2017 National Peking Opera Theatre New Year’s Day performance season "Qipanshan" and other major dramas were staged.

  From January 1st to 3rd, 2017, the 2017 New Year’s Day Performance Season of the National Peking Opera Theatre will be staged in Beijing Meilanfang Grand Theatre, bringing together six classic dramas such as Feng Haichao, Qipanshan Mountain, Legend of the White Snake, Yutangchun, Taohua Village and Shiro Visiting Mother. Among them, Qipanshan, performed on New Year’s Eve, is a representative play of the Peking Opera King (Yao Qing) School, with Liu Xiurong and Zhang Chunxiao as artistic directors and outstanding young actors Guo Fanjia and Hao Shipeng as the leading roles.

  Jinghua Times reporter Tian Chao

  ■ Synopsis

  Two pairs of talented people and beautiful women get married.

  The story of Qipanshan, a Beijing opera, is very in line with the appreciation habits of China people. It is a classic play with comedy color, with a relaxed style as the keynote and a happy ending at last. This play is taken from the novel Xue Dingshan’s Expedition to the West. The story takes place during the Zhenguan period of Tang Dynasty. Xiliang invaded the Tang Dynasty, and Li Shimin made a personal expedition, and Xue Rengui was trapped in Suoyang City. Cheng Yaojin broke through and returned to move troops. Prince Li Zhi ordered Xue Dingshan to hang Marshal No.2, Cheng Yaojin to supervise the army, and Xue Jinlian to pledge food and go to the rescue.

  Dou Yihu and Dou Xiantong, the chieftains of Qipanshan, were originally the grandchildren of Dou Jiande, a famous soldier in the early Tang Dynasty, who were skilled in martial arts. Dou Xiantong, in particular, is both wise and brave, and has the talent of a general. When the Tang Jun Grain Escort Team passed by the mountain, Dou Yihu, the elder brother who came to rob the grain, took a fancy to Xue Jinlian. Dou Xiantong, the younger sister, fell in love with Xue Dingshan at first sight. She led Xue Dingshan to Houshan Mountain for an excuse and proposed marriage face to face. Although Xue Dingshan also had a good impression on Dou Xiantong, she didn’t dare to promise, so she was taken up the mountain. Dou Xiantong said to Xue Jinlian, "Go back and tell your mother that I have no intention of hurting your brother. Tell her to leave Cheng Chitose and make decisions with our two families. "

  Cheng Yaojin listened to Xue Jinlian’s shy and implicit return and understood that Dou Xiantong had a crush on Xue Dingshan; After listening to a more shy and implicit report, I understood that Dou Yihu had a crush on Xue Jinlian. He also knew all the ins and outs of Doushi’s brother and sister, and learned that they were descendants of Dou Jiande, so he persuaded Xue’s mother, Liu Yingchun, to agree to these two marriages, and personally went up the mountain as a matchmaker. After some near misses, Cynomorium prevailed, and two couples also tied the knot.

  ■ Highlights

  The story is humorous and full of business.

  Qipanshan is a representative play of Wang School. In the 1970s, famous Peking Opera performers Liu Xiurong and Zhang Chunxiao rearranged it. This is a traditional drama with complete travel, equal emphasis on singing and doing, both civil and military skills, and good listening and watching. The plot is humorous, the stage is fresh and bright, and it is convenient for young audiences to watch. However, it has rarely appeared on the stage in recent years.

  This year marks the 135th anniversary of the birth of Wang Yaoqing, a master of Peking Opera. Liu Xiurong, who is over 80 years old, expressed the hope that you can see the style of Wang Opera through this play. She said, "There are too many representative plays of Wang Opera, but few people can learn it now. Now, when it comes to Peking Opera, everyone knows the four famous artists, but Wang Yaoqing is their master, but few people know it. " She also hopes that all walks of life can pay more attention to the art of Peking Opera King (Yao Qing).

  The first couple in this play are Dou Xiantong and Xue Dingshan, and Xue Dingshan on the opera stage has no high martial arts. He is weak in character, but he is beautiful and handsome. Dou Xiantong, on the other hand, is just the opposite. She is strong in martial arts, strong in character, resourceful and calculating. This contrast in personality is also related to their experiences. Xue Dingshan grew up in Wangfu since childhood, and his previous experience was smooth sailing without any hardships. But Dou Xiantong grew up in a cottage, and his experience was a lot bumpy. Such young people, when they meet in a narrow way, will naturally have a lot of opponents to see. Guo Fanjia, who plays Dou Xiantong in the play, said: "This character should be not only martial arts, but also feminine and lovely. It is really difficult to play."

  Another couple in the play are Dou Yihu and Xue Jinlian. Xue Jinlian is quiet, shy and introverted, and handsome. Dou Yihu is humorous, cheerful, strong and reckless, and full of masculinity. At first, when robbing grain, Dou Yihu met Xue Jinlian. When he was defeated and returned to the mountain to report to his sister, he was not ashamed and was very cute. When such two people meet together, they are also full of jokes.

  Another highlight of the play is Cheng Yaojin’s marriage proposal. Although Cheng Yaojin has ordinary martial arts, he is lucky and a lucky general. Personality is loyalty-oriented, easy-going, Wagangzhai, was elected king. His personality is crude and refined, witty and humorous. It will naturally be interesting for him to deal with marriage events with Dou Xiantong and Xue Jinlian. It is understood that in order to celebrate the New Year’s Day, this series of performances are all public welfare performances with low fares, and the lowest fare is 50 yuan.

  ■ Other wonderful plays

  Repertoire: Feng Haichao.

  Performance time: 2 pm on January 1st.

  Starring: Young Mei Pai Tsing Yi Jia Pengfei, young niche actor Hao Shipeng led the performance, while Lu Kunshan, Yan Shiqi and Gu Qian helped out.

  Introduction: Feng Haichao, a Peking Opera, was adapted by Mei Lanfang from the Qing Palace’s Collection "Circular Preface", originally named "The Tree of Yin and Yang", also known as "Ugly Match", which premiered in Beijing in 1929. The plot is ingenious and full of trades, which is similar to the legendary script Kite Mistake in Qing Dynasty. Xue ‘e’s several passages are gorgeous and unique, lively and ups and downs, and they are like songs, which are well-known aria widely circulated in Mei school.

  Repertoire: Legend of the White Snake

  Performance time: 2: 00 pm on January 2.

