Lei Jun: Xiaomi SU7 will participate in the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, and all 9 colors will be exhibited.

Fast Technology reported on April 18th that Lei Jun, the chairman of Xiaomi, started broadcasting at Xiaomi Auto Delivery Center today, and "talked with netizens about the sale of Xiaomi SU7 these days".

Lei Jun said in the live broadcast,Xiaomi Automobile will participate in the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, and all body colors (9 in total) will be displayed at the auto show.

It is reported that Xiaomi SU7 offers three free color schemes-Gulf Blue, Elegant Grey and Olive Green, and the other six color schemes cost 7,000 yuan more-Lava Orange, Meteor Blue, Xiaguang Purple, Cambrian Rock Grey, Pearl White and Diamond Black.

The interior of Xiaomi SU7 offers four color schemes, namely Galaxy Grey, Twilight Red, Foggy Purple and Obsidian Black, all inspired by nature.

For Xiaomi SU7, three colors are free, and six colors need to be paid for. Xiaomi Auto officially explained:

After the technical conference on December 28 last year, everyone gave very good feedback on Gulf Blue, Olive Green and Elegant Grey, so although the cost of these three colors is also very high, Xiaomi decided to give them to everyone for free.

As for the black and white car paints, you have to add money. Xiaomi Automobile said that they are not ordinary black and white.

Xiaomi Automobile adds pearl powder to pearl white and metal powder to diamond black.Let the most common black and white also present a texture far higher than the industry level.

In addition, the paint surface and technology of Xiaomi SU7 body are very elegant, and the feeling is completely different under different light and shadow, which is why Xiaomi SU7 real car looks better than photos.

On-the-spot investigation of Xiaomi Automobile Factory: The current daily production capacity is less than 300 vehicles, and the supplier said that "the requirements have been received"

The reporter walked into the Xiaomi Automobile Production Park in Beijing Economic Development Zone, and the rows of Xiaomi SU7 parked neatly in the square were visible. When the reporter visited, he found that at present, Xiaomi Automobile Factory is still advancing according to the single-shift production system and has not worked overtime. "After communicating with the person in charge of Xiaomi Automobile Factory, I learned that the existing daily production capacity of Xiaomi Automobile Factory is less than 300." The above-mentioned Xiaomi automobile supplier revealed to reporters. The above-mentioned Xiaomi automobile supplier also said that a few days ago, Xiaomi automobile issued a demand to suppliers to increase production capacity. He went to Xiaomi automobile factory this time to do production capacity evaluation. "After understanding, I found that even if our suppliers can provide accessories, it is difficult for Xiaomi Automobile Factory to achieve rapid increase in production capacity in a short time." The above Xiaomi automobile supplier said. According to several suppliers of Xiaomi Automobile, Xiaomi Automobile has increased its annual production capacity demand to 120,000 units in 2024. In this regard, the reporter verified the Xiaomi Group, but as of press time, no response was received. (per meridian)

British league cup

At 3: 45 am on November 2nd, Beijing time, in the fourth round of the 2023-24 English League Cup, Chelsea played against Blackburn Rovers at home. In the first half, badia Hiller opened the record for Chelsea; In the second half, Sterling scored to expand the score. In the end, Chelsea beat Blackburn Rovers 2-0 at home and advanced to the quarterfinals of the Carling Cup.

In the 7th minute, Malkin took the ball to the right and cut inside. His left foot missed the right column. In the 10th minute, Sterling broke into the left of the restricted area with the ball, and fell to the ground after physical contact with his opponent. The referee didn’t give a penalty.

In the 16th minute, Rees-James received a pass from his teammates, got the ball from the right side of the penalty area and pushed it from the bottom at a small angle, which was confiscated by Blackburn Rovers goalkeeper. In the 24th minute, Reese James made a long-range shot from the right at the front of the restricted area, and the ball slipped and missed the left column.

In the 26th minute, Enzo Fernandez took the ball from the left at the front of the restricted area and made a low shot. Blackburn Rovers goalkeeper fell to the ground and saved the ball.

In the 30th minute, Gallagher crossed the ball from the bottom line on the right side of the penalty area, Blackburn Rovers goalkeeper hit the ball out of the penalty area with one hand, and badia Hiller scored a goal at the front of the penalty area, with Chelsea leading 1-0!

In the 35th minute, Palmer cut into the right at the front of the restricted area, and his left foot shot was confiscated by Blackburn Rovers goalkeeper. In the 37th minute, Blackburn Rovers’ right cross hit Negara Geer’s arm in the restricted area, and the referee didn’t make a penalty.

At the end of the first half, Chelsea entered the halftime with a 1-0 lead.

In the second half, it was easy to fight again. In the 51st minute, Enzo Fernandez shot high from the top of the restricted area. In the 57th minute, Enzo Fernandez made another long-range shot from a similar position, and this time the ball was confiscated by Blackburn Rovers goalkeeper.

In the 59th minute, Palmer broke the ball from the opponent’s foot on the left in the frontcourt and sent a straight plug. Sterling took the ball into the penalty area and kicked the door. The ball jumped into the far corner and Chelsea led 2-0!

In the 61st minute, Chelsea made two substitutions, Colwill and Gustavo came out and replaced Reese James and goal hero badia Hiller. In the 67th minute, Sterling broke into the restricted area and made a cross on the left. Jaakson pushed the ball high near the penalty spot.

In the 75th minute, Gallagher took the ball to the left in front of the restricted area, and his foot missed the far post. In the 76th minute, Chelsea made another substitution, and caycedo came out and replaced Nicola Jaakson.

In the 85th minute, Sterling hit the door at a small angle with the ball on the right side of the restricted area, and the ball slipped past. In the 87th minute, Chelsea made the last two substitutions. Madueke and matos came out and replaced Palmer and Enzo Fernandez. In the 93rd minute, Gustavo volleyed from the right side of the restricted area and missed the far post.

Soon after, the game ended. Finally, Chelsea beat Blackburn Rovers 2-0 at home and advanced to the quarterfinals of the Carling Cup.

The lineup of both sides:

Outbreaks, burning warships, dropping planes … This summer, the US military is really annoying!

  A collective COVID-19 infection broke out at the US military base in Okinawa, and the US Navy’s "Good Richard" amphibious assault ship burst into flames, and the US Air Force crashed an F-16C… …

  This summer, American troops deployed in many parts of the world have frequent accidents and troubles!

  This is the Futenma base of the US military stationed in Japan in Okinawa, Japan, which was photographed on January 27, 2018. Xinhua News Agency/Midland

  Make people angry! Aggregative COVID-19 outbreak broke out at the US military base in Japan.

  Recently, a collective COVID-19 infection suddenly appeared in the US military base in Okinawa. Only from July 7th to 11th, there were 61 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. military base in Okinawa, and on the 13th, the U.S. military base in Okinawa notified 32 confirmed cases to the local area. On the 15th, the Okinawa prefectural government of Japan confirmed that there were 36 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in several local US military bases in Japan.

  A large number of confirmed cases appeared in a short period of time. Danny Yucheng, the governor of Okinawa Prefecture, was "shocked" and "extremely sorry" about the news, and said that he "had to have strong doubts about the epidemic prevention countermeasures".

