Transformation of Xiaoyi Dialect | Seeing the snow drifting again, they ushered in a special "Youth League Year".

See snow drifting again.

Affection is a bond that can never be abandoned; Group year is the way home for family members who are thousands of miles away. Hundreds of millions of Chinese people are looking forward to the New Year, and they are looking forward to being happy to accompany their families to have a family reunion dinner, talk about their family, and make prayers. However, there are such a group of people who are afraid of the Chinese New Year, because they miss their loved ones in the high wall more and care more during the festive season. When you see the streets decorated with lights, when you hear the laughter and laughter of the neighbors next door, they are faced with the absence of their loved ones and the year after year when they can’t "reunite".

In order to further transform the results of family support and education, the Third Ward of Yizhou Prison organized the "Spring Warming and High Wall" support and education activities, and let the relatives of criminals spend a "reunion year" with their long-lost families on the eve of the Spring Festival in 2024. This is the coldest time since winter. Relatives of criminals come from all directions regardless of the cold, just to meet their relatives in the waiting high wall. The long-awaited reunion moment was full of excited tears and gratified smiles, and also left a touching moment.

Wu Mou, a criminal, has been in prison for almost three years, but he has never met his family. The prisoner is anxious about his family, has great psychological pressure, poor sleep quality, and is often in a trance and irritable. According to the police, the prisoner’s father’s household registration is not with him, and he can’t provide proof of relationship, so he can’t come to prison to meet him. For this reason, the police contacted Wu Mou’s father many times and instructed him to issue a certificate in his community, which was included in the list of family activities. Three years later, the father and son finally met at the scene of the help and education activities, and all their thoughts were released at this moment.

The criminal Ding Mou, the youngest criminal in the prison area, is under 19 years old. In Ding’s mother’s heart, he is still a child. Ding’s mother is always worried about whether he has listened to the words of disciplining the police … When she saw the standardized, neat and clean environment in the prison area and heard the police introduce the management and education of the prison, she repeatedly said to the police: "I am relieved now, and I can sleep well when I go back."

The criminal Hu, whose wife is seriously ill. Being in a high wall, it has become his extravagant hope to accompany his wife to see a doctor and take medicine, and it has also become a heart disease when he is serving his sentence. At the scene of helping and teaching, he looked at his seriously ill wife with distress, poured hot water for her, and clung to her hand and refused to let go. They agreed to work together and wait for him to come home from prison and spend the rest of his life together.

At the activity meeting, the prison area answered the questions concerned by the family members one by one, hoping that the family members would encourage their relatives to confess their sins and repent and actively reform. At the same time, it is necessary to educate criminals to realize the difficulties of their loved ones, establish a sense of family responsibility and social responsibility, and take "not coming for nothing, not coming again" as an important goal of reform and future life.

The snow outside the window is still falling, and the multi-purpose hall in the prison area is filled with a warm reunion atmosphere. This is a long-awaited reunion, and the thoughts piled up like snow in my heart have melted into yearning for a better new life and the driving force for new life in this moment of zero-distance gathering.

A special "Year of the League" not only builds a bridge of communication and exchange between criminals and their relatives, but also enables their families to know more about prison work. On the way of education reform, Yizhou Prison has been committed to combining education reform with family responsibility and social responsibility, inspiring criminals to reform from the heart, giving full play to the ties and driving role of family ties, and inspiring the misguided souls to regain their courage and confidence in returning to society, so as to realize the transformation from the inside out.

Yizhou prison in Sichuan province

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In 2022, the national real estate development investment decreased by 10.0%.

I. Completion of investment in real estate development

In 2022, the national real estate development investment was 13,289.5 billion yuan, down 10.0% from the previous year; Among them, residential investment was 10,064.6 billion yuan, down 9.5%.

In 2022, the housing construction area of real estate development enterprises was 9,049.99 million square meters, down 7.2% from the previous year. Among them, the residential construction area was 6,396.96 million square meters, down by 7.3%. The newly started housing area was 1,205.87 million square meters, down by 39.4%. Among them, the newly started residential area was 881.35 million square meters, down 39.8%. The completed housing area was 862.22 million square meters, down by 15.0%. Among them, the completed residential area was 625.39 million square meters, down by 14.3%.

Second, the sale and sale of commercial housing

In 2022, the sales area of commercial housing was 1,358.37 million square meters, a decrease of 24.3% over the previous year, of which the sales area of residential housing decreased by 26.8%. The sales of commercial housing was 13,330.8 billion yuan, down by 26.7%, of which residential sales fell by 28.3%.

By the end of 2022, the area of commercial housing for sale was 563.66 million square meters, an increase of 10.5% over the previous year. Among them, the residential area for sale increased by 18.4%.

Three, the real estate development enterprise funds in place

In 2022, real estate development enterprises received 14,897.9 billion yuan, down 25.9% from the previous year. Among them, domestic loans were 1,738.8 billion yuan, down by 25.4%; Foreign capital utilization was 7.8 billion yuan, down by 27.4%; Self-raised funds were 5,294 billion yuan, down by 19.1%; Deposits and advance receipts were 4,928.9 billion yuan, down 33.3%; Personal mortgage loans reached 2,381.5 billion yuan, down 26.5%.

Fourth, the real estate development boom index

In December 2022, the real estate development boom index (referred to as "national housing boom index") was 94.35.

Table 1 National Real Estate Development and Sales from January to December, 2022

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Table 2 Investment in real estate development in the eastern, central and western regions and northeast regions from January to December, 2022

Table 3 Real estate sales in the eastern, central and western regions and northeast regions from January to December, 2022


1. Interpretation of indicators

Investment completed by real estate development enterprises this year: refers to all the investment completed during the reporting period for housing construction projects, land development projects, public welfare buildings and land purchase fees. This indicator is cumulative data.

Sales area of commercial housing: refers to the total contracted area of newly-built commercial housing sold during the reporting period (i.e. the construction area confirmed in the formal sales contract signed by both parties). This indicator is cumulative data.

