BYD Qin pro "broken shaft" incident, quality pit, BYD official statement, whose face is this?

Recently, rumors about "BYD’s new car broke its axle as soon as it was picked up" are flying all over the sky, accompanied by a group of photos of broken axles. It seems that the evidence is conclusive, which makes people believe it. For a main car that has just been listed, no matter which brand, such negative news is very "explosive", and there will definitely be countless pairs of eyeing eyes staring at you: just waiting for you to have an accident! Finally something happened, great!

What is the specific situation? It is said on the Internet that a gentleman went to the 4S shop to pick up a BYD Qin PRO during the National Day. Just one day later, the car didn’t even have a license plate. When driving to a certain section, the car suddenly had an accident. As can be seen from the circulated photos, Qin PRO’s car actually broke the axle, one side of the car tilted, and the rim looked like a ankle, which looked very funny. The occurrence of this incident made the owner very scared.

However, if you look closely at the news, you will find that it is very contradictory. There are actually two stories circulating on the Internet, the same picture, one is the owner of Guangdong, and the other is Mr. Meng from Anhui.

I don’t know, even some people from the media didn’t even figure out the basic car price. The 150,000+car was said to have been "bought for 90,000 yuan", and then they began to make up stories, just to attract attention and defraud the reading.

Xiaobian will give you a careful analysis. The picture is definitely true. Qin pro is really broken, but there are several details to say:

In the first detail, the pro logo is on the upper right corner of the rear of the production car, but the model with the broken axle in the photo does not. Anyone who has paid attention to Qin pro before knows that this is the characteristic of the test car.

The second detail, the wheel hub of the broken axle is different from that of the mass production car. The wheel hub of the broken axle is straight, but the wheel hub of the mass production car has obvious folding angle.

The third detail, the rearview mirror of the broken axle car is folded, which means that the car has been turned off and locked, indicating that the driver is not nearby. If it is really the owner, will the car be locked and left if it breaks down in the middle of the road? Obviously impossible.

Through the above three details, it can be basically confirmed that the broken axle car is a test car, not a mass production version. Some people will ask, what are we testing when the cars are on the market? Of course, we have to test it. Does it mean that the project of this car is over when the car goes on the market? Only companies that are not responsible for consumers will do this.

In order to give the public a truth, BYD officially voiced this matter for the first time, expounding the so-called "new car broken shaft" incident.

It can be seen from Guan Wei’s post that the accident vehicle is not a production model, but a test vehicle for testing, which is basically consistent with everyone’s previous inference.

Secondly, this car is not tested by BYD itself, but provided by BYD to Jiatong, a tire supplier, for tire wear test (Qin pro itself uses Michelin tires). This is a good answer to the question raised by some people, "Why are the cars still being tested?".

Thirdly, there is no so-called "broken axle" in this car, but the tire falls off because of frequent wheel replacement during the test, improper operation by the staff and irregular tire installation. The on-site investigation photos provided by BYD officials show that all five nuts on the right front wheel of the car in the incident have fallen off. According to the inspection, the transmission shaft, lower swing arm, steering knuckle and other parts of the car are in good condition, and there is no damage, and there is no so-called "broken shaft" problem.

For BYD’s response, in the face of external doubts, the investigation results and the truth of the incident were announced in time, indicating that BYD is full of confidence in this incident. In this way, the worries of the majority of riders were resolved in time, and at the same time, some people with ulterior motives were severely hit in the face.

As for whether the broken axle incident can reflect the quality problem, Xiao Bian dare not say that the broken axle of the test vehicle is a matter of course. After all, as a test vehicle, you don’t know how many kilometers it has driven before and what kind of collision it has experienced. Only the real owner has a say in the quality of the car.