  Starring: Outstanding young actors Zhu Hong, Chen Xuzhi, Dai Zhongyu, Dennies Hu, etc. lead the performance, while Chen Guosen, Liu Kuikui, Wang Haoqiang, etc.

  Introduction: The story of White Snake and Xu Xian has been circulated among the people in China for a long time. Now the Peking Opera Legend of White Snake, which is often performed, is performed according to Mr. Tian Han’s version. From the time when White Snake and Green Snake went down the mountain to swim around the lake, to the time when Green Snake destroyed the tower and reunited with Bai Xu, there were plots such as getting married, changing wine, stealing grass, going up the mountain, fighting with water, breaking the bridge and closing bowls. Among them, the "Broken Bridge" is particularly exciting.

  Repertoire: Yu Tang Chun

  Performance time: 7: 30pm on January 2nd.

  Starring: Xunpai Hua Dan actor Song Yixuan, Mei Pai Tsing Yi Zhu Hong, Zhang Pai Tsing Yi Liu Mengjiao and Cheng Pai Tsing Yi Lv Yaoyao starred.

  Highlights: This drama tells the story of Wang Jinlong, a son of a government official, and Su San, a famous prostitute. The drama "Su San Qi Jie" and "Three Trials" are classic passbook dramas, which have been performed by various schools. This time, the young inheritors of the four schools of the National Peking Opera Theatre gathered together to perform the complex and beautiful role of Su San with the characteristics of their respective schools.

  Repertoire: Peach Blossom Village

  Performance time: 2 pm on January 3rd.

  Starring: Outstanding young actors such as Zhang Yixin, Bai Yang, Yang Wei, Pi Rui and Zhang Yandong.

  Aspect introduction: outside the Taohua Village

  Yu Yan, the daughter of Liu Deming, and Chunlan, the maid, went to the flower field to have a spring outing and choose a husband. Bian Ji, a scholar from Lu Yu, fell in love at first sight. Unexpectedly, after some twists and turns, through the mediation of Lu Zhishen, Biansheng and Yuyan finally got married.

  Repertoire: "Shiro Visiting Mother"

  Performance time: 7: 30pm on January 3rd.

  Starring: The play brings together national first-class actors Tian Lei, Bi Xiaoyang and Xu Mengke, and outstanding young actors Li Bo, Guo Xiao, Liu Qi, Sina Zha, Bai Yang and Jin Xing.

  Highlights: The play is based on Yang Jiajiang’s story. The whole play has a deep description of the characters’ feelings, and has done enough articles on the word "human feelings". Against the background of the confrontation between the two armies and the tense situation, Yang Silang, who was trapped in a foreign country, risked his life and sneaked out to visit his mother. Endless feelings of parting, hating and missing bring us together and apart.

On the second day of the New Year holiday, Hunan received 8,466,300 tourists.

On the second day of New Year’s Day holiday, the province’s cultural and tourism markets are abundant, and residents’ enthusiasm for traveling is high. According to the modeling analysis of mobile phone signaling big data, the province received 8,466,300 tourists, including 1,446,800 tourists from outside the province, accounting for 17.09%. The analysis of UnionPay big data modeling shows that the per capita spending of tourists in the province is 1179.49 yuan. The 385 accommodation units included in the statistical monitoring received 62,700 tourists, up 46.75% year-on-year, and realized an operating income of 26,511,300 yuan, up 54.27% year-on-year. The room occupancy rate of the accommodation units included in the monitoring was 80.06%.

China-Central and Eastern European SMEs’ Video Information Exchange and Fair Held in Beijing

  Cctv news(Reporter Li Yinan) On June 16th, China with the theme of "Smooth information exchange and activating enterprise cooperation" — The video information exchange and fair for SMEs in Central and Eastern Europe to resume their work and production were held at the main venue in Beijing and Cangzhou Branch. China was officially launched at the meeting — An online service platform for SMEs in Central and Eastern Europe, and a list of information and activities of SMEs from China and Central and Eastern European countries.

Speech by lu shan, Deputy Director of the European Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Speech by lu shan, Deputy Director of the European Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  Lu shan, deputy director of the European Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in his speech that with the improvement of epidemic situation in various countries, both China and Central and Eastern European countries are facing new challenges in restoring their economies and ensuring people’s livelihood, and accelerating the resumption of work and production and restoring economic and social order has become the common goal of all governments. For China and Central and Eastern European countries, small and medium-sized enterprises are not only an important source for countries to maintain economic vitality, but also a "main force" to absorb employment, shouldering the livelihood needs of thousands of families in Qian Qian. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the China Municipal Government has actively taken measures to provide strong support for boosting the development momentum of small and medium-sized enterprises in China from the aspects of expanding total demand and increasing financial support to market players. At the same time, China is also willing to strengthen information exchange with Central and Eastern European countries, build more platforms for SMEs of both sides to resume work and cooperation, and minimize the impact of the epidemic on the development of SMEs in various countries. Lu shan expressed the hope that all parties will focus on strengthening cooperation in resuming work and production, cultivating new growth momentum, making good use of platforms and expanding cooperation, and actively set up a "fast track" for business people from relevant countries to resume work and production in China.

Mario Antuoni, State Secretary of the Croatian Ministry of Economic Affairs, delivered a speech by video.

Mario Antuoni, State Secretary of the Croatian Ministry of Economic Affairs, delivered a speech by video.

  Mario Antuoni, State Secretary of the Croatian Ministry of Economic Affairs, delivered a speech on the cooperation between the two sides. He said that the economy of small and medium-sized enterprises in Croatia is under great pressure due to the epidemic situation, and the cooperation platform between 17 countries in Central and Eastern Europe and China can play an important role, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win through complementary advantages. He believes that this exchange and dialogue is an important manifestation of cooperation and exchanges between the two sides, and hopes to further strengthen China — The economic cooperation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Central and Eastern European countries ensures that small and medium-sized enterprises can rely on stable economic policies and a strong business environment to alleviate the economic pressure caused by the epidemic.

