"Going to the Grassroots in the Spring Festival" The Jiming Three Provinces Bridge is open to traffic! 1 minute from Sichuan to Yunnan for the inter-provincial delegation year.

The villagers happily blew lusheng across the bridge.
The villagers happily blew lusheng across the bridge.
Sichuan News Network, Chengdu, January 21 ST (Reporter Dai Yuling’s photo report)On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2020, the sound of reeds came from the "Jiming Three Provinces" at the junction of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan provinces, and the Jiming Three Provinces Bridge across the Chishui River was finally opened to traffic! "Open to traffic! Open to traffic! " Villagers in Chahe Village, Shuiliao Yi Township, xuyong county, Luzhou, used musical instruments to spread the joy to Yunnan across the bridge.
The Jiming Three Provinces Bridge was completed and opened to traffic today (provided by the Provincial Communications Department)
One minute’s drive and 300 meters’ walk. The Three Provinces Bridge is open to traffic!
The "three provinces of crowing" is located between Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou provinces. It is said that there is a story that "the golden rooster crows all over the three provinces". However, although it is said that a rooster can be heard in three provinces, the traffic between the three places is a big problem. Throughout history, this place has been a geographical corner, with traffic jams and extremely difficult communication.
The local people told reporters that because the Chishui River and Weihe River meet here, in the past, if they wanted to reach Yunnan from Sichuan, they had to take a detour to Tanchang, paddy fields, Potou and other towns and villages and drive for two and a half hours. It takes one and a half hours to climb the mountain and cross the river, but there are some safety hazards, such as windy and rainy, rising water, foggy river, simple ferry structure and limited life-saving equipment.
Now, after the completion of the Jiming Three Provinces Bridge, the travel mode of people’s fishing boats crossing the river has been completely changed, and the cross-strait traffic distance has been shortened geometrically. It takes only one minute to drive across the bridge to reach the other side, and the walking distance is only 300 meters, which greatly saves travel time and will completely eliminate the safety hazards of cross-strait residents crossing the river.
"It is open to traffic before the Spring Festival, so it is convenient to visit relatives in the New Year." Wang Sicai, a villager in Tianba Village, Shuiliao Township, dressed in Miao costumes and blowing reeds onto the bridge, told reporters excitedly that the wishes of several generations have finally come true and he is happy to express it with music. "In the past, I had to transport the crispy plums to the other side for sale. I could only carry forty or fifty kilograms and walk for four or five hours. Now, it can be transported in ten minutes by truck. There is also a farmhouse in the village to entertain tourists. In the future, walnuts and crisp plums will be expanded, and more and more villagers are willing to return to their hometowns to start businesses. The bridge has passed, which has brought us many good opportunities. "
The reporter learned that the design speed of the bridge is 40 km/h, the design load is highway -I, the bridge length is 286.4 meters, the net span of the main bridge is 180 meters, and the main arch ring adopts cantilever casting construction technology. The width of the bridge deck is 11.5m (9m carriageway+1.25m sidewalks on both sides), the total length of the approach road at the bridgehead of Sichuan Bank is 637.88m, the total length of the approach road at the bridgehead of Yunnan Bank is 140.6m, and the total length of the route is 1041.3m, with two lanes in both directions.
The Jiming Three Provinces Bridge was completed and opened to traffic today (provided by the Provincial Communications Department)
 Inter-provincial group year becomes simple "full of love journey" love chartered car
The reporter learned that it coincides with the Lunar New Year holiday. With the full completion of the Jiming Bridge in three provinces, at the strong request of the people on both sides of the strait, the Transportation Bureau of xuyong county, Sichuan Province and the Transportation Bureau of Zhenxiong County, Yunnan Province reached a framework agreement to connect buses, and on January 21st, three "full journey" love chartered cars were launched. Next, the transportation departments of the two places will improve the relevant procedures as soon as possible, and start customized passenger transportation from Shuiliao Township, xuyong county, Sichuan Province to Potou Town, Zhenxiong County, Yunnan Province, so as to provide convenient, safe, warm and comfortable travel services for the people on both sides of the strait, so that the local people can truly feel the care of the transportation departments and let the people have more sense of gain, satisfaction and happiness in the transportation field.
