The price has soared and some of them have been sold out! Those who want to travel quickly prepare.

Near New Year’s Day, Spring Festival and Winter Holiday.

Is the desire of many friends to travel far away more and more intense?

However, those who want to go out should pay attention!

During the Spring Festival of 2024, the number of air ticket bookings has begun.

Economy class air tickets for some popular domestic destinations have been

Spring Festival travel rush in 2024

From January 26th to March 5th.

A total of 40 days

The price situation inquired by a travel client on December 12 th. The reporter of News Square inquired about the travel APP and found that in December and January,

The price inquired by a travel client on December 12 will last until February 7 and 8, that is,

The price inquired by a travel client on December 12th.

The price inquired by a travel client on December 12th.

The price inquired by a travel client on December 12th.


If there are citizens who plan to travel during the Spring Festival holiday,

Is it appropriate to start buying air tickets now?

Insiders say this is also necessary.

With the recovery of outbound demand

Passengers’ willingness to travel internationally has improved significantly.

Recently, international flights are also continuing to "get new"

China Southern Airlines plans to

From December 12th.

Resume the Zhengzhou-London direct flight route

A new Guangzhou-Zhengzhou-Luxembourg route will be opened on December 21st.

December to January next year

China Eastern Airlines plans to add recovery.

Shanghai flies directly to Cairo, Fukuoka and Dubai.

Brisbane and many other routes.

International and regional routes are expected before the end of the year.

Reach 80% in 2019

According to the data of many online travel booking platforms in China, with

The increase in demand will also speed up the resumption of flights. At present, many cities in China have opened direct flights to Malaysia and other places. In response to the growth of travel demand, airlines have also begun to make capacity adjustment and deployment.

New Year’s Day and Spring Festival holidays

Do you have any travel plans?

Have you bought the plane ticket?

If the time has been arranged,

We must seize the last chance to find out!