Sales of commercial housing: refers to the total contract price of selling new commercial housing during the reporting period (i.e. the total contract price confirmed in the formal sales contract signed by both parties). This indicator is the same caliber as the sales area of commercial housing, and it is also cumulative data.

Sale area of commercial housing: refers to the construction area of commercial housing that has been completed for sale or lease at the end of the reporting period, but has not been sold or leased, including the housing areas completed in previous years and completed in this period, but excluding the housing areas that have been completed in the reporting period, such as demolition and reconstruction, unified construction and agent construction, public supporting buildings, real estate companies’ own use and revolving houses, which cannot be sold or leased.

Funds paid by real estate development enterprises this year: refers to all kinds of monetary funds and source channels actually used by real estate development enterprises for real estate development during the reporting period. It is subdivided into domestic loans, utilization of foreign capital, self-raised funds, deposits and advance receipts, personal mortgage loans and other funds. This indicator is cumulative data.

Housing construction area: refers to the total housing construction area constructed by real estate development enterprises during the reporting period. Including the area newly started in this period, the area of houses that entered this period in the previous period and continued to be constructed, the area of houses that were suspended in the previous period and resumed construction in this period, the area of houses completed in this period and the area of houses that were suspended after construction in this period. The construction area of multi-storey buildings refers to the sum of the construction areas of each floor.

Newly started housing area: refers to the newly started housing area of real estate development enterprises during the reporting period, with unit projects as the accounting object. It does not include the construction area of houses that started construction in the last period and continued construction in the reporting period, and the construction area that stopped construction in the last period and resumed work in this period. The construction of the house shall be based on the date when the house officially begins to break ground and dig trenches (foundation treatment or permanent piling). The newly started building area refers to the total building area of the whole building and cannot be calculated separately.

Completed building area: refers to the total building area of all buildings that have been completed according to the design requirements, reached the living and use conditions, passed the acceptance inspection or reached the completion acceptance standard, and can be officially handed over for use during the reporting period.

Land purchase area: refers to the land area where real estate development enterprises have obtained land use rights through various means this year.

Land transaction price: refers to the final amount of land use right trading activities of real estate development enterprises. In the primary land market, it refers to the final allocation of land, the "bidding, auction and auction" price and the transfer price; In the secondary market of land, it refers to the final contract price of land transfer, lease and mortgage. The land transaction price is the same as the land purchase area, and the average purchase price of land can be calculated.

2. Statistical scope

All real estate development and operation legal entities with development and operation activities.

3. Investigation methods

Conduct a comprehensive survey on a monthly basis (except January).

4. Brief description of the national real estate development boom index.

The national real estate development boom index (hereinafter referred to as "national housing boom index") follows the theory of economic cycle fluctuation, is based on the boom cycle theory and boom cycle analysis method, uses time series, multivariate statistics and econometric analysis methods, takes real estate development investment as the benchmark index, selects relevant indicators of real estate investment, capital, area and sales, and excludes the influence of seasonal factors, including random factors. It is compiled by the growth rate cycle method, and is compiled monthly according to the newly added data. The national housing boom index chooses 2012 as the base year and sets its growth level at 100. Under normal circumstances, the national housing boom index is 100 points, which is the most suitable boom level, with a moderate boom level between 95 and 105 points, a low boom level below 95 and a high boom level above 105.

5. Division of East, Central, West and Northeast China

The eastern region includes 10 provinces (cities) including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shandong, Guangdong and Hainan; The central region includes six provinces of Shanxi, Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan, Hubei and Hunan. The western region includes 12 provinces (cities and autonomous regions) including Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Tibet, Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia and Xinjiang. Northeast China includes Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces.

"Going to the Grassroots in the Spring Festival" The Jiming Three Provinces Bridge is open to traffic! 1 minute from Sichuan to Yunnan for the inter-provincial delegation year.

