Just bought a new car and changed it into an old one. The owner is angry! The merchant replied like this. …

  CCTV News:Faced with the question that "voice" is greater than "product", since the beginning of this year, the new car-making force, which is mainly based on the Internet, has begun to provide a large number of new cars to the market. In the first half of this year, the production and sales of the three head enterprises, Tucki, Weimar and Weilai, all approached 10,000 vehicles. While consumers are experiencing the new mode of building cars on the Internet, new problems have also emerged.

  Just bought a new car, changed the old one, and the loyal car owner turned black.

  Early in the morning, Zhu Yue drove his new car, which he had just bought for less than a month, from Shenzhen to Xpeng Motors headquarters. Now, he has long forgotten the joy when he picked up the car. The purpose of going to Guangzhou this time is to discuss this new car.

  Zhu Yue, owner of Xpeng Motors, Shenzhen, Guangdong:I feel trapped and cheated. Because at the beginning, I also wanted a high battery life when I ordered this car, but the sales kept telling me that there was no such version.

  To Zhu Yue’s surprise and anger, on July 10th, Xpeng Motors officially released the G3 2020 model and accepted the reservation at the same time. The new model not only fully optimizes the chassis and braking performance, but also greatly increases the maximum cruising range from 365 km to 520 km, while the price has only increased by more than 10,000 yuan.

  Zhu Yue, owner of Xpeng Motors, Shenzhen, Guangdong:I can’t accept this high-endurance version later. I have repeatedly stressed the need for a high-endurance version even if the price is increased.

  What makes car owners most dissatisfied is that in June, many salespeople not only denied that there would be a new car with high endurance in the near future, but also urged car owners to book cars on the grounds that subsidies for new energy vehicles would decline.

  Hao Xianju, owner of Xpeng Motors, Guangzhou, Guangdong:There is no reason to build a car, only half a month and then build it. So I feel misled and cheated.

  Fan Nina, Head of Guangzhou Gaode Land Experience Center in Xpeng Motors:We also know the news synchronously with the consumer, just one hour in advance.

  Data show that G3, as the first product in Xpeng Motors, did not start mass delivery until March this year. In other words, most car owners have only used 2019 new cars for less than 4 months, and now they have become old models. In June 2019 alone, the 2019 model of G3 sold 2,237 vehicles, accounting for almost a quarter of the total cumulative sales of 9,596 vehicles.

  Li Pengcheng, General Manager of Xpeng Motors Brand Public Relations:There are some differences between the new forces of making cars and traditional automobile enterprises. Our products will be iterated quickly from now to the future, and the hardware iteration, such as the electronic control of battery motors, has indeed developed rapidly in recent years, so the product iteration will be relatively faster.

  The solution is not satisfactory. It is difficult for consumers to defend their rights.

  In the face of the dissatisfaction of car owners, recently, He Xiaopeng, chairman of Xpeng Motors, publicly apologized on the Internet. "The rapid iteration of our hardware really blocked our former Pengyou, sorry!" This week, Xpeng Motors officially gave the exclusive rights and interests of the old car owners, but consumers didn’t buy it. Just this weekend, car owners in many cities across the country are defending their rights to Xiaopeng Automobile.

  At the Xpeng Motors Service Center of Chengshou Temple in Beijing, more than 30 car owners and the staff of Xpeng Motors are having a heated debate. According to the solution put forward by Xpeng Motors on July 24th, every old car owner has two choices: to get a consumption fund of 10,000 yuan now, or to choose the right to replace it with a 60% discount when it is replaced in Xpeng Motors three years later. Faced with such a solution, the car owners at the scene did not agree.

  The legal person believes that if the salesperson’s introduction to the old model is true and no other facts are fabricated, it will be difficult to legally determine that it constitutes fraud, and it will be difficult to terminate the contract. At the same time, it is not easy to organize evidence to prove that salespeople are subjectively and intentionally concealing facts.

  Li Bin, lawyer of China Consumers Association Lawyers Group:If all the information propaganda of the old car itself is true, it just means that you bought the old car because you didn’t know that the new car was coming on the market, which obviously doesn’t conform to the legal situation that you can legally return the car unilaterally, so I’m afraid it won’t be realized.

  Iteration accelerates to normal, and new forces encounter new problems.

  The core of the dispute between consumers and Xpeng Motors is the iteration of automobile product upgrading. Under normal circumstances, the price of traditional cars will be gradually lowered over time. Car companies will generally forecast the new models in advance, and promote the price reduction of the previous generation models to a certain extent, and the update time is generally 3 ~ 4 years. This time, Xpeng Motors caused controversy mainly because the product iteration was too fast, and the news of updating the model was not told to consumers before. These new problems are also industry problems faced by Internet car companies.

  The new car-making forces, represented by Weilai, Tucki and Weimar, have deep Internet genes, and their sales models are very different from those of traditional cars. On the one hand, the iterative speed of product upgrade is fast, and the technology will be updated in half a year or even three months. On the other hand, because the enterprise has a weak foundation for building cars, the production cycle of initial models is long, and consumers have to wait for several months or even more than one year after placing orders.

  Experts said that at present, the domestic battery cost is basically declining at a rate of 20% per year, and the cruising range is rapidly increasing, with "revolutionary changes" almost every year. In order to seize the market, all car companies will apply the latest technology to new cars at the first time, and the price is also sold at the cost.

  In December last year, the second mass production model ES6 of Weilai was officially launched, which caused a dispute about whether the old model ES8 would be eliminated or reduced in price. On February 28 this year, Tesla officially announced that the price of all the models on sale had been greatly reduced, which was fiercely resisted by the old car owners. Tesla was also forced to introduce a compensation plan for users who had placed an order and did not mention the car. How to deal with the relationship between technology upgrading, rapid product iteration and consumers will be an urgent problem for Internet car companies.

Great Wall pickup trucks sold 21,251 Great Wall guns worldwide in June, with a cumulative sales volume of over 10,000 in 23 months.

  Recently, Great Wall pickup truck announced its sales data for June. Great Wall pickup trucks sold 21,251 units worldwide in June, up 18% year-on-year and 25% quarter-on-quarter. Among them, 5,132 units were sold overseas, up 49% from the previous month. From January to June, the global sales totaled 94,417 units. Great Wall Gun sold 14,674 units worldwide in June, up 46% year-on-year, with a cumulative sales volume of over 10,000 in 23 months, ranking first in pickup truck sales. From January to June, the Great Wall Gun sold 71,088 units worldwide, up 14% year-on-year.