"Dead ends" and "revitalization" of tourism resources will inject new vitality into rural revitalization.
He Xiaotao, deputy director of the Agricultural Construction Department of the Highway Bureau of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Transportation, told reporters that in addition to facilitating the travel of ordinary people, the completion and opening of the Jiming Bridge in the three provinces is also conducive to promoting the economic development of the three provinces on both sides of the strait. The poor wumeng mountain, where the Jiming Three Provinces Bridge is located, has been a traffic corner for thousands of years, and has always been a backward and poor area in history. The xuyong county of Sichuan and Zhenxiong County of Yunnan, which it connects, are all state-level poverty-stricken counties, facing Qixingguan District of Bijie City, Guizhou Province across the river. The coal and pyrite in Yunnan can’t be delivered, and the crisp plums and tobacco in Xuyong, Sichuan are difficult to transport. The inconvenient transportation makes many scenic and ingenious tourism resources in Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou unable to meet each other. The completion of the bridge will help to implement the poverty alleviation policy, which will further promote the development of coastal economy and industry and increase farmers’ income; It will further help the development of the tourism industry, and all the "dead ends" of local rich tourism resources will be "revitalized"; It will further boost wumeng mountain’s poverty alleviation and prosperity, win the battle against poverty, and inject new vitality into rural revitalization; It will further supplement and optimize the layout of inter-provincial passages between Sichuan and Yunnan, and promote the development of regional economic and social integration.
In addition, the bridge is the inheritance of the red spirit. Chishui River and Ancient Yi Holy Land. It used to be the marching place where the Central Red Army crossed Chishui, and the famous three provinces of Jiming were held. The completion of the bridge will further promote the development of local red tourism.
The Jiming Three Provinces Bridge was completed and opened to traffic today (provided by the Provincial Communications Department)
It is estimated that by the end of 2020, car crossings and passenger crossings with annual traffic volume exceeding 50,000 passengers can be basically eliminated in Sichuan.
There are many rivers in our province, and people in some economically underdeveloped areas have to travel by ferry. According to statistics, by the end of 2012, there were 1718 ferries in the province, which brought a lot of inconvenience to people living and traveling along the river and facing the water. In order to eliminate the hidden dangers of ferry transportation and improve the production and living conditions of the masses along the river and near the water, the provincial party Committee and government attach great importance to the construction of ferry bridge reconstruction project as a major livelihood project.
With the completion of a large number of ferry bridge-changing projects, the water travel conditions of the ferry in our province have been greatly improved, the potential safety hazards have been effectively rectified, and the transportation network has been further improved, which has provided a strong transportation guarantee for the county’s economic and social development and farmers’ prosperity.
It is estimated that by the end of 2020, car crossings and people crossings with annual traffic volume exceeding 50,000 passengers can be basically eliminated, effectively solving the troubles of people who are near the water for wading or long-distance detours. He Xiaotao told the reporter, "The Jiming Three Provinces Bridge is also the 36th highway passage on Chishui River, and it is also another highway outlet in our province. Its completion has provided strong road traffic support for promoting high-quality poverty alleviation in the contiguous poverty-stricken areas of Wumeng Mountain and promoting the" four-way expansion and global opening "strategy of the provincial party committee and government."
(Some pictures are provided by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Transportation)