  It is reported that more than half of the 50,000 US troops stationed in Japan and the United States are stationed in Okinawa, and they are not subject to Japanese Covid-19 inspection, and the US military’s epidemic prevention measures are not controlled by the Japanese side.

  It is even more reported that the US was initially reluctant to disclose information such as the number of confirmed cases of US troops stationed in Japan and the whereabouts of confirmed cases. Later, at the repeated request of the Japanese side, it had to publish relevant information.

  American soldiers who enjoy "special status" are "free to come and go" and "go their own way" in Okinawa. Some Okinawa residents said that during the epidemic, they were really worried when they saw American soldiers without masks on the street.

  For a long time, Okinawa residents have complained about the noise and pollution caused by the US military base, the crash of US military aircraft, and crimes committed by US military personnel. The outbreak of the cluster epidemic has intensified their dissatisfaction.

  Too bad! The US Navy’s "quasi-aircraft carrier" is in full swing

  Something happened to the US military base in Japan on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, and the US naval base on the east coast was not "peaceful".

  On July 12th, local time, the "Good Richard" of amphibious assault ship, moored at the naval base in San Diego, USA, exploded and burst into flames. For a time, the pungent smoke produced by the burning of plastics, cables and other materials floated all over the center of San Diego, and many sailors who escaped from the ship also lost all their property, "only a suit of clothes."

  On July 12, the naval base in San Diego, California, USA caught fire and emitted smoke. A fire broke out on the 12th in amphibious assault ship, a US military vessel moored at the San Diego Naval Base in California. Xinhua News Agency/Midland

  According to the US Navy, as of the afternoon of the 13th, 36 sailors and 23 civilians had been treated for high temperature burns and smoke inhalation.

  Good Richard is one of the American Navy’s wasp-class amphibious assault ship ships, with a displacement of over 40,000 tons. It has a spacious flight deck and hangar deck, which can accommodate helicopters, tilt-rotor aircraft and short-range take-off and landing aircraft, and is equivalent to a quasi-aircraft carrier.

  Although the name is very special, many people will not be unfamiliar with the ship. In the popular sci-fi movie Super Battleship a few years ago, people have experienced the elegance of this big ship.

  Before the fire, the ship was under medium-term maintenance, mainly upgrading the flight deck. After the upgrade, it will be able to carry at most 16 F-35B short takeoff/vertical landing fighters or 22 MV-22B Osprey transport planes.

  This fire, which lasted for dozens of hours, may make it difficult for this huge ship with a ship age of more than 20 years to regain its glory. Some analysts pointed out that although the damage degree of the ship is still unclear, the intensity of the fire is enough to deform the structural steel of the hull. Considering the damage degree, the ship will stop using for at least several years, and it is likely to be identified as completely scrapped. Once the ship is scrapped, it will be "the most serious safety accident of the US Navy in the past 20 years" with heavy losses.

  What a jam! The U.S. Air Force recently destroyed another plane.

  It rained all night, and the fire on the "Good Richard" has not been extinguished, and the Air Force has "added a wall" to the US military.

  On July 13th, local time, an F-16C fighter plane crashed at holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.

  Data Map: US Air Force F-16C Fighter

  However, this plane crash is not the only one this year. Since May, there have been many crashes in the US Air Force, including the tragedy of "the plane crashed and people died".

  On May 15th, an F-22 fighter plane of the US Air Force crashed near Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, and the pilot ejected to escape.

  On May 20th, Eglin Air Force Base confirmed that an F-35A fighter plane crashed while trying to land at the base on the evening of 19th, and the pilot also ejected to escape.

  On June 15th, an F-15C fighter plane crashed during a training mission at the US military base in Britain.

  On June 30, an F-16 fighter jet crashed while performing daily training tasks at Shaw Air Force Base in Southern California, USA. The pilot on board was taken to the hospital and was later declared brain dead.

  In less than two months, several "Hawk" aircraft with high cost and outstanding performance "lost their wings" in training, and the loss was not insignificant.

Twenty-four solar terms | beginning of autumn: The heat is unbearable, and the autumn in the meteorological sense has not yet arrived.

