In the finale of "Qingyu Nian", the second prince is the mastermind behind the scenes, leaving 6 big pits in the first season, do you know?

  "Qingyu Nian" finally ushered in the finale, and also boarded Weibo’s trending topic list. Although it has experienced a series of storms, it is undoubtedly still the most popular drama on the whole network.

  But after watching the first season, there must be many viewers who are confused, and the first season finale also makes people feel very rushed. So let the editor help you sort out what pits were left in the first season of "Qingyu Nian"?

  First, Emperor Qing played a big game of chess

  Qing Di and Chen Pingping, two old foxes, had been standing at the top, planning the whole situation and letting everyone in. But in Fan Xian’s game of chess, Qing Di was a chess player, and everything was to get the secret of the temple from Sean’s mouth. On the way to send Sean off, Chen Pingping removed the black cavalry for this purpose.

  Unexpectedly, when Sean passed away, everything was under the control of Emperor Qing and Chen Pingping, just to make Sean mistakenly think that Fan Xian was his descendant, and to inform Fan Xian of the temple’s affairs unsuspecting.

  Second, Fan Xian is the son of Emperor Qing

  When Sean died, he told Fan Xian that Ye Qingmei had married the current Emperor Qing and had given birth to a child for him. This way, Fan Xian would know his background.

  Is Yan Bingyun Sean’s grandson?

  Was he Yan Ruohai’s son or Sean’s grandson? Back then, Chen Pingping did not kill Sean’s grandson. Instead, she gave him a glimmer of hope.

  Then would Yan Bingyun know his background? Where would he go?

  Third, why does the prince always show his reckless image?

  The friends watching "Qing Yu Nian" were all confused by the prince’s character, and their IQ was sometimes online and sometimes offline. Fan Ruoruo said that everyone in Kyoto knew that the prince was ignorant and acted recklessly, but was the truth really like this?

  If he was really as cowardly and incompetent as the rumors, why did the cunning Emperor Qing keep letting him sit in the position of the crown prince?

  Fifth, the second prince is actually the mastermind behind the scenes?

  He had originally thought that the Second Prince was here to make a joke, but he had not thought that he was hiding so deeply. It turned out that he was also the person behind the First Princess.

  Did Yan Bingyun kill Fan Xian?

  At the end of the first season, Yan Bingyun killed Fan Xian, but he didn’t expect Yan Bingyun to betray him? The male lead didn’t survive the first season. In the original novel, Yan Bingyun also joined Fan Xian’s subordinates.