Beijing Ski Open, the first mass event held by National Alpine Ski Center, was held.

On January 21st, Yanqing National Alpine Ski Center ushered in the first mass skiing competition of the venue. The second Beijing Ski Open was held here, attracting nearly 200 skiers from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Sichuan.

Hosted by Beijing Social Sports Management Center and Yanqing District Sports Bureau, and undertaken by Beijing Skiing Association, Beijing National Alpine Skiing Co., Ltd. and Beijing Kaihong Sports Culture Co., Ltd., this competition is the largest national fitness skiing event in Beijing at present. There are two events in the competition: alpine skiing giant slalom and snowboarding giant slalom, which are divided into two groups: teenagers and adults, and 12 groups are set according to gender and age. The competition is open to the public, and all snow friends under 60 can participate.

The success of the Beijing Winter Olympics has promoted the rapid development of mass ice and snow sports in this city, and more and more teenagers and adults have participated in skiing. This open competition makes full use of the legacy of the Winter Olympics, aiming at creating a model of high-level national fitness events and boosting the sustained and high-quality development of Beijing’s ice and snow sports with brand events.

In terms of competition organization, the referee team of this competition has presided over the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics, fully ensuring the professionalism, safety and fairness of the competition; The competition venue is the alpine skiing field of Beijing Winter Olympics, and it is also the only venue in China with a standard track for the Winter Olympics. It not only provides the contestants with the opportunity to experience the Winter Olympics track, but also vividly reflects the good management and good use of Beijing’s Winter Olympics heritage in the post-Winter Olympics era. As for the service guarantee of the competition, the organizing committee has formulated a scientific and perfect scheme, and comprehensively improved the participation experience in medical care, logistics supply and live broadcast of the competition. At the same time, the organizing Committee also set up a "warm-hearted viewing area" to provide escort certificates for parents of minors, so that relatives and friends of small players can also feel the charm of alpine skiing at close range and share the glorious moment.

This year’s competition settled in Yanqing, which is also the perfect integration of alpine skiing events and "beautiful Yanqing, the summer capital of ice and snow". The success of the Games further consolidated and expanded the achievement of "driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports", and promoted the construction of Yanqing District as an "outdoor sports city" and the most beautiful winter Olympic city with ecological civilization. Next, the National Alpine Ski Center will hold the 14th National Winter Games Alpine Ski Competition, and the "Snow Swallow" is flying with wings to welcome visitors from all directions.


The sexiest beauty in the world has 162 goddesses waiting for you to enjoy.

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Knowledge post! Why is the "blizzard" mentioned in the weather forecast, and the snowfall is only a dozen millimeters?

  CCTV News:The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to release on the 3rd.Blizzard yellow warningAffected by the eastward movement of the south branch trough and the southward cold air, there will be a large-scale rain and snow weather process in most parts of central and eastern China today and tomorrow, with moderate to heavy snow in the eastern part of northwest China, southwestern part of North China, most of Huanghuai, Jianghan and Jianghuai. Among them, there are blizzards in parts of central and southern Shaanxi, western and northern Hubei, southern Henan and northern Jiangsu and Anhui (10~ 18 mm), local snowstorm.

  Seeing the weather forecast, many netizens were puzzled: didn’t they say "Blizzard"? Why is it only a few tens of millimeters? It’s not as thick as the sole. You must be mistaken! It should be in centimeters!

  Is it true that the meteorological department made a mistake in measurement? Of course not! In fact, it is like this:Snowfall and snow depth are two different concepts. Snowfall does not refer to the snow depth, but the precipitation value in winter.

  How is the snowfall level divided?

  The snowfall level is not divided according to the thickness of snow on the ground. According to the standards of the meteorological department, due to the size, shape and density of snow falling on the ground, the snowfall isAccording to the amount of water after the snow melts, divided into multiple levels from low to high.. The snowfall levels are as follows:

  Light snow: the snowfall within 12 hours is less than 1.0 mm (equivalent to the amount of melted rain, the same below).

  Medium snow: the snowfall is 1.0 ~ 3.0mm in 12 hours or 2.5 ~ 5.0mm in 24 hours.

  Heavy snow: snowfall is 3.0 ~ 6.0mm in 12 hours or 5.0 ~ 10.0mm in 24 hours.

  Blizzard: The snowfall is more than 6.0 mm in 12 hours or more than 10.0 mm in 24 hours.

  In many places, sometimes the snowfall will be much greater than 10 mm, so many places and forecasts also introduce the concepts of heavy blizzard and heavy blizzard with reference to the two levels of heavy rainstorm and heavy rainstorm.

  Blizzard: A snowfall process in which the snowfall is 20.0 ~ 30.0 mm within 24 hours.

  Heavy snowstorm: the process of snowfall with a snowfall of more than 30 mm within 24 hours.

  In addition, in life, we occasionally see snow falling, but it can’t form snow. This kind of snowfall is called "sporadic light snow".

  Now, I finally know why the snowfall of more than ten millimeters can be called blizzard ~

  Source of this article: CCTV News Synthesis, China Weather Network, China News Network.

Financial institutions pay close attention to "electric fraud" and stop losses in time to warm people’s hearts.

