"China Table Tennis Jedi Counterattack" reveals that the five tigers of table tennis are stunted.

1905 movie network news On February 6th, a movie starring Deng Chao, director, and others released a "skill card" version of the preview and a "role card" version of the poster. The "devil coach" in the film led the male table tennis "General Five Tigers" to fight back, and the youthful feeling of high blood overflowed the picture. The film will be passionately screened on February 14th and officially released on February 17th.

The Jedi counterattack of China Table Tennis tells the story that Dai Minjia, a coach studying abroad, volunteered to return to China in the early 1990s when the men’s table tennis was crushed by the "European powers" and led the veteran recruits to launch a counterattack against the "powers" in Tianjin to save the men’s table tennis. The loneliness and invincibility of men’s table tennis played an overture on that legendary night. On February 5th, the film held a Lantern Festival meeting in China Film Archive. Yu Baimei, one of the film directors, appeared with actors Timmy Xu, Duan Bowen, Cai Yida, Ding Guansen and Wang Xi, as well as Li Lizi, the director of table tennis on the film scene.

Men’s table tennis "Five Tiger Generals" have their own magical powers, and they have assembled "opposing" world masters.

The "Skill Card" version of the preview released on February 6th changed the description of the ups and downs of the story in the previous preview, and more showed the unique personal charm and blood burning point of the male table tennis "General Five Tigers" led by the head coach. The hard work and young soul of the "Five Tigers" were unobstructed in the preview — — In the passionate voice of Amway, Bai Min, who has comprehensive skills and outstanding personal ability, Huang Zhao, who plays a stable role and is also the big brother in the team, Gong Feng, a "secret weapon" who appeared as a surprise soldier at a critical moment after four years of snow hiding, Dong Shuai, a "girl killer" with a broken face and elegant ball style, and, who showed the general style at a young age. The youthful vitality of the "Five Tigers" has added a unique feeling of blood and excitement to the exciting competition, and the young souls of a generation of national table tennis athletes are vividly portrayed.

The simultaneous release of the "role card" poster has brought this burning feeling into full play — — The whole set of posters takes China Red as the main color, and the head coach and the "Five Tigers" jerseys blend into this unique passion and enthusiasm of China people. It seems that the superhero is about to set out to "fight monsters", and the film’s slogan "Before becoming a big devil, you are a Xiaoqiang who can’t be killed" tells more about the juvenile strength of male table tennis athletes. The "five tigers" immediately formed a group, and the high-burning assembled the world’s masters of "being intercepted". When people saw the poster, they couldn’t help shouting "Sa"!

"Let’s start again and be more reunited" is supported by the audience, and "the soul of a childlike heart" is burning to welcome the spring.

On February 5th, at the Lantern Festival meeting, the creative people present spoke freely with the guests and audience, and had a unique Lantern Festival. Yu Baimei, the director of the film, first expressed his gratitude to the audience. He said, "I think there are countless people who have helped us. Many predecessors and colleagues in the film industry behind us have made efforts beyond my imagination to make this film meet with you today. I am very grateful and very moved. I also thank all the partners and predecessors present today." At the same time, Yu Baimei also thanked the audience for their praise and support in the early stage: "This film has experienced many interesting stories, but today this film can finally meet the audience." The director’s heartfelt speech won the support of the audience: "China Ping-Pong is burning and bloody, so it’s good to cry and laugh." "A good movie will definitely have a good market return!" It is worth mentioning that the audience gave a higher evaluation to the men’s table tennis "Five Tigers" with different styles in China Table Tennis "The Jedi Strikes Back", and they became "Five Tigers" in succession, looking forward to welcoming the coming spring together with "The Jedi Strikes Back of China Table Tennis".

At the meeting, there were also many well-known cultural and sports café s who brought their families to watch the movie, and they also gave high praise to the film. Hu Zhifeng, deputy secretary and vice president of the Party Committee of the Film Academy, said, "This film has aroused unforgettable memories of our generation, at least our generation, and it is indeed an unforgettable historical moment. It is also the very deep and irreplaceable spiritual motivation that table tennis, as a national sport, has left for each of us in China. This film has made this kind of spirit! " Yin Li, a famous director, said, "It is not only a sports movie, but also records the mental journey of China people at that time, and each step is so difficult. Today, I saw the inspiration of "China Table Tennis Jedi Counterattack". Let me say thank you to all the creators and directors. You let us feel the hope of China movies! " Zhang Zequn, a famous host, said, "I was particularly moved after watching it, because this film has a special texture, not only the image and temperament of the actors, but also the accuracy. Today is the film’s re-departure. I hope all audience friends will support our "China Table Tennis Jedi Counterattack" for a conscience work of China’s film. " The wonderful comments of the guests won applause from the audience. On the same day, "China Ping-Pong’s Jedi Fight Back" also opened a national screening of "Small Round, Love a lot", and the audience was absorbed and laughed constantly during the movie.After the screening, many people said: "It’s very cool to watch. The film is not only about the athletes’ struggle, but also tells us how powerful the power of’ believing in yourself’ is!" On this reunion day, the film laughs, cries and whispers with everyone!

The film "China Ping-Pong Fight Back" is directed by Deng Chao and Yu Baimei, starring Deng Chao, Sun Li, Timmy Xu, Duan Bowen, Cai Yida, Ding Guansen, Sun Jilun and Aruna. The film will be passionately screened on February 14th and officially released on February 17th.