  In May 2022, the 300,000th complete vehicle of the Great Wall Gun was officially rolled off the assembly line. From zero to 300,000, the Great Wall Gun took only two years and eight months, creating a new "Great Wall Gun Speed", becoming the first high-end pickup truck brand in China to break through 300,000 sets, setting a new industry record, leading the brand upward, and helping the category value of pickup trucks to jump.

The Great Wall pickup truck sold 21,251 Great Wall guns worldwide in June, and the cumulative sales in 23 months exceeded 10,000 copies of _fororder_image001.

The 300,000th complete vehicle of Great Wall Gun officially rolled off the assembly line.

  Diversified product layout helps the industry to move up with category innovation

  At present, a new wave of lifting the ban on pickup trucks is coming. In particular, the State Council has twice issued a document to support the relaxation of restrictions on pickup trucks entering cities and the formal implementation of General Technical Conditions for Multi-purpose Trucks. More and more cities have joined the lifting of the ban on pickup trucks, and the pickup truck market has a million-level expansion potential. Great Wall Gun insists on category innovation and redefines pickup truck. Pickup truck is a family universal car, a living car and a universal modified car. Seize the opportunity, Great Wall Gun will make full efforts to take advantage of leisure and fashion business, and the global product layout will achieve full lineup, full scene and full price coverage. The Great Wall Gun Fashion Products category focuses on building compact and medium-sized pickup trucks, and is committed to building a car of value and people’s livelihood for thousands of industries. In March, the fashion commercial pickup truck King Kong Gun was officially launched. With the five hard-core strengths of Fashion King Kong, Smart King Kong, Super King Kong, King Kong Quality and Ever-changing King Kong, together with users in the new era, we will jointly expand new formats, innovate businesses and help industrial upgrading.

Great Wall pickup trucks sold 21,251 Great Wall guns worldwide in June, and the cumulative sales in 23 months exceeded 10,000 _fororder_image002.

King kong cannon

  The passenger leisure category is based on the global intelligent professional off-road tank platform, covering medium-sized, large-sized and full-size pickup trucks in an all-round way, and is committed to meeting the diversified and personalized needs of users. In May, the trailer versions of passenger guns and commercial guns were officially launched, and they have the towing qualification of C6 driving, unlocking the life of pickup trucks in the whole scene. At present, the whole vehicle system of the Great Wall Gun has been equipped with trailer models. In June, 2022 Black Bomb was launched, and the chassis was newly developed and upgraded to meet the individual needs of off-road players.

Great Wall pickup trucks sold 21,251 Great Wall guns worldwide in June, and the cumulative sales in 23 months exceeded 10,000 _fororder_image003.


  Recently, the Great Wall Gun has two major categories, leisure and fashion business. The 2022 Black Bomb, Off-road Gun Trailer and King Kong Gun Flat-bottom Container have appeared at auto shows in Qilu and Chongqing successively, further enhancing the brand potential with a new look. As the leader of pickup trucks, Great Wall Gun constantly helps the industry to move up with category innovation. In June, Great Wall Gun, as a representative of pickup truck enterprises, participated in the seminar on promoting the development of pickup truck characteristic consumer market in 2022 (the third session). The association, friends and media jointly promoted the establishment of pickup truck branch to promote the prosperity and development of pickup truck market.

  Insist on users to create deep ploughing circles and create a full-scene pickup life.

  Great Wall Gun insists on creating user brands with users, and promotes pickup truck culture in China. During the Dragon Boat Festival, the third season of the Great Wall artillery survey of Mount Everest was held. More than 100 people gathered in Lhasa, and all the way through the complex weather test in the plateau area, they successfully arrived at Mount Everest base camp to pay tribute to the spirit of climbers. Since 2020, the Great Wall Gun has been measuring Everest for three consecutive years, and practiced the "climber spirit" with its own experience.

Great Wall pickup trucks sold 21,251 Great Wall guns worldwide in June, and the cumulative sales in 23 months exceeded 10,000 _fororder_image004.

Measure Everest activities

  Playing with users, Great Wall Gun also held the Mars artillery team crossing the sea channel, the first artillery conference and the desert cross-country challenge, and jointly created the 2022 Great Wall Gun Outdoor Sports Carnival with Tik Tok to jointly build the China pickup cultural base camp, making pickup a life, an attitude and a spirit.

Great Wall pickup trucks sold 21,251 Great Wall guns worldwide in June, and the cumulative sales in 23 months exceeded 10,000 _fororder_image005.

Desert challenge

  Great Wall Gun is not only the pioneer of new pickup truck category, but also the leader of pickup truck culture and the leader of users’ co-creation. Up to now, 31 provincial teams have been set up by the Firearms Association Cheyouhui, with 900,000 users of the Great Wall Gun APP, and six pickup colleges have been fully operated.

  Be a responsible corporate social citizen and help industrial upgrading.

  Empower thousands of industries and help industrial upgrading. Deeply link the tea format, and the Great Wall Cannon will create "a cannon tea together — — Explore the trip to the tea king, and set up a Great Wall artillery product co-creation base to promote the upgrading of the tea industry. Insight into the needs of drug dealers and drug farmers, Great Wall Gun launched the King Kong Gun Drug Dealer Edition to empower Chinese medicine practitioners and help upgrade the Chinese medicine industry. Great Wall Gun will join hands with users to create value and realize co-creation, sharing and win-win with users.

Great Wall pickup trucks sold 21,251 Great Wall guns worldwide in June, and the cumulative sales in 23 months exceeded 10,000 _fororder_image006.

Exploring the journey of tea king

  Great Wall Gun is more brave in corporate social responsibility, fighting epidemic situation, fighting floods, climbing Mount Everest and escorting national scientific research. Following the first batch of training camps at the end of 2021, in the first half of this year, the Great Wall Gun Public Welfare Rescue College organized the second training camp. At present, more than 80 users have graduated, which greatly improved the practical skills of public welfare rescue and empowered users to standardize public welfare rescue.

  The deepening of globalization has made China pickup trucks popular all over the world.

  At present, Great Wall Gun has been listed in more than 50 countries on four continents, and it has become the first China brand with five-star safety rating under the latest Australian ANCAP standard. Relying on the new positioning of Great Wall Motor, such as "global layout", "R&D investment", "enterprise transformation" and "user operation", Great Wall Gun adheres to global R&D, global manufacturing and global sharing to build a truly global car.

  The Great Wall Gun is also rooted in overseas local culture, helping the world’s top surfing events and Australian triathlon, escorting extreme sports, sharing a healthy life with global users, and letting global users experience the charm of China pickup culture.