Zhongxin. com Shanxi News, January 10th Recently, China Bank Yuncheng Ruicheng Sub-branch received a special customer, Ms. Liu. In the process of handling business, Ms. Liu told the lobby manager that she had received a phone call from "customer service of a certain platform", saying that she had launched the service of "e-commerce live member of a certain platform". If she did not cancel the service, she would be charged 500 yuan every month for 12 consecutive months, totaling 6,000 yuan. Ms. Liu asked to cancel this service, and the other party guided her to download a new APP. After the download was completed, the other party instructed her to open credit cards, debit cards, etc. through this software, and asked the customer to transfer money to the designated bank account. At the same time, Ms. Liu also received a strange phone call from abroad. After analysis and judgment, the lobby manager helped Ms. Liu print out the recent bank card transaction flow and found that there was indeed a sum of money transferred to a strange account.
In order to reduce Ms. Liu’s economic loss, the lobby manager immediately chose to call the police and explained to the police the story of Ms. Liu’s fraud. At the same time, Ms. Liu was guided to handle the daily bank card limit business, and told that Ms. Liu must go to the relevant bank to handle credit card cancellation and other businesses to ensure the safety of her own funds. Finally, the customer thanked the lobby manager after finishing the business.
At present, telecom fraud and fraud are increasingly rampant. As the protector of customers’ property, Bank of China Yuncheng Branch will continue to devote itself to enhancing citizens’ awareness of anti-telecom network fraud through extensive publicity and in-depth education, and at the same time actively take measures to protect customers’ funds and information security, become customers’ financial partners, ensure their financial interests are fully protected, and protect their wealth and dreams! (End)

The weather is new to the future! Various places have launched colorful New Year’s Eve activities to welcome New Year’s Day.

CCTV News: On the first day of the New Year holiday, colorful lanterns and folk performances in many places will fill the atmosphere of welcoming the New Year. Citizens and tourists enjoy lanterns and special food in the garden and enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Nanchang, Jiangxi: New Year’s atmosphere of picking new year’s goods and hanging lanterns

Near the New Year, the festive atmosphere in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province is strong, and the red lanterns decorate the neighborhood. In the new year’s goods market next to Wanshou Palace, calendars, window grilles, Chinese knots and other new year’s goods have been put on the shelves, filled with festive atmosphere everywhere, attracting many citizens to come and buy.

Citizen Yuan Wei: The new year has a new atmosphere, just having time to buy new year’s goods with my sisters, such as desk calendars and window grilles, to dress up the family and add a festive atmosphere to the family.

Shaoxing, Zhejiang: The temple fair is lively and has rich folk activities.

Buy new year’s goods and visit temple fairs. At the site of the first Shanyin traditional temple fair in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, the people in Fuheng Street, with a total length of more than 300 meters, were surging, and various booths were dizzying. There are more than 50 kinds of Shaoxing specialty foods, non-legacy products, etc., as well as a variety of Shaoxing local folk cultural activities.

Tourist Wu Lulu: It’s my first time to travel to Shaoxing, and I experienced the taste of old Shaoxing, which was very interesting.

Nanchong, Sichuan: Bright lights along Jialing River welcome the New Year.

On the banks of Jialing River in Nanchong, Sichuan, the Shangzhongba Bridge and landmark buildings are lit by bright lights, creating a strong festive atmosphere to welcome the arrival of 2024.

Hohhot, Inner Mongolia: The urban landscape is full of brilliance.

Various lanterns are also hung in the streets and alleys of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. The city under the night is colorful, and the main streets, squares and traffic nodes in the city have set up different lighting landscapes.

Wang Zhandong, squadron leader of the Mobile Squadron of Huimin District Urban Management Bureau, Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia: In Tongdao Street, we mainly use red and yellow lotus leaf lights and flexible light strips, which mainly reflects the theme of "lights for thousands of families".

Xiangyang, Hubei Province: Walking through the ancient streets and feeling the characteristic folk culture.

Visit ancient streets and enjoy folk customs. On the morning of the 30th, Guanjiaxiang Cultural Leisure Street in Xiangyang, Hubei officially opened. The Millennium Old Street is located in the ancient city wall of Xiangyang, and it reappears the fireworks of the city after repair. The block covers different types of formats, such as the display of intangible cultural heritage with local characteristics, cultural and creative shopping, the exhibition of special agricultural products, homestay hotels, etc. The lingering charm of ancient style is integrated with modern commerce, allowing citizens and tourists to truly enter history and feel folk customs.

