Transformation of Xiaoyi Dialect | Seeing the snow drifting again, they ushered in a special "Youth League Year".

See snow drifting again.

Affection is a bond that can never be abandoned; Group year is the way home for family members who are thousands of miles away. Hundreds of millions of Chinese people are looking forward to the New Year, and they are looking forward to being happy to accompany their families to have a family reunion dinner, talk about their family, and make prayers. However, there are such a group of people who are afraid of the Chinese New Year, because they miss their loved ones in the high wall more and care more during the festive season. When you see the streets decorated with lights, when you hear the laughter and laughter of the neighbors next door, they are faced with the absence of their loved ones and the year after year when they can’t "reunite".

In order to further transform the results of family support and education, the Third Ward of Yizhou Prison organized the "Spring Warming and High Wall" support and education activities, and let the relatives of criminals spend a "reunion year" with their long-lost families on the eve of the Spring Festival in 2024. This is the coldest time since winter. Relatives of criminals come from all directions regardless of the cold, just to meet their relatives in the waiting high wall. The long-awaited reunion moment was full of excited tears and gratified smiles, and also left a touching moment.

Wu Mou, a criminal, has been in prison for almost three years, but he has never met his family. The prisoner is anxious about his family, has great psychological pressure, poor sleep quality, and is often in a trance and irritable. According to the police, the prisoner’s father’s household registration is not with him, and he can’t provide proof of relationship, so he can’t come to prison to meet him. For this reason, the police contacted Wu Mou’s father many times and instructed him to issue a certificate in his community, which was included in the list of family activities. Three years later, the father and son finally met at the scene of the help and education activities, and all their thoughts were released at this moment.

The criminal Ding Mou, the youngest criminal in the prison area, is under 19 years old. In Ding’s mother’s heart, he is still a child. Ding’s mother is always worried about whether he has listened to the words of disciplining the police … When she saw the standardized, neat and clean environment in the prison area and heard the police introduce the management and education of the prison, she repeatedly said to the police: "I am relieved now, and I can sleep well when I go back."

The criminal Hu, whose wife is seriously ill. Being in a high wall, it has become his extravagant hope to accompany his wife to see a doctor and take medicine, and it has also become a heart disease when he is serving his sentence. At the scene of helping and teaching, he looked at his seriously ill wife with distress, poured hot water for her, and clung to her hand and refused to let go. They agreed to work together and wait for him to come home from prison and spend the rest of his life together.

At the activity meeting, the prison area answered the questions concerned by the family members one by one, hoping that the family members would encourage their relatives to confess their sins and repent and actively reform. At the same time, it is necessary to educate criminals to realize the difficulties of their loved ones, establish a sense of family responsibility and social responsibility, and take "not coming for nothing, not coming again" as an important goal of reform and future life.

The snow outside the window is still falling, and the multi-purpose hall in the prison area is filled with a warm reunion atmosphere. This is a long-awaited reunion, and the thoughts piled up like snow in my heart have melted into yearning for a better new life and the driving force for new life in this moment of zero-distance gathering.

A special "Year of the League" not only builds a bridge of communication and exchange between criminals and their relatives, but also enables their families to know more about prison work. On the way of education reform, Yizhou Prison has been committed to combining education reform with family responsibility and social responsibility, inspiring criminals to reform from the heart, giving full play to the ties and driving role of family ties, and inspiring the misguided souls to regain their courage and confidence in returning to society, so as to realize the transformation from the inside out.

Yizhou prison in Sichuan province

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