On-site check-in of the participating guests

On-site check-in of the participating guests

  The meeting was hosted by China — Secretariat for Cooperation of Central and Eastern European Countries, China — Sponsored by the Cooperation and Coordination Mechanism for SMEs in Central and Eastern European Countries (led by Croatia), SME Development Promotion Center of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Cangzhou Municipal People’s Government, China — Organized by the Central and Eastern Europe (Cangzhou) SME Cooperation Zone, a total of 157 SMEs from China and 135 SMEs and institutions from Central and Eastern Europe participated in the online meeting, and conducted economic and trade negotiations in accordance with the four sections of "Industry, Industrial Manufacturing", "Trade and Investment, Agriculture", "Tourism, People-to-People Exchange" and "Health Care", and signed 29 memorandums of cooperation and reached 19 cooperation intentions.

The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council talks about the mainland’s new Taiwan-related measures and Taiwan’s restrictions on cross-strait exchanges

  BEIJING, Feb. 28 (Xinhua) The Taiwan Province Affairs Office of the State Council held a press conference today. Spokesperson An Fengshan responded to 31 measures taken by the mainland to promote cross-strait economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation, Taiwan Province authorities may further restrict cross-strait exchanges, Taiwan’s Hualien earthquake assistance to the mainland, and trends between the United States and Taiwan.

  Mainland launches 31 measures to promote cross-strait economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation.

  An Fengshan introduced that the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and the National Development and Reform Commission led a multi-sectoral study and promulgated the "Several Measures on Promoting Cross-Strait Economic and Cultural Exchanges and Cooperation", and introduced 31 related measures to actively promote the equal treatment of Taiwan-funded enterprises and mainland enterprises in the fields of investment and economic cooperation, and gradually provide Taiwan Province compatriots with the same treatment as mainland compatriots in studying, starting businesses, employment and life. The introduction of these measures will bring great opportunities and a real sense of gain to Taiwan-funded enterprises and Taiwan Province compatriots.

  Is the Taiwan authorities’ cross-strait policy shrinking? Taiwan Affairs Office responded

  After the Hualien earthquake, Tsai Ing-Wen expressed his gratitude to all parties in the mainland for their condolences and donations. At the Taiwanese Spring Festival Friendship Association, Tsai Ing-Wen mentioned that the cross-strait policy attitude showed signs of "turning from hard to soft". Public opinion believes that the Taiwan authorities are releasing goodwill to the mainland, but a few days ago, teams from Taiwan Affairs Offices in mainland provinces and cities were not approved by Taiwan Province. Does this mean that the Taiwan Province authorities are further restricting cross-strait exchanges?

  An Fengshan said that the Taiwan authorities’ practice of obstructing and restricting cross-strait exchanges and cooperation runs counter to their so-called goodwill to promote the development of cross-strait relations. Whether cross-strait relations can really be improved depends not on verbal goodwill, but on taking concrete actions.

  Will the mainland pass the Law on the Rights and Interests of Taiwan Province Compatriots this year? Taiwan Affairs Office responded

  Some Taiwan Province media said that the mainland may pass the Law on the Rights and Interests of Taiwan Province Compatriots this year. An Fengshan said that he did not know the specific situation. However, it is what we have been doing to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Taiwan Province compatriots, especially Taiwanese businessmen, in the mainland, including through the use of laws.

  Never allow a few people to make money on the mainland but support "Taiwan independence."

  The Honorary President of Zhangzhou Taiwanese Business Association was interviewed in Taiwan and said that he would try his best to support the decision of the Taiwan Province authorities. Some mainland netizens pointed out that this person is a "two-faced Taiwanese businessman". The current president of Zhangzhou Taiwanese Business Association publicly stated that as long as the DPP authorities do not recognize the "1992 Consensus", mainland Taiwanese businessmen will not support it.

  An Fengshan pointed out that our position and attitude on this issue are very clear. We welcome the vast number of Taiwanese businessmen to invest and develop in the mainland, but at the same time, we will never allow a few people to make money in the mainland while supporting "Taiwan independence" to undermine cross-strait relations.

  According to the survey, more than 50% of young people in Taiwan Province want to come to the mainland to develop the Taiwan Affairs Office.

  The 2018 Taiwan Province popular sentiment survey released by Taiwanese media recently shows that more than 50% of young people want to develop in the mainland, an increase of 10% over last year. An Fengshan said that the mainland’s achievements in reform and opening up over the past 40 years are obvious to all, and the various Taiwan policies promoted by the mainland in recent years that are conducive to the interests and well-being of Taiwan compatriots have long been popular among the people. Compared with the current social situation in Taiwan Province and what the Taiwan authorities are doing now, more people in Taiwan Province can make such a judgment and choice.

  Refuting that "Taiwanese actors participating in CCTV Spring Festival Evening sketch is ‘ United front ’ "

  This year’s CCTV Spring Festival Evening sketch "Going Home" starred three people from Taiwan Province, which triggered public discussion in Taiwan Province. An Fengshan said in this regard that if this kind of literary work reflecting the homesickness of wanderers is interpreted as "United front" or discrimination, it can only be said that if you wear colored glasses, the whole world will be "green".

  Some shameless people in Taiwan Province act as chess pieces for outsiders to curb China.

  An expert from a think tank in the United States claimed to make President Trump swear the Taiwan Strait as an "international high sea", and some media on the island followed suit and speculated that this move could further counter the mainland threat. An Fengshan responded that some shameless people in Taiwan Province acted as pawns for outsiders to curb the rise of China, even at the expense of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, betting on the interests and well-being of compatriots on both sides of the strait. Isn’t this painful for relatives and quick for enemies?

  Advise Taiwan not to blackmail the foreign self-respect, or it will pay for itself.

  A few days ago, a delegation composed of members of the US House of Representatives and Senate committees visited Taiwan Province and held talks with Tsai Ing-Wen, who expressed the hope that the "US-Taiwan" relationship would be established in by going up one flight of stairs. An Fengshan said that we have made it clear many times that we are firmly opposed to any form of official exchanges and military ties between the United States and Taiwan, and we are also firmly opposed to the United States selling weapons to Taiwan Province under any pretext. This position and attitude is very clear. We also advise Taiwan Province not to coerce foreign self-respect, otherwise it will reap the consequences.

  After the Hualien earthquake, mainland parties have donated 23.075 million yuan.