Citizen Huang Jun: In 2024, with the carp lamp behind us, I wish our life prosperous, carp yue longmen.

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The 2023 Shanghai Nightlife Festival kicked off, and 100 good places for nightlife were launched.

The fourth "May 5 th Shopping Festival" is more than halfway through, and the heat is not retreating, the intensity is not decreasing, and the highlights are constant. On the evening of June 3rd, as one of the benchmarking activities, the 2023 Shanghai Nightlife Festival officially kicked off, and a series of wonderful activities reflecting international norms, Shanghai flavor, fashion trends and fireworks will appear one after another.
In order to enrich new nightlife scenes and landmarks, this year’s Nightlife Festival has released 100 nightlife spots, selected by various districts. Good places for waterfront nightlife include 35 characteristic landmarks along the coast of "One River and One River", such as Shiboyuan, BFC Bund Financial Center, Putuo 88 Tribe, Suhewan Vientiane World and Fengchao on the West Bank. A good place for nightlife in Chaoliu District includes 35 characteristic commercial district landmarks such as Zhangyuan-Maoming North Road Time-limited Pedestrian Street, Daxue Road Time-limited Pedestrian Street, Panlong Tiandi, Hengshan Square, Jinchao Lane 8 and Wupintian. Good nightlife places in the neighborhood include Yangpu Youmai Life Plaza, Chongming Haishanghua Island, Bailian Century Nightclub and a number of 15-minute convenient living circle landmarks, which provide citizens with more choices for night consumption. In addition, the "Shanghai Trend Nightlife Guide" was released to provide consumers with diversified and accurate consumption strategies.
After three years’ development, Shanghai Nightlife Festival has become a unique and dynamic brand project among many benchmark projects of the "Fifth Five-Year Shopping Festival", which not only promotes the growth of night consumption and stimulates the economic vitality at night, but also fully demonstrates the unique charm of Shanghai as a 24-hour dynamic city.
As a local science and technology retail enterprise deeply involved in Shanghai, Meituan released the "24-hour Shanghai" night consumption vitality guide for the first time, and launched a number of trendy night consumption destinations in Shanghai featuring trendy gameplay, unique experience and 24-hour business around four sections.
According to the data of Meituan, since the beginning of this year, Shanghai’s night service consumption has generally shown the characteristics of strong overall consumption recovery momentum, great potential for late-night consumption and active development of new formats. From January to May this year, the scale of online consumer orders for night service in Shanghai increased by nearly 40% compared with 2021. After 22 o’clock in Shanghai, the night life service consumption accounts for 22% of the late-night consumption period.
Rich new consumption formats are an important embodiment of Shanghai’s "night economy" prosperity. Not only BFC Bund Maple Trail, Anyi Night Lane, Daxue Road and other theme markets or blocks have become good places for late-night consumption, but also new formats represented by 24-hour gym, 24-hour study room, 24-hour e-sports hall, 24-hour bathing hall and 24-hour pet house are booming.
According to the data of the US Mission, Nanjing West Road-Jing ‘an Temple, Nanjing East Road-People’s Square, Disney, Lujiazui-Yaohan and Wujiaochang-University Road are the top five business districts in Shanghai’s night life service consumption scale index. By the end of May, the consumption orders of 24-hour gyms in Shanghai increased by 179% compared with 2021, and the consumption orders of 24-hour study rooms increased by 118% compared with 2021.
During this year’s nightlife festival, the city’s activities are wonderful and rich. For example, the credit card of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank launched the "Pudong 66 Nightlife Voucher" for the first time, covering nearly 20 shopping malls such as BFC Bund Financial Center, Taikooli in Qiantan and Lujiazui Center, covering more than 500 merchants; Bailian Group invested 100 million yuan in marketing resources, launched "Bailian Night", linked 100 stores in business districts, 20 trend activities, and more than 200 new products in online celebrity to light up "one river and one river", radiating the core business districts and five new cities; Meituan will carry out a variety of theme activities. Meituan Group will issue food coupons full of 150 yuan minus 30 yuan, and link high-quality restaurants to bring group purchase packages on the six-fold line; Meituan Hotel will launch a million subsidy activities, and a single order can be reduced by up to 140 yuan; The public comment will launch the "Yeyeyeyeye" series of activities, and open the "Nightlife" column regularly every day to recommend colorful nightlife ways to users. More business districts and enterprises will also launch unique theme activities to enrich citizens’ nightlife choices.
Zhang Shihuan