  With the glory of 300,000 units, Great Wall Gun and global users create a new world of pickup trucks. In the future, Great Wall Gun will insist on category innovation and user co-creation, and represent China pickup truck brand in the global market to fight against the international mainstream brands, and the sword refers to the top three in the world, making China pickup truck popular all over the world. (Photo courtesy of Great Wall Motor)

Tang DMi top version contrast CR-V sharp mixed net speed version

  Two of the most mainstream hybrid SUVs, let’s take a look at the fuel consumption that everyone is most concerned about. There are two kinds of fuel consumption declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Honda Sharp CR-V Hybrid Net Speed Edition, the NEDC comprehensive working condition is 4.9 liters, and the Tang DMi is 1.2L. In addition, Tang DMi also has a power loss and fuel consumption of 5.5L

Tang DMi top version contrast CR-V sharp mixed net speed version

  In the actual test drive evaluation, when the speed of 0-80 is below 100 km/h at most, the DONG DMi Zunrong model has always been in the most fuel-efficient range, with an average fuel consumption of about 3.5L At this time, it is mainly driven by the motor, and the engine is only responsible for charging the motor, and it continues to operate in a high-efficiency area, so the fuel consumption is very low. Moreover, Tang DMi also has a pure battery life of 112 kilometers. At this time, the fuel consumption is 0. The engine is not working. Therefore, Tang DMi is very suitable for driving at a speed of about 30 kilometers per hour on urban congested roads. The more blocked, the more fuel-efficient it is, which is worthy of the name.

Tang DMi top version contrast CR-V sharp mixed net speed version
Tang DMi top version contrast CR-V sharp mixed net speed version
Tang DMi top version contrast CR-V sharp mixed net speed version

  Similarly, when the speed of 0-80 is below 100 km/h at most, the Honda CR-V sharp hybrid net speed version is also the most fuel-efficient range. However, it is not 100% motor-driven like I when starting, but the motor directly drives the engine to start running together, even if the full charge is sufficient. Therefore, its comprehensive fuel consumption in Bitang DMi is slightly higher. When it is below 100 kilometers, it is usually measured at around 6L.

Tang DMi top version contrast CR-V sharp mixed net speed version
Tang DMi top version contrast CR-V sharp mixed net speed version

  Then, at the speed of 100-140 kilometers per hour, the fuel consumption of both cars has increased a lot. When the average speed of Tang DMi is 130, the highest measured fuel consumption of both cars exceeds 9L-10L. It can be said that there is no difference between high-speed industrial and mining hybrid and ordinary self-priming fuel consumption.

  Let’s look at the following chassis. The suspensions of both cars are very good, flexible and comfortable to drive. If we must say something bad, the tire noise is a bit loud when the speed exceeds 130 per hour. In addition, Tang DMi chassis protective guard plate is larger than Cr-V.

  Finally, neither car has a spare tire, and the CR-V comes with an air pump and a tire repair tank. Don DMi does have a tire tonic. Because the battery is under the trunk of the hybrid model. There is no room for sinking.

  The interior atmosphere and materials are basically dominated by Tang DMi. In particular, the buttons on the CR-V steering wheel feel cheap, the multimedia screen is small and the switching speed is slow. Of course, there are also comments that BYD is slow, but the one we tested is ok.

Tang DMi top version contrast CR-V sharp mixed net speed version
Tang DMi top version contrast CR-V sharp mixed net speed version

  Well, after comparison, it is found that Tang DMi and CR-V sharp hybrid net speed version are evenly matched, with better space and interior, almost equal power and fuel consumption, and Tang has a slight advantage. However, Tang DMi has just been listed, and its stability and reliability need to be tested for a long time. CR-V sharp hybrid has been well-known in the market for nearly five years. In addition, Tang DMi has two-wheel drive systems, and CR-V sharp hybrid has four-wheel drive systems. If there are only short-distance urban scenes, you may wish to try Tang DMi. If there is still off-road demand, please consider CR-V sharp hybrid four-wheel drive systems, or Tang DM.

  Welcome to leave a message to support the one-click attention of engineering women.

  Looking back at the space and power comparison between the two cars, please see the first episode: Who is better for home hybrid SUV? Tang DMi top version contrast CR-V sharp mixed net speed version

Challenge the 72-turn road, and take advantage of the N7′ s Yunnian -A and smart chassis.

Can Tengshi N7 be bought? Which configuration is better? When is it more worthwhile to start?

After watching Tengshi N7 challenge the North 72 turn, Xiao Bian came to the conclusion that:Tengshi N7 is definitely a good car.

First, Tengshi N7′ s three-electricity system is ahead enough!

Tengshi N7 is built with the pure electric architecture of BYD’s E platform 3.0, and after iteration, Tengshi N7 is further upgraded, which is mainly reflected in the two dimensions of performance and safety.

In terms of performance, Tengshi N7′ s four-wheel drive performance versionThe acceleration of 100 kilometers is only 3.9 seconds.Proper first echelon level. And so is the rear-axle permanent magnet synchronous motor of Tengshi N7.The first mass-produced eight-in-one electric powertrainIt has more advantages in the miniaturization and lightweight level of the system, and the comprehensive efficiency has been greatly improved, which is helpful to reduce the power consumption of vehicles.

In terms of security,Naturally, I have to mention the combination of BYD CTB technology and blade battery.Compared with CTP scheme, CTB technology combines the upper cover of the blade battery and the floor of the car body into a sandwich structure of the whole car, which saves space occupation, improves the torsional stiffness of the whole car and has higher safety.

Moreover, thanks to the CTB battery body integration technology, Tengshi N7 has a lower center of gravity and a flatter floor, so the longitudinal space inside the car is naturally larger. The electric pony Xiaobian is sitting in the back row, and it is very ample in both head space and leg space.

Second, the chassis of Tengshi N7 is the ceiling in a 300,000-class pure tram.

Tengshi N7 in the editorial department of Dianju has been bought and opened for less than half a year, and friends have given unanimous praise to the chassis of Tengshi N7. In the video, I believe everyone also felt the powerful driving performance of Tengshi N7.

We often see that a car is not luxurious, high or high, and the chassis texture actually accounts for a large part. The chassis performance of Tengshi N7 is so powerful, which is a very important reason.Cloud chariot a (standard edition) system on board. The hardware foundation of this system is air spring and variable damping shock absorber, which can dynamically adjust the damping and stiffness of suspension system to better balance the handling performance and ride comfort of vehicles.

By the way, Tengshi N7 is also worried that people think that the maintenance cost of the suspension will be high.Therefore, the 8-year or 160,000-kilometer super-long warranty was introduced for the suspension.The main thing is sincerity.

Third, the intelligence of Tengshi N7 is surprising.

As all the friends who are concerned about the automobile circle know, last year, a big melon incident was that He Xiaopeng and Yu Chengdong had been fighting each other for a long time over who was the best in their AEB.

