2017 National Peking Opera Theatre New Year’s Day performance season "Qipanshan" and other major dramas were staged.

  From January 1st to 3rd, 2017, the 2017 New Year’s Day Performance Season of the National Peking Opera Theatre will be staged in Beijing Meilanfang Grand Theatre, bringing together six classic dramas such as Feng Haichao, Qipanshan Mountain, Legend of the White Snake, Yutangchun, Taohua Village and Shiro Visiting Mother. Among them, Qipanshan, performed on New Year’s Eve, is a representative play of the Peking Opera King (Yao Qing) School, with Liu Xiurong and Zhang Chunxiao as artistic directors and outstanding young actors Guo Fanjia and Hao Shipeng as the leading roles.

  Jinghua Times reporter Tian Chao

  ■ Synopsis

  Two pairs of talented people and beautiful women get married.

  The story of Qipanshan, a Beijing opera, is very in line with the appreciation habits of China people. It is a classic play with comedy color, with a relaxed style as the keynote and a happy ending at last. This play is taken from the novel Xue Dingshan’s Expedition to the West. The story takes place during the Zhenguan period of Tang Dynasty. Xiliang invaded the Tang Dynasty, and Li Shimin made a personal expedition, and Xue Rengui was trapped in Suoyang City. Cheng Yaojin broke through and returned to move troops. Prince Li Zhi ordered Xue Dingshan to hang Marshal No.2, Cheng Yaojin to supervise the army, and Xue Jinlian to pledge food and go to the rescue.

  Dou Yihu and Dou Xiantong, the chieftains of Qipanshan, were originally the grandchildren of Dou Jiande, a famous soldier in the early Tang Dynasty, who were skilled in martial arts. Dou Xiantong, in particular, is both wise and brave, and has the talent of a general. When the Tang Jun Grain Escort Team passed by the mountain, Dou Yihu, the elder brother who came to rob the grain, took a fancy to Xue Jinlian. Dou Xiantong, the younger sister, fell in love with Xue Dingshan at first sight. She led Xue Dingshan to Houshan Mountain for an excuse and proposed marriage face to face. Although Xue Dingshan also had a good impression on Dou Xiantong, she didn’t dare to promise, so she was taken up the mountain. Dou Xiantong said to Xue Jinlian, "Go back and tell your mother that I have no intention of hurting your brother. Tell her to leave Cheng Chitose and make decisions with our two families. "

  Cheng Yaojin listened to Xue Jinlian’s shy and implicit return and understood that Dou Xiantong had a crush on Xue Dingshan; After listening to a more shy and implicit report, I understood that Dou Yihu had a crush on Xue Jinlian. He also knew all the ins and outs of Doushi’s brother and sister, and learned that they were descendants of Dou Jiande, so he persuaded Xue’s mother, Liu Yingchun, to agree to these two marriages, and personally went up the mountain as a matchmaker. After some near misses, Cynomorium prevailed, and two couples also tied the knot.

  ■ Highlights

  The story is humorous and full of business.

  Qipanshan is a representative play of Wang School. In the 1970s, famous Peking Opera performers Liu Xiurong and Zhang Chunxiao rearranged it. This is a traditional drama with complete travel, equal emphasis on singing and doing, both civil and military skills, and good listening and watching. The plot is humorous, the stage is fresh and bright, and it is convenient for young audiences to watch. However, it has rarely appeared on the stage in recent years.

  This year marks the 135th anniversary of the birth of Wang Yaoqing, a master of Peking Opera. Liu Xiurong, who is over 80 years old, expressed the hope that you can see the style of Wang Opera through this play. She said, "There are too many representative plays of Wang Opera, but few people can learn it now. Now, when it comes to Peking Opera, everyone knows the four famous artists, but Wang Yaoqing is their master, but few people know it. " She also hopes that all walks of life can pay more attention to the art of Peking Opera King (Yao Qing).

  The first couple in this play are Dou Xiantong and Xue Dingshan, and Xue Dingshan on the opera stage has no high martial arts. He is weak in character, but he is beautiful and handsome. Dou Xiantong, on the other hand, is just the opposite. She is strong in martial arts, strong in character, resourceful and calculating. This contrast in personality is also related to their experiences. Xue Dingshan grew up in Wangfu since childhood, and his previous experience was smooth sailing without any hardships. But Dou Xiantong grew up in a cottage, and his experience was a lot bumpy. Such young people, when they meet in a narrow way, will naturally have a lot of opponents to see. Guo Fanjia, who plays Dou Xiantong in the play, said: "This character should be not only martial arts, but also feminine and lovely. It is really difficult to play."

