Qinzhou polar krypton 001 price cuts hit! Special price of 269,000, limited time promotion.

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Extreme Krypton 001 is a futuristic electric vehicle with modern technology and dynamic elements. The front face adopts a unique design style, and the air intake grille adopts a closed design, which shows the characteristics of its pure electric drive. The body lines are smooth, and the overall style is fashionable and dynamic, which is impressive. The design of Krypton 001 not only highlights its new energy identity, but also shows the unique design concept of the brand, so that people can recognize it as a Krypton car at a glance.


Extreme Krypton 001 is a medium-sized and large-sized vehicle with a body size of 4977*1999*1533, a wheelbase of 3005mm, a front tread of 1703mm and a rear tread of 1716 mm.. The side lines of the car body are smooth, and the dynamic design is adopted. The lines are simple and smooth, full of strength. The front and rear tyre size are both 255/55 R19, and the rim style is sporty and fashionable, showing the sporty style and fashionable atmosphere of Krypton 001. The overall shape is very atmospheric, leaving a deep impression.


The interior design of Krypton 001 is fashionable and luxurious, and a large number of leather materials are used to make drivers and passengers feel the noble touch. The 15.05-inch central control screen has large size and clear display effect, and supports multimedia system, navigation, telephone and air conditioning voice recognition control system, providing convenient driving experience. The steering wheel is made of electric up and down+front and rear adjustable leather material, so that the driver can adjust it according to his personal needs. Both the front row and the back row are equipped with two USB/Type-C interfaces for easy charging. The functions of the front seat include heating, ventilation and massage, which can be adjusted in four directions, backrest, leg rest and waist support, providing a comfortable driving experience. Both the co-pilot and the driver’s seat are equipped with electric seat memory function, which is convenient for many people to use. The back of the rear seat can be adjusted, and it can be laid down in proportion to increase storage space. Generally speaking, the interior design of Krypton 001 gives consideration to luxury and practicality, bringing comfortable and convenient driving experience to drivers and passengers.


Extreme Krypton 001 is a high-performance electric vehicle, with the maximum engine power of 580 kW and the maximum torque of 810 N m. This makes Krypton 001 have excellent dynamic performance during acceleration and driving. At the same time, the characteristics of electric vehicles also make them quieter and more environmentally friendly during driving.

In the word-of-mouth evaluation of car home car owners, he spoke highly of the modeling of Krypton 001. He mentioned that the model of Krypton 001 is quite modern, not as old-fashioned as some models look, giving people a feeling of vitality. In particular, the design of the front of the car, using a family-style hexagonal grille, with a strong sense of muscle LED headlights, the whole front of the car looks very domineering, giving people a feeling of muscular macho. It can be said that the design of Krypton 001 is full of dynamic and fashionable sense, which meets the aesthetic needs of modern people. In addition, Krypton 001 also has excellent performance and technology configuration, and it is a very recommended new energy vehicle.