August 7th is the beginning of autumn in the 24 solar terms. Although the solar terms have the word "autumn", this year’s beginning of autumn has not brought the coolness of autumn. In most parts of the country, the high temperature is still scorching the earth. In the Yangtze River basin, Huaihe River basin and Yellow River basin controlled by subtropical high, the temperature can be called hot summer. The highest temperature in Shanghai will remain above 37 degrees in the coming week, and Nanjing, Wuhan and Chongqing, which are located inland, are pointing to 40 degrees.
"beginning of autumn is only an astronomical autumn, not a meteorological one." Cheng Peng, an assistant researcher at the Institute of Literature, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, said, "The fashion in beginning of autumn is in dog days, so it’s still a little hot. There is a folk saying that it is an autumn tiger. However, China has a vast territory. In many places in the north, it has been a little cold in the morning and evening after beginning of autumn, and most of the south is still in the heat. "
On August 6th, 2022, beginning of autumn is coming in Huai ‘an, Jiangsu, and the pomegranate trees in Lotus Park are covered with red fruits. Vision china diagram"It’s chilly in beginning of autumn early, and it’s hot in beginning of autumn late."The so-called "autumn in astronomical sense" was established by the ancients according to the observation of the law of the sun’s operation. The Almanac says, "The southwest dimension refers to beginning of autumn". When the Big Dipper refers to the southwest and the sun reaches 135 degrees, it is the time when the beginning of autumn solar term comes.
According to this astronomical standard, accurately speaking, this year’s beginning of autumn will officially arrive at 20: 29 on August 7th, Beijing time, which is already after dark.
"There is a proverb that says,’ It’s chilly in beginning of autumn in the morning, and it’s hot in beginning of autumn at night.’ This year in beginning of autumn, it’s after eight o’clock in the evening, so the summer heat will continue, and it will probably end before and after it comes out. Bi Xuling, director of the Folk Custom and Intangible Heritage Research Office of the Institute of Literature, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, has studied the 24 solar terms proverbs. She found that the ancient solar terms agricultural proverbs can still fit and predict the temperature, which is very scientific. "Because solar terms reflect the operation of the sun, the temperature is determined by the sun in the final analysis. After long-term observation, the ancients summed up this law, which proved to be very effective. If you analyze it with the knowledge of modern meteorology, you will find that the reasons are very complicated, such as the influence of subtropical high. "
The ancients called the hottest period of the year "dog days". "In fact, it is not hot after beginning of autumn, which is related to whether it is out." Bi Xuling mentioned that the time of "three volts" is also not fixed, ranging from 30 days to 40 days. "The initial and final volts are 10 days, and the time of two volts is not necessarily, sometimes 10 days, sometimes 20 days." The length of the second day depends on the date of the third Geng day after the summer solstice every year, and the third Geng day after the summer solstice falls into the sky. "So the solar terms are closely related to the dog days. By observing the weather of the solar terms in the dog days, the ancients summed up the law of predicting the length of the dog days." This year’s dog days will last for 40 days from July 16th to August 24th.
In fact, among the 24 solar terms, the solar term after beginning of autumn is the summer, and the summer, the light summer and the big summer are all solar terms representing high temperature. After the summer, the summer heat gradually subsided and the temperature began to fall.
What we usually call autumn is the autumn in the meteorological sense. There are strict meteorological standards: the average daily temperature is below 22℃ for five consecutive days, and the subsequent weather conditions are stable, then we will count the first day as autumn. By this standard, it will take time for the real autumn to come.
The ancient agricultural custom "basking in autumn" has entered the public’s field of vision.
Autumn is the harvest season, at the same time, the hot temperature has come to an end, and the customs in beginning of autumn are mostly around these two points.
"Corresponding to beginning of spring biting spring, beginning of autumn also has the custom of biting and gnawing autumn, which not only welcomes the arrival of autumn, but also has the effect of keeping healthy and preventing autumn dryness." Cheng Peng mentioned that beginning of autumn is the time limit for tasting some foods, and fruits and vegetables have a bumper harvest. People pay attention to "tasting autumn fresh".
In northern China, beginning of autumn’s "biting autumn" food is watermelon, commonly known as "biting melon". It is believed that eating watermelons in beginning of autumn can clear the gastrointestinal impurities in summer and avoid diarrhea in winter and next spring. This custom has a long history. In the Qing Dynasty, Zhang Tao’s "Tianjin Miscellanies Customs at the Age of Years" recorded: "When beginning of autumn eats melons, he bites autumn to avoid diarrhea."
Children are eating watermelon "gnawing autumn" to welcome the arrival of beginning of autumn. Vision china map corresponds to long summer, and beginning of autumn people also have the habit of weighing. If the weight is lighter than that of long summer, it is called "bitter summer". If you lose weight, you need to make up for it. Therefore, beginning of autumn has the custom of "sticking on autumn fat". In the northern region, beginning of autumn "sticks to autumn fat" to eat meat, while ordinary people eat stewed meat, while those who pay attention to it eat boiled meat, braised pork, jiaozi with minced meat, stewed chicken, stewed duck and so on.Fang Yun, a lecturer at the School of International Education of Shanghai University and a doctor of folklore, mentioned a beginning of autumn custom of "basking in the autumn" that has entered the public’s field of vision in recent years.
"Sunbathing in autumn is a typical agricultural custom phenomenon in beginning of autumn with strong regional characteristics. Villagers living in mountainous areas such as Jiangxi, Anhui, Hunan, Guangxi, etc., because of the complex terrain, there are very few flat areas in the village, so they have to use the roofs in front of the house and behind their own windowsills to rack and hang crops, which has evolved into a traditional agricultural custom phenomenon over time. "
Sunbathing in autumn in Wuyuan, Shangrao, Jiangxi. Vision china map is different from many disappearing solar terms customs. "Sunbathing in autumn" was only a common agricultural custom phenomenon in ancient times, but in recent years, the agricultural custom scene of "sunbathing in autumn" in mountain villages has become an autumn landscape that tourists deliberately chase and watch. In this way, Wuling, Wuyuan, Jiangxi, created the "Earthy Autumn Festival", which opened in Liqiu. This festival strengthens the protection and display of folk culture represented by sun-drying autumn through celebrations. It was selected into the list of typical cases of domestic tourism promotion in 2020, and it is also the top ten outstanding cases of "non-legacy and tourism integration" in 2019."The folk custom of sunbathing in autumn has the dual marks of landscape narrative and ritual narrative. In rural areas, the visible landscape of festival ceremony is relatively immobile, which can solidify the folk tradition and form a stable narrative identity, which is the premise of folk tourism. The famous’ Huangling Sunbathing in Autumn’ takes the local custom of Huangling as a ritual narrative way, and turns the static crop landscape into a performance of customs. When performers and tourists interact in the behavioral ceremony, tourists can experience and participate in the construction of rural landscape. " Fang Yun thinks. "Sunbathing in the Autumn Festival" comes into public view, which is a typical case of the folk custom of the twenty-four solar terms regaining its brilliance in the contemporary era. The ancient solar terms still have their unique charm and can connect with modern life.
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Does a pace of 7-8 minutes per kilometer count as running?

A running friend asked Lao Wang a question: "If it takes me 15 minutes to run for 2 kilometers, is this speed too slow? Can I still be considered running?"

Generally speaking, the definition of running is that the human body’s center of gravity is constantly improving, falling and moving horizontally as a cycle, and through continuous alternating movement of legs, it pushes on the ground to make the body move forward quickly.

Therefore, according to this definition, even a speed of 7-8 minutes can be considered as running.

When it comes to the pace of 7-8 minutes per kilometer, different people will have different reactions. Some people think it is too slow, while others think it is just right. This degree of difficulty depends entirely on the individual’s physical fitness level and training plan and other factors.

From another point of view, the closing time of a 10-kilometer official running race is 90 minutes, which means that the average pace per kilometer is 9 minutes. Although this speed is not fast, it can still be considered qualified.

If you want to improve your running speed, don’t worry!As long as you keep running, your running speed will gradually increase!

Running is a healthy and physical exercise. In the process of running, it is equally important to achieve the goal and experience the fun of sports, not just for the pursuit of speed or competition results.

Running is not only a healthy exercise, but also a social activity that can be shared with others. Runners of different degrees can exchange their experiences, share their opinions, encourage and support each other to achieve higher goals.

Therefore, the significance of running involves not only speed and competition, but also more.Health, happiness and socialityAnd many other aspects. Running can not only improve physical endurance and flexibility, but also give people psychological satisfaction and social connection with others.

For ordinary runners, the initial motivation for running is almost always to stay healthy. In the pursuit of healthy running, the speed of running is actually not the most important factor.

Lao Wang is also a long-term runner directly. I insist on "healthy running" rather than "speed running". There are runners who have been running for more than ten or twenty years around me, and we all have a common view: with the extension of running time, we realize more and more deeply-Jogging is the essence of health..

Moderate jogging can help improve heart and lung function, improve metabolic rate, consume body fat, and even help prevent and improve some diseases. Compared with high-intensity running, jogging has less stress on bones and joints, which effectively reduces the risk of injury. Therefore, if you just want to get healthy, it is more appropriate to run slowly.

However, many people in the running world take "speed is everything" as a motto. They think that only the faster they run can they be called a real runner.

Excessive pursuit of speed can lead to overconfidence and arrogance.At the same time, other important factors may be ignored. Therefore, while pursuing speed, we should also be careful not to ignore other important factors.

Some runners think it is an honor to run at a fast speed, as if they are the best, but they are dismissive of joggers. But in fact, whether running fast or jogging, they can make runners healthy and happy, and this is the most important thing.

Therefore, runners should respect each other and enjoy the fun of running together, instead of comparing and belittling each other. Encourage each other with a friendly attitude in order to gain greater happiness and sense of accomplishment.

By encouraging each other, they can get more happiness in running and have more motivation to achieve their goals.

Running is a sport that requires perseverance and continuous efforts.Any runner will go through a long process from slow to fast and from short to long. Only by perseverance can we achieve our goals and reach the best state.