  An Fengshan said that after the "2.6" earthquake in Hualien, Taiwan, relevant parties in the mainland and all walks of life were highly concerned. Zhang Zhijun, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, immediately expressed condolences to the affected people and expressed his willingness to provide necessary assistance in all aspects. ARATS, the Red Cross Society of China, the Earthquake Association of China and other relevant parties and many provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions quickly expressed their condolences and condolences to the compatriots in the disaster area and those on both sides of the strait who died in different ways, and expressed their willingness to provide all necessary assistance and donations, including disaster relief equipment. According to incomplete statistics, relevant mainland authorities, institutions and enterprises in Taiwan, some provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and Taiwan-funded enterprises have donated a total of 23.075 million yuan.

  The mainland has taken many measures to ensure that Taiwanese businessmen and Taiwan compatriots return home for the holidays.

  During the Spring Festival this year, because the Taiwan Province authorities did not approve the overtime flights of two mainland airlines, the air tickets to Taiwan were tight. An Fengshan pointed out that the mainland authorities have taken various measures to fully ensure that Taiwanese businessmen and Taiwan compatriots in the mainland can return home for the holidays. During the seven days of the Spring Festival, 42,300 passengers were transported through the "mini three links" and other maritime passenger routes, an increase of 17.32% over the same period last year.

This opens the classification of domestic waste, which is creative+++!

Paint the wonderful world of garbage sorting with brushes, make beautiful and practical creative objects with garbage, and design auxiliary applications of garbage sorting with technical software …

In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of the general public to participate in garbage sorting, we will continue to guide the public to establish the awareness of saving resources and turning waste into treasure, and create a strong social atmosphere for garbage sorting. Recently, Chengdu qingbaijiang district Classification Office (Chengdu qingbaijiang district Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau) organized the collection of creative works for domestic waste classification.

Since the launch of the activity, the citizens have actively participated in making creative works of domestic waste classification. Through all kinds of orderly publicity and collection, the activity successfully gathered more than 230 creative works from all walks of life, including more than 180 garbage classified pictures, more than 40 handmade works and 2 software works.

Let’s enjoy some excellent works together ~

Healthy and low-carbon I go first

Garbage classification, national action

Garbage classification starts with me

Master of Recyclable Resources-Little Music Color

Chengdu qingbaijiang district Classification Office (Chengdu qingbaijiang district Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau) will continue to enhance the participation of citizens in the classification of domestic waste, so that the concept of green and low-carbon environmental protection will be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and build a green home together. (Chengdu qingbaijiang district Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau)

Central Plains Film Promotion Gala Held

On the evening of December 16th, the Central Plains Film Promotion Gala was held in Luoyang, Henan Province. Guided by the Chinese Film Association, this grand ceremony was jointly sponsored by the Henan Federation of Literature and Art, the China Film Criticism Society, the Luoyang Old Town District Committee of the Communist Party of China, the People’s Government of the Old Town, the Film Education and Industry Development Committee of the Chinese Film Association, and the Film and Television History Committee of the Film and Television Society of China University.

The activity kicked off in the elegant dance "Take the Lotus Pond". At the event site, Zhou Daxin, a famous Henan writer and winner of Mao Dun Literature Prize, spoke warmly and simply to encourage more filmmakers to care about the people and the grassroots. Children’s operas are sung together to inherit the classics, Heluo drum is brilliant, famous singers Yang Chengang and Kan Kan sing enthusiastically, and the dance of "Tang Palace Banquet" brings immersive experience and wins warm applause from the audience.

At the party, movies lead the audience to relive Henan’s history, culture and humanities, which are deep, broad and warm. The films "Yi Shui Luan Shan", "Zhong You" and "Walking Around" won special attention films; The film Jiao Yulu and Shaolin Temple won special tribute films; The films Requiem, My Father Jiao Yulu, Crossing Zhaoguan, Love each other, One sentence is worth 10,000 sentences, 1942, No kidding, Hu Spicy Soup, Make Dog Restless and Peacock won excellent films.

It is understood that in recent years, the old city has thoroughly implemented the new cultural tourism development concept of "subversive creativity, immersive experience, young consumption and mobile communication" proposed by Luoyang Municipal Committee, and fully promoted the mutual empowerment of "film and television+cultural tourism". The holding of this promotion ceremony will further help Henan film art creation practice, boost the high-quality development of Central Plains films, and show the new role of the old city in building a cultural power. (Qiao Yongfeng, Zhao Shuaishuai)

Teachers and students in the controversial school of Shandong University’s "study partner" project: for friendly exchange

  One international student with three opposite sex study partners? The "Buddy" project of Chinese and foreign students in Shandong University has caused controversy.

  It is questioned that in 2018, Shandong University’s "study partner" program was upgraded to one international student with three on-campus students, and the participating students in the school were mainly girls.

  On July 11th, the staff of the Propaganda Department of Shandong University Party Committee replied to The Paper that they were studying the matter.

  On the afternoon of 11th, a teacher from graduate department of Shandong University told The Paper that the "Learning Companion" program was first implemented in 2016, and it was generally welcomed by students after implementation. "Students registered actively and gave better feedback". Regarding the questioning of online public opinion, the teacher said that it was a malicious misinterpretation.

  Controversial "Learning Companion" Project

  Shandong University’s "Learning Companion" project, which was exposed by netizens in Weibo on July 6th, caused controversy.

  According to the blog post, an international student in Shandong University has three study partners. From one-to-one pairing in 2017, each international student in 2018 has three healthy study partners, forming a three-person study partner group, and the unsuccessful study partners are included in the study partner database.

  The registration form of the student partner and the regulations on the management of the student partner do not evade the problem of the opposite sex student partner. In the application form, the gender of the study partner is particularly emphasized, and "making foreign friends of the opposite sex" is listed as one of the options, and it is marked in red at the head: "Please fill in the details as carefully as possible so as to match your favorite study partner".

  Some netizens commented in the Weibo, "I really don’t understand, what is the intention of introducing those little girls who are not familiar with personnel or even have never talked about love to foreign male students as study companions?"

  The Paper noted that an online document "Description of Shandong University on Holding Chinese and Foreign Students’ Learning Companion Activities" stated that it was legal and proper for Shandong University to hold Chinese and foreign "Learning Companion Activities". The "study partner" activity for Chinese and foreign students is an activity held to promote the study of Chinese and foreign students. Chinese and foreign students are study partners, and all of them are free to register, not to find study partners for international students alone.

  On the morning of July 11th, The Paper asked the International Affairs Department of Shandong University for verification on this document. A staff member of the International Affairs Department told The Paper that the school had noticed the relevant public opinion and needed to contact the Propaganda Department for details.