The villagers happily blew lusheng across the bridge.
The villagers happily blew lusheng across the bridge.
Sichuan News Network, Chengdu, January 21 ST (Reporter Dai Yuling’s photo report)On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2020, the sound of reeds came from the "Jiming Three Provinces" at the junction of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan provinces, and the Jiming Three Provinces Bridge across the Chishui River was finally opened to traffic! "Open to traffic! Open to traffic! " Villagers in Chahe Village, Shuiliao Yi Township, xuyong county, Luzhou, used musical instruments to spread the joy to Yunnan across the bridge.
The Jiming Three Provinces Bridge was completed and opened to traffic today (provided by the Provincial Communications Department)
One minute’s drive and 300 meters’ walk. The Three Provinces Bridge is open to traffic!
The "three provinces of crowing" is located between Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou provinces. It is said that there is a story that "the golden rooster crows all over the three provinces". However, although it is said that a rooster can be heard in three provinces, the traffic between the three places is a big problem. Throughout history, this place has been a geographical corner, with traffic jams and extremely difficult communication.
The local people told reporters that because the Chishui River and Weihe River meet here, in the past, if they wanted to reach Yunnan from Sichuan, they had to take a detour to Tanchang, paddy fields, Potou and other towns and villages and drive for two and a half hours. It takes one and a half hours to climb the mountain and cross the river, but there are some safety hazards, such as windy and rainy, rising water, foggy river, simple ferry structure and limited life-saving equipment.
Now, after the completion of the Jiming Three Provinces Bridge, the travel mode of people’s fishing boats crossing the river has been completely changed, and the cross-strait traffic distance has been shortened geometrically. It takes only one minute to drive across the bridge to reach the other side, and the walking distance is only 300 meters, which greatly saves travel time and will completely eliminate the safety hazards of cross-strait residents crossing the river.
"It is open to traffic before the Spring Festival, so it is convenient to visit relatives in the New Year." Wang Sicai, a villager in Tianba Village, Shuiliao Township, dressed in Miao costumes and blowing reeds onto the bridge, told reporters excitedly that the wishes of several generations have finally come true and he is happy to express it with music. "In the past, I had to transport the crispy plums to the other side for sale. I could only carry forty or fifty kilograms and walk for four or five hours. Now, it can be transported in ten minutes by truck. There is also a farmhouse in the village to entertain tourists. In the future, walnuts and crisp plums will be expanded, and more and more villagers are willing to return to their hometowns to start businesses. The bridge has passed, which has brought us many good opportunities. "
The reporter learned that the design speed of the bridge is 40 km/h, the design load is highway -I, the bridge length is 286.4 meters, the net span of the main bridge is 180 meters, and the main arch ring adopts cantilever casting construction technology. The width of the bridge deck is 11.5m (9m carriageway+1.25m sidewalks on both sides), the total length of the approach road at the bridgehead of Sichuan Bank is 637.88m, the total length of the approach road at the bridgehead of Yunnan Bank is 140.6m, and the total length of the route is 1041.3m, with two lanes in both directions.
The Jiming Three Provinces Bridge was completed and opened to traffic today (provided by the Provincial Communications Department)
 Inter-provincial group year becomes simple "full of love journey" love chartered car
The reporter learned that it coincides with the Lunar New Year holiday. With the full completion of the Jiming Bridge in three provinces, at the strong request of the people on both sides of the strait, the Transportation Bureau of xuyong county, Sichuan Province and the Transportation Bureau of Zhenxiong County, Yunnan Province reached a framework agreement to connect buses, and on January 21st, three "full journey" love chartered cars were launched. Next, the transportation departments of the two places will improve the relevant procedures as soon as possible, and start customized passenger transportation from Shuiliao Township, xuyong county, Sichuan Province to Potou Town, Zhenxiong County, Yunnan Province, so as to provide convenient, safe, warm and comfortable travel services for the people on both sides of the strait, so that the local people can truly feel the care of the transportation departments and let the people have more sense of gain, satisfaction and happiness in the transportation field.
"Dead ends" and "revitalization" of tourism resources will inject new vitality into rural revitalization.
He Xiaotao, deputy director of the Agricultural Construction Department of the Highway Bureau of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Transportation, told reporters that in addition to facilitating the travel of ordinary people, the completion and opening of the Jiming Bridge in the three provinces is also conducive to promoting the economic development of the three provinces on both sides of the strait. The poor wumeng mountain, where the Jiming Three Provinces Bridge is located, has been a traffic corner for thousands of years, and has always been a backward and poor area in history. The xuyong county of Sichuan and Zhenxiong County of Yunnan, which it connects, are all state-level poverty-stricken counties, facing Qixingguan District of Bijie City, Guizhou Province across the river. The coal and pyrite in Yunnan can’t be delivered, and the crisp plums and tobacco in Xuyong, Sichuan are difficult to transport. The inconvenient transportation makes many scenic and ingenious tourism resources in Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou unable to meet each other. The completion of the bridge will help to implement the poverty alleviation policy, which will further promote the development of coastal economy and industry and increase farmers’ income; It will further help the development of the tourism industry, and all the "dead ends" of local rich tourism resources will be "revitalized"; It will further boost wumeng mountain’s poverty alleviation and prosperity, win the battle against poverty, and inject new vitality into rural revitalization; It will further supplement and optimize the layout of inter-provincial passages between Sichuan and Yunnan, and promote the development of regional economic and social integration.
In addition, the bridge is the inheritance of the red spirit. Chishui River and Ancient Yi Holy Land. It used to be the marching place where the Central Red Army crossed Chishui, and the famous three provinces of Jiming were held. The completion of the bridge will further promote the development of local red tourism.
The Jiming Three Provinces Bridge was completed and opened to traffic today (provided by the Provincial Communications Department)
It is estimated that by the end of 2020, car crossings and passenger crossings with annual traffic volume exceeding 50,000 passengers can be basically eliminated in Sichuan.
There are many rivers in our province, and people in some economically underdeveloped areas have to travel by ferry. According to statistics, by the end of 2012, there were 1718 ferries in the province, which brought a lot of inconvenience to people living and traveling along the river and facing the water. In order to eliminate the hidden dangers of ferry transportation and improve the production and living conditions of the masses along the river and near the water, the provincial party Committee and government attach great importance to the construction of ferry bridge reconstruction project as a major livelihood project.
With the completion of a large number of ferry bridge-changing projects, the water travel conditions of the ferry in our province have been greatly improved, the potential safety hazards have been effectively rectified, and the transportation network has been further improved, which has provided a strong transportation guarantee for the county’s economic and social development and farmers’ prosperity.
It is estimated that by the end of 2020, car crossings and people crossings with annual traffic volume exceeding 50,000 passengers can be basically eliminated, effectively solving the troubles of people who are near the water for wading or long-distance detours. He Xiaotao told the reporter, "The Jiming Three Provinces Bridge is also the 36th highway passage on Chishui River, and it is also another highway outlet in our province. Its completion has provided strong road traffic support for promoting high-quality poverty alleviation in the contiguous poverty-stricken areas of Wumeng Mountain and promoting the" four-way expansion and global opening "strategy of the provincial party committee and government."
(Some pictures are provided by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Transportation)

The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council talks about the mainland’s new Taiwan-related measures and Taiwan’s restrictions on cross-strait exchanges

  BEIJING, Feb. 28 (Xinhua) The Taiwan Province Affairs Office of the State Council held a press conference today. Spokesperson An Fengshan responded to 31 measures taken by the mainland to promote cross-strait economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation, Taiwan Province authorities may further restrict cross-strait exchanges, Taiwan’s Hualien earthquake assistance to the mainland, and trends between the United States and Taiwan.

  Mainland launches 31 measures to promote cross-strait economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation.

  An Fengshan introduced that the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and the National Development and Reform Commission led a multi-sectoral study and promulgated the "Several Measures on Promoting Cross-Strait Economic and Cultural Exchanges and Cooperation", and introduced 31 related measures to actively promote the equal treatment of Taiwan-funded enterprises and mainland enterprises in the fields of investment and economic cooperation, and gradually provide Taiwan Province compatriots with the same treatment as mainland compatriots in studying, starting businesses, employment and life. The introduction of these measures will bring great opportunities and a real sense of gain to Taiwan-funded enterprises and Taiwan Province compatriots.