With the development of the times, the number of runners is increasing, but not many people can really persist. This phenomenon shows the difficulty of persisting in running.

In fact, as long as you master the correct posture, training methods, and have a good mentality and perseverance, anyone can slowly improve their running speed and endurance.

As a runner, it is very important to master the proper rhythm. Sometimes, slowing down can help you protect yourself better and reduce the possibility of injury, and running without injury is the destination of runners. Therefore, at an appropriate time, runners should control their own pace and slow themselves down as much as possible.

Therefore, many mature runners know that,Slow is the premise of fast.Only in this way can we make our running career more dynamic and lasting.

Now, we are exposed to a lot of information every day, which comes from the internet, media, colleagues, friends and so on. Sometimes, we will be confused by this information and even have an impact on our own judgment.

Therefore, while receiving information, we should cultivate our independent thinking ability and form our own opinions, instead of being influenced by some short videos, some remarks or blindly following others.

Always stick to your original intention of running.Know where your physical limit is, recognize your own shortcomings and run with thinking. Only in this way can you see the truth and understand how to run is the most suitable for you.

Take running as a pleasure, not as a burden.

If we regard running as a way to communicate with nature and others, we can keep healthy and have fun at leisure, then we can enjoy the benefits of running more.

Recently, more and more people begin to pay attention to the process of running, rather than simply pursuing the speed and distance of running, so as to achieve both psychological and physical gains. Don’t let speed, distance and other indicators become a kind of pressure, but use them as our own source of motivation, which can help us enjoy the fun brought by running better and reduce the physical and psychological burden of running.

We can integrate running into our life in many ways to improve our physical and mental health:

First of all, in order to make running more effective, you shouldEstablish a running plan and timetable that suits you.. According to your work, living habits and physical condition, combined with reasonable running intensity and running time, make an effective running plan.

Secondly, in order to make running more interesting, in addition to choosing a beautiful running route, you can also run with your family and friends.Increase the fun and interactivity of running..

Finally, you can record your running status and development by using running applications or watches.Provide evaluation and feedback for your running process.In order to adjust your running plan and goals.

In short, integrating running into our life can help us improve our physical health, mental state, work efficiency, relax our body and mind, release our energy, and let us have a healthier and more active life.

If you want to make greater achievements in running, you should find the speed that suits you best, instead of rushing for success. shouldPut health first.Only by accumulating slowly can we make greater progress!

Do you have any requirements for your pace? Welcome to discuss!

From Wuyuan Beauty to Sports Lottery Beauty

"Every time I go to a scenic spot, I like to scrape a sports lottery." Ms. Wan, who took her family to visit Wunvzhou Scenic Area in Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province, said with a smile that they passed the "Wunvzhou Magic Lottery Shop", a specialty store with the theme of "Sports Lottery+"in the scenic area, and the family excitedly took photos and punched in front of the Sports Lottery Creative Exhibition Frame. "It’s a good luck to make a lottery, and it’s also a charity!"

Meet lucky sports lottery under the white wall and tile

Walking into Wunvzhou Resort and going straight from Huishi Street, where tourists gather, you can see the unique facade design of Wunvzhou Magic Lottery Shop-the ingenious combination of Jiangnan ancient charm with Huizhou style and fashionable sports lottery elements has become a new landmark for tourists to punch in.

Cornices, tiles, horse head walls and doorways are the features of new Huizhou architecture, while the style in the store is "brand-new" and more fashionable. A dazzling collection of sports lottery mascots, Le Xiaoxing dolls and sports stars, has a unique sense of fashion under the neon signs of "a lucky and fun shop", "koi fish possessed" and "scratching lucky strike".

Stepping into the store, under the football-shaped dome light, the spacious and bright store is full of sports elements, and the large-scale display cabinets with instant billing occupy the C position in the store —— Long Xing Universiade, red envelopes come and let good things happen, and Chinese dragon attract many tourists to come around. In the process of introducing the way of buying lottery tickets and serving tourists, the staff also did not forget to publicize the responsible lottery tickets, and the concept of public welfare lottery tickets was subtly spread in the lottery buying experience again and again.

Catch the heat and meet the sense of trendy ceremony

"After joining the sports lottery family for more than ten years, my husband and I are both old owners of sports lottery, but the situation in the lottery market has been changing." When talking about the fate with sports lottery, Rao Fen, the agent, was quite emotional. "In recent years, sports lottery is becoming more and more popular, and we also want to try it in scenic spots."

Rao Fen, while sorting out the sports lottery tickets in the counter, said: "It is a great honor to open a special sports lottery shop in the scenic spot during the tourist season to meet the needs of the public to buy lottery tickets and do public welfare at will."

With the support of Jiangxi Sports Lottery, this special sports lottery shop not only highlights the lottery ticket, but also "fills up" the lucky value, accurately hitting the "sense of ceremony" that young people love. Many couples come to visit Wunvzhou Scenic Area to wear rings and scrape off the top scratch coating hand in hand, and many lottery buyers like to choose birthday numbers, lucky numbers and so on … This is the young people’s pursuit of "sense of life ceremony" and carries their hopes for a better life.

Pour out public welfare feelings with quality service

The lights are on, and night falls. In-store TV screens broadcast the recent football matches in turn, and tourists invariably come to the sports lottery shop to relax and wait for the evening performance of "Playing Iron Flower" in Wunvzhou. Sitting around the table of the manager of Sports Lottery, sharing sports hobbies and experiences with friends around me from time to time, the waiting time is no longer long, and the journey is even luckier because of the company of Sports Lottery. Rao Fen prepared hot water for lottery buyers and carefully answered questions from lottery buyers. It is her unremitting pursuit to have a good environment, excellent service and good experience.

While constantly improving service awareness, Rao Fen and sales staff also strive to be good public welfare propagandists. In the process of serving lottery buyers, they don’t forget to publicize the concept of responsible lottery and explain the knowledge of public welfare areas. "We introduce the public welfare undertakings of sports lottery to customers who enter the store, popularize the knowledge of the use of public welfare funds, and let them trust sports lottery more."

It is reported that in recent years, Jiangxi Sports Lottery has followed the development trend of multi-format and diversification of sports lottery and actively explored a new development model of "Sports Lottery+". At present, there are 375 sports lottery+stores in Jiangxi, including 191 theme specialty stores, 108 other empowerment stores, 43 convenience service stores, 27 public welfare volunteer stores and 6 sports service stores. These "Sports Lottery+"windows show the brand image of Sports Lottery as "public welfare, health, joy and enterprising", which gives the public a new understanding of the brand image of Sports Lottery and provides inexhaustible motive force for promoting the high-quality development of sports lottery in China. (From February 2nd, China Sports Daily, 05 edition)

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Pure beauty, a "pseudo-concept" of crazy alienation?

Lead: Advanced concept or marketing gimmick?

By Jacky.

If we talk about the hottest word in the global beauty industry, it is "Clean Beauty Pure Beauty". Major beauty giants are scrambling to buy pure beauty brands, and more and more brands focusing on the concept of "purity" have emerged in China consumer circuit. However, under the new style, disputes have come one after another.

Clean Beauty is gaining popularity.

Foreign criticism has continued and even launched a boycott movement.