  The "Learning Partner" project was implemented in 2016.

  The Paper found that the "study partner" program for international students in Shandong University was implemented in 2016.

  In October 2016, the International Affairs Department of Shandong University published the Interim Provisions on the Management of the Student Companion Program of Shandong University (hereinafter referred to as the Provisions), which indicated that the Student Companion Program was an activity to increase the understanding and exchange between China students and international students and promote the internationalization of Shandong University students.

  According to the requirements of the Regulations, the group participating in the "Learning Partner Program" is open to students who are officially registered in the whole school, and undergraduates, master students and doctoral students can participate. Students can participate in the "study partner program" for a maximum of one year, and can submit a written application to continue to participate after the expiration of the validity period.

  In addition, the "Regulations" indicate that if you go out with your school partners, you must report to the relevant person in charge for approval. If you go out for more than one day, you must apply in writing and get approval before implementation.

  On October 29th, 2016, a notice about recruiting foreign students as "study companions" was publicly released at the official website of the Graduate Association of Shandong University. The notice showed that students of study companions must have "a high level of English or Japanese, Korean, Russian and other foreign languages".

  The Paper saw in an application form of Shandong University’s exchange students "study partner" downloaded from his official website that students who signed up should fill in the basic information such as name, gender and nationality, as well as dietary taboos, hobbies and specialties, and students with study partners can freely fill in the "gender of their desired study partner".

  After the announcement of recruiting international students as "study partners", The Paper inquired in official website of Shandong University and found that Qilu Hospital College of Shandong University published the first batch of "college" matching results and the notice of the first meeting of "study partners" activities in official website on December 1, 2016. Official website announced that the activity received a total of 360 application information from 28 colleges of Shandong University, and 122 pairs of friendly "study partners" were successfully selected among 122 international students and 238 China students who registered.

  Official website of Qilu Medical College issued the Notice on Announcing the Group Results of 2018 Students’ Partners and the First Meeting Party of Students’ Partners’ Activities. As of November 15th, 2018, the activities received a total of 270 registration information. Among the registered international students and China students, 141 China students and 47 international students have been successfully selected to form 47 friendly "study partner" groups.







  She said that the "study partner" project includes a get-together. She attended the 2017 school reunion. According to her description, there were many students who participated in the party that night. Everyone came from all corners of the country and the atmosphere was very good. On that night, she met her friends from France, Pakistan, South Korea and other countries.

  After getting to know each other at the party, students can keep in touch with each other. Usually, students in China will take their study partners with them. Most of the activities are to visit famous scenic spots in Jinan together, or to have dinner, drink coffee and play werewolf killing around the school.

  Xiaoyuan said that more students still maintain online communication to help international students answer questions in campus life. "After all, everyone’s cultural backgrounds are completely different, and the probability of becoming international friends immediately is still quite low."

  A 2016 boy from Shandong University said that study companions are a normal learning exchange program, which has been going on for several years.

  The question about the internet changed from "one-on-one" to "one-on-three". The boy explained that the ratio of male to female in Shanda was originally a little more than that of female students, while the number of international students was generally a little more than that of male students. In addition, female students were generally more active than male students in participating in campus activities, so there was a situation of "three companions and one" mentioned in the news.

  The boy said that the "study partner program" requires study partners to do tasks together, such as reading books and watching movies together.