As a result, the car emperor couldn’t stand it any longer, so he came out as the referee and invited seven popular models, including Aouita 11, Tucki G9, Tucki G6 and Tengshi N7, to hold a comparative test on AEB.

I don’t know this ratio, but I directly blew up the hidden master Tengshi N7.

In the static fake car test, Tengshi N7 successfully identified the preceding car at 60km/h, ranking second, only behind Huawei’s Aouita 11 and Wenjie M5. In the rear-end collision test of static two-wheeled vehicles, Huawei’s Wujie M5 and Aouita 11 accurately identified obstacles at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, and then avoided collisions. Tengshi N7 also accurately identifies obstacles at 60 kilometers per hour, avoiding collisions. Tengshi N7 and Huawei are tied for the first place in this project.

Moreover, in the recent winter test of Knowing Car Emperor, Tengshi N7 was among the best in all tests, and ACC and pure battery life were far ahead of peers.

Therefore, Dianju Xiaobian is very much looking forward to it. What level will NOA, the city of Tengshi N7, be? You know, the hardware configuration of Tengshi N7 advanced intelligent driving version is also very high, with33 sensors, including dual lidar, and a NVIDIA Orin X chip.

In short, judging from the strength shown by Tengshi N7, BYD has been reinforced in the level of intelligent driving, even reaching the level of the first echelon in the industry.

In addition to the reinforcement of intelligent driving, Tengshi N7 has also been further upgraded in the intelligent cockpit. To sum up, it isSmarter and more luxurious.

The smarter place is Tengshi N7.The whole system comes standard with 6 large screens and 6 nm process chips., multi-screen can realize the function of mutual transmission. Although the central control screen no longer supports rotation, the screen size has been further increased to 17.3 inches, which makes the visual and control experience even better.

The AR-HUD system is also equipped under the windshield in front of the driver, which displays more information and can realize real-life navigation and other functions.

In addition, the left and right air conditioning air outlet areas in the front of the vehicle are also equipped with display screens, which can display air conditioning temperature and wind speed information.

Of course, if you want to achieve and drive so many screen linkages, the hardware can’t be bad.Tengshi N7′ s cockpit chip adopts 6 nm process and integrates 5G network, and the officially announced running score reaches 550,000.

In terms of car system, Tengshi N7 is equipped with Tengshi Link super intelligent interactive car system.

In terms of luxury configuration, Tengshi N7 is directly full.

The most interesting luxury configuration isTengshi N7 cooperates with French luxury brand Divare.The first Tivare car audio system was built, which has 16 customized speakers and a total power of 960 watts. You know, as a luxury brand, Divare has to sell a Bluetooth stereo for 30,000-40,000 yuan, so there is no need to worry about the sound quality.

Of course, it is not only the configuration, but also the materials and design of Tengshi N7 in the interior space. It is very willing to pay for the materials. The combination of leather, solid wood and crystal makes the cockpit more luxurious and textured. In addition, the N7′ s seat is in place in terms of angle and support for the body. There are also many configurations such as massage and ventilation.

Moreover, the above configurations including audio are standard. In Teng Shi’s own words:The top match of others is the standard of Tengshi N7.

Fourth, Tengshi N7′ s exclusive function-double gun overcharge!

If you don’t think an overcharge is fast enough, plug in another charging gun! Tengshi N7 is equipped with BYD’s dual-gun fast charging technology. The single-gun charging power is 150kW, and the dual-gun charging power can reach 230kW. According to the official,The maximum charging mileage of Tengshi N7 in 15 minutes is 350km.

At present, many manufacturers have introduced overcharge technology, and the charging efficiency is really fast. However, judging from the popularity of existing overfilling, it is still far from enough. For example, in many high-speed and remote areas, many manufacturers have not yet laid out overfilling.

On the one hand, BYD’s dual-gun overcharge technology just covers the vacancies in some markets, allowing users to achieve charging power of more than 200kW in most parts of China and reduce charging waiting time; Second, there is no need to spend more cost to build overfilling, which can be said to be a very practical innovative technology.

Tengshi N7 not only has a strong charging function, but also has a strong discharging function. Tengshi N7 is equipped with V2V mobile power station, and its external discharge power has risen to 6 kW.

Well, speaking of which, the first question at the beginning of the article must have been answered by everyone. As far as product strength is concerned, Tengshi N7 is definitely a good car. In terms of product strength,Tengshi N7 almost integrates all the top technologies of BYD in electric drive, battery, body control and intelligence.

As for which configuration is better?

Xiao bian feels that he must buy the version with air suspension. With the blessing of Yunqi A (standard version) system, the comfort and handling of the whole vehicle will be improved a lot. As for four-wheel drive or single motor, it depends on the individual’s pursuit of battery life or motivation.

In addition, Xiao Bian suggested that if you have sufficient budget, you can also choose Tengshi N7′ s smart driving high-speed smart driving bag to enjoy the convenient and safe travel experience brought by the high-speed NOA function. Besides, there is a limited time discount now.

By the way, Tengshi N7 also has the latest terminal rights. If you want to buy a car before the Spring Festival, you may wish to go to the physical store to have a closer look.

Huawei held a spring flagship new product launch conference, and a number of new products were released heavily.

On March 23, 2023, Huawei’s spring flagship new product launch conference arrived as scheduled. Huawei P60 series, the flagship of a new generation of intelligent image and technology aesthetics, and Huawei Mate X3 series, the flagship of a new generation of folding screen, were released, and a number of new terminal products were all unveiled.

Anhui’s first tasting night, hand in hand with new technology life, Anhui Huawei’s new product release special session was held at AH-SPACE of Anhui Radio and Television Station from 7: 30 to 8: 30 pm on March 23rd, inviting many media and talents in the province to spend a new product experience trip. The atmosphere of the on-site activities is warm, so you can get to know and experience Huawei’s brand-new products for the first time, and you can also listen to professionals talking about the subtleties of Huawei’s brand-new cutting-edge technology products.



What are the key points of the spring flagship new product release? Continue browsing and unlock together:

The flagship of intelligent image and aesthetics, Huawei P60 series.

The brand-new image flagship Huawei P60 series focuses on the release, which subtly integrates smart images with scientific aesthetics, deduces the classic design language, leads the innovation of mobile images, and brings double sublimation of senses and experiences.



Huawei P60 series inherits the excellent genes of Huawei P series photography and aesthetics, and is equipped with super-focusing XMAGE image system. By upgrading the image architecture in the whole link, the optical system structure of main camera and telephoto is changed, and the super-focusing telephoto lens group is created, bringing extraordinary image experience. On this basis, Huawei P60 series has made a new interpretation of classic colors. In addition to the three colors of feather sand purple, feather sand black and emerald green, it also brings a brand-new rococo white. Rococo white color matching adopts the industry’s first "condensed Fritillaria process", which is made by hand and blended with natural mineral pearl powder to make the fuselage shine and realize the natural texture that cannot be copied like natural Fritillaria. Each branch is unique.