In 2019, Shiseido Group announced the acquisition of Drunk Elephant for $845 million. In 2021, L ‘Oré al Group announced the acquisition of the American skin care brand Youth to the People;; In the same year, Procter & Gamble launched DermaGeek, an affordable vegetarian brand, and acquired FARMACY, a high-end niche skin care brand. Not long ago, L ‘Occitane Group announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Australian pure skin care brand Grown Alchemist.

The giants have increased their acquisitions, and new brands have emerged one after another.The momentum of "Clean Beauty Pure Beauty" is getting bigger and bigger. At the same time, there are more and more voices criticizing and even resisting pure beauty.

Many bloggers and dermatologists began to publicly question the concept and market value of Clean Beauty on social media.

On Ins, Shereene Idriss, a doctor of dermatology in the United States, once said, "Clean beauty has a good intention, but at present, the actual state is to use marketing, fear and insecurity to mock consumers."

Intercepted from Ins

In the foreign media Instyle, there are also comments bluntly: "At present, all Clean Beauty is defined by the chairmen according to their own products." The scale of comments by bloggers from the media is even greater. Some bloggers directly wrote the title: "Clean Beauty should die in 2020."

YouTube bloggers criticize Clean Beauty

At the same time, some brands that pay attention to the scientific and technological composition and efficacy value of raw materials stand on the periphery of "purity" and feel "offensive" in disguise. These brands believe that Clean Beauty directly refers to non-"Clean Beauty" brands as "dirty" in its external publicity, which "is actually having a negative impact on the industry".

In China, some professional researchers also pointed out that,Nature itself does not mean non-toxic and safe; Most of the products of "Clean Beauty" are not functional, and their practical significance is far less than their spiritual and cultural significance.

So, what is the "Clean Beauty" that was fired to heaven?

Back in 2000, a brand named REN (Swedish meaning "pure") was born to meet the special skin care needs of a pregnant woman, and its products still have efficacy besides removing harmful ingredients. REN is recognized as the originator of Clean Beauty.

In the following ten years, Clean Beauty was unknown, until retail giant Sephora and American e-commerce platform set up "Clean Beauty Zone" on their websites, which became famous in one fell swoop after the fermentation of social media. Coupled with the careful packaging of beauty brands who are good at marketing, it has quickly become a global beauty trend.

Sephora Clean Beauty area

By analyzing the opinions of pure beauty products such as Drunk Elephant, Tatcha, Glossier, FARMACY, MILK BEAUTY, etc., it can be seen that the standard of Clean Beauty widely recognized by the international industry includes the following three points:

1. The ingredients are safe, that is, the ingredients are non-toxic, hormone-free, hormone-free, carcinogen-free, etc.

2, the label is clear, that is, the ingredient label is clear, comprehensive and complete;

3, the environment is sustainable, that is, it is sustainable to the ecological environment without animal experiments.

However, the above three criteria are only based on the general consensus of the market on pure beauty, and there is no clear concept and legal definition in the world. It can be said,Clean Beauty is more an idea than a clear concept.

Grand View Research, an American market research organization, released a report saying that it is estimated that by 2025, the global vegetarian beauty market will reach $20.8 billion. Consumers are increasingly interested in natural products, which is the background of the rise of pure beauty products.

Yang Zhenghua, CEO of M&C Saatchi Lab. in China, told Future Beauty, "When foreign countries talk about Clean Beauty, it is actually a concept that integrates social movements." 

Drunk Elephant drunkephant

Become a marketing gimmick?

"Pure beauty" began to taste bad in China market.

In the past two years, the popularity of "pure beauty" in China market has soared, and brands focusing on the concept of purity have emerged one after another. "Pure ingredients" and "pure formula" have become high-frequency terms in brand publicity.

China’s "Pure Beauty" brand born in the past two years.

In an interview with Future Beauty, a senior e-commerce operation director said that he had previously led the positioning strategy formulation of an imported brand at the beginning of its entry into China. Between focusing on ingredient efficacy and focusing on pure concept, the brand decided to choose the latter after consideration. This is because there are too many big companies and brands with strong efficacy, and focusing on the trendy consumption concept of "pure beauty" will enjoy more market attention and traffic dividends.

In Little Red Book, there are 7100+ notes about "pure beauty", which continues to impact consumers’ cognition in fancy marketing of Chinese and foreign brands. The data shows that since 2021, more than 70 new brands of pure beauty have successively settled in Tmall International, and the sales of this category have increased by over 600% year-on-year.

Last August, Tmall International Beauty tried to define "pure beauty" in conjunction with the media and summarized it as four "zeros":Harmless ingredients, zero addition, environmental friendliness, zero harm, animal friendliness, zero cruelty, sustainable environmental protection and zero waste.

This definition resonates with the internationally recognized three criteria at the same frequency. However, the concept is full, but the market reality of landing in China is very "skinny", because there is no unified and authoritative standard, and new China brands are basically "talking to themselves".

The person in charge of the standard of a domestic pure beauty system told Future Beauty, "The purity we say can be understood from another angle, that is, what the skin needs, such as a beneficial composition, then it is pure to the body; If the skin doesn’t need it, even if it is pure, it can’t be considered pure. "

Amber, the founder of Tangyi, has also publicly stated that although there is no unified standard for pure beauty at home and abroad, "we believe that real pure beauty must be progressive, scientific and frank", and its "DCBS Tangyi Purity Standard" has eliminated more than 70 risk components in 10 categories. OnTop, another cutting-edge brand, claims to independently formulate six purity standards, and combined with international experience and expert opinions, it has identified 7412 prohibited ingredients.

Dewy Lab tongyi

In addition to some new domestic products focusing on pure beauty and self-built pure standards, some old domestic products also hope to upgrade and renovate by Clean Beauty.

At the beginning of this year, MCL Huaxikou, an old domestic product, which has been repositioned as "Oriental Pure Beauty", officially released the first Green Paper on Pure Beauty, and announced the launch of the first group standard of pure beauty in China, claiming to adopt a vegan formula of zero animal origin and upgrade 100% recyclable environmental protection packaging.

Qiu Xiaofeng, vice president of Northbell, who is in charge of research and development, believes that pure beauty in China is a mixed concept. At present, it may mainly be that raw materials are natural, contain no risk components, and pay attention to the source of raw materials and the transparency of processing. He stressed, but this does not mean that the safety of unnatural raw materials cannot be guaranteed. For example, some synthetic peptides used in cosmetics are also very safe.

The above-mentioned senior e-commerce operation director pointed out: "According to the existing domestic broad definition, I think almost all Australian brands that focus on natural positioning can be called pure beauty, and even the old Chinese products herborist and Yiyi Herbal Medicine can also be called pure skin care." In his view, the so-called "pure beauty" has completely changed its taste now, but when it comes to plant recipes and simple packaging styles, it can be transformed into a self-proclaimed "pure" school.

Apart from the composition, the consensus idea of "zero cruelty" and "vegan" is not only difficult to achieve in China, but even conflicts with the requirements of existing laws and regulations.

Qiu Xiaofeng pointed out in an interview with Future Beauty that "in the research and development of raw materials, some toxicological data are still inseparable from animal experiments for the time being".