Yanjiao High-tech Zone in Langfang: On New Year’s Day, I will stick to "No Fighting"

In order to create a happy, peaceful, neat and orderly holiday atmosphere and make people’s life more convenient and comfortable during New Year’s Day, Yanjiao High-tech Zone in Langfang has been mobilized, deployed and implemented early, and in accordance with the work requirements of "precision, fineness and strictness", it has done a solid job in urban management, created a civilized and harmonious city environment for the citizens, and welcomed the arrival of 2024 with a good urban environment.
Strengthen inspection to create a clean and tidy city appearance
Yanjiao High-tech Zone implements the management mode of combining fixed-point control with mobile inspection in key areas such as large supermarkets, farmers’ markets and primary and secondary roads within its jurisdiction, and promptly corrects problems such as mobile stalls, occupying roads, and littering vehicles, so as to actively discover, dispose of and report quickly, and ensure that the streets are clean and orderly. At the same time, urge and guide the store merchants to consciously standardize the business order, and it is strictly forbidden to operate outside the store, pile things up, and publicize violations during the holiday season to ensure safe and smooth roads and clean and orderly city appearance and environment during New Year’s Day.
Intensive cultivation, dressing up the face of the city
In order to ensure the orderly progress of sanitation and cleaning work during the New Year’s Day, the district supervised the sanitation company to fully mobilize the operators and vehicles, strengthen the management of each operation unit, and earnestly ensure that all work is not relaxed, operating standards are not lowered, and inspections and assessments are uninterrupted during the holiday period. At the same time, we will focus on the cleaning and washing of street furniture, such as urban roads, and the cleaning and cleaning of urban windows, such as railway stations, so as to create a clean, tidy, beautiful and pleasant living environment for citizens to celebrate festivals.
Abide by responsibility and stick to the front line of law enforcement
The district gives full play to the leading role of leading cadres, clarifies post responsibilities, strengthens risk prevention awareness and emergency response capabilities, strictly implements the 24-hour duty and leadership shift system, and promptly handles all kinds of complaints, so that visits, letters and calls can be undertaken, handled and achieved, ensuring the normal operation of various urban management work during the holiday season.
In the next step, Yanjiao High-tech Zone will continue to maintain a high-pressure situation, carry out all kinds of special rectification with high standards and strict requirements, go all out to maintain the order of the city appearance, adhere to the management of the city with "embroidery", take "service first, Excellence" as the new concept of urban management, continuously strengthen the inspection of the city appearance, consolidate the rectification effect and maintain the cleanliness of the city appearance. (Wang Zhihua, Shi Xiaolong)

2017 National Peking Opera Theatre New Year’s Day performance season "Qipanshan" and other major dramas were staged.

  From January 1st to 3rd, 2017, the 2017 New Year’s Day Performance Season of the National Peking Opera Theatre will be staged in Beijing Meilanfang Grand Theatre, bringing together six classic dramas such as Feng Haichao, Qipanshan Mountain, Legend of the White Snake, Yutangchun, Taohua Village and Shiro Visiting Mother. Among them, Qipanshan, performed on New Year’s Eve, is a representative play of the Peking Opera King (Yao Qing) School, with Liu Xiurong and Zhang Chunxiao as artistic directors and outstanding young actors Guo Fanjia and Hao Shipeng as the leading roles.

  Jinghua Times reporter Tian Chao

  ■ Synopsis

  Two pairs of talented people and beautiful women get married.

  The story of Qipanshan, a Beijing opera, is very in line with the appreciation habits of China people. It is a classic play with comedy color, with a relaxed style as the keynote and a happy ending at last. This play is taken from the novel Xue Dingshan’s Expedition to the West. The story takes place during the Zhenguan period of Tang Dynasty. Xiliang invaded the Tang Dynasty, and Li Shimin made a personal expedition, and Xue Rengui was trapped in Suoyang City. Cheng Yaojin broke through and returned to move troops. Prince Li Zhi ordered Xue Dingshan to hang Marshal No.2, Cheng Yaojin to supervise the army, and Xue Jinlian to pledge food and go to the rescue.