  Is the Taiwan authorities’ cross-strait policy shrinking? Taiwan Affairs Office responded

  After the Hualien earthquake, Tsai Ing-Wen expressed his gratitude to all parties in the mainland for their condolences and donations. At the Taiwanese Spring Festival Friendship Association, Tsai Ing-Wen mentioned that the cross-strait policy attitude showed signs of "turning from hard to soft". Public opinion believes that the Taiwan authorities are releasing goodwill to the mainland, but a few days ago, teams from Taiwan Affairs Offices in mainland provinces and cities were not approved by Taiwan Province. Does this mean that the Taiwan Province authorities are further restricting cross-strait exchanges?

  An Fengshan said that the Taiwan authorities’ practice of obstructing and restricting cross-strait exchanges and cooperation runs counter to their so-called goodwill to promote the development of cross-strait relations. Whether cross-strait relations can really be improved depends not on verbal goodwill, but on taking concrete actions.

  Will the mainland pass the Law on the Rights and Interests of Taiwan Province Compatriots this year? Taiwan Affairs Office responded

  Some Taiwan Province media said that the mainland may pass the Law on the Rights and Interests of Taiwan Province Compatriots this year. An Fengshan said that he did not know the specific situation. However, it is what we have been doing to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Taiwan Province compatriots, especially Taiwanese businessmen, in the mainland, including through the use of laws.

  Never allow a few people to make money on the mainland but support "Taiwan independence."

  The Honorary President of Zhangzhou Taiwanese Business Association was interviewed in Taiwan and said that he would try his best to support the decision of the Taiwan Province authorities. Some mainland netizens pointed out that this person is a "two-faced Taiwanese businessman". The current president of Zhangzhou Taiwanese Business Association publicly stated that as long as the DPP authorities do not recognize the "1992 Consensus", mainland Taiwanese businessmen will not support it.

  An Fengshan pointed out that our position and attitude on this issue are very clear. We welcome the vast number of Taiwanese businessmen to invest and develop in the mainland, but at the same time, we will never allow a few people to make money in the mainland while supporting "Taiwan independence" to undermine cross-strait relations.

  According to the survey, more than 50% of young people in Taiwan Province want to come to the mainland to develop the Taiwan Affairs Office.

  The 2018 Taiwan Province popular sentiment survey released by Taiwanese media recently shows that more than 50% of young people want to develop in the mainland, an increase of 10% over last year. An Fengshan said that the mainland’s achievements in reform and opening up over the past 40 years are obvious to all, and the various Taiwan policies promoted by the mainland in recent years that are conducive to the interests and well-being of Taiwan compatriots have long been popular among the people. Compared with the current social situation in Taiwan Province and what the Taiwan authorities are doing now, more people in Taiwan Province can make such a judgment and choice.

  Refuting that "Taiwanese actors participating in CCTV Spring Festival Evening sketch is ‘ United front ’ "

  This year’s CCTV Spring Festival Evening sketch "Going Home" starred three people from Taiwan Province, which triggered public discussion in Taiwan Province. An Fengshan said in this regard that if this kind of literary work reflecting the homesickness of wanderers is interpreted as "United front" or discrimination, it can only be said that if you wear colored glasses, the whole world will be "green".

  Some shameless people in Taiwan Province act as chess pieces for outsiders to curb China.

  An expert from a think tank in the United States claimed to make President Trump swear the Taiwan Strait as an "international high sea", and some media on the island followed suit and speculated that this move could further counter the mainland threat. An Fengshan responded that some shameless people in Taiwan Province acted as pawns for outsiders to curb the rise of China, even at the expense of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, betting on the interests and well-being of compatriots on both sides of the strait. Isn’t this painful for relatives and quick for enemies?

  Advise Taiwan not to blackmail the foreign self-respect, or it will pay for itself.

  A few days ago, a delegation composed of members of the US House of Representatives and Senate committees visited Taiwan Province and held talks with Tsai Ing-Wen, who expressed the hope that the "US-Taiwan" relationship would be established in by going up one flight of stairs. An Fengshan said that we have made it clear many times that we are firmly opposed to any form of official exchanges and military ties between the United States and Taiwan, and we are also firmly opposed to the United States selling weapons to Taiwan Province under any pretext. This position and attitude is very clear. We also advise Taiwan Province not to coerce foreign self-respect, otherwise it will reap the consequences.

  After the Hualien earthquake, mainland parties have donated 23.075 million yuan.

  An Fengshan said that after the "2.6" earthquake in Hualien, Taiwan, relevant parties in the mainland and all walks of life were highly concerned. Zhang Zhijun, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, immediately expressed condolences to the affected people and expressed his willingness to provide necessary assistance in all aspects. ARATS, the Red Cross Society of China, the Earthquake Association of China and other relevant parties and many provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions quickly expressed their condolences and condolences to the compatriots in the disaster area and those on both sides of the strait who died in different ways, and expressed their willingness to provide all necessary assistance and donations, including disaster relief equipment. According to incomplete statistics, relevant mainland authorities, institutions and enterprises in Taiwan, some provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and Taiwan-funded enterprises have donated a total of 23.075 million yuan.

  The mainland has taken many measures to ensure that Taiwanese businessmen and Taiwan compatriots return home for the holidays.

  During the Spring Festival this year, because the Taiwan Province authorities did not approve the overtime flights of two mainland airlines, the air tickets to Taiwan were tight. An Fengshan pointed out that the mainland authorities have taken various measures to fully ensure that Taiwanese businessmen and Taiwan compatriots in the mainland can return home for the holidays. During the seven days of the Spring Festival, 42,300 passengers were transported through the "mini three links" and other maritime passenger routes, an increase of 17.32% over the same period last year.

This opens the classification of domestic waste, which is creative+++!

