Yanjiao High-tech Zone in Langfang: On New Year’s Day, I will stick to "No Fighting"

In order to create a happy, peaceful, neat and orderly holiday atmosphere and make people’s life more convenient and comfortable during New Year’s Day, Yanjiao High-tech Zone in Langfang has been mobilized, deployed and implemented early, and in accordance with the work requirements of "precision, fineness and strictness", it has done a solid job in urban management, created a civilized and harmonious city environment for the citizens, and welcomed the arrival of 2024 with a good urban environment.
Strengthen inspection to create a clean and tidy city appearance
Yanjiao High-tech Zone implements the management mode of combining fixed-point control with mobile inspection in key areas such as large supermarkets, farmers’ markets and primary and secondary roads within its jurisdiction, and promptly corrects problems such as mobile stalls, occupying roads, and littering vehicles, so as to actively discover, dispose of and report quickly, and ensure that the streets are clean and orderly. At the same time, urge and guide the store merchants to consciously standardize the business order, and it is strictly forbidden to operate outside the store, pile things up, and publicize violations during the holiday season to ensure safe and smooth roads and clean and orderly city appearance and environment during New Year’s Day.
Intensive cultivation, dressing up the face of the city
In order to ensure the orderly progress of sanitation and cleaning work during the New Year’s Day, the district supervised the sanitation company to fully mobilize the operators and vehicles, strengthen the management of each operation unit, and earnestly ensure that all work is not relaxed, operating standards are not lowered, and inspections and assessments are uninterrupted during the holiday period. At the same time, we will focus on the cleaning and washing of street furniture, such as urban roads, and the cleaning and cleaning of urban windows, such as railway stations, so as to create a clean, tidy, beautiful and pleasant living environment for citizens to celebrate festivals.
Abide by responsibility and stick to the front line of law enforcement
The district gives full play to the leading role of leading cadres, clarifies post responsibilities, strengthens risk prevention awareness and emergency response capabilities, strictly implements the 24-hour duty and leadership shift system, and promptly handles all kinds of complaints, so that visits, letters and calls can be undertaken, handled and achieved, ensuring the normal operation of various urban management work during the holiday season.
In the next step, Yanjiao High-tech Zone will continue to maintain a high-pressure situation, carry out all kinds of special rectification with high standards and strict requirements, go all out to maintain the order of the city appearance, adhere to the management of the city with "embroidery", take "service first, Excellence" as the new concept of urban management, continuously strengthen the inspection of the city appearance, consolidate the rectification effect and maintain the cleanliness of the city appearance. (Wang Zhihua, Shi Xiaolong)