Huawei P60 series brings together advanced and innovative technologies, and its product strength has been upgraded. It first supports two-way Beidou satellite messages, uses four-curved Kunlun glass to be ten times resistant to falling, uses Linxi communication technology, and supports cutting-edge black technology experiences such as 88W1 super wired fast charging Turbo. The product is also equipped with HarmonyOS 3.1 operating system for the first time, with elegant UX design, which brings the improvement of exquisiteness and quality.


In addition, Huawei P60 Art was also released in shock. The product was inspired by the island, and the iconic island camera shape was created, which brought the design concept of "shape follows heart" perceptual aesthetics, created a pioneering work of artistic aesthetics, attracted many experts and bloggers, and users consulted one after another.



Huawei’s new folding flagship Huawei Mate X3: the era of enlightenment, beyond imagination.

Huawei Mate X3 creatively realizes the integration of pioneer technology, aesthetics and excellent experience, creates a brand-new folding flagship beyond imagination, and forcefully opens a brand-new era of folding screen mobile phones.



Huawei Mate X3 breaks through the weight limit. The plain leather model 239g2 has a light weight, and it is the industry’s first four-fold folding fuselage, which is warm and comfortable to hold. The reliability is outstanding, and the internal and external double screens have obtained the double five-star authoritative certification of Swiss SGS for falling resistance and impact resistance; Equipped with the industry’s highest PPI, Huawei Lingjing TM display large screen, with ultra-high resolution, dual 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, and full color gamut and full link color management, making it the first large-screen folding mobile phone with both internal and external screens certified by Rheinland TV. In terms of performance, it supports two-way Beidou satellite messages, which brings the peace of mind experience of sending and receiving two-way contact. At the same time, it is equipped with super-strong communication to ensure users’ worry-free signals anytime and anywhere. Open the all-round shooting experience, have a periscope 5 times optical zoom, and support the functions of fast flash and hovering photography; Enlighten HarmonyOS’s folding ecology, deeply optimize the intelligent interaction, split screen experience and large screen adaptation, and achieve extraordinary folding screen experience.


HarmonyOS 3 will be upgraded in all HUAWEI departments, and the M5 series advanced intelligent driving version of Huawei will be released in April.

HarmonyOS’s smart cockpit is always new, and all models of HUAWEI will start to upgrade HarmonyOS 3, bringing a smoother, more relaxed and natural interactive experience. After the upgrade, car owners can enjoy rich new functions such as super desktop, smart car search, PC collaboration, small art and no wake-up, and the new privacy mode of the main driver will protect the personal information security of car owners.



HUAWEI M5 and M5 EV advanced intelligent driving versions equipped with the latest Huawei intelligent driving technology will be released in April, bringing users an unimaginable intelligent driving experience. With the blessing of HUAWEI’s full-stack technology, Huawei’s series of cars have excellent driving and control strength with super power and super stability and comfort, ranking first in the new energy brand new car quality ranking in "2022 Passenger Car New Car Quality Report", and the net recommended value of Huawei’s M5 car owners is as high as 86.4%.


In the spring of March, everything is rejuvenated. In the beautiful spring, Anhui Duomen Store expects everyone to open a new world about the smart ecology of Huawei’s new flagship product.



On March 30th, the first sale of P60 series new machines was launched, and many smart life houses in Anhui opened with the same celebration. On that day, there were many surprise interactions and rights policies to invite you to experience.

Rights and interests:

The new P60 products of Huawei stores in Anhui offline are scheduled to enjoy multiple benefits, and the service is guaranteed to be 28% off, which is limited to the first sales gift box.

Anhui Huawei Smart Life Museum Hefei Changfeng wanda plaza, Lu ‘an Wanda and Suzhou wanda plaza stores opened together on March 30th, and received free gift packages at the opening ceremony, and the fun punch-in game kept going!

From the cloud to the deep cloud, Huawei Cloud Stack further releases the value of cloud computing.

The economic theorem that "circulation creates wealth" is applicable to commodities and currencies, and it is also applicable to the digital economy era with data as the means of production. During this period, the development of cloud computing gives enterprises and social institutions the opportunity to quantify their own production and operation processes through digital transformation and save them in the form of data in the "cloud". These data in the "cloud" help these social organizations to adapt to the development of informatization with more agile and efficient actions, and also lay the foundation for them to cope with market and social changes in the digital economy era.

In the early years, the significance of "going to the cloud" was to avoid the problem of insufficient utilization of resources in self-built data centers (general enterprises can only use 30% of the computing power provided by self-built data centers). Driven by profits, this is the "obvious value" of Chinese enterprises and institutions’ willingness to participate in the cloud. According to the data of Gartner, an international IT research and consulting organization, in 2021, the scale of IaaS in China’s cloud infrastructure and platform services market was $22.1 billion, accounting for 65.8%.

After completing the business on the cloud, more and more enterprises find that the data lying in the server that is not mobilized is like "overstocked goods", which is not of much value to this digital economic cycle system composed of data, computing power and algorithm. How to make the data in the cloud pass through the algorithm in the cloud platform and collide with new value. The "hidden value" of data is really applied to production and operation, which is especially true for large government and enterprises that want to realize "elephants can dance".

On December 22nd, a press conference was held online with the theme of "Deep use of cloud by government and enterprises, releasing digital productivity". Shang Haifeng, president of Huawei Cloud Stack, put forward three key measures around "making technology not difficult to use, making scenes simple and making experiences replicable" at the meeting to empower government and enterprises to move towards deep use of cloud, and released a new version of Huawei Cloud Stack 8.2.

"With the continuous development of innovative technologies such as big data, AI and blockchain, industry pioneers are not satisfied with just migrating their business to the cloud, but actively embrace new technologies on the cloud and carry out various innovations on the cloud. The road to cloudization of government and enterprises is gradually moving towards’ deep use of the cloud’. " Shang Haifeng, president of Huawei Cloud Stack, said in an interview after the meeting.

In his view, "deep use of the cloud" is to help government and enterprises, open up the data flow and information flow between application systems, and upgrade the existing business systems by using new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and Internet of Things to realize the intelligent evolution of business. All future innovations will be carried out based on the cloud, and the depth of using the cloud will determine whether the government and enterprises can maximize the release of digital productivity.