In addition, in the article of "sustainable environmental protection and zero waste", the packaging problems of many brands are also difficult to meet the standards.

"At present, cosmetics are more or less over-packaged, because most consumers still prefer exquisite packaging." Zhang Taijun, a senior R&D engineer and R&D director of the Institute of Biotechnology for Skin Care, bluntly said, "At this point, almost no pure products meet the requirements of’ purity’."

If the industry is not self-disciplined in time

Pure beauty cosmetics may follow the footsteps of "organic" and be "one size fits all"

Although "pure beauty" is controversial, it is so popular at the brand level. What are the views of channel providers and consumers?

"the concept of Clean Beauty is very tricky, and it is a bit of a’ stealing the column’. It not only achieves some of the purposes claimed by the efficacy, but also does not have to bear legal consequences. " In an interview with Future Beauty, the head of a luxury beauty collection store in China pointed out the problems behind this marketing hotspot. In his view, in recent years, domestic beauty marketing is a bit lacking, and the concept of simple design, environmental protection and health is easy to resonate.

In fact, the slot about "the idea gimmick is greater than the actual effect" has begun to ferment on social platforms.

In the little red book, under the comment of domestic pure beauty recommended by a blogger, some consumers are outspoken. "If the product doesn’t work, it won’t work. If it doesn’t work, it will instill ideas for me to accept. It is better to emphasize the application of sensitive muscles and emphasize pure beauty, so it is better to say the effect directly. "

Comments on Pure Beauty on China Social Platform

In the comment area of a pure beauty brand Tmall flagship store, "Future Beauty" also saw a lot of spit about the product "no work, no fault" and "too gimmicky".

"At present, many China brands only fit some ideas, not completely." The above-mentioned director of e-commerce operation pointed out that the consumption concept of China consumers is becoming more and more mature, and efficacy is still the core of the brand, which is also the most valued brand value of consumers, and the purchase for added value such as concept is limited.

"The concept of pure beauty is worthy of recognition, but from the current situation, major beauty groups have not made efforts to promote it in the China market. It remains to be seen whether this concept has greater commercial value." The cosmetics purchasing manager of a department store group in central China believes that the new trend is coming, but when it comes to retail, good quality and high repurchase are the most important things for operators.

Pure beauty cosmetics brand Xiangtika

Compared with the enthusiasm of brands, the wait-and-see attitude of distributors and the spit of consumers, there are deeper concerns about the "pure beauty" industry.

Some researchers have pointed out that because there is no corresponding legal standard for "pure beauty", neither labels nor publicity claims can be followed, which invisibly gives enterprises too much room for self-promotion.

"Pure beauty without standard is a false concept!" Some people in the industry believe that under the current strict cosmetic laws and regulations, "pure beauty" is openly and boldly engaged in false propaganda and should be strictly investigated. He bluntly said that if the industry can’t exercise self-discipline, the brand’s fantastic definition of "purity" will probably attract the attention of the regulatory authorities like the previous "organic" concept, thus being "across the board".

Under the heat of the market, relevant departments, organizations and mainstream platforms are called upon to work out the domestic "pure beauty" standard and management mechanism, so that this "concept" with unique ideas and consumer cognition can form a broad consensus, and after abandoning the chaos, the real market value can be further amplified.


The iron law of "lottery iron man": the wrong lottery ticket will be yours if you win, and I will pay if you miss it.

24 hours in Zhejiang-qianjiang evening news reporter Dong Chen
Candidate for "The Most Beautiful Sports Lottery Person" in Zhejiang Province: Zhang Ting
Among the lottery players in Wenling City, Taizhou, many people know Zhang Ting, a fat boss who weighs nearly 200 pounds. His smile is as bright as a flower, which makes people unforgettable. What impressed everyone more, however, was his two iron laws, for which he was nicknamed the lottery iron man by lottery players.
Iron Law 1: Lottery shops will never open late and leave early.
The World Cup is just a few days away, but Zhang Ting can’t relax. "The month of the World Cup or European Cup is the best time for me to lose weight." Zhang Ting is not joking. According to past experience, he can lose at least ten kilograms.
Watching the ball game is not only a doorway, but also a lively one. So Zhang Ting’s sports lottery shop is the first choice for many fans and lottery players to watch the World Cup. A room full of people are chatting while watching.
Of course, they will also go to Zhang Ting to bet on the lottery before the competition starts. "It’s always a pleasure to watch a football match. It’s even more interesting to bet on a quiz." At that time, Zhang Ting did a good job in service, and the sports lottery shop was open all night, communicating with the lottery players and watching the ball with them until dawn.
However, after all, people are fleshy, and they can’t get a rest every day. Zhang Ting’s physical strength is exhausted and she has to take time to hang nutrition needles in the hospital. But even so, Zhang Ting gritted his teeth and persisted. "The store won’t close until the game is over!"
Zhang Ting started to run a sports lottery store in May 2010. For eight years, he opened at 8:30 every day and closed at 0: 00 in the evening. On Wednesdays and Thursdays when there are NBA games, he opened at 7: 30 on time, and sold it until 1: 00 in the morning every Saturday and Sunday … He is like an alarm clock and never leaves late. "Since this store is opened, it is necessary to provide lottery buyers with convenience and not delay anyone."
Zhang Ting is preparing information for the World Cup quiz.
Iron Law 2: Take your own mistakes.
When someone buys a lottery ticket, Zhang Ting will play the ticket seriously, but it is inevitable that mistakes will be made in his busy schedule, and often the list will be typed out. When he looks closely, he finds that he has entered the wrong number or bet.
"Once the ticket is issued, it can’t be changed. Unlike the invoice, I made a mistake and can be invalidated and reopened. Once the lottery ticket is bought wrong, it can never be invalidated and changed. "
However, lottery tickets are different from many other things and have their uncertainties. For example, because Zhang Ting accidentally typed a wrong number, it may cause the lottery to miss the prize, but it may also be because of this mistake that he hit the jackpot. How to calculate this? "In my here, anyway, that’s how to operate. The wrong lottery ticket, if it wins, counts as a customer. If it doesn’t win, it counts as mine. " This kind of thing has happened to Zhang Ting several times.
On one occasion, an old lottery player who chose 5 out of 11 came to play the ticket. Zhang Ting accidentally made the wrong ticket. He readily promised that the lottery would be quick anyway. If he won the lottery, he would be the lottery player. If he didn’t win, he would pay for the ticket. As a result, the ticket didn’t win the prize. Without saying anything, Zhang Ting took the ticket and returned more than 1,000 yuan in cash to the lottery player.

There is a kind of "love" that a lesson is hard to find.

  Yin Desheng, a full-time psychological teacher at the Mental Health Education and Consultation Center of Tianjin University of Technology, organized a series of group activities with students to pursue happiness.

  "Happiness" class.

  Wang Xiaoling teaches "Love Psychology".

  Cao Aihua was invited to participate in the activities of the Teacher-Student Growth Salon organized by the Academic Council.

  Yang Li teaches "Happiness Class".