Xia Yan: Simple and Pure Personality and Style of Writing

Since the 1930s, when people evaluate and discuss Xia Yan’s literary and artistic creation and its individual characteristics, they tend to be associated with key words such as realism, refinement, dilution and significance. Just as in July 1943, Ye Shengtao wrote a poem for Xia Yan’s play "Fascist Bacteria", which was well received by all walks of life in Chengdu: "Xia Yan’s style is simple and clear, and Chinese drama art is well-known. I am glad to hear that today’s two difficulties are combined, and I will see the glory moving to Jincheng. " It has to be said that simplicity and elegance are not only the artistic style of Xia Yan’s masterpiece Fascist Bacteria, but also the consistent and beautiful experience brought to readers and audiences by a large number of well-known chapters left by Xia Yan’s various creative practices for more than 60 years.
Xia Yan
Beyond written expression, stage performance, screen projection and other media forms.
The historical situation of the modern world and modern China, especially the development trend of "left-wing" culture and revolutionary literature and art since the May 4th New Culture Movement, together with the integration of China and foreign countries, the intellectual literacy and the literary talent with pure nature and flourishing heart, not only prompted Lu Xun, Guo Moruo and other outstanding ideological enlighteners to give up their own "scientific" ambitions and embark on the road of soul salvation, but also "abandoned their jobs and joined the literature" for young Xia Yan and became China.
According to incomplete statistics, in the whole 20th century, during his revolutionary career and writing practice of more than 60 years, Xia Yan occasionally dabbled in or intensively worked on investigation reports, translated works, current affairs reviews, movie scripts (original or adapted), drama scripts (original or adapted), reportage, short stories, poems, radio plays, news interviews, close-up editorials, newspaper supplements, essays and essays. He has also published or published far-reaching works in the fields of film, drama and literature theory and criticism, wandering freely between creation and theory and criticism, and galloping between originality and translation and adaptation. His carrier spans many different media forms such as written expression, stage performance, broadcast transmission and screen projection. Although in the history of modern culture, many intellectuals have intentionally or unintentionally devoted themselves to this rich and diverse cross-media writing, it is rare to see such extensive, in-depth writing practice as Xia Yan’s, which has made great achievements.
It is particularly noteworthy that Xia Yan’s cross-media writing always meets the needs of the times and reality, and has been developed and gradually completed in his social activities and revolutionary practice. In this process, Xia Yan always turned to many teachers, worked diligently and quietly, and integrated his unique social experience, personality characteristics and spiritual temperament into different genres, themes and media, forming a simple and elegant personality and style of writing. During the "Left-wing League" period, Xia Yan was deeply influenced by Qu Qiubai, and changed and rewritten the seemingly ordinary news report in the newspaper to make it a literary work with ideological significance, artistic appeal and stronger "accusation", so as to freely switch between news style and literary style. Tian Han also made it clear in the preface to "A Story of Sorrow for the City" that Xia Yan’s accomplishment as a journalist is also very helpful to the playwright. In his view, without the sensitivity of the times and familiarity with and insight into social events, Xia Yan might not have written such excellent modern dramas as One Year, Heart Prevention, and A Story of Sorrow for the City. At the same time, Xia Yan’s theory of time or plays made people feel "consistent and sincere thoughts of worrying about the time".
Because of this, Xia Yan will constantly change his professional identity and try to write across the media according to the situation and needs, at least in the fields of reportage (Bonded Worker), drama script (Under the Roof of Shanghai), film script (Spring Silkworm, Blessing, Lin Jiapu) and film theory criticism (Several Problems in Writing Film Script).
Xia Yan (middle) is with Ba Jin (left) and Bing Xin. Information picture
Explore the different characteristics of reportage, stage performance and screen projection
Xia Yan’s great achievements in the field of cross-media writing not only depend on his extraordinary diligence and talent, but also benefit from his mastery of unique media characteristics.
In fact, although the writing of reportage, drama script, film script and even film theory criticism is ostensibly a literal grasp or literary expression, he knows better than anyone that the real audience of these different genres of writing is not "readers" in the general sense, but readers, listeners and audiences who want to gain different insights and inspirations through various media.
Due to specific historical reasons and his important position in modern literature and drama film movement, when Xia Yan entered reportage, drama script and film script creation, he basically had a relatively direct dialogue with the corresponding social groups, stages and cinemas. Therefore, the literariness of writing is always intertwined with the publicity of social concern, the drama of stage performance and the cinematic nature of screen projection. Because of this, this unique cross-media writing must be based on accurately grasping the media characteristics of reportage, stage performance and screen projection, that is, "writing for society", "writing for stage" and "writing for screen".
As far as writing for the screen is concerned. Film is an imported art form. When the "Party’s Film Group" led by Xia Yan was ordered to work as a screenwriter and write film reviews in Shanghai Star Film Company, he should have no personal experience of film as a media characteristic different from literature. However, the great achievements of China’s "Left-wing" film movement can’t be separated from Xia Yan and others’ recognition of the media characteristics of film as a new audio-visual carrier, and their extraordinary efforts in watching one film after another, learning over and over again, and analyzing one frame at a time. Only by truly understanding the characteristics of the narrative, picture, editing, rhythm and genre of movies that are different from those of literature and drama, can Xia Yan win the trust of film directors and production companies more smoothly, and lead the times with a number of excellent plays such as Wild Flow and Spring Silkworm, and create classics in film history. Until 1958, Xia Yan still regarded film plays as a special "business" and a special "learning" with its own special laws and similarities and differences with drama and literature.
It is precisely because we always attach importance to the special laws and media characteristics of film plays that Xia Yan’s "Blessing" and "Lin Jiapu" adapted from Lu Xun’s and Mao Dun’s novels will conquer audiences at home and abroad with their cinematic viewing experience and screen charm, and become simple, elegant and meaningful model works in film history.
The picture of the film "Lin Jiapu" written by Xia Yan.
Expect creators and actors to "have more real life in the play and less drama in the real life"
From beginning to end, Xia Yan kept his dual mission of revolution and literature and art in his heart and shouldered it. What is even more commendable is that Xia Yan did not easily devalue the aesthetic function of literary and artistic creation because of his revolutionary cause, or put aside his spiritual appeal of directly attacking the human soul. On the contrary, a revolutionary’s affinity and intellectual’s bookish spirit always lingered between Xia Yan’s lines, showing a clear track of increasingly profound realism and charming charm in his simple and elegant style of writing.
Xia Yan’s pursuit of realism is not only related to his "engineering" experience in his youth, but also related to his social mission as a professional revolutionary. Similarly, the pursuit of realism is not only a broad road for the May 4th Movement to forge ahead for modern literature, but also inseparable from Xia Yan’s personal temperament of being good at facing reality, always caring for the people and loving the world.
In an article, Wu Zuguang once pointed out that reading Xia Yan’s works, whether scripts, essays or political sketches, will make people think of Chekhov’s "conciseness" and "significance"; Even in appearance, Xia Yan and Chekhov, holding a cane and holding a pipe, look like "quietly observing the world", which is the realistic feature of Xia Yan’s creation. In the screenplay Spring Silkworm, the silkworm breeding nest and rural life are almost recorded, and the colorful metropolis features and all kinds of people in the screenplay Spring Silkworm, the drama screenplay A Corner of the City and Under the Roof of Shanghai, as well as the "realistic description of the characters as much as possible" in the large historical drama Sai Jinhua, have all made important contributions to the development of China’s realistic movies and dramas. The drama One Year is also called "calm and promising realism" by literary historians.
Of course, in the "quiet observation" of the world, Xia Yan showed his calmness in facing the reality and his kindness in caring for the common people. However, he also emphasized more enthusiasm and abundance in going deep into life and discussing the "inner revelation" and "spiritual world" of the characters, and asked the creators and actors to "have more real life in the play and less drama in the real life". From the inside out, we should respect the inevitability and rationality of facts, environment and characters’ words and deeds, and master the accurate proper limit based on reality and the original appearance of human nature, without making useless cries or malicious concealment. This creative practice and literary concept saturated with Marxist humanitarianism can not only appreciate its elegance in Blessing and Lin Jiapu, but also give endless influence and inspiration to later generations.
Indeed, Xia Yan’s simple and elegant writing style, his successful cross-media writing, his unique grasp of media characteristics and his profound pursuit of realism complement each other, making outstanding contributions to China’s culture and art in the 20th century, and leaving a valuable cultural and artistic heritage for future generations. (Li Daoxin, Vice President of Peking University Art Institute, "Changjiang Scholar" distinguished professor)

CCTV exposed a number of unqualified household paper and waste paper as raw materials, and the bacteria exceeded the standard by four times.

  CCTV News: Tissue paper and toilet paper, collectively referred to as household paper, are one of the just-needed products for living at home now. In fact, just 30 or 40 years ago, these professional household papers, especially tissue papers, were still high-end goods and rare goods in our lives. Of course, now that everyone has a good life, professional household paper has become a necessity of life, but a supervision and spot check by the relevant departments found that some household paper actually has a low level of hygiene.

  Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision recently conducted supervision and spot checks on tissue paper and toilet paper products. The results show that some tissue paper is produced with recycled raw materials, and some toilet paper is "unsanitary" and many other unqualified problems.

