The iron law of "lottery iron man": the wrong lottery ticket will be yours if you win, and I will pay if you miss it.

24 hours in Zhejiang-qianjiang evening news reporter Dong Chen
Candidate for "The Most Beautiful Sports Lottery Person" in Zhejiang Province: Zhang Ting
Among the lottery players in Wenling City, Taizhou, many people know Zhang Ting, a fat boss who weighs nearly 200 pounds. His smile is as bright as a flower, which makes people unforgettable. What impressed everyone more, however, was his two iron laws, for which he was nicknamed the lottery iron man by lottery players.
Iron Law 1: Lottery shops will never open late and leave early.
The World Cup is just a few days away, but Zhang Ting can’t relax. "The month of the World Cup or European Cup is the best time for me to lose weight." Zhang Ting is not joking. According to past experience, he can lose at least ten kilograms.
Watching the ball game is not only a doorway, but also a lively one. So Zhang Ting’s sports lottery shop is the first choice for many fans and lottery players to watch the World Cup. A room full of people are chatting while watching.
Of course, they will also go to Zhang Ting to bet on the lottery before the competition starts. "It’s always a pleasure to watch a football match. It’s even more interesting to bet on a quiz." At that time, Zhang Ting did a good job in service, and the sports lottery shop was open all night, communicating with the lottery players and watching the ball with them until dawn.
However, after all, people are fleshy, and they can’t get a rest every day. Zhang Ting’s physical strength is exhausted and she has to take time to hang nutrition needles in the hospital. But even so, Zhang Ting gritted his teeth and persisted. "The store won’t close until the game is over!"
Zhang Ting started to run a sports lottery store in May 2010. For eight years, he opened at 8:30 every day and closed at 0: 00 in the evening. On Wednesdays and Thursdays when there are NBA games, he opened at 7: 30 on time, and sold it until 1: 00 in the morning every Saturday and Sunday … He is like an alarm clock and never leaves late. "Since this store is opened, it is necessary to provide lottery buyers with convenience and not delay anyone."
Zhang Ting is preparing information for the World Cup quiz.
Iron Law 2: Take your own mistakes.
When someone buys a lottery ticket, Zhang Ting will play the ticket seriously, but it is inevitable that mistakes will be made in his busy schedule, and often the list will be typed out. When he looks closely, he finds that he has entered the wrong number or bet.
"Once the ticket is issued, it can’t be changed. Unlike the invoice, I made a mistake and can be invalidated and reopened. Once the lottery ticket is bought wrong, it can never be invalidated and changed. "
However, lottery tickets are different from many other things and have their uncertainties. For example, because Zhang Ting accidentally typed a wrong number, it may cause the lottery to miss the prize, but it may also be because of this mistake that he hit the jackpot. How to calculate this? "In my here, anyway, that’s how to operate. The wrong lottery ticket, if it wins, counts as a customer. If it doesn’t win, it counts as mine. " This kind of thing has happened to Zhang Ting several times.
On one occasion, an old lottery player who chose 5 out of 11 came to play the ticket. Zhang Ting accidentally made the wrong ticket. He readily promised that the lottery would be quick anyway. If he won the lottery, he would be the lottery player. If he didn’t win, he would pay for the ticket. As a result, the ticket didn’t win the prize. Without saying anything, Zhang Ting took the ticket and returned more than 1,000 yuan in cash to the lottery player.