  Another couple in the play are Dou Yihu and Xue Jinlian. Xue Jinlian is quiet, shy and introverted, and handsome. Dou Yihu is humorous, cheerful, strong and reckless, and full of masculinity. At first, when robbing grain, Dou Yihu met Xue Jinlian. When he was defeated and returned to the mountain to report to his sister, he was not ashamed and was very cute. When such two people meet together, they are also full of jokes.

  Another highlight of the play is Cheng Yaojin’s marriage proposal. Although Cheng Yaojin has ordinary martial arts, he is lucky and a lucky general. Personality is loyalty-oriented, easy-going, Wagangzhai, was elected king. His personality is crude and refined, witty and humorous. It will naturally be interesting for him to deal with marriage events with Dou Xiantong and Xue Jinlian. It is understood that in order to celebrate the New Year’s Day, this series of performances are all public welfare performances with low fares, and the lowest fare is 50 yuan.

  ■ Other wonderful plays

  Repertoire: Feng Haichao.

  Performance time: 2 pm on January 1st.

  Starring: Young Mei Pai Tsing Yi Jia Pengfei, young niche actor Hao Shipeng led the performance, while Lu Kunshan, Yan Shiqi and Gu Qian helped out.

  Introduction: Feng Haichao, a Peking Opera, was adapted by Mei Lanfang from the Qing Palace’s Collection "Circular Preface", originally named "The Tree of Yin and Yang", also known as "Ugly Match", which premiered in Beijing in 1929. The plot is ingenious and full of trades, which is similar to the legendary script Kite Mistake in Qing Dynasty. Xue ‘e’s several passages are gorgeous and unique, lively and ups and downs, and they are like songs, which are well-known aria widely circulated in Mei school.

  Repertoire: Legend of the White Snake

  Performance time: 2: 00 pm on January 2.

  Starring: Outstanding young actors Zhu Hong, Chen Xuzhi, Dai Zhongyu, Dennies Hu, etc. lead the performance, while Chen Guosen, Liu Kuikui, Wang Haoqiang, etc.

  Introduction: The story of White Snake and Xu Xian has been circulated among the people in China for a long time. Now the Peking Opera Legend of White Snake, which is often performed, is performed according to Mr. Tian Han’s version. From the time when White Snake and Green Snake went down the mountain to swim around the lake, to the time when Green Snake destroyed the tower and reunited with Bai Xu, there were plots such as getting married, changing wine, stealing grass, going up the mountain, fighting with water, breaking the bridge and closing bowls. Among them, the "Broken Bridge" is particularly exciting.

  Repertoire: Yu Tang Chun

  Performance time: 7: 30pm on January 2nd.

  Starring: Xunpai Hua Dan actor Song Yixuan, Mei Pai Tsing Yi Zhu Hong, Zhang Pai Tsing Yi Liu Mengjiao and Cheng Pai Tsing Yi Lv Yaoyao starred.

  Highlights: This drama tells the story of Wang Jinlong, a son of a government official, and Su San, a famous prostitute. The drama "Su San Qi Jie" and "Three Trials" are classic passbook dramas, which have been performed by various schools. This time, the young inheritors of the four schools of the National Peking Opera Theatre gathered together to perform the complex and beautiful role of Su San with the characteristics of their respective schools.

  Repertoire: Peach Blossom Village

  Performance time: 2 pm on January 3rd.

  Starring: Outstanding young actors such as Zhang Yixin, Bai Yang, Yang Wei, Pi Rui and Zhang Yandong.

  Aspect introduction: outside the Taohua Village

  Yu Yan, the daughter of Liu Deming, and Chunlan, the maid, went to the flower field to have a spring outing and choose a husband. Bian Ji, a scholar from Lu Yu, fell in love at first sight. Unexpectedly, after some twists and turns, through the mediation of Lu Zhishen, Biansheng and Yuyan finally got married.

  Repertoire: "Shiro Visiting Mother"

  Performance time: 7: 30pm on January 3rd.

  Starring: The play brings together national first-class actors Tian Lei, Bi Xiaoyang and Xu Mengke, and outstanding young actors Li Bo, Guo Xiao, Liu Qi, Sina Zha, Bai Yang and Jin Xing.

  Highlights: The play is based on Yang Jiajiang’s story. The whole play has a deep description of the characters’ feelings, and has done enough articles on the word "human feelings". Against the background of the confrontation between the two armies and the tense situation, Yang Silang, who was trapped in a foreign country, risked his life and sneaked out to visit his mother. Endless feelings of parting, hating and missing bring us together and apart.