  Li Xiaotong, inspector of Jiangsu Paper Printing Products Quality Inspection Station, said that there were 162 batches of samples of tissue paper and toilet paper in this supervision and spot check, including 99 batches sampled by production enterprises, 18 batches purchased by physical stores and 45 batches purchased by e-commerce platforms. All samples involved 112 brands of 101 production enterprises.

  In this supervision and spot check, Jiangsu Quality Supervision Bureau entrusted Jiangsu Paper Printing Product Quality Inspection Station and Huai ‘an Quality Inspection Institute to conduct testing. Among the 162 batches of samples, there were 88 batches of tissue paper and 74 batches of toilet paper.

  In the interview, the reporter noticed that in this supervision and spot check, the unqualified rate of tissue paper was much higher than that of toilet paper. Among the 35 batches of unqualified samples, 28 batches of tissue paper were used.

  The content of tissue paper is a quantitative information that the manufacturer clearly shows consumers how many sheets of paper are contained in this package of tissue paper on the outer packaging of the enterprise. However, in this supervision and spot check, it was found that 13 batches of tissue paper were unqualified, which is what we usually call short weight and short weight. As you can see, there are 500 sheets of tissue paper labeled as Yiran brand in my hand, but after testing, there are only 132 sheets of tissue paper in this package, which is only about a quarter of the express value.

  After testing, among 28 batches of unqualified tissue paper samples, there are 13 batches with insufficient internal capacity, which is the biggest problem found in this supervision and spot check.

  Of the 13 batches of unqualified samples, 8 batches were sampled from production enterprises, including:Named "Meijiaxin" extraction embossed napkin produced by Nanjing Bairun Paper Co., Ltd.; Named as "Weiyi (Cocoa Elephant Series)" extraction paper towel produced by Nanjing Yuankuo Technology Industry Co., Ltd.; Known as "Yinsijie" natural bamboo pulp paper produced by Zhenjiang Minzhen Paper Co., Ltd.; Known as "Shunan" removable facial tissue produced by Zhenjiang Sunan Trading Co., Ltd.; Known as "Haoxiang" bamboo fiber tissue produced by Zhenjiang Haoxiang Paper Co., Ltd.; Known as "Qianfeng" handkerchief paper produced by Changzhou Yudi Paper Co., Ltd.; Named as "Jieshilian" removable facial tissue produced by Baofuda Sanitary Products Factory in Shang Hu Town, Changshu City; Known as Xuzhou Tianqiang Paper Co., Ltd. produced "Xuanzhu" removable facial tissue.

  4 batches are purchased from physical stores, including nominal sentences."Merlot" extracted facial tissue produced by Rongshi Jingwang Paper Factory; Known as "Yiran" removable facial tissue produced by Jiangsu Yangzhou Yiran Paper Co., Ltd.; Named "Fang Yaxin" produced by Jinsheng Sanitary Paper Factory in Jiangning District, Nanjing, with 420 pieces of removable facial tissues in gold; Named "Yufeng" removable tissue paper produced by Nanjing Yufeng Paper Processing Factory.

  1 batch purchased from e-commerce, nominallyExtractable facial tissue produced by Senli Paper Group Co., Ltd..

  In addition to the lack of internal capacity, this test found that the second major problem of tissue paper is that manufacturers illegally use recycled fibers as raw materials.

  According to the inspectors, the national standard for tissue paper stipulates that recycled fibers are not allowed, and native wood fibers or non-wood fibers must be used. The national standard of toilet paper allows the use of native wood fiber, non-wood fiber and waste paper fiber. Wood fiber refers to primary wood pulp, non-wood fiber includes rice straw, straw, bamboo and sugarcane pulp, and recycled fiber is waste paper pulp.

  The inspector told the reporter that the color of tissue paper produced by primary wood pulp is white, while the color of tissue paper produced by recycled fiber is gray and dark. At the same time, there are usually residual ink spots on its surface.

  After testing, it is called a sentence"Merlot" extracted facial tissue produced by Rongshi Jingwang Paper Factory; Named "Yufeng" extraction tissue paper produced by Nanjing Yufeng Paper Processing Factory; Named as "Jielian" removable tissue paper produced by Suzhou Weirou Paper Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu Province.All three batches of tissue paper samples were found to contain migrating fluorescent whitening agents, and their dust levels were also unqualified. Consumer use

  Such a tissue paper wipes the mouth, and the mobile fluorescent whitening agent may be absorbed by the human body, causing hidden dangers to the health of consumers.

  NominallyThe "Pinrui" luxury handkerchief paper produced by Chengdu Jinxiangcheng Paper Co., Ltd. is marked with product grades outside the national standard at will. At the same time, some samples, such as "Yinsijie" paper handkerchiefs produced by Zhenjiang Minzhen Paper Co., Ltd., have the phenomenon that manufacturers falsely mark product grades.

  During the inspection of toilet paper in this supervision and spot check, it was found that the total number of bacterial colonies in 5 batches exceeded the standard, and the samples with the worst hygiene index exceeded the national standard by more than 4 times. According to the inspectors, the total number of bacterial colonies is unqualified, which means that the toilet paper is "unsanitary".

  The unqualified samples of this index include: nominal"Friends of the Skin Wrinkled Toilet Paper" and "Jinbaide Advanced Wrinkled Toilet Paper" produced by Hongze Jinbaide Paper Co., Ltd.; Marked as "Nantong Haian Baihui Paper Factory", it is called "Shuang Dian Gao Jian Toilet Paper"; "Double Panda brand toilet paper" produced by Quzhou Double Panda Paper Co., Ltd.; Flat toilet paper produced by Shanghai Jiedu Paper Co., Ltd. Wait.

  The test found that these five batches of samples with unqualified hygiene indicators were all flat-cut toilet paper produced from recycled raw materials.

Small dining table records 40 years of living standards, and people’s dining consumption has increased by 474 times.

  On April 25, 1993, Xinyuanli grocery store in Chaoyang District had a variety of goods, which fully met the shopping needs of citizens. Zhang Fengshe

  In the past, expensive white-flour steamed bread has now become a common staple food. Eating a foreign fast food has also changed from a "luxury consumption" to a daily consumption. More Chinese food companies have gone out to sea to make money, and the scale of China’s catering market has climbed 700 times … … Over the past 40 years of reform and opening-up, the changes on the small dining table have permeated the ups and downs of ordinary people’s lives, recorded the continuous improvement of ordinary people’s living standards, and witnessed the rapid changes in China’s economy and the improvement of China’s comprehensive national strength.