"Deep use of the cloud" further releases the value of cloud computing

Although it is said that realizing the concept of "deep use of the cloud" in the cloud is the only way for the digital development of government and enterprises. However, in the process of real practice, the difficulties often make cloud platform companies and government enterprises "flinch" together. Specifically, the deep use of cloud by government and enterprises mainly faces three major challenges:

First of all, technology is difficult to use. Deep use of the cloud often includes infrastructure, applications, data, AI, IoT and other technology stack. Single technology stack or multi-technology stack combination often has a high threshold. Due to lack of manpower and capacity, government and enterprises often fail to use technology;

Secondly, the scene is complex. The deeper the digitization, the richer the cloud-based scenarios involved, and the requirements of each scenario are quite different, which is not standard and difficult to copy, which becomes an obstacle to innovation;

Finally, excellent experience is hard to obtain. The existing excellent practices and innovative models in the industry are often bound with personal abilities, and there is no good platform to precipitate and then replicate.

Faced with such a test, it will take time for many cloud platforms on the market to realize deep use of the cloud. For the prepared cloud platform, "deep cloud" is not an insurmountable mountain, and Huawei Cloud Stack belongs to this kind of prepared cloud platform.

Huawei Cloud Stack is Huawei Cloud’s cloud solution for large-scale government and enterprise customers, and it is also an important starting point for Huawei Cloud to promote the deep cloud strategy of government and enterprises. In order to help government and enterprise customers cope with the common challenges of using the cloud in depth, Huawei Cloud Stack has made three major measures: "making the technology not difficult to use, making the scene simple, and making the experience reproducible".

First of all, build the best digital base of the industry and make the technology easy to use. By strengthening technical adaptation, we will continue to cooperate with Huawei Cloud Stack and ICT products, recommend the best product combination for government and enterprise customers, and reduce the difficulty of selection. At the same time, continue to enhance the key capabilities of cloud native disaster tolerance, security and application modernization, so that users no longer pay attention to the underlying technology and lower the development threshold. In addition, by transforming the methodology and tools of AI development, application integration and data governance into production lines, the complex processes are standardized and visualized, and at the same time, the industry experience is transformed into API through aPaaS, which can be directly called by other industries.

Secondly, the industry scenario scheme is standardized to make the scenario simple. In view of the diverse application scenarios of government and enterprises, Huawei Cloud Stack adheres to the strategy of taking industry scenarios as the core, continuous operation and ecological two-wheel drive. Cooperate with eco-partners, make the hardware, cloud service combination, networking, configuration and application into standardized solutions, simplify the scene, and continuously precipitate the processes and tools such as migration, optimization and operation and maintenance, so as to standardize the continuous operation process.

Finally, continue to precipitate excellent practices so that experience can be replicated. Huawei has precipitated its own digital transformation experience and best practices of cloudization in various industries into professional services, so that more industries can benefit from it. At present, more than 70 professional services in 8 categories have been launched, which run through all stages of cloud construction, cloud access, cloud use and cloud management. At the same time, more than 500 high-frequency government and enterprise applications have been deposited in the Huawei Cloud Stack area of the cloud store, and an application distribution platform more suitable for government and enterprises has been continuously built.

Up to now, Huawei Cloud Stack has served 4800+ customers in more than 150 countries and regions around the world, covering government and public utilities, finance, energy, transportation, manufacturing, medical care and other industries. The concept of "deep use of the cloud" has also entered these industries with the pace of Huawei’s cloud business. Whether it is the construction of "smart city" concerned by government functional departments or the coal mining in the underground kilometers, with its unique understanding and practice of cloud computing, Huawei Cloud is practicing the goal of empowering thousands of industries.

"Deep use of the cloud" enables government and enterprises to achieve efficient operation

For government functional departments, the application essence of "smart city" lies in "reducing costs and increasing efficiency". With the development of society, the extension of urban functions is constantly expanding, and more and more new formats and new scenes are brought into urban governance. Relying only on the expansion of functional organs will not only get twice the result with half the effort in urban governance, but also increase the financial burden. Therefore, under the framework of government functional organizations, smart cities should act as the "intelligent hub" of cities, so that more people and things can communicate and connect, and they can quickly learn and accommodate new urban change scenarios, instead of just acting as the "telephone line" for administrative orders.

In the field of smart cities, Huawei Cloud Stack provides urban intelligent hub solutions, realizing intelligent perception, intelligent disposal and intelligent distribution of urban events based on AI, and improving the efficiency of urban governance. Facing the future, it will also provide urban digital twin solutions, fully empower innovations in water conservancy, environmental protection, transportation and other industries, and stimulate new vitality of the city. In Futian District, Shenzhen, manual distribution has been replaced by intelligent distribution, and the processing efficiency of each order has been accelerated from the original average of 4 minutes to 50 seconds, with an accuracy rate of over 90%.

In April this year, Futian District’s "One Network Unified Management of Public Opinions and Quick Handling" mass appeal solution platform supported by Huawei Cloud Stack Intelligent Hub was officially put into operation, realizing one code communication area and one network communication; Explore the sharing mechanism of government credit information, sort out credit commitment items and mobile second batch items, optimize government service items, and realize digital management of the whole chain of credit approval and monitoring and reminding of the whole process; We will promote active and accurate services in government affairs, so that citizens and enterprises can do things with less tossing, less running errands and more comfort.

Huawei Cloud Stack is not limited to the smart city field. In the smart mine field, Huawei Cloud Stack provides industrial Internet solutions, realizes massive equipment access, and improves production efficiency through the integration analysis of industrial big data platforms. At the same time, through the Pangu mine model, a large number of samples and mining industry knowledge are pre-trained, and artificial experience is transformed into industry intelligence. Hongliulin Mining Industry of Shaanxi Coal Group realized the "holographic perception" of fully mechanized mining face by building the industry’s first mining industry Internet, which increased the intelligent mining rate to 97.7%, reduced the number of underground workers by 47% and improved the maintenance efficiency by 30%.

In the field of smart finance, Huawei Cloud Stack provides a new core solution for financial distribution, which helps financial customers realize the distributed transformation of core business through super-large-scale cloud native infrastructure, GaussDB distributed database, and integrated deployment of IaaS and PaaS. The new-generation distributed core system of Postal Savings Bank provides an average daily processing capacity of 2 billion transactions for more than 600 million individual customers of the whole bank, doubling the online transaction processing efficiency and increasing the batch processing efficiency by 33%.

Nowadays, whether it is the construction of smart cities or the market operation between enterprises, the sooner we understand the value of data and understand that "all future innovations will be carried out based on the cloud, and the depth of using the cloud will determine whether the government and enterprises can maximize the release of digital productivity", which will determine whether these institutions and enterprises can achieve the real "digital blue ocean" instead of being overwhelmed by data and bidding farewell to the new era.

