Double swords are drawn! BYD Song PLUS/2021 Tang unveiled at Changsha Auto Show.

On October 1st, its heavy-duty model Song PLUS was officially launched in Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center. The new car is positioned as "New Sensory Comfortable Class B SUV" with a 1.5T high-power engine. At present, there are four models to choose from, and the price range is 11.58-14.38 million yuan. It is understood that the pure tram version will also be listed in the future.

At the same time, the 2021 Tang, which has been waiting for countless "Di" powders for a long time, also officially appeared in Xingcheng at the same time. The guiding price of the 2021 comprehensive subsidy is 279,500-314,800 yuan; The guidance price after comprehensive subsidy is 236,800-286,800 yuan; The price of the 2021 Tang fuel version is 165,800 yuan.

Whether it is Song PLUS or 2021 Tang, the sense of advanced design inside and outside the new car has been greatly improved. Not only that, the luxury and power of the two models are outstanding at their respective price points. It is foreseeable that this double "sword" will not only provide users with better travel choices, but also make the future of the brand more worth looking forward to.

Global Super Safe Intelligent SUV——2021 Tang

The 2021 Tang still inherits the Dragon Face family-style design language created by Iger, integrates Chinese style and oriental culture into the design, and perfectly integrates China oriental culture and technology. Since its listing, it has been recognized by 210,000 car owners.

The new generation of Tang headlights adopt suspended Dragon Crystal LED headlights, and the rear taillights adopt seamless through LED taillights. There are 31 kinds of color-changing interactive intelligent cockpit atmosphere lights in the car, and there are over 770 LED beads in the whole car, allowing users to experience the beauty of the East and another beauty brought by technology.

In addition to the luxurious look and feel and comfortable experience, the 2021 Tang, as an ultimate performance product, has also been upgraded in handling. The 2021 Tang perfectly inherits the high-performance genes of family products and is equipped with super-performance DM-p technology, which only takes 4.3 s to accelerate 100 kilometers; The acceleration of 100 kilometers is only 4.4s, and the performance experience surpasses most million-class super-running SUVs.

Not only must it run fast, but it can also stop. The 2021 model is equipped with Braebo high-performance brake calipers commonly used in super running, and equipped with Bosch IPB integrated brake control system, with a braking distance of only 36m.

It is worth mentioning that the comprehensive endurance of the 2021 model has leapt again, reaching 800 kilometers, surpassing most medium and large fuel SUV;; The 2021 model equipped with a blade battery has a working life of 565 kilometers.

Song PLUS, a New B-Class SUV with Super Sense.

The face value of Song PLUS is controlled by a strong team. Former design director Iger is responsible for the overall design, former exterior director Lopez is responsible for the exterior design, former interior design director Michele is responsible for the interior design, and three international masters work together to create it. Then, the aesthetics of Song PLUS Dragon Soul will be further advanced and the comfort of the suspended cockpit will be enjoyed.

The body size of the new car is 4705/1890/1680mm, and the wheelbase is 2765 mm. The wide and low-lying design is matched with the stretched body lines and the penetrating waistline, which shows the dynamics and strength of the car body. The penetrating taillights and hidden exhaust make the tail lines simple but not simple.

The multi-layer suspension design of the interior of Song PLUS realizes the perfect integration of aesthetics and functional practicality. Song PLUS adopts gradient interior for the first time, combined with the use of imported suede materials and the embellishment of double stitches, this luxury is far ahead at the same level. Of course, traveling is not just a person on the road, but also to meet the travel of the whole family. Song PLUS has the widest body in its class, and the super-long wheelbase of the B-class SUV. Moreover, the best riding comfort angle of 28 degrees is adopted in the rear row, and the flat floor is added to create a real standard three-person seat in the rear row.

In terms of power, Song PLUS is equipped with Xiaoyun’s brand-new 1.5TI high-power powertrain, which is matched with a brand-new 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, making the whole shift operation very smooth. The highest transmission efficiency reaches 95%, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is reduced by 15%.

Not only that, as a dynamic and comfortable SUV, under the adjustment of our chief chassis expert Hans team, Song PLUS has brought the chassis performance of the former McPherson and the rear multi-link to the extreme. In the face of increasingly congested traffic, Song Plus has a minimum turning radius of 5.55 meters at the same level, which can truly achieve "one turn".

In addition, Song PLUS is also equipped with DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, such as lane assistance, intelligent navigation, traffic sign recognition and other functions, making users travel safer and more comfortable!

At the same time, Song PLUS is also a smart car that can constantly evolve, constantly upgrade and iterate. The OTA remote upgrade function of the whole vehicle comes standard, bringing users an ever-evolving leading technology experience.