  Li Jianwei, a teacher from the Psychological Counseling Health Center of Tianjin Medical University, led the students to "assimilation and self-healing therapy of Chendan poetry".

  Shi Xiaochen, director of the office of Tianjin Normal University Student Mental Health Education Center, organized a love theme salon for students. This edition of photos is provided by the interviewed universities.

  What elective courses are most concerned and welcomed by college students? Yes, it’s a course of "falling in love", "talking about love" and "finding happiness" In recent years, many colleges and universities in our city have set up courses about happiness and love, among which "love class", "love class" and "happiness class" have received the most extensive attention. The two courses of "Love Psychology" and "Happiness Studies" in Tianjin University are both "popular", and the students said that "grabbing is ‘ Great happiness ’ " ; Nankai University’s "Sociology of Love" is deeply loved by students, and every course is a "big hit" … … These "explosive" courses were "snapped up in seconds" once they were opened. From understanding love, learning to love and harvesting happiness, some college students "shouted" from a distance: "I really need it!" Why are such courses so popular? In the past few days, the reporter has visited this.

  The teacher talks about "Love Psychology"

  "This is not a ‘ Take off the single class ’ "

  Snacks and drinks are placed beside the sign-in desk for self-help, accompanied by soothing background music, students are whispering in twos and threes, which not only makes the atmosphere happy and relaxed, but also helps to expand the circle of friends and get to know him/her from different colleges and grades … … Recently, a romantic "date" was held in Datong Activity Center of Beiyangyuan Campus of Tianjin University. This is not a blind date scene, but a practical lesson in the course of "Love Psychology" which was robbed by students every second.

  "This is not a ‘ Take off the single class ’ , also won’t teach too much ‘ Love skills ’ The course mainly helps students to improve their ability to love, and more importantly, value guidance. " Wang Xiaoling, a teacher of Tianjin University’s Mental Health Education Center who teaches "Love Psychology", solemnly declares this at every class. This course of Mr. Wang focuses on helping students to cultivate higher-order thinking and establish a correct view of love, marriage and family. Not only can they learn to deal with love conflicts, but they can also learn to love themselves, others and their country. Therefore, the criterion for evaluating the learning effect of "Love Psychology" is not whether students are "detached" or not, their love status and emotional experience, but how to make love have a broader content: how to communicate with others, how to improve their love ability, including loving themselves, their family and their country, and how to sublimate from "little love" to "great love".

  Setting up "Love Psychology" is not a whim, but a response to students’ eager needs.

  For more than 10 years, Wang Xiaoling has carried out mental health education teaching, psychological consultation, crisis intervention and supervision for teachers and students of Tianda University, and found that emotional confusion is a very important part of daily consultation. A few days ago, an organization launched a questionnaire survey for 1028 college students across the country, and the results showed that 88.23% of them supported it. "Many ‘ 00 ’ Students have problems in interpersonal relationships, love, parent-child relationships and learning guidance, and their ability to cope with complex emotional problems and business relationships is insufficient. In addition to mastering professional knowledge and skills, we need stable emotional support to mature our personality and establish lofty ideals and ambitions. " After accumulating a large number of consulting cases at work, Wang Xiaoling gradually came up with the idea of opening a "love class".

  "Love courses don’t just teach students how to fall in love. Love and marriage involve psychology, ethics, sociology and other multidisciplinary knowledge, and are closely related to outlook on life and values. It is helpful for young people to clarify all kinds of problems in love. If you can’t figure out some common problems in love and can’t do them well, it will often affect life, study and many other aspects. " Wang Xiaoling said.

  As a public elective course in the first class of the school, how can "Love Psychology" be both theoretical and practical, so that young students can really benefit?

  For this reason, the curriculum group has set up a diversified teaching team composed of psychological teachers, full-time ideological and political teachers and counselors, and conducted regular teaching seminars. The teaching content reflects the interdisciplinary integration, integrates the knowledge of psychology, art, philosophy, engineering, law and other disciplines, and enhances students’ ability to love. Understanding love, attachment, conflict coping and relationship maintenance … … The content of the course is excavated from practical problems, and each problem is the love trouble that students encounter in reality.

  The popularity of love courses is inseparable from the diverse, lively and interesting curriculum. In addition to theoretical study and interpretation of examples, Wang Xiaoling and his team have also set up many interactive and practical links that make students’ sense of participation and experience "bursting". For example, they specially arrange homework after class to let students conduct psychological interviews with their parents and explore the influence of family of origin on their marriage and love; Specially arrange "simulated confession" to improve students’ ability to "express love", cultivate courage and overcome fear; Innovatively design the "simulated quarrel" link, so that students can learn to put themselves in other’s shoes, understand each other, express their feelings reasonably, and cultivate their ability to maintain love … … These dynamic courses are naturally popular. "Many students also bring their parents to attend classes together, which not only deepens mutual understanding, but also allows young people to have further thinking and cognition about marriage and family relations." Wang Xiaoling said.

  In the course, Wang Xiaoling also designed voluntary activities, such as organizing campus networking activities around May 20th or November 11th, which were completed spontaneously by students who took elective courses, so as to improve their interpersonal communication and activity organization ability, and also to increase their chances of meeting romantics on campus. The enthusiasm of students to participate in activities is very high.

  Student said

  "Through ‘ Love class ’ In our study and practice activities, we can experience different roles such as planners, volunteers and participants, and have rich thinking perspectives. Besides gaining professional knowledge and cultivating positive emotional attitudes, we can also improve our abilities in organization, coordination, communication, design, hosting and teamwork, and improve our ability to express love in various fields. " Li Junhao, a 2022 student from the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University who participated in the planning practice class, said.

  "We will improve the general course system such as" Love Psychology "according to the needs of students, and combine massive open online course resources to strengthen online and offline linkage, so that more young students can enhance their happiness through learning." Wang Xiaoling said.

  The teacher talks about "sociology of love"

  "Love needs to be learned."

  "Love needs to learn; Happiness is an ability. " Cao Aihua, an associate professor at the School of Sociology of Nankai University, put such a title on every slide of the courseware "Sociology of Love". "I want to tell students in this way why I want to open this course." Cao Aihua said.

  In 2018, Nankai University opened the undergraduate general elective course "Love Sociology". In the past five years, it has been carried out in two campuses for 12 rounds. Up to now, thousands of students have chosen courses, which has become one of the most popular courses in the school. Every time you choose a course, you must rely on "grabbing".

  Behind the popularity of the course is college students’ yearning for beautiful love. In addition, there are also many people who are attracted by the word "love" in the course title driven by curiosity. Last year, some institutions launched a questionnaire survey for college students across the country, and a total of 1296 valid questionnaires were collected from 283 colleges and universities. 75.23% of the students thought that schools and society should provide more psychological counseling for love or emotional relationships. 74.77% students expect the school to provide love education.

  "As a part of interpersonal communication, a good relationship can promote a person’s growth. The school agreed to offer courses related to love, with the aim of promoting students’ mental health development. " Cao Aihua said that the course "Sociology of Love" mainly teaches sociology, psychology and even physiology knowledge. These mature theories that have been scientifically tested can help students to establish a correct view of love and values, guide their words and deeds, and thus better handle interpersonal relationships.