  Dining table memory

  Meng Xianqi, who lives in Chaonei Toutiao Community in Dongcheng District, is 75 years old. The old man was born in the age of material shortage. When he mentioned the changes on the dining table, what the old man wanted to share most was his story with half a bowl of noodles and a drawer of steamed bread.

  "Not enough noodles, vinegar to gather together"

  In 1979, Meng Xianqi was still a graduate student at Beijing Normal University. One morning, I went out shopping and sending things with my classmates. After I finished, I had to eat out after school. They searched for a long time and found a Daoxiao Noodles Pavilion in Xisi. They only had half a catty of food stamps, which was only enough to buy a bowl. What should we do? Only two people can share it, and one person has two and a half. There is not enough food for two people! Just don’t know what to do, Meng Xianqi saw the vinegar on the table, and vinegar doesn’t cost money. So the two men poured vinegar fiercely. "The noodles are not enough, and the vinegar will come together." Everyone poured a small bowl, and their eyes were so sour! The old man said that up to now, after passing through Xisi, there will still be acid reflux in his stomach.

  Yiti steamed bread quanjiarang

  In 1985, at that time, I still bought food on a monthly basis. Meng Xian started out with a weight of more than 110 kilograms. Two sons, one in the sixth grade and the other in the third grade, were able to grow up. Every month, there was not enough food at home. At the end of the month, he became worried and had to borrow it from relatives and friends.

  Meng Xianqi recalled that flour and rice, that is, white flour and rice, only accounted for 20% of the 110 kilograms, and the rest was corn flour. When cooking, my wife steamed a steamed bun and a steamed bun, and the steamed bun was divided equally between the father and the son, and I didn’t eat any. At this time, Meng Xianqi took out his own steamed bread and gave it to his wife. The children also learned from their father and took out one for their mother. And his wife always said, "Your father has a bad stomach, and eating coarse grains is uncomfortable;" You are growing up and need nutrition. Mom has a good stomach and good health. It doesn’t matter if she eats more coarse grains. " Say that finish and then return the steamed bread, so that you can push me for a while. Every time I think about these old people, I feel uncomfortable.

  Dining table change

  Not only should we eat enough, but we should also eat healthily and well.

  With the development of economy, food and non-staple food are constantly enriched, and food stamps can also be used to buy steamed bread and cakes in the street and in the canteen of the unit; Later, the food ration and food stamps were cancelled, and all kinds of pasta were available in the market. Originally, the steamed bread that had to be let go at the dinner table became the most common staple food, but the food made of coarse grains was more expensive. This expensive and cheap change is the great enrichment of the material life of ordinary people for decades. People no longer just pursue full food, but also eat healthily and well.

  Not only staple food, but also various vegetables and aquatic products are now extremely rich. If 40 years ago, vegetables were "what you eat", it was nothing more than cabbage, radish and potato. Today, 40 years later, there are so many kinds of vegetables that you can’t name them, and you can have whatever you want. In the past 40 years, with the area of cultivated land reduced by nearly 60%, the output of major agricultural products has increased dozens of times. While the number of agricultural products is extremely rich, the variety of agricultural products in Beijing has also achieved diversified and high-end development, especially the promotion and planting of special dishes and out-of-season vegetables, which not only enriched the "rice bag" and "vegetable basket" of the capital, but also made the citizens feel a real sense of gain and happiness.

  Dining table "import"

  The influx of foreign catering brings new tastes and changes.

  On November 12, 1987, the first restaurant in China of KFC opened at No.1 Zhengyang Market, Qianmen West Street, which was also the first foreign-funded restaurant to enter China. On the opening day, it attracted countless customers who came to try early adopters. "All of them were discharged from the door to the other side of Qianmen Street." According to an old employee of KFC, "People are curious about what fried chicken sold by KFC looks like. Many people hold pots to hold it, and some people think that eating chicken is just about buying it, so they will say: ‘ Give me two KFC … … ’”

  At that time, a piece of original chicken from KFC cost 2.5 yuan and a set meal from 7.8 yuan. In 1987, the monthly income of ordinary cadres in China was only about 100 yuan. Therefore, in those days, eating KFC was considered a high consumption. The average family would order a set meal for their children, and the parents would have to eat a little bone left after eating. Some couples chose KFC as the wedding venue. It is reported that the highest single-day turnover of the former store was as high as 160,000 yuan, setting a world record for KFC at that time.

  After KFC settled in Beijing, McDonald’s opened a shop in Shenzhen in 1990, and Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Yoshinoya, etc. also poured into the China market. These international brands of foreign catering not only enrich the catering market, but also bring more diversified catering culture to China consumers. Their advanced management mode has also given a vivid lesson to a number of domestic catering enterprises.

  Dining table "exit"

  Chinese food goes to sea to become the representative of China traditional culture.

  At the same time, as a gourmet country, Chinese food, which represents China’s traditional culture, has been trying to go abroad. In recent years, China Cuisine Association has continuously organized catering enterprises to actively participate in overseas exchanges, skill competitions and exhibition activities, etc., to promote Chinese food culture to the world. According to incomplete statistics, Chinese restaurants have settled in 188 countries and regions in the world during the 40 years of reform and opening up, and the number of restaurants is as high as 200,000. Leading catering enterprises such as Quanjude, Meizhou Dongpo, Haidilao, Huajia Yiyuan and Dadong have successfully expanded overseas markets. According to a survey in new york in 2018, Chinese food has become the most representative element of China traditional culture in the eyes of overseas respondents.

  Near the Harvard campus, Chinese restaurants such as "baobao" steamed stuffed bun shop, Hong Kong House, flame, and Nanbei Jiayuan all have considerable influence. Chinese food is a popular form of catering for local students.

  In new york, known as the capital of the world, Chinese restaurants can be found everywhere. Especially in Manhattan, there have been some restaurants that are very suitable for China’s local tastes. However, considering the acceptance, most Chinese restaurants in the United States will make adjustments to the tastes of local people, such as frying more, being sweeter, being less spicy, etc., and American Chinese food like Zuo Zongtang chicken has also appeared.

  The popularity of Chinese food is inseparable from the prosperity of the motherland, the improvement of Chinese social status and the improvement of Chinese food environment and service.

  Our reporter Sun Wenwen