Challenge the 72-turn road, and take advantage of the N7′ s Yunnian -A and smart chassis.

Can Tengshi N7 be bought? Which configuration is better? When is it more worthwhile to start?

After watching Tengshi N7 challenge the North 72 turn, Xiao Bian came to the conclusion that:Tengshi N7 is definitely a good car.

First, Tengshi N7′ s three-electricity system is ahead enough!

Tengshi N7 is built with the pure electric architecture of BYD’s E platform 3.0, and after iteration, Tengshi N7 is further upgraded, which is mainly reflected in the two dimensions of performance and safety.

In terms of performance, Tengshi N7′ s four-wheel drive performance versionThe acceleration of 100 kilometers is only 3.9 seconds.Proper first echelon level. And so is the rear-axle permanent magnet synchronous motor of Tengshi N7.The first mass-produced eight-in-one electric powertrainIt has more advantages in the miniaturization and lightweight level of the system, and the comprehensive efficiency has been greatly improved, which is helpful to reduce the power consumption of vehicles.

In terms of security,Naturally, I have to mention the combination of BYD CTB technology and blade battery.Compared with CTP scheme, CTB technology combines the upper cover of the blade battery and the floor of the car body into a sandwich structure of the whole car, which saves space occupation, improves the torsional stiffness of the whole car and has higher safety.

Moreover, thanks to the CTB battery body integration technology, Tengshi N7 has a lower center of gravity and a flatter floor, so the longitudinal space inside the car is naturally larger. The electric pony Xiaobian is sitting in the back row, and it is very ample in both head space and leg space.

Second, the chassis of Tengshi N7 is the ceiling in a 300,000-class pure tram.

Tengshi N7 in the editorial department of Dianju has been bought and opened for less than half a year, and friends have given unanimous praise to the chassis of Tengshi N7. In the video, I believe everyone also felt the powerful driving performance of Tengshi N7.

We often see that a car is not luxurious, high or high, and the chassis texture actually accounts for a large part. The chassis performance of Tengshi N7 is so powerful, which is a very important reason.Cloud chariot a (standard edition) system on board. The hardware foundation of this system is air spring and variable damping shock absorber, which can dynamically adjust the damping and stiffness of suspension system to better balance the handling performance and ride comfort of vehicles.

By the way, Tengshi N7 is also worried that people think that the maintenance cost of the suspension will be high.Therefore, the 8-year or 160,000-kilometer super-long warranty was introduced for the suspension.The main thing is sincerity.

Third, the intelligence of Tengshi N7 is surprising.

As all the friends who are concerned about the automobile circle know, last year, a big melon incident was that He Xiaopeng and Yu Chengdong had been fighting each other for a long time over who was the best in their AEB.

As a result, the car emperor couldn’t stand it any longer, so he came out as the referee and invited seven popular models, including Aouita 11, Tucki G9, Tucki G6 and Tengshi N7, to hold a comparative test on AEB.

I don’t know this ratio, but I directly blew up the hidden master Tengshi N7.

In the static fake car test, Tengshi N7 successfully identified the preceding car at 60km/h, ranking second, only behind Huawei’s Aouita 11 and Wenjie M5. In the rear-end collision test of static two-wheeled vehicles, Huawei’s Wujie M5 and Aouita 11 accurately identified obstacles at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, and then avoided collisions. Tengshi N7 also accurately identifies obstacles at 60 kilometers per hour, avoiding collisions. Tengshi N7 and Huawei are tied for the first place in this project.

Moreover, in the recent winter test of Knowing Car Emperor, Tengshi N7 was among the best in all tests, and ACC and pure battery life were far ahead of peers.

Therefore, Dianju Xiaobian is very much looking forward to it. What level will NOA, the city of Tengshi N7, be? You know, the hardware configuration of Tengshi N7 advanced intelligent driving version is also very high, with33 sensors, including dual lidar, and a NVIDIA Orin X chip.

