Cross-Strait Neighborhood Fuzhou Community Celebrates Life, Fujian-Taiwan Integration, Revival and Revitalization

  Zhongxin. com, Fuzhou, December 19 (Ye Qiuyun) "Lifelong education is related to the old and the young. It is more meaningful for compatriots on both sides of the strait who live in Jianhua community to promote the construction of a cross-strait integrated lifelong education model demonstration community." On the 19th, Chen Xiurong, honorary president of Fuzhou Taiwanese Investment Enterprise Association and chairman of Fuzhou Xianshi Enterprise Co., Ltd., said in Fuzhou.

The picture shows young people in Taiwan Province performing guzheng in Jianhua Community. Ye Qiuyun

  On the same day, a cross-strait community celebration was held in Jianhua Community, Gulou District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. On the stage, performers from both sides of the strait gave wonderful performances; Under the stage, the old "birthday stars" applauded constantly.

  In recent years, with the deepening of social aging in China, the demand for aging education and lifelong education has increased rapidly. In September, 2017, Fujian Provincial Department of Education established Fujian Lifelong Education Service Center based on Fujian Open University, and carried out lifelong education research, management and service for the whole province of Fujian.

  "We found that the elderly have a strong willingness to accept new things, and their enthusiasm for learning is also very high." Chen Cheng, the teaching affairs department of Fujian Lifelong Education Service Center, said that from February to November, 2023, the project of "Helping the Elderly into Communities with Wisdom" had entered 31 communities in Fuzhou, delivered 108 classes and served more than 3,000 elderly students offline.

  Cross-strait lifelong education exchanges and cooperation began with adult education, and now it has extended to continuing education, lifelong education, learning city, community education, education for the elderly (old age, old age) and so on. At present, the sub-district office of the Ministry of Water Affairs, Jianhua Community and Fujian Lifelong Education Center are jointly building a cross-strait integrated lifelong education model.

  "In the future, we will send seven teachers from Taiwan Province to teach in Jianhua Community, including handicrafts, psychological counseling, family education, guzheng and pipa." Tan Jiaming, director of the Cross-Strait Youth Research Center of the Committee for the Care of the Next Generation in Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone, one of the organizers of the event, said.

  At present, the cross-strait integration lifelong education center is under construction. As the head of the Preparatory Committee of the Cross-Strait Integration Lifelong Education Center, Yu Jianfeng said that under the guidance of Fujian Lifelong Education Service Center, in the first three months, they had carried out normalized cross-strait integration style training and exchange in Jianhua Community, and students from both sides of the strait studied calligraphy, Ba Duan Jin, yoga and other courses together. "Today’s activity is just one of the links. It has organized cross-strait community residents to celebrate their birthdays together, bringing closer ties between the neighbors on both sides of the strait."

  Chen Xiurong also believes that sending young people from Taiwan Province to the community can make cross-strait integration more active, closer to people’s daily life, and more acceptable to compatriots on both sides of the strait for cross-strait exchanges and integration. (End)