Beijing Ski Open, the first mass event held by National Alpine Ski Center, was held.

On January 21st, Yanqing National Alpine Ski Center ushered in the first mass skiing competition of the venue. The second Beijing Ski Open was held here, attracting nearly 200 skiers from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Sichuan.

Hosted by Beijing Social Sports Management Center and Yanqing District Sports Bureau, and undertaken by Beijing Skiing Association, Beijing National Alpine Skiing Co., Ltd. and Beijing Kaihong Sports Culture Co., Ltd., this competition is the largest national fitness skiing event in Beijing at present. There are two events in the competition: alpine skiing giant slalom and snowboarding giant slalom, which are divided into two groups: teenagers and adults, and 12 groups are set according to gender and age. The competition is open to the public, and all snow friends under 60 can participate.

The success of the Beijing Winter Olympics has promoted the rapid development of mass ice and snow sports in this city, and more and more teenagers and adults have participated in skiing. This open competition makes full use of the legacy of the Winter Olympics, aiming at creating a model of high-level national fitness events and boosting the sustained and high-quality development of Beijing’s ice and snow sports with brand events.

In terms of competition organization, the referee team of this competition has presided over the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics, fully ensuring the professionalism, safety and fairness of the competition; The competition venue is the alpine skiing field of Beijing Winter Olympics, and it is also the only venue in China with a standard track for the Winter Olympics. It not only provides the contestants with the opportunity to experience the Winter Olympics track, but also vividly reflects the good management and good use of Beijing’s Winter Olympics heritage in the post-Winter Olympics era. As for the service guarantee of the competition, the organizing committee has formulated a scientific and perfect scheme, and comprehensively improved the participation experience in medical care, logistics supply and live broadcast of the competition. At the same time, the organizing Committee also set up a "warm-hearted viewing area" to provide escort certificates for parents of minors, so that relatives and friends of small players can also feel the charm of alpine skiing at close range and share the glorious moment.

This year’s competition settled in Yanqing, which is also the perfect integration of alpine skiing events and "beautiful Yanqing, the summer capital of ice and snow". The success of the Games further consolidated and expanded the achievement of "driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports", and promoted the construction of Yanqing District as an "outdoor sports city" and the most beautiful winter Olympic city with ecological civilization. Next, the National Alpine Ski Center will hold the 14th National Winter Games Alpine Ski Competition, and the "Snow Swallow" is flying with wings to welcome visitors from all directions.