  Dou Yihu and Dou Xiantong, the chieftains of Qipanshan, were originally the grandchildren of Dou Jiande, a famous soldier in the early Tang Dynasty, who were skilled in martial arts. Dou Xiantong, in particular, is both wise and brave, and has the talent of a general. When the Tang Jun Grain Escort Team passed by the mountain, Dou Yihu, the elder brother who came to rob the grain, took a fancy to Xue Jinlian. Dou Xiantong, the younger sister, fell in love with Xue Dingshan at first sight. She led Xue Dingshan to Houshan Mountain for an excuse and proposed marriage face to face. Although Xue Dingshan also had a good impression on Dou Xiantong, she didn’t dare to promise, so she was taken up the mountain. Dou Xiantong said to Xue Jinlian, "Go back and tell your mother that I have no intention of hurting your brother. Tell her to leave Cheng Chitose and make decisions with our two families. "

  Cheng Yaojin listened to Xue Jinlian’s shy and implicit return and understood that Dou Xiantong had a crush on Xue Dingshan; After listening to a more shy and implicit report, I understood that Dou Yihu had a crush on Xue Jinlian. He also knew all the ins and outs of Doushi’s brother and sister, and learned that they were descendants of Dou Jiande, so he persuaded Xue’s mother, Liu Yingchun, to agree to these two marriages, and personally went up the mountain as a matchmaker. After some near misses, Cynomorium prevailed, and two couples also tied the knot.

  ■ Highlights

  The story is humorous and full of business.

  Qipanshan is a representative play of Wang School. In the 1970s, famous Peking Opera performers Liu Xiurong and Zhang Chunxiao rearranged it. This is a traditional drama with complete travel, equal emphasis on singing and doing, both civil and military skills, and good listening and watching. The plot is humorous, the stage is fresh and bright, and it is convenient for young audiences to watch. However, it has rarely appeared on the stage in recent years.

  This year marks the 135th anniversary of the birth of Wang Yaoqing, a master of Peking Opera. Liu Xiurong, who is over 80 years old, expressed the hope that you can see the style of Wang Opera through this play. She said, "There are too many representative plays of Wang Opera, but few people can learn it now. Now, when it comes to Peking Opera, everyone knows the four famous artists, but Wang Yaoqing is their master, but few people know it. " She also hopes that all walks of life can pay more attention to the art of Peking Opera King (Yao Qing).

  The first couple in this play are Dou Xiantong and Xue Dingshan, and Xue Dingshan on the opera stage has no high martial arts. He is weak in character, but he is beautiful and handsome. Dou Xiantong, on the other hand, is just the opposite. She is strong in martial arts, strong in character, resourceful and calculating. This contrast in personality is also related to their experiences. Xue Dingshan grew up in Wangfu since childhood, and his previous experience was smooth sailing without any hardships. But Dou Xiantong grew up in a cottage, and his experience was a lot bumpy. Such young people, when they meet in a narrow way, will naturally have a lot of opponents to see. Guo Fanjia, who plays Dou Xiantong in the play, said: "This character should be not only martial arts, but also feminine and lovely. It is really difficult to play."

  Another couple in the play are Dou Yihu and Xue Jinlian. Xue Jinlian is quiet, shy and introverted, and handsome. Dou Yihu is humorous, cheerful, strong and reckless, and full of masculinity. At first, when robbing grain, Dou Yihu met Xue Jinlian. When he was defeated and returned to the mountain to report to his sister, he was not ashamed and was very cute. When such two people meet together, they are also full of jokes.

  Another highlight of the play is Cheng Yaojin’s marriage proposal. Although Cheng Yaojin has ordinary martial arts, he is lucky and a lucky general. Personality is loyalty-oriented, easy-going, Wagangzhai, was elected king. His personality is crude and refined, witty and humorous. It will naturally be interesting for him to deal with marriage events with Dou Xiantong and Xue Jinlian. It is understood that in order to celebrate the New Year’s Day, this series of performances are all public welfare performances with low fares, and the lowest fare is 50 yuan.

  ■ Other wonderful plays

  Repertoire: Feng Haichao.

  Performance time: 2 pm on January 1st.

