Interview with Ren Xianqi: Playing music to pick up girls, once wronged as a playboy

actliarFrequent changes in shape have suffered, and the old man’s makeup has been accused of resembling Ge You    [Video: Become a giant liar in the rivers and lakes]

    In the new film "Twin Cities", Ren Xianqi plays"Thousand Faced Grimace"His unique skill is disguise, which can instantly transform into another person, including a long-haired shapeGe YouThe charm in "Let the Bullets Fly" is full of "laughing fruit". Due to the large number of different looks to be changed, Ren Xianqi said that he also suffered a lot in makeup.

    Movie Network:Why is it there?"Twin Cities"Playing a liar?

    Ren Xianqi:I think it’s very funny. The "industry" of scammers has always existed since ancient times, and there have been a lot of online scams and SMS scams recently. I hope that through this movie, everyone will know how many scams are carried out. In addition, the story takes place in the early years of the Republic of China and the Northwest of China, where warlords are divided.Raiders of the TreasureThe subject matter is easy to play well.

    Movie Network:So are you often cheated in your life?

    Ren Xianqi:I often receive some fraudulent text messages, but I don’t take them seriously.