Paint the wonderful world of garbage sorting with brushes, make beautiful and practical creative objects with garbage, and design auxiliary applications of garbage sorting with technical software …

In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of the general public to participate in garbage sorting, we will continue to guide the public to establish the awareness of saving resources and turning waste into treasure, and create a strong social atmosphere for garbage sorting. Recently, Chengdu qingbaijiang district Classification Office (Chengdu qingbaijiang district Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau) organized the collection of creative works for domestic waste classification.

Since the launch of the activity, the citizens have actively participated in making creative works of domestic waste classification. Through all kinds of orderly publicity and collection, the activity successfully gathered more than 230 creative works from all walks of life, including more than 180 garbage classified pictures, more than 40 handmade works and 2 software works.

Let’s enjoy some excellent works together ~

Healthy and low-carbon I go first

Garbage classification, national action

Garbage classification starts with me

Master of Recyclable Resources-Little Music Color

Chengdu qingbaijiang district Classification Office (Chengdu qingbaijiang district Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau) will continue to enhance the participation of citizens in the classification of domestic waste, so that the concept of green and low-carbon environmental protection will be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and build a green home together. (Chengdu qingbaijiang district Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau)

CCTV exposed a number of unqualified household paper and waste paper as raw materials, and the bacteria exceeded the standard by four times.

  CCTV News: Tissue paper and toilet paper, collectively referred to as household paper, are one of the just-needed products for living at home now. In fact, just 30 or 40 years ago, these professional household papers, especially tissue papers, were still high-end goods and rare goods in our lives. Of course, now that everyone has a good life, professional household paper has become a necessity of life, but a supervision and spot check by the relevant departments found that some household paper actually has a low level of hygiene.

  Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision recently conducted supervision and spot checks on tissue paper and toilet paper products. The results show that some tissue paper is produced with recycled raw materials, and some toilet paper is "unsanitary" and many other unqualified problems.

  Li Xiaotong, inspector of Jiangsu Paper Printing Products Quality Inspection Station, said that there were 162 batches of samples of tissue paper and toilet paper in this supervision and spot check, including 99 batches sampled by production enterprises, 18 batches purchased by physical stores and 45 batches purchased by e-commerce platforms. All samples involved 112 brands of 101 production enterprises.

  In this supervision and spot check, Jiangsu Quality Supervision Bureau entrusted Jiangsu Paper Printing Product Quality Inspection Station and Huai ‘an Quality Inspection Institute to conduct testing. Among the 162 batches of samples, there were 88 batches of tissue paper and 74 batches of toilet paper.

  In the interview, the reporter noticed that in this supervision and spot check, the unqualified rate of tissue paper was much higher than that of toilet paper. Among the 35 batches of unqualified samples, 28 batches of tissue paper were used.

  The content of tissue paper is a quantitative information that the manufacturer clearly shows consumers how many sheets of paper are contained in this package of tissue paper on the outer packaging of the enterprise. However, in this supervision and spot check, it was found that 13 batches of tissue paper were unqualified, which is what we usually call short weight and short weight. As you can see, there are 500 sheets of tissue paper labeled as Yiran brand in my hand, but after testing, there are only 132 sheets of tissue paper in this package, which is only about a quarter of the express value.

  After testing, among 28 batches of unqualified tissue paper samples, there are 13 batches with insufficient internal capacity, which is the biggest problem found in this supervision and spot check.

  Of the 13 batches of unqualified samples, 8 batches were sampled from production enterprises, including:Named "Meijiaxin" extraction embossed napkin produced by Nanjing Bairun Paper Co., Ltd.; Named as "Weiyi (Cocoa Elephant Series)" extraction paper towel produced by Nanjing Yuankuo Technology Industry Co., Ltd.; Known as "Yinsijie" natural bamboo pulp paper produced by Zhenjiang Minzhen Paper Co., Ltd.; Known as "Shunan" removable facial tissue produced by Zhenjiang Sunan Trading Co., Ltd.; Known as "Haoxiang" bamboo fiber tissue produced by Zhenjiang Haoxiang Paper Co., Ltd.; Known as "Qianfeng" handkerchief paper produced by Changzhou Yudi Paper Co., Ltd.; Named as "Jieshilian" removable facial tissue produced by Baofuda Sanitary Products Factory in Shang Hu Town, Changshu City; Known as Xuzhou Tianqiang Paper Co., Ltd. produced "Xuanzhu" removable facial tissue.

  4 batches are purchased from physical stores, including nominal sentences."Merlot" extracted facial tissue produced by Rongshi Jingwang Paper Factory; Known as "Yiran" removable facial tissue produced by Jiangsu Yangzhou Yiran Paper Co., Ltd.; Named "Fang Yaxin" produced by Jinsheng Sanitary Paper Factory in Jiangning District, Nanjing, with 420 pieces of removable facial tissues in gold; Named "Yufeng" removable tissue paper produced by Nanjing Yufeng Paper Processing Factory.

  1 batch purchased from e-commerce, nominallyExtractable facial tissue produced by Senli Paper Group Co., Ltd..

  In addition to the lack of internal capacity, this test found that the second major problem of tissue paper is that manufacturers illegally use recycled fibers as raw materials.

  According to the inspectors, the national standard for tissue paper stipulates that recycled fibers are not allowed, and native wood fibers or non-wood fibers must be used. The national standard of toilet paper allows the use of native wood fiber, non-wood fiber and waste paper fiber. Wood fiber refers to primary wood pulp, non-wood fiber includes rice straw, straw, bamboo and sugarcane pulp, and recycled fiber is waste paper pulp.

  The inspector told the reporter that the color of tissue paper produced by primary wood pulp is white, while the color of tissue paper produced by recycled fiber is gray and dark. At the same time, there are usually residual ink spots on its surface.