As a pioneer in the digital field, Huawei Cloud has always defined itself as the "black land" of the digital world. In the new stage of digital economy, with the deepening of government and enterprises, Huawei Cloud Stack is working with customers to explore a new path from "cloud in business" to "deep use of cloud" to help Chinese government and enterprises keep up with the development of the times and share digital intelligence dividends.

Qinzhou polar krypton 001 price cuts hit! Special price of 269,000, limited time promotion.

[car home Qinzhou Preferential Promotion Channel] is a popular model that has attracted much attention, and now it is carrying out preferential promotion activities in Qinzhou area. It is understood that the highest discount of this model has reached 37,000 yuan, and the lowest starting price is 269,000 yuan. If you are interested in this model, you may wish to click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount.


Extreme Krypton 001 is a futuristic electric vehicle with modern technology and dynamic elements. The front face adopts a unique design style, and the air intake grille adopts a closed design, which shows the characteristics of its pure electric drive. The body lines are smooth, and the overall style is fashionable and dynamic, which is impressive. The design of Krypton 001 not only highlights its new energy identity, but also shows the unique design concept of the brand, so that people can recognize it as a Krypton car at a glance.


Extreme Krypton 001 is a medium-sized and large-sized vehicle with a body size of 4977*1999*1533, a wheelbase of 3005mm, a front tread of 1703mm and a rear tread of 1716 mm.. The side lines of the car body are smooth, and the dynamic design is adopted. The lines are simple and smooth, full of strength. The front and rear tyre size are both 255/55 R19, and the rim style is sporty and fashionable, showing the sporty style and fashionable atmosphere of Krypton 001. The overall shape is very atmospheric, leaving a deep impression.


The interior design of Krypton 001 is fashionable and luxurious, and a large number of leather materials are used to make drivers and passengers feel the noble touch. The 15.05-inch central control screen has large size and clear display effect, and supports multimedia system, navigation, telephone and air conditioning voice recognition control system, providing convenient driving experience. The steering wheel is made of electric up and down+front and rear adjustable leather material, so that the driver can adjust it according to his personal needs. Both the front row and the back row are equipped with two USB/Type-C interfaces for easy charging. The functions of the front seat include heating, ventilation and massage, which can be adjusted in four directions, backrest, leg rest and waist support, providing a comfortable driving experience. Both the co-pilot and the driver’s seat are equipped with electric seat memory function, which is convenient for many people to use. The back of the rear seat can be adjusted, and it can be laid down in proportion to increase storage space. Generally speaking, the interior design of Krypton 001 gives consideration to luxury and practicality, bringing comfortable and convenient driving experience to drivers and passengers.


Extreme Krypton 001 is a high-performance electric vehicle, with the maximum engine power of 580 kW and the maximum torque of 810 N m. This makes Krypton 001 have excellent dynamic performance during acceleration and driving. At the same time, the characteristics of electric vehicles also make them quieter and more environmentally friendly during driving.

In the word-of-mouth evaluation of car home car owners, he spoke highly of the modeling of Krypton 001. He mentioned that the model of Krypton 001 is quite modern, not as old-fashioned as some models look, giving people a feeling of vitality. In particular, the design of the front of the car, using a family-style hexagonal grille, with a strong sense of muscle LED headlights, the whole front of the car looks very domineering, giving people a feeling of muscular macho. It can be said that the design of Krypton 001 is full of dynamic and fashionable sense, which meets the aesthetic needs of modern people. In addition, Krypton 001 also has excellent performance and technology configuration, and it is a very recommended new energy vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz E300 Body Dimensions

The automobile field has always been an industry with continuous progress and development, among which Mercedes-Benz brand stands out in the market with its excellent quality and innovative technology. As a classic model of Mercedes-Benz brand, Mercedes-Benz E300 has always been the focus of consumers’ attention. Today, we will discuss the body size and characteristics of Mercedes-Benz E300 in depth to help you better understand this car.

Mercedes-Benz E300′ s body size is very suitable, neither too large nor too compact. Its length, width and height are 4925mm, 1860mm and 1470mm respectively, and its wheelbase is 2939mm. This body size not only provides drivers with spacious driving space, but also provides passengers with a comfortable ride experience.

In appearance, the lines of Mercedes-Benz E300 are smooth, and the body proportion is coordinated, giving people an elegant feeling. Its front face adopts a family-style design, and the combination of headlights and air intake grille is both domineering and gentle. The lines on the side of the car body are smooth, and the waistline extends from the front wheel eyebrows to the taillights, which enhances the three-dimensional sense of the car body. The design of the rear of the car is simple, and the shape of the taillights is unique, which echoes the headlights and makes the whole car look more harmonious and unified.

In the interior, Mercedes-Benz E300 also performed well. The car has spacious space, exquisite materials and fine workmanship. The seat is made of high-grade leather, which is extremely comfortable. The design of the center console is simple and generous, and the layout of various buttons and knobs is reasonable and easy to operate. In addition, E300 is equipped with many high-tech configurations, such as navigation system, reversing radar and multi-function steering wheel, which provides great convenience for drivers.

The following is a simple table, which can visually show the comparison between the body size of Mercedes-Benz E300 and that of the same class:

By comparison, we can see that the body size of Mercedes-Benz E300 is in the leading position in the same class, and its wheelbase and width are particularly outstanding. This not only means that E300 has more spacious interior space, but also makes it more stable during driving.

Generally speaking, the body size of Mercedes-Benz E300 is one of its highlights, which not only meets the consumer’s demand for space, but also reflects the Mercedes-Benz brand’s unremitting pursuit of vehicle performance and comfort. If you are considering buying a luxury medium and large car, Mercedes-Benz E300 is definitely a choice worth considering.

Double swords are drawn! BYD Song PLUS/2021 Tang unveiled at Changsha Auto Show.

On October 1st, its heavy-duty model Song PLUS was officially launched in Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center. The new car is positioned as "New Sensory Comfortable Class B SUV" with a 1.5T high-power engine. At present, there are four models to choose from, and the price range is 11.58-14.38 million yuan. It is understood that the pure tram version will also be listed in the future.

At the same time, the 2021 Tang, which has been waiting for countless "Di" powders for a long time, also officially appeared in Xingcheng at the same time. The guiding price of the 2021 comprehensive subsidy is 279,500-314,800 yuan; The guidance price after comprehensive subsidy is 236,800-286,800 yuan; The price of the 2021 Tang fuel version is 165,800 yuan.

Whether it is Song PLUS or 2021 Tang, the sense of advanced design inside and outside the new car has been greatly improved. Not only that, the luxury and power of the two models are outstanding at their respective price points. It is foreseeable that this double "sword" will not only provide users with better travel choices, but also make the future of the brand more worth looking forward to.

