Is the beauty and skin care rolled up like this? These China ingredients are really amazing.

# Headline Creation Challenge #

China good ingredients, cured my skin care internal friction.

If you are a beauty lover or a skincare expert, you must have studied the popular "ingredients".

Are beauty and skin care ingredients safe? Is it effective? Is it suitable for your skin? Can products with the same ingredients be "leveled"? These are also topics of concern to everyone.

In fact, more and more people have become interest-oriented and research-oriented consumer groups, changing from "identifying brands" to "identifying ingredients".

A huge amount of statistical data shows that from the first quarter of 2021 to the second quarter of 2022, the number of short videos of beauty and the number of searches for beauty content in Tik Tok continued to rise. Content such as "ingredient upgrade", "efficacy skin care", "compound ingredients" and "pure beauty" have all increased in different proportions.

In order to promote the development of domestic brands and local beauty and skin care ingredients, so that domestic brands can have a reliable technical core and style construction, Bazaar Fashion and ByteDance Marketing Service Brand Huge Engine launched the second season project of "Great China Ingredients".

In the last season, Bazaar and Huge Engine joined forces with six domestic brands and thousands of talented people Tik Tok to plant grass. The second season’s "Great China Composition" will bring the public a deeper understanding of the hard work behind the composition.

In the second season, we will gain insight into the market trend with the 2022 Beauty White Paper with a huge number of engines, with many platform leaders such as Zhu Zixiao, Cui Jianan, Zhu Xiaohan and Rika_ Huahua as the endorsements of China, and communicate with the public through interactive challenges, e-commerce live broadcasts and other multidimensional activities to help the public see more great China brands.

What exactly is the great China component? Let’s follow the people to find out.

Peer Zhu

Functional skin care ingredients can solve skin problems. When a domestic brand can create an exclusive "core ingredient", this brand can really make China skin care to a higher level in the world.

Cui jianan

If our brand can absorb the essence from the traditional skin care culture and combine modern scientific research technology to meet the needs of segmented consumers and provide good products that everyone really needs, it will be great.

Zhu xiaohan

Despite the fierce competition in the beauty industry, there are still domestic brands that insist on pursuing the details of ingredient research and development and constantly innovate and upgrade in the field of skin care. Their ingredients are excellent, safe and reliable, and their prices are close to the people. They have explained what is the "great China ingredient" with practical actions.

Rika_ huahua

A title with "great China ingredients" must be able to understand and study the needs of local people, research and develop ingredients and technologies, and then constantly research, upgrade and interact, and can accept and be willing to accept the public feedback after the innovation. This is the attitude that brands should maintain in making products.

In the past, people’s understanding of ingredients mostly came from advertisements of international brands and endorsements of foreign raw materials companies.

Now, the rising domestic products are driving the development of China’s characteristic ingredients in their own way.


China scientific research system innovation × raw material and formula technology innovation.

Explore and draw inspiration from global raw materials, transform China’s cutting-edge scientific research achievements, and drive technological innovation of raw materials and formulas with China’s scientific research innovation.

mentionPMPMMany people will think of exploring the Piedmont forest white truffle series. This series contains two core components: PMPM and Ashland, a global TOP10 raw material supplier, jointly developed.TruDiamond? white truffle precise positioning extract, can promote skin metabolism; Co-developed with Cosmetic Innovation Center of Jiangnan University.EquilYeast? yeast lysate extractIt can effectively resist sugar and suppress black. The research and development of the two exclusive ingredients is PMPM.Raw material innovationA solid step forward.

In 2022,PMPMWelcome three authoritative scientists in the industry with more than 70 years of scientific research experience.The scientific research system has been comprehensively upgraded., driveProduct innovation. PMPM focuses on the pain points of essence products and adopts water-oil dual-phase formula to innovate."Supramolecular self-osmosis technology"Control the separation speed of water and oil, and form a stable water-in-oil (micro-water droplets) state by shaking the product, so that the product can reachBetter penetrationandStronger efficacy.

Eventually bornPMPM white truffle oil essenceIt is an innovative creation based on the needs of consumers in China, which is deeply reflected."Multi-dimensional efficacy", "streamlining skin care" and "nourishing skin with oil"Three major trends, while at the same timeMeet the needs of various skin types.

Doing difficult and correct things is a brave exploration and breakthrough innovation of China’s original skin care brand.

Lifelong research

Quantitative efficacy nursing scheme × accurate repair sensitivity

Divide sensitive types into different categories, and research products for different sensitive types to achieve precise repair.

There is no best product, only the product that suits you best. The lifelong research on skin problems holds that sensitivity is a complex skin problem with multiple mechanisms and manifestations, and different users have different mechanisms of sensitivity. To this end, the lifelong research has developed a problem skin test to help users care more scientifically and rationally. Users can learn about their skin condition from here, find a suitable solution to their skin problems, and then choose targeted products.

Among them, designed forOil sensitive muscleDevelopedFive rings essence 2.0, but also achieved a leap forward. It is also a popular ingredient olive leaf extract, and the five-ring essence 2.0 is based onSupramolecular oliveInstead of the traditional olive leaf extract, the original reddish soothing raw material group was upgraded to saffron and citrus fruit extract.Bilishu plusThe addition concentration is further improved. However, the overall concept of the product remains unchanged: the five links are coordinated, and the problem oil-sensitive muscles are carried out at the same time.Root cause improvement. No matter whether it is ingredient upgrading or synergistic compounding, the lifelong research never goes with the flow and constantly explores more possibilities of innovation.