  After testing, it is called a sentence"Merlot" extracted facial tissue produced by Rongshi Jingwang Paper Factory; Named "Yufeng" extraction tissue paper produced by Nanjing Yufeng Paper Processing Factory; Named as "Jielian" removable tissue paper produced by Suzhou Weirou Paper Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu Province.All three batches of tissue paper samples were found to contain migrating fluorescent whitening agents, and their dust levels were also unqualified. Consumer use

  Such a tissue paper wipes the mouth, and the mobile fluorescent whitening agent may be absorbed by the human body, causing hidden dangers to the health of consumers.

  NominallyThe "Pinrui" luxury handkerchief paper produced by Chengdu Jinxiangcheng Paper Co., Ltd. is marked with product grades outside the national standard at will. At the same time, some samples, such as "Yinsijie" paper handkerchiefs produced by Zhenjiang Minzhen Paper Co., Ltd., have the phenomenon that manufacturers falsely mark product grades.

  During the inspection of toilet paper in this supervision and spot check, it was found that the total number of bacterial colonies in 5 batches exceeded the standard, and the samples with the worst hygiene index exceeded the national standard by more than 4 times. According to the inspectors, the total number of bacterial colonies is unqualified, which means that the toilet paper is "unsanitary".

  The unqualified samples of this index include: nominal"Friends of the Skin Wrinkled Toilet Paper" and "Jinbaide Advanced Wrinkled Toilet Paper" produced by Hongze Jinbaide Paper Co., Ltd.; Marked as "Nantong Haian Baihui Paper Factory", it is called "Shuang Dian Gao Jian Toilet Paper"; "Double Panda brand toilet paper" produced by Quzhou Double Panda Paper Co., Ltd.; Flat toilet paper produced by Shanghai Jiedu Paper Co., Ltd. Wait.

  The test found that these five batches of samples with unqualified hygiene indicators were all flat-cut toilet paper produced from recycled raw materials.

Feminism, do you have to "force" women to become queens?

Text/Jin Cuodao Channel

"Riding the wind and breaking the waves" entered the 3.0 era.

The rising path of the term "Sister Lang" is very similar to that of women in this era.

It seems that since the first two years, a kind of feminism against traditional people has reached its climax."Feminism" and "mistress" have repeatedly become marketing terms with their own topics.

Under this momentum, women seem to have to meet the new expectations of society in order to be worthy of the title of "women of the new era" and deserve praise; In some marketing tones, women seem to be great enough only if they are independent and powerful.

As time goes on, we can see that the marketing that can make women "buy" gradually decreases, and her consumption seems to have entered a "weak period".

The reason is that the over-hyped "female gaze" and the "overcorrection" in order to seize the feminist slogan are revealing more and more problems. Many marketing slogans that seem to advocate women’s interests have imposed more shackles on women.

Female marketing is becoming more and more difficult, and many enterprises that want to seize the dividend of the times seem to be in a dilemma.

In this slightly embarrassing state, how can brands better solve the problem if they want to enter women?Euler, a car brand that loves women more, launched a special "confession" in the past 520 and handed in a high score answer sheet.

Looking back at the general marketing ideas when women’s topics just emerged, most of them are "independent you are the most whispering", "confident you are the most beautiful" and "free you are the most noble" and so on.

Although it is true, independence, self-confidence, freedom, etc., these words should imply sincere yearning for beauty, but when they become empty "please" that only exists in slogans and floats on the surface, they are not tying new burdens to women.

The frenzied marketing trend went down, and even the word "woman" on Women’s Day was once kept secret, and instead it was called "goddess" and "queen".

Since the beginning of this year, the marketing campaign with crazy momentum in the previous two years seems to have begun to be less intense, and the topic is far less sharp than before. The female theme that once "exploded per capita" no longer appears in the screen.

It is not so much that people are getting tired of women’s topics as that the society hates the routine marketing campaign.

of course,There are still some "heart-wandering" marketing cases quietly out of the circle.

Polaiya said: "Gender is not a boundary, but prejudice is"; Zhiben said: "I want to be what I want to be"; JD.COM said: "Her unknown side, every side is amazing"; Hua Xizi asked: "How do we reach the balance?" … Brands no longer praise women blindly in order to attract people’s attention, but dig, discover and affirm their unique qualities in a gentle way, and finally land on women’s actual pain points and growth demands.

Just past May 20th, the pre-sale conference of Euler Ballet Cat "Come for Love" also confirmed this trend.

Are women and cars inherently lacking in tacit understanding? I’m afraid not. By 2021, the number of female drivers in China has reached 162 million, accounting for 33.68%. With the rise of women’s demand for car purchase, her voice is eager to occupy a place in the automobile field, but unfortunately, such rights are still relatively lacking.

This is the pain point that Euler is facing directly.It is under the dedicated determination to "love women more" that Euler’s first female-only car, the ballet cat, arrived.

What kind of car do women need? Let women say:

The exclusive female research team of ballet cats unveiled at the pre-sale conference is the first in the industry. They come from various fields related to women’s life, such as fashion, jewelry, home, mother and baby, and make comprehensive suggestions for the design of ballet cats.

Is there a tacit understanding between women and cars? Let her feel for herself:

Ballet Cat sincerely invites AoDingwen, a national first-class actor and young dancer, to interact with the ballet cat at the pre-sale conference as a representative of elegant women, so as to fully show the elegance, fashion and thoughtfulness of the ballet cat to women.

As Wang Weiwei, CMO of Euler Auto, said at the pre-sale conference of ballet cats: "Euler makes cars for women, and the origin of thinking is not narrow feminism, not encouraging women to live, but making women better become women, gentle and firm, romantic and beautiful, and harvesting the softness and happiness they deserve."

In other words,Women don’t need to be taught how to be women.

We must admit that the natural differences between men and women in physiology and psychology, including vision, body feeling and emotion, are the best solutions to help women find themselves. It is precisely because Euler had such an understanding a long time ago that the ballet cat is what it is today.

People have an eternal pursuit of beauty, and the aesthetic concept of elegant renewal of ballet cats explains the aesthetic that is more in line with women’s pursuit. The use of arcs conveys a soft and elegant aesthetic feeling, and with a retro attitude, it interprets the fashion trend that is out of date; Dingbai, Azure, Rice Glaze, Junxia, Morning White, Golden Wind and Jade Dew, the official six colors condensed the glaze essence of Song Dynasty porcelain.