In short, judging from the strength shown by Tengshi N7, BYD has been reinforced in the level of intelligent driving, even reaching the level of the first echelon in the industry.

In addition to the reinforcement of intelligent driving, Tengshi N7 has also been further upgraded in the intelligent cockpit. To sum up, it isSmarter and more luxurious.

The smarter place is Tengshi N7.The whole system comes standard with 6 large screens and 6 nm process chips., multi-screen can realize the function of mutual transmission. Although the central control screen no longer supports rotation, the screen size has been further increased to 17.3 inches, which makes the visual and control experience even better.

The AR-HUD system is also equipped under the windshield in front of the driver, which displays more information and can realize real-life navigation and other functions.

In addition, the left and right air conditioning air outlet areas in the front of the vehicle are also equipped with display screens, which can display air conditioning temperature and wind speed information.

Of course, if you want to achieve and drive so many screen linkages, the hardware can’t be bad.Tengshi N7′ s cockpit chip adopts 6 nm process and integrates 5G network, and the officially announced running score reaches 550,000.

In terms of car system, Tengshi N7 is equipped with Tengshi Link super intelligent interactive car system.

In terms of luxury configuration, Tengshi N7 is directly full.

The most interesting luxury configuration isTengshi N7 cooperates with French luxury brand Divare.The first Tivare car audio system was built, which has 16 customized speakers and a total power of 960 watts. You know, as a luxury brand, Divare has to sell a Bluetooth stereo for 30,000-40,000 yuan, so there is no need to worry about the sound quality.

Of course, it is not only the configuration, but also the materials and design of Tengshi N7 in the interior space. It is very willing to pay for the materials. The combination of leather, solid wood and crystal makes the cockpit more luxurious and textured. In addition, the N7′ s seat is in place in terms of angle and support for the body. There are also many configurations such as massage and ventilation.

Moreover, the above configurations including audio are standard. In Teng Shi’s own words:The top match of others is the standard of Tengshi N7.

Fourth, Tengshi N7′ s exclusive function-double gun overcharge!

If you don’t think an overcharge is fast enough, plug in another charging gun! Tengshi N7 is equipped with BYD’s dual-gun fast charging technology. The single-gun charging power is 150kW, and the dual-gun charging power can reach 230kW. According to the official,The maximum charging mileage of Tengshi N7 in 15 minutes is 350km.

At present, many manufacturers have introduced overcharge technology, and the charging efficiency is really fast. However, judging from the popularity of existing overfilling, it is still far from enough. For example, in many high-speed and remote areas, many manufacturers have not yet laid out overfilling.

On the one hand, BYD’s dual-gun overcharge technology just covers the vacancies in some markets, allowing users to achieve charging power of more than 200kW in most parts of China and reduce charging waiting time; Second, there is no need to spend more cost to build overfilling, which can be said to be a very practical innovative technology.

Tengshi N7 not only has a strong charging function, but also has a strong discharging function. Tengshi N7 is equipped with V2V mobile power station, and its external discharge power has risen to 6 kW.

Well, speaking of which, the first question at the beginning of the article must have been answered by everyone. As far as product strength is concerned, Tengshi N7 is definitely a good car. In terms of product strength,Tengshi N7 almost integrates all the top technologies of BYD in electric drive, battery, body control and intelligence.

As for which configuration is better?

Xiao bian feels that he must buy the version with air suspension. With the blessing of Yunqi A (standard version) system, the comfort and handling of the whole vehicle will be improved a lot. As for four-wheel drive or single motor, it depends on the individual’s pursuit of battery life or motivation.

In addition, Xiao Bian suggested that if you have sufficient budget, you can also choose Tengshi N7′ s smart driving high-speed smart driving bag to enjoy the convenient and safe travel experience brought by the high-speed NOA function. Besides, there is a limited time discount now.

By the way, Tengshi N7 also has the latest terminal rights. If you want to buy a car before the Spring Festival, you may wish to go to the physical store to have a closer look.