In addition, the lifelong research also takes into account the problem of dry and sensitive skin, and creates a brand-new five-ring oil, which focuses on barrier repair and moisturizing and anti-wrinkle, so that sensitive skin in different States can achieve a more comprehensive repair with five rings.

Go straight to the root of the problem and get it all around.This is the precise repair answer given by China.

Letter from spring

China Original × Three-body Double-position Double-throw VC

Challenge international technical problems and find original solutions across borders.

In 2006, the founder of Chunri Letter, Mr. Bian Qianjin, graduated from Jiangnan University with a major in fine chemical engineering, and began to practice in the skin care industry. After discovering that VC is easy to be oxidized and inactivated, it tries to challenge the internationally recognized technical problem of "VC stability".

The common way to solve the stability of VC in the world is to sacrifice efficacy and choose vitamin C derivatives with poor efficacy. Either sacrifice the price advantage and adopt the high-cost "gouache" separation method. It is necessary to achieve VC stability and high efficiency, but also to make the price affordable to the public. In spring, I wrote to create three major schemes of "water, oil and powder" with three bodies and two warehouses, ensuring thatHigh activity and stability of vitamin C.. This method requires not only the ability of the formulator, but also special VC powder.

The beauty industry could not find a solution, so it went to the medical industry to find it. In cooperation with the global VC supplier (Unacon, China), Chunri wrote to customize micron-sized ultrafine VC powder, and developed the world’s first water-oil powder separation.Three-body and two-bin throwing VC essence. While ensuring the stability and high efficiency of each prototype VC, the refreshing skin feeling and high cost performance also make more people choose the spring letter. The founder of the brand said that he enjoyed it, because the mission of technicians to start a business is to challenge technical problems.

This is China’s element transcending imitation and pursuing originality.

Ou shiman

China Pearl ×SCI International Recognition

Specializing in pearl research for 55 years, self-developed innovative whitening ingredient Zhenbaiyin ?Pro.

There has always been a controversy about the whitening of pearls.

Ou shimanMr. Shen Lao, the founder of the company, has been cultivating pearls since the 1960s. He has always believed that pearl whitening will be recognized. 55 years of pearl research, letOu shimanFrom small pearls, 1437 species were successfully identified.Pearl active polypeptide component. Therefore, pearl whitening is no longer an "ancient" and "false white" component in the "legend".

Ou shimanPublished a paper in the international SCI journal, which verified the extraction from pearls.Zhenbaiyin ?ProMechanism of whitening. The verification method is completely in accordance with internationally recognized standards. The paper proves that: Zhenbaiyin ?ProThe mechanism of action is different from the common whitening component of focused tyrosinase, but it directly acts on the upstream of tyrosinase-endothelin-1, cutting off the melanin signal, thus inhibiting the formation of melanin earlier.

Ou shimanIn order to better improve.Zhenbaiyin ?ProThe purity of raw materials and preserved whitening activity were further purified by vacuum freeze-drying method, which was successfully improved.Zhenbaiyin ?ProComposition purity and raw material utilization rate.

Ou shiman55 years of specialized research on pearls, through four core technologies, self-research and innovation of whitening ingredients.Zhenbaiyin(zhenbaiyin refers to pearl extract), which can inhibit tyrosinase activity up to.58.64%2(Data from Osman Pearl Research Institute, based on the experiment of inhibiting tyrosinase activity in vitro by raw materials), upgraded version.Zhenbaiyin ?Pro(Zhenbaiyin ?Pro means: hydrolyzed conchiolin), and the source can be suppressed by black.99.37%3(The data comes from the third-party Boxi Bio "Active substance whitening detection based on ET-1 stimulated melanin model"). Suitable for Chinese skin,Efficient whitening is not irritating.

This is China’s component proving itself by international standards.

On the Significance of "Great China Composition"

Peer Zhu"Great China Ingredients" popularizes the excellent domestic skin care ingredients to more consumers, so that consumers can know their choices more clearly, not blindly buying, and the growing strength of our domestic products. At the same time, it also saves a lot of publicity costs for merchants and brands, so that some high-quality domestic brands can quickly get out of the circle.

Cui Jianan:Paying attention to ingredients is actually the embodiment of rational consumption. A huge number of engines find trends, make wind-makers, brands study good ingredients, content creators publish good content, and try to make the research results of brands interesting so that everyone can be interested and love to watch and use them. I hope we can work together to make our domestic products go steadily and further. Maybe in the future, people all over the world can see the China brand on their dressing tables; China can be found in skin care products all over the world.

Zhu Xiaotong:Domestic products are not only sentimental, cost-effective, but also have many original leading ingredients. I hope more people can understand the core competitiveness of domestic products and the ingredients of China! It is also the "Great China Component" that gives these down-to-earth domestic brands a chance to be recognized and loved by the public, and makes domestic products go global.

Rika_ huahua:The "Great China Component" enables consumers to make rational judgments on products. In fact, it is a good thing that the ingredients are open and popular. After consumers judge and choose domestic brands and really experience the use, they can build a trust in products and brands, so that domestic brands can be further truly passed on from mouth to mouth.

Integrate the rapid development of domestic and foreign resources, tailor-made for Chinese people, go beyond imitation and pursue originality, and prove yourself by international standards … More and more China ingredients are being born. More and more national brands began to invest in the development of exclusive ingredients. Whether it’s customizing to the cutting-edge raw material companies, cooperating with universities, or more actively breaking down the barriers of food, medicine and cosmetics, and taking greater steps by combining the industrial chain advantages of various industries …

Great China brands are no longer substitutes for foreign brands, but are on the road of rising.

The great China ingredients will not be imitators of imported ingredients, but will surely be a key step in the brand building of domestic products.