  Starring: Young Mei Pai Tsing Yi Jia Pengfei, young niche actor Hao Shipeng led the performance, while Lu Kunshan, Yan Shiqi and Gu Qian helped out.

  Introduction: Feng Haichao, a Peking Opera, was adapted by Mei Lanfang from the Qing Palace’s Collection "Circular Preface", originally named "The Tree of Yin and Yang", also known as "Ugly Match", which premiered in Beijing in 1929. The plot is ingenious and full of trades, which is similar to the legendary script Kite Mistake in Qing Dynasty. Xue ‘e’s several passages are gorgeous and unique, lively and ups and downs, and they are like songs, which are well-known aria widely circulated in Mei school.

  Repertoire: Legend of the White Snake

  Performance time: 2: 00 pm on January 2.

  Starring: Outstanding young actors Zhu Hong, Chen Xuzhi, Dai Zhongyu, Dennies Hu, etc. lead the performance, while Chen Guosen, Liu Kuikui, Wang Haoqiang, etc.

  Introduction: The story of White Snake and Xu Xian has been circulated among the people in China for a long time. Now the Peking Opera Legend of White Snake, which is often performed, is performed according to Mr. Tian Han’s version. From the time when White Snake and Green Snake went down the mountain to swim around the lake, to the time when Green Snake destroyed the tower and reunited with Bai Xu, there were plots such as getting married, changing wine, stealing grass, going up the mountain, fighting with water, breaking the bridge and closing bowls. Among them, the "Broken Bridge" is particularly exciting.

  Repertoire: Yu Tang Chun

  Performance time: 7: 30pm on January 2nd.

  Starring: Xunpai Hua Dan actor Song Yixuan, Mei Pai Tsing Yi Zhu Hong, Zhang Pai Tsing Yi Liu Mengjiao and Cheng Pai Tsing Yi Lv Yaoyao starred.

  Highlights: This drama tells the story of Wang Jinlong, a son of a government official, and Su San, a famous prostitute. The drama "Su San Qi Jie" and "Three Trials" are classic passbook dramas, which have been performed by various schools. This time, the young inheritors of the four schools of the National Peking Opera Theatre gathered together to perform the complex and beautiful role of Su San with the characteristics of their respective schools.

  Repertoire: Peach Blossom Village

  Performance time: 2 pm on January 3rd.

  Starring: Outstanding young actors such as Zhang Yixin, Bai Yang, Yang Wei, Pi Rui and Zhang Yandong.

  Aspect introduction: outside the Taohua Village

  Yu Yan, the daughter of Liu Deming, and Chunlan, the maid, went to the flower field to have a spring outing and choose a husband. Bian Ji, a scholar from Lu Yu, fell in love at first sight. Unexpectedly, after some twists and turns, through the mediation of Lu Zhishen, Biansheng and Yuyan finally got married.

  Repertoire: "Shiro Visiting Mother"

  Performance time: 7: 30pm on January 3rd.

  Starring: The play brings together national first-class actors Tian Lei, Bi Xiaoyang and Xu Mengke, and outstanding young actors Li Bo, Guo Xiao, Liu Qi, Sina Zha, Bai Yang and Jin Xing.

  Highlights: The play is based on Yang Jiajiang’s story. The whole play has a deep description of the characters’ feelings, and has done enough articles on the word "human feelings". Against the background of the confrontation between the two armies and the tense situation, Yang Silang, who was trapped in a foreign country, risked his life and sneaked out to visit his mother. Endless feelings of parting, hating and missing bring us together and apart.

On the second day of the New Year holiday, Hunan received 8,466,300 tourists.

On the second day of New Year’s Day holiday, the province’s cultural and tourism markets are abundant, and residents’ enthusiasm for traveling is high. According to the modeling analysis of mobile phone signaling big data, the province received 8,466,300 tourists, including 1,446,800 tourists from outside the province, accounting for 17.09%. The analysis of UnionPay big data modeling shows that the per capita spending of tourists in the province is 1179.49 yuan. The 385 accommodation units included in the statistical monitoring received 62,700 tourists, up 46.75% year-on-year, and realized an operating income of 26,511,300 yuan, up 54.27% year-on-year. The room occupancy rate of the accommodation units included in the monitoring was 80.06%.