Global Super Safe Intelligent SUV——2021 Tang

The 2021 Tang still inherits the Dragon Face family-style design language created by Iger, integrates Chinese style and oriental culture into the design, and perfectly integrates China oriental culture and technology. Since its listing, it has been recognized by 210,000 car owners.

The new generation of Tang headlights adopt suspended Dragon Crystal LED headlights, and the rear taillights adopt seamless through LED taillights. There are 31 kinds of color-changing interactive intelligent cockpit atmosphere lights in the car, and there are over 770 LED beads in the whole car, allowing users to experience the beauty of the East and another beauty brought by technology.

In addition to the luxurious look and feel and comfortable experience, the 2021 Tang, as an ultimate performance product, has also been upgraded in handling. The 2021 Tang perfectly inherits the high-performance genes of family products and is equipped with super-performance DM-p technology, which only takes 4.3 s to accelerate 100 kilometers; The acceleration of 100 kilometers is only 4.4s, and the performance experience surpasses most million-class super-running SUVs.

Not only must it run fast, but it can also stop. The 2021 model is equipped with Braebo high-performance brake calipers commonly used in super running, and equipped with Bosch IPB integrated brake control system, with a braking distance of only 36m.

It is worth mentioning that the comprehensive endurance of the 2021 model has leapt again, reaching 800 kilometers, surpassing most medium and large fuel SUV;; The 2021 model equipped with a blade battery has a working life of 565 kilometers.

Song PLUS, a New B-Class SUV with Super Sense.

The face value of Song PLUS is controlled by a strong team. Former design director Iger is responsible for the overall design, former exterior director Lopez is responsible for the exterior design, former interior design director Michele is responsible for the interior design, and three international masters work together to create it. Then, the aesthetics of Song PLUS Dragon Soul will be further advanced and the comfort of the suspended cockpit will be enjoyed.

The body size of the new car is 4705/1890/1680mm, and the wheelbase is 2765 mm. The wide and low-lying design is matched with the stretched body lines and the penetrating waistline, which shows the dynamics and strength of the car body. The penetrating taillights and hidden exhaust make the tail lines simple but not simple.

The multi-layer suspension design of the interior of Song PLUS realizes the perfect integration of aesthetics and functional practicality. Song PLUS adopts gradient interior for the first time, combined with the use of imported suede materials and the embellishment of double stitches, this luxury is far ahead at the same level. Of course, traveling is not just a person on the road, but also to meet the travel of the whole family. Song PLUS has the widest body in its class, and the super-long wheelbase of the B-class SUV. Moreover, the best riding comfort angle of 28 degrees is adopted in the rear row, and the flat floor is added to create a real standard three-person seat in the rear row.

In terms of power, Song PLUS is equipped with Xiaoyun’s brand-new 1.5TI high-power powertrain, which is matched with a brand-new 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, making the whole shift operation very smooth. The highest transmission efficiency reaches 95%, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is reduced by 15%.

Not only that, as a dynamic and comfortable SUV, under the adjustment of our chief chassis expert Hans team, Song PLUS has brought the chassis performance of the former McPherson and the rear multi-link to the extreme. In the face of increasingly congested traffic, Song Plus has a minimum turning radius of 5.55 meters at the same level, which can truly achieve "one turn".

In addition, Song PLUS is also equipped with DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, such as lane assistance, intelligent navigation, traffic sign recognition and other functions, making users travel safer and more comfortable!

At the same time, Song PLUS is also a smart car that can constantly evolve, constantly upgrade and iterate. The OTA remote upgrade function of the whole vehicle comes standard, bringing users an ever-evolving leading technology experience.

Wuxi Volvo XC60 is on sale! The reserve price is 283,900, so don’t miss it.

Car home Wuxi preferential promotion channel brings you the latest preferential information! At present, the price reduction promotion is being carried out in Wuxi area, with the highest discount reaching 132,400 yuan. The starting price is 283,900 yuan. You can click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount. Come and buy it quickly!


Volvo XC60 is a medium-sized SUV with luxury and sporty style, and its design is simple and atmospheric, full of Nordic style. The front face of the car adopts the iconic Volvo design elements, including the straight waterfall air intake grille and the sharp LED headlight group, creating a strong visual impact. The body lines are smooth, and the roof lines are tilted backwards, creating a dynamic body posture. The side of the car body adopts double waistline design, which echoes the roof line and looks more dynamic and fashionable. The overall style is elegant and elegant, yet youthful and energetic, which is the consistent style of Volvo brand. At the same time, Volvo XC60 also provides a variety of personalized options, allowing consumers to customize their cars according to their own preferences. Whether on urban roads or rugged mountain roads, Volvo XC60 performs well, and it is a rare medium-sized SUV.


Volvo XC60 is a medium-sized SUV with a body length, width and height of 4708*1902*1660mm, a wheelbase of 2865mm, a front track of 1653mm and a rear track of 1657mm. The body lines are smooth, and the side contour lines are simple and smooth. With the tires with tyre size of 235/60 R18 in front and rear, it presents a beautiful curve and dynamic design style. The distance between the front wheel and the rear wheel is moderate, which makes the car body more stable and provides more spacious interior space. This model has a large body size, but the overall proportion is coordinated, highlighting the perfect combination of luxury and sportiness.


The interior design of Volvo XC60 is simple and generous, made of high-quality materials, and the overall style is fashionable and luxurious. The steering wheel is made of leather, which feels comfortable and supports manual adjustment up and down and back and forth, so that the driver can find the best driving posture. The size of the central control screen is 9 inches, which supports the speech recognition control system, including multimedia, navigation, telephone and air conditioning functions, and is easy to operate. The front and rear rows are equipped with two USB/Type-C interfaces, which is convenient for passengers to charge. The seat is made of imitation leather. The main and co-pilot seats support front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment and lumbar support. The front seats also have heating function, and the co-pilot seats also support electric seat memory function. The rear seats support proportional tilting, providing more storage space.


The Volvo XC60 is powered by a 2.0T 250 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 184kW and a maximum torque of 350 N m.. This car uses an 8-speed automatic transmission, which can provide a smooth shift experience and efficient fuel economy. This engine not only provides excellent power performance, but also has excellent fuel economy and reliability.

Conclusion: Thanks to car home car owners for their high evaluation of the appearance of Volvo XC60. As he said, the appearance of XC60 is really impressive, giving people a sense of domineering. Volvo has always paid attention to design and details, and the design of XC60 continues this tradition. The appearance of XC60 is very attractive both in whole and in part. I hope readers will have a deeper understanding of the appearance of XC60 after reading this article. Thank you for reading. See you next time!