Community group buying fire! Some people earn more than 10,000 yuan a month, some people can’t stand it and close the brick and mortar store

"The goods have arrived today, and those at home can come and pick them up!" At 11:00 am on December 18, a group buying group in Yuzhou Xindu Community, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, became lively with the words of the group owner, "Is the beef coming too?" "There are still XX brand milk balls recently?" Many neighbors in the community have already prepared to go to group buying to get food after lunch.

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In a community group buying, the head of the group is pushing panic buying information.

Recently, community group buying has attracted widespread attention. Residents in the community have become popular in many communities in Chongqing by buying daily necessities and vegetables and vegetables in the Mini Program.

However, community groups buying fire, but some people are happy and some people are worried.

Shop around

One community, two groups buying points, four groups buying Mini Programs

Located in Yuzhong District, Chongqing, Huayu Yuzhou Xindu Community is a community with more than 3,000 residents. Outside the west gate of the community, it is the largest group buying pickup point in the community. At noon on December 18, the group buying point was filled with all kinds of goods that people bought on the Mini Program. Among them, most of the vegetables and fruits were written on the packaging of each item with the screen name of the group buying person.


The group buying pick-up point, the goods are mostly fruits and vegetables and daily necessities.

"There are three groups buying things here, and they belong to the same leader." Zhao Shuang, who lives in the second building of the community, comes to get group buying things every day. "Now basically the daily vegetables and fruits will be seen in group buying, which is much cheaper than the supermarket."

There are a variety of goods in the group buying group, 50 cents can buy 350g of iodized edible salt, 3 yuan can buy 1kg of bergamot, and half a catty of pork belly only costs 9.9 yuan.

On the 18th, Zhao Shuang took away a catty of apples, a bag of bananas, a box of 20 eggs, and about two catties of emperor oranges, which added up to less than 20 yuan.

Zhao Shuang added two group buying WeChat groups in the community, which belong to two different group heads (who organize everyone to group buying together). The group heads will send the group buying information in each group buying to the group at any time for everyone to buy. In the multiple communities visited by the reporter, each group head will not push only one group buying Mini Program information. In Yuzhou Xindu Community, the two group heads have long promoted no less than four group buying Mini Program products.

Upstream news · Chongqing Morning News reporters visited more than one community, and most of the heads have more than two community group buying supply channels.

"I read all four Mini Programs every day, and then buy vegetables!" 65-year-old Chang Yanming lives in Jiahua Xincheng, Yuzhong District. After the rise of community group buying, he rarely buys vegetables in the vegetable market at the entrance of the community. "Group buying is much cheaper. In the vegetable market, a small handful of celery is at least 1.5 yuan, and group buying can buy nearly 0.5 kilograms for less than a dollar." Every day, Chang Yanming will compare the goods bought by the four community groups in the community before placing an order.

Some people are cheap and some people are convenient. Miss He, a 27-year-old female white-collar worker, is also a loyal buyer of community group buying. "After group buying, you don’t need to go to the supermarket and vegetable market. Just take the dishes you buy home at the gate of the community."

Monthly income over 10,000

The head of the group with two groups of 500 people closed the brick and mortar store for group buying

Lan Tian (pseudonym), the female head of Yuzhou Xindu Community, is a real-world friend of many residents in the community. As early as two years ago, when community group buying was not so popular, Lan Tian had already started to do community group buying. At that time, she only had one supplier.

"At first, I asked real-world friends from the property to help pull people into the group, and there were only a few group buying orders a day." Within a few months, everyone felt that group buying was very convenient, and the number of people in Lan Tian’s WeChat group quickly increased. Now, Lan Tian has opened a second group buying WeChat group. When there are many group buying people, she has to receive hundreds of orders a day.

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Fruits and vegetables bought by groups of residents.

In the middle of this year, due to the impact of the pandemic, Lan Tiankai’s mother and baby store outside the community closed. She became the head of group buying full-time. The most important job every day was to pack the goods according to the group buying list after each group buying supplier delivered the goods, and wait for someone to take it. "You can have a small income of several thousand yuan a month, when you earn pocket money."

Compared to Lan Tian, Huang Qian, who is the head of Zhulin Community at Peking University, has more customers. She has two WeChat group buying groups, and the members of the two groups are rarely repeated. The second group is about to fill up with 500 people, "I am preparing to open a third group."

Huang Qian did not have her own storage point. She negotiated with the owner of a mahjong parlor in the community and borrowed the other party’s outdoor open space as a group buying pickup point. "I also put a freezer at his house and gave him 500 yuan a month." Huang Qian had three group buying suppliers, and each group buying supplier gave her a commission of more than 10% for each order, and some could reach 13%. "When the business is good, the group buying commission income can be tens of thousands." Like Lan Tian, Huang Qian also opened a brick and mortar store before, "The store closed in July this year, and I dedicated myself to group buying. This has no cost and no risk. "

Mainly group buying

"Selling vegetables is for group buying, otherwise the door will be closed."

Huang Qian introduced that since last year, she has started to do group buying. And her own brick and mortar store business is difficult to do, which became obvious after the effective prevention and control of the epidemic at the end of March this year and the store reopened. "During the epidemic, community group buying is more and more. By May this year, our store’s business was 30% less than the same period last year."

Huang Qian compared the price of group buying herself. For the same type of milk, her store needs to sell it for about 50 yuan a piece to not lose money, but in the major group buying Mini Program, the same brand of milk can be as low as about 43 yuan a piece. "Brick and mortar stores don’t have any price advantage."

In Yuzhou Xindu Community, the brick and mortar stores selling vegetables and fruits have also closed three in one year, and one of the stores specializing in fresh vegetables has only been open for two months.

"Group buying has basically become the standard for neighbors to buy vegetables. The price of group buying is too low, and we can’t win." Ms. Chen is an employee of a closed fruit store in Yuzhou Xindu Community. Ms. Chen introduced that the group buying is about 4 yuan a catty of bananas, and the brick and mortar store must sell at least 6 yuan to not lose money.

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Many brick and mortar store owners are "part-time" heads.

Xiao Shi, the owner of another vegetable store in the community, was recently lobbying his regular customers to join his group buying group. Although there was already a group buying point in the community, Xiao Shi still became the head of the group. "I set myself up as a group buying point.

However, some residents have expressed their concerns about community group buying. Guan Lin, a 50-year-old resident of Huayu Linquan Yashe Community in Shapingba District, will only buy fresh fruits on the group buying platform, while fish, pork, mutton and other big-ticket goods will still go to the supermarket to buy, because they are worried that the meat on the group buying platform is not fresh, and fresh vegetables will be purchased at the vegetable stall downstairs.

Wu Qian, 23, said, "Although many things in community group buying are very cheap, some of them are not of good quality. For example, sanitary napkins and facial cleansers will buy brand products, not group buying."

Upstream News · Chongqing Morning Post reporter, Shi Heng, intern, Tao Lin

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