needs the brand to dig deep.

Euler’s determination can be seen from the moment when the official announced "a car brand that loves women more". Euler’s first female-only car, the ballet cat, is a key step for Euler to enter a new era of female marketing, and it is also a new starting point for Euler’s brand to rejuvenate and improve.

"Today’s consumer market, not win in the big and complete, but win in the small and specialized.The more focused you are, the more you will win.Dong Yudong, CEO of Euler Auto, said this.


Although the current female theme is sensitive, "her power" is still a trump card. In order to really break the so-called "weak period" of marketing, marketing ideas must first be put in a correct position.

Slogan-style touting may make people "go to the top" for a while, but rhetoric divorced from reality will never really reach people’s hearts, and the dream bubble away from reality is doomed to burst with a poke.

Because women are kidnapped by these slogans, it’s hard to tell whether they should follow their own heart to realize themselves or adapt to the new expectations of society. What brand marketing can do is not to draw a big "cake" for women, but to think about what it can do for women.

"Love her" is not to forcibly shape her into what society expects.

But let her have more room to turn around in this world and find her own light with her.