Reporter experience doing chauffeur for two months: chauffeur is really not easy

  With the country’s strict investigation of drunk driving accidents in recent years, the chauffeur industry has become hot, especially the emerging Internet chauffeur platform is more popular among users, but there are also many users who are not completely at ease with the ability of the chauffeur. The reporter recently spent two months deep into the country’s largest Internet chauffeur platform, starting from an ordinary chauffeur, and went through multiple tests such as recruitment exams, driver training, and actual chauffeur processes. It is not easy to find that it is not easy to be a chauffeur.

  The driving test is more difficult than the driver’s license test

  At present, Internet driving is popular as a freelance profession. If you have nothing to do, you can come out to earn some money to supplement your family. If you have something to do, you can leave work at any time. The reporter searched for the keyword "driving" on Baidu and found that e-driving is the earliest Internet driving platform established, and it is also more formal and reliable. Therefore, he decided to "undercover" the platform to experience the driving process. The reporter himself has 8 years of driving experience and meets the requirements of at least 5 years of driving experience required by the platform, so he registered through the e-driving official website on March 23, and then took a preliminary test online. To be honest, this test is a bit "too complicated". It mainly assesses driving skills and some application scenario logic questions. A total of hundreds of test questions need to be answered, which is more difficult than the car test back then.

  Then, after three days of waiting, the reporter finally waited for the interview notice, and went to the e-driver Beijing branch full of excitement. He saw that many of the driver masters who came to interview were waiting for the interview number. During the interview, the branch manager was like a confidant brother, telling me about the problems that may be encountered in the driver, so I should be mentally prepared. The general meaning is: "We are in the service industry, because our industry is relatively special, the customers we face are sometimes irrational, and we must do our own service well." After that, we also talked a lot about business-level knowledge, as well as the software application of the smartphone APP client.

  Since the reporter himself was rather talkative in the interview and performed fairly steadily, the branch manager agreed to let me enter the next stage of the road test, which was located near the company. The road test was mainly taken by an examiner from a professional driving school. The test simulated the scene of a driving school. There was a feeling of taking a driver’s license test, and there was also a road test. The examiner held a scorer in his hand and scored at any time. I secretly consulted, and he said that only if he achieved excellent results in both the manual transmission and the automatic transmission assessment could he have the opportunity to become a cooperative driving master of the e-driving platform. Fortunately, in the end, he passed the relevant test and became a "certified" driving master.

  In general, e-chauffeur has strict requirements for recruiting chauffeur masters, giving people the feeling of "devil-like" assessment. Correspondingly, its chauffeur service requirements are to provide "angel-like" services. Drivers have many years of driving experience alone, and they also need to meet many services in the customer’s chauffeur process. According to the examiner, all chauffeur masters in the platform regularly participate in the company’s internal "chauffeur star" training to improve work skills and Client Server awareness.

  The first driving experience

  On the first day of the reporter’s post, he experienced his first driving job in Beijing. That day, he happened to encounter a couple in Sanlitun who drank too much, and the two were arguing. After getting on the bus, I asked them where they were going. The male customer said: "Go to the second ring road first," and then drive around the second ring road. During the driving process, the male customer repeatedly said that I was driving slowly, hurry up, hurry up! The female customer said that you are driving too fast, can you drive slower? The reporter suddenly realized that the driving is so difficult, but I remember that the branch manager said to me during the interview. During the driving process, "I only look at the road ahead and don’t smell the things outside the window." I still smiled and asked, "Where are you going? We can’t keep walking around the Second Ring Road. "In the end, the customer still told me the location, and after the driving was completed, the female customer got off the car and apologized to me repeatedly. The work covered a total of 14.6 kilometers and collected 59 yuan for the driving fee, which can be regarded as a small income.

  Service-heavy details will be recognized

  On April 24, the reporter discussed his experience with a "colleague" at the entrance of a restaurant in the evening. Master Liu, a 48-year-old driver with 21 years of driving experience, told the reporter: "I have been driving for more than 2 years. It turned out to be a taxi driver. Now I feel that it is not easy to be a driver. I remember once a customer drank too much and vomited on the door. I bought him a bottle of mineral water. After the customer drank half of it, I got out of the car and wiped the car with the other half of the water for him. Not only did he get a tip that day, but he also got a good review the next day." After listening to him, the reporter immediately felt the importance of details in the service process.

  It is very likely that you are driving an "insider"

  According to Master Liu, in order to improve the chauffeur service, the e-chauffeur company has also established a "mysterious customer" department, which is mainly responsible for monitoring the service quality of the chauffeur from time to time, such as wearing work clothes and work cards, whether there are polite words after getting on the bus, checking the appearance of the vehicle, informing the current starting price and displaying the odometer throughout the process, whether it can be in place within 10 minutes, and how to deal with the customer’s discomfort. For example, if the customer says that he is uncomfortable, dizzy, headache, etc., will the chauffeur ignore it? In other words, the customer who appears in front of the chauffeur is likely to be an "insider", who is here to "secretly visit" your service quality.

  In order to standardize the driving habits of chauffeur drivers, e-chauffeur also refers to the national road traffic safety violations cumulative points system and sets up chauffeur points. The scoring period is 12 months, and each chauffeur driver has 12 points. The customer complaint linkage mechanism, according to the specific customer complaint content, deducts the chauffeur’s chauffeur points. For each chauffeur point deducted, the driver will face being blocked. Once the chauffeur points are deducted, the chauffeur platform will lift the cooperation with the driver. This also sets a yellow line and a red line for the driver master, so that everyone can abide by the rules and protect the driving safety of customers from the system.

  The threshold for regular driving companies is not low

  It is understood that in people’s traditional concept of traditional chauffeur is that a few drivers who can drive can establish a chauffeur company, and even personal behavior, printing a business card in a familiar hotel, claiming to be a chauffeur company, without going through rigorous exams, nor corresponding insurance protection. The survey found that the fees of this kind of chauffeur company generally start at 200 yuan, and the waiters have a cut, generally ranging from 50 to 80 yuan.

  With the popularity of smartphones in recent years, it has also given birth to an Internet-based driving platform such as e-driving, which has made this industry that previously seemed to have low barriers to entry more and more stringent. Through the reporter’s personal experience in the driving platform for two months, the current driving platform has greatly subverted the traditional driving industry from the way of managing drivers to the awareness of serving customers, so that the driving industry has a new development model. Now, through the driving service generated by e-driving, any problems will be dealt with by the corresponding person. For example, if there is a traffic accident, there will be a Client Server department to help the driving master communicate with the customer to deal with the solution. The company has purchased driving insurance for each master, and the maximum compensation can be 2 million yuan per transaction.

  At the same time, the reporter started work as a part-time driver around 7 o’clock every day during the past two months, and went home around 11 o’clock. The average monthly income can reach 6,000 yuan. It can be said that an ordinary master can earn a small amount of income in the driver platform to subsidize the family.

  Nowadays, it has become easier for users to find chauffeurs through the Internet, with more transparent prices and safer services. The future of the Internet chauffeur industry is promising.