From the east to the west, from the classic to the trend, the ballet cat subverts the traditional masculinity in terms of automobile design, and from the perspective of women, this temperament complements each other.

At the same time,Ballet Cat has also reconstructed a deeper concept of "female friendliness" for cars, and we can see the "connotation" tailored to the needs of female segmentation in it.Workplace beauties, omnipotent mothers, beautiful girlfriends … What inconveniences do women face in different roles and different life scenes?

When commuting or dating, the ballet cat can be a mobile dressing room. The oversized cosmetic mirror with LED light source and the cosmetic box at hand are very convenient. You can also take a selfie in the car when you are in a good mood.

Driving with cold hands and physical discomfort during the physiological period, the ballet cat can be a warm man with intimate companionship, and the seat, steering wheel and air conditioner can be activated by voice control or one button to be surrounded by warmth;

When taking care of children, the ballet cat with children’s mode turned on can be a good helper, so that mothers can check the children’s situation in the car in real time while driving, reducing potential safety hazards;

There are also functional systems designed for actual scenes, such as braving the wind and waves mode and goddess mode …

The exclusive seat designed based on women’s ergonomics, the steering wheel size set for women’s shoulder width and palm size data, and even the angles of the seat, steering wheel and dashboard are precisely adjusted for women’s physiological data …

These are the answers that ballet cats give to women—Exclusive preference.

Undoubtedly,The current female consumption is still in the dividend period.So can this dividend period last for a long time? The answer is actually yes.

Since the beginning of this year, the battle of brand marketing seems to be much milder, but the consumption trend of her economy is still strong. The "Tik Tok 38 Festival" data report shows that the number of female consumers increased by 115.6% year-on-year.

In the automobile circle, with the increasing demand for women to use cars, the "female-only" tailored for them has just ushered in the ballet cat, a real new force.

At the pre-sale conference of ballet cats on May 20, Euler officially announced that the pre-sale price range of ballet cats was 193,000-223,000 yuan. Once the pre-sale was opened, it achieved good results. It is conceivable that the volume of women in the field of automobile consumption still has a huge room for explosion.

However, if you want to really reach the heart of women, you need the brand to focus on exerting force;About the female theme of marketing, it is a "long-term doctrine" that needs the brand to dig deep.

Euler’s determination can be seen from the moment when the official announced "a car brand that loves women more". Euler’s first female-only car, the ballet cat, is a key step for Euler to enter a new era of female marketing, and it is also a new starting point for Euler’s brand to rejuvenate and improve.

"Today’s consumer market, not win in the big and complete, but win in the small and specialized.The more focused you are, the more you will win.Dong Yudong, CEO of Euler Auto, said this.


Although the current female theme is sensitive, "her power" is still a trump card. In order to really break the so-called "weak period" of marketing, marketing ideas must first be put in a correct position.

Slogan-style touting may make people "go to the top" for a while, but rhetoric divorced from reality will never really reach people’s hearts, and the dream bubble away from reality is doomed to burst with a poke.

Because women are kidnapped by these slogans, it’s hard to tell whether they should follow their own heart to realize themselves or adapt to the new expectations of society. What brand marketing can do is not to draw a big "cake" for women, but to think about what it can do for women.

"Love her" is not to forcibly shape her into what society expects.

But let her have more room to turn around in this world and find her own light with her.

The price has soared and some of them have been sold out! Those who want to travel quickly prepare.

Near New Year’s Day, Spring Festival and Winter Holiday.

Is the desire of many friends to travel far away more and more intense?

However, those who want to go out should pay attention!

During the Spring Festival of 2024, the number of air ticket bookings has begun.

Economy class air tickets for some popular domestic destinations have been

Spring Festival travel rush in 2024

From January 26th to March 5th.

A total of 40 days

The price situation inquired by a travel client on December 12 th. The reporter of News Square inquired about the travel APP and found that in December and January,

The price inquired by a travel client on December 12 will last until February 7 and 8, that is,

The price inquired by a travel client on December 12th.

The price inquired by a travel client on December 12th.

The price inquired by a travel client on December 12th.


If there are citizens who plan to travel during the Spring Festival holiday,

Is it appropriate to start buying air tickets now?

Insiders say this is also necessary.

With the recovery of outbound demand

Passengers’ willingness to travel internationally has improved significantly.

Recently, international flights are also continuing to "get new"

China Southern Airlines plans to

From December 12th.

Resume the Zhengzhou-London direct flight route

A new Guangzhou-Zhengzhou-Luxembourg route will be opened on December 21st.

December to January next year

China Eastern Airlines plans to add recovery.

Shanghai flies directly to Cairo, Fukuoka and Dubai.

Brisbane and many other routes.

International and regional routes are expected before the end of the year.

Reach 80% in 2019

According to the data of many online travel booking platforms in China, with

The increase in demand will also speed up the resumption of flights. At present, many cities in China have opened direct flights to Malaysia and other places. In response to the growth of travel demand, airlines have also begun to make capacity adjustment and deployment.

New Year’s Day and Spring Festival holidays

Do you have any travel plans?

Have you bought the plane ticket?

If the time has been arranged,

We must seize the last chance to find out!

What is "culture"?

Maybe you often hear this sentence: "It’s terrible to be uneducated". So what exactly is "culture"?

Recently, I saw such an explanation, which was said by the writer Liang Xiaosheng and can be summarized in four sentences:

Cultivation rooted in the heart; Consciousness without reminding; Freedom based on constraints; Kindness for others! ???

In other words, these four sentences explain what culture is.

Self-cultivation rooted in the heart means doing things properly, being calm when encountering many things, and being polite to others.

It is not that a high degree of education means cultivation, and even some people with high academic qualifications have poor cultivation quality. There are still such people in life! For example, he has a bad temper and often greets other people’s families. Such people, no matter how high their academic qualifications are, are not literate.

