BYD Super Hybrid Qin PLUS launches "Four Musketeers" to launch the year-end market.

Following the release of the blade battery in March this year, at the end of the year, BYD launched the DM-i super hybrid technology again.

On November 20th, the first day of the 18th Guangzhou Auto Show, Qin PLUS Super Hybrid made its world debut at BYD booth in Hall 5.2, 2E01. Also unveiled with Qin PLUS are Han, 2021 Tang and Song PLUS fuel and other heavy vehicles, as well as technologies such as blade batteries and DM-I.

Qin PLUS launches "Four Musketeers" to launch the year-end market.

At this Guangzhou Auto Show, BYD released the first car Qin PLUS equipped with DM-i super hybrid technology. Compared with the same class, it has three outstanding advantages: fuel consumption of less than 4L per 100 kilometers, excellent driving comfort and super aesthetic design. It is expected that after listing, it will rebuild the brand-new standard of family sedan with strong product strength and brand-new use experience, and launch a "dimension reduction attack" on fuel vehicles.

Qin PLUS is the fourth heavy-duty model newly listed by BYD this year after Han, 2021 Tang and Song PLUS. At present, Han, Tang and Song PLUS have been listed for just a few months, with excellent performance and frequent good news. The dual flagships of Han and Tang New Energy sold a total of 11,266 vehicles in October, ranking first in the sales of high-end new energy China brand cars. Up to now, Han has ordered 50,000 vehicles and delivered 25,000 vehicles, and its monthly production capacity has exceeded 10,000 vehicles. The order for the 2021 Tang released in August has also exceeded 10,000, and the order for Song PLUS listed in September exceeded 10,000 in the first month. It is expected that after the listing of Qin PLUS, the "Four Musketeers" will make concerted efforts, which will help BYD achieve new heights in the year-end market.

This year, although an epidemic has had a huge impact on the automobile industry, BYD is still moving forward at a steady pace. The launch of new technologies, new service standards and a number of heavy-duty models all highlight the achievements of BYD’s "brand forward and product upward".

Blade battery +DM-i super hybrid presents two core technologies in one year

Since its establishment, BYD has always been committed to the research and development of cutting-edge technologies, insisting on self-reliance and self-improvement of key core technologies. At present, all core components of the supply chain are self-produced and self-researched. This year, BYD made another major breakthrough in the field of technological innovation, presenting two core technologies, namely blade battery and DM-i super hybrid, to consumers within one year.

On March 29th, BYD released the blade battery. In the acupuncture test, the blade battery outperforms ternary lithium battery and Ferrous lithium phosphate block battery, which has an overwhelming advantage in safety, and will completely solve the safety pain point of "battery spontaneous combustion" that has plagued the industry for more than ten years.

As a core technology, "blade battery" will also be included in the sequence of global opening and sharing, and many automobile brands are discussing cooperation based on blade battery technology with BYD. In order to increase sales, BYD has decided to build eight new production lines in Foday Chongqing factory, which produces blade batteries, before the end of this year, so as to achieve the annual production capacity of more than 20GWh. At present, the production capacity of blade batteries has steadily increased, and the first China SUV equipped with blade batteries & mdash; — The 2021 Tang EV will also be delivered soon.

In November, BYD announced the groundbreaking DM-i super hybrid technology. DM-i’s brand-new power architecture and energy system will enable products equipped with this technology to fully surpass fuel vehicles in terms of economy, power and comfort. In mid-November, one of the core components of DM-i super hybrid technology — — Xiaoyun-plug-in special 1.5L high-efficiency engine was officially unveiled. The thermal efficiency of this engine is as high as 43%, which is the highest thermal efficiency of mass-produced gasoline engines in the world and has excellent NVH performance.

It is worth mentioning that BYD not only keeps innovating in the research and development technology of automobile products, but also tilts its focus to the sales end. At the Beijing Auto Show on September 26th, BYD officially issued the Service Convention, which put forward two propositions and four commitments — — First, advocate freedom of consumption, respect customers’ willingness to consume, and refuse to bundle sales; Second, advocate the purity of spare parts and follow the homologous production of spare parts and original car parts. At the same time, solemnly promise — — 1, integrity management, commitment to cash; 2, professional service, considerate; 3. Transparent price and free consumption; 4, delivery standards, worry-free car purchase.

"Service Convention" meets consumers’ demand for "high-performance products and high-quality services" for new energy vehicles with comprehensive upgraded service content and quality, and will also promote the overall service level of the industry, thus promoting the popularization of new energy vehicles.

Text/Beiqing-Beijing Headline Zhang Yuhao

Editor/Zhang Yuhao