I don’t need to remind myself that I am talking about some details. For example, we can understand the inconvenience of pregnant women and the elderly by car and consciously give up their seats; Stand in line consciously when eating.

There are still many details. Generally speaking, pay attention to other people’s feelings, and don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you. Take the initiative to care about others, instead of always relying on others to remind you.

Freedom on the premise of restraint. It is said that freedom is not what you want to do. But there must be a premise.

For example, what short video sounds are the most annoying when the phone is turned on in public? Why don’t such people consciously wear headphones, but the sound is very loud and boring. Without considering other people’s feelings at all.

You are free to listen to the sound of your mobile phone, but don’t affect others.

Kindness for others. What I said is not to embarrass others, but to be good for others from the heart. But it doesn’t mean to be a good man, but to help the poor, punish the strong and help the weak, and care and trust others.

The above explanations are some of Xiaobian’s own understandings.

Of course, there are many definitions of culture. But in everyone’s heart, there will be a ruler to measure what culture is. And extracting the essence should be the culture that everyone agrees with.

Thank you for your attention, and hope to help everyone!

China beauty cosmetics market is full of vitality.

Source: People’s Daily Online-People’s Daily Overseas Edition

Customers buy cosmetics in Haikou Riyue Square Duty Free Shop. Xinhua News Agency reporter Guo Chengshe

"China’s beauty market sales will exceed 1 trillion yuan in 2025." According to an article in Women’s World Daily, China has become the key to the growth of global beauty companies, driven by the increase of family income, the continuous influx of newcomers and the growing local brands.

At the "June 18th China International Beauty Summit Forum" held by Women’s World Daily, Gian positano, head of the Italian Cosmetics Federation, said that the beauty market in China is expected to reach 92.1 billion US dollars in 2022. The growth momentum will mainly come from the rapid growth of the male beauty products market and the rise of domestic beauty brands.

According to the report, China is not only a key consumer market and manufacturing center, but also a driving force for innovation. From setting up research and development centers to investment funds, many international beauty giants continue to expand their investment in China; At the same time, many local brands of beauty cosmetics in China began to internationalize in order to explore the international market. China beauty brands are still entering foreign markets through cross-border e-commerce.

In recent years, the beauty market in China is full of vitality, showing new development characteristics. First, the growth rate is fast and the coverage is wide. At present, the market scale of China’s beauty industry is gradually moving towards trillion level; Second, facial basic skin care is the core track, accounting for the largest market share, and the growth rate of sub-tracks such as makeup and makeup is also faster; Third, the male beauty market is developing rapidly, and major brands are competing to enter the market. In addition to "her economy", "other economy" has also quietly emerged; Fourth, domestic beauty brands have risen rapidly. Domestic brands have made remarkable progress in raw materials, formula and technology, and a large number of cutting-edge domestic brands such as Perfect Diary and Huaxizi have emerged.

China’s beauty market is booming, which is of great significance to promoting domestic and even global economic recovery. In terms of supply chain and industrial chain, the development of beauty industry is closely related to agriculture, biochemistry, glass industry, plastic industry, transportation industry and advertising industry, and many related industrial chains have been developed and integrated. This has a positive role in promoting the global industrial chain.

The unprecedented development of China’s beauty industry is the result of multiple factors.

First, with the continuous development of China’s economy, the main contradiction in today’s society has been transformed into the contradiction between the people’s growing need for a better life and the unbalanced development. Beauty products just meet the social needs and respect needs of consumers.

Secondly, more and more foreign excellent beauty brands have entered China, bringing advanced production technology, novel marketing methods and unique product concepts to the beauty market in China, promoting the industrial chain to be mature and perfect, and cultivating consumers in the beauty market in China to some extent.

Third, the consumer groups of beauty products in China are gradually expanding. With the rapid economic development, China people’s household income level and consumption power are constantly improving, and the demand for beauty products will also expand. In addition, some beauty brands have gone to other cities to explore the market after deep cultivation in first-and second-tier cities, and gained more sustained positive growth momentum.

Fourthly, the change of consumption concept provides a broad market for the development of beauty products in China. Generation Z consumers are the core consumer groups in the future beauty market.

Fifth, new social and marketing platforms such as live broadcast have expanded rapidly. The rise of social media, such as Little Red Book Assessment, online celebrity Live Delivery and KOL, has strongly promoted the development of China’s beauty market.

With the development of economy, the progress of science and technology and the change of consumer groups, there will be some new trends in China’s beauty market. First of all, driven by "Yan value economy", the influence of "Z generation" on the beauty market should not be underestimated. Secondly, digital transformation is the general trend. Digital transformation of layout is conducive to grasping the core channels of beauty products, such as credit payment method, digital marketing concept, digital network sales channels and so on. Finally, Guochao brand has great development potential. "Generation Z" consumers have a high degree of cultural self-confidence, preferring China elements and national brands, and new publicity strategies and marketing methods such as "co-branding" are loved by consumers.

If China’s beauty market wants to achieve steady and healthy development, it needs to firmly grasp the development direction. From the core competitiveness of beauty products, we should pay attention to the independent research and innovation of product formulas, establish a "moat" of domestic brands, and gain a place in the global beauty industry chain; From the special properties of beauty products, we should enhance the experience and efficacy of beauty products and enhance customer stickiness. As an "experience product", consumers will pay special attention to the core ingredients and actual use effect; From the perspective of development trend, we should focus on digital transformation, put product design and research and development, industrial chain operation and customer loyalty system on a digital platform, and then make a comprehensive layout of digitalization; From the perspective of sustainability, green materials should be used to promote sustainable development. Beauty products are "fast-moving consumer goods", and packaging materials will produce a lot of carbon emissions when they are processed. The country strongly advocates "carbon integration". If beauty brands can pay attention to sustainable development and combine with the major policies advocated by the country, it will not only benefit the brand itself, but also help the environmental development.

(Interview with Zhou Ying)