  Student said

  "I yearn for a beautiful love of my own. When studying love as a course, I am curious about how different people treat love. " With this purpose in mind, Xiao Liu chose "Sociology of Love". After one semester, Xiao Liu said that "learning how to love others" is his greatest achievement. "Love goes both ways, and only by giving each other can we maintain a stable relationship."

  "Love needs to be learned, and love is an emotional education of love; Happiness is not only a subjective experience, but also an ability to manage relationships such as love, friendship and affection. When a person realizes that love is incompetent, don’t rush to establish a love relationship, because just wanting to take and not giving can only cause harm. A person must first learn to love himself. Only when his heart is full of love can he have the ability to love others and experience the sense of accomplishment and happiness of sharing love with others. " Cao Aihua said that this course especially emphasizes the integration of knowledge and practice. "Theoretical knowledge can be understood by speaking, and more importantly, it is in practice ‘ Line ’ Come out, so I want to design experiential and interactive classroom activities, so that students can practice while learning. Ability is practiced, and the ability to love can be improved. "

  Cao Aihua’s class will not only be explained from the perspectives of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory and Robert Jeffrey Sternberg triangular theory of love, but also be interspersed with classroom interactive activities such as love matching games, "love bank" group discussion, and drawing a life chart. At the same time, she will also use questionnaires to understand the reasons why students choose courses and the problems that need to be solved, and let students express their ideas through experiential interactions such as sitcoms. "In class, we will also discuss the performance of lack of love, how to love ourselves, and how to make love not hurt yourself or hurt others. I want to get to know students according to their feedback, and help them strengthen intergenerational communication through my sharing. Only by understanding them can we influence them and solve their problems, and this course can be more vital. " Cao Aihua said that she recently reviewed the homework of "Sociology of Love" this semester, and saw students sharing their love stories and self-analysis. Some students said, "Thanks to the teacher, in the process of getting along, I realized what a healthy relationship is like, and learned how to maintain and manage love in the interaction between couples", and some students said that "the pairing was successful through your class".

  The teacher talks about "happiness"

  "Don’t speak ‘ Truth ’ No irrigation ‘ Chicken soup ’ "

  The teacher takes you to sing, and if you have any ideas, you can send a barrage at any time … … This is the scene that the reporter recently saw the students taking "Happiness Studies" in the Tianjin Road Campus of Tian Dawei. Zhao Jianbo, the lecturer and deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Earth System Science of Tianjin University, talked about how to adjust emotions and methods of emotional training from the conclusion of psychological experiments. Students sometimes take notes and sometimes interact with teachers through barrage.

  Student said

  "This course, I started from my sophomore year, and I only grabbed it in my senior year." "In the first class of Su Tuo, everyone changed from shy to active, and many students changed from ‘ I people ’ (Internet buzzwords, referring to people who are introverted) has become ‘ E ren ’ (Internet buzzwords refer to people who are extroverted.) "Some of the methods I learned in class, such as the A4 paper working method of target management, are now being practiced and practiced in my study." "Once a week ‘ Happiness studies ’ Classroom is a rare time for me to relax. " … … During the break, in a random interview with reporters, the students said one after another.

  What’s the "life code" in this general elective course that directly writes "happiness" on the course title?

  "There is no formula for happiness, but there is experience. In classroom teaching, we not only talk about the basic concepts of psychology, but also let students practice. Each part has practical and easy-to-operate practical methods to help students gain the ability to improve their happiness and make themselves happy. We think this is the most important. " Zhao Jianbo also said that the process of preparing lessons is also a process of decompressing and feeling happy for himself. "Teaching and learning learn from each other."

  "We don’t speak ‘ Truth ’ , no irrigation ‘ Chicken soup ’ , but science and experience. The teaching purpose of this course is not to help students find happiness ‘ The only and correct answer ’ But to activate students’ feelings of happiness. " Yang Li, a professor at Tianjin University Mental Health Education Center, said. The "happiness study" led by her began in the spring semester of 2021, and now it is the sixth time, covering more than a thousand students. A series of activities related to the course of Happiness Studies, such as "Happiness Lecture Hall", "Happy Four Seasons, Happy Beiyang", have benefited more than 10,000 students.

  "Happiness study" starts with "what is happiness" and discusses the "four fulcrums" of happiness with students — — Relationship and happiness, health and happiness, money and happiness, career and happiness; Carry out "Happiness Action" together — — Emotional adjustment, living in the present, adversity growth, target management, love and gratitude; Experience a happy life, a balanced life, a persevering life, a vigorous life and a warm and abundant life together & HELIP; …

  "In the same adversity, why do some people fall and others become stronger?" In the class of "Happiness", the teacher will take the students to learn "Seven Skills of Cultivating psychological resilience", learn about themselves and make changes, and then take out the "Happiness Manual of Tianjin University" compiled by the teaching team to work together as "My Resilience Resource Circle" to find out which resources they are more willing to use to help themselves out of the predicament when encountering setbacks and pressures … … Students learn not only various psychological theories in this course, but also action exercises to make themselves happy, so that happiness can be upgraded while learning and practicing.

  "At present, scholars at home and abroad are increasingly studying happiness and its related fields, so our teaching team prepares lessons collectively before class every semester, uniformly modifies and improves slides, introduces the latest research results into the classroom, and increases the theoretical and scientific nature of the course." Yang Li introduced that when the course content was designed, it integrated the knowledge and content related to happiness in positive psychology, clinical psychology, health psychology, China traditional culture and other disciplines and fields, and considered the characteristics and needs of college students to complement the mental health course for college students; In teaching, it combines theoretical teaching, psychological training, experiential activities and quality development, so that students can "learn by doing" and create experiential teaching, interactive teaching and participatory teaching; Curriculum assessment forms pay more attention to process assessment, and curriculum scores will also strive to make students "feel happy".

  In Yang Li’s view, by learning "happiness class", young students can increase their thinking about a happy life, know how to make themselves and others happier, gain a relaxed psychological experience and life state in an increasingly fast-paced life, calmly deal with difficulties and challenges in study, scientific research and life, and bravely face the uncertain future with an elastic and resilient psychological state.

  Facing the concept of love, each school has its own magic prescription.

  Faced with the realistic problems of marriage and love in the current society, many colleges and universities in our city actively construct and improve the marriage and love education system, strengthen the education of love psychology and family ethics, improve students’ ability of expression, communication and communication, and guide students to establish correct views on love, marriage and family, which are well received by students, and also help to cultivate healthy body and mind, improve personality, and let students learn to protect themselves and respect others.

  Tianjin Normal University has arranged a special lecture on love and intimate relationship management in the compulsory course of general education, for students to choose according to their interests.

  "The lectures are basically full every time." Shi Xiaochen, director of the Office of the Mental Health Education Center for Students in Normal University, said that the main content of her talk about "going to a windy place to fall in love" is to solve students’ confusion, including the inferiority complex of those who have never talked about love, how to speak out boldly for those who have a crush on love, how to deal with those who have lost love, etc. "There is no reference answer and correct answer, and I hope that through lectures, students can learn to protect themselves, love themselves and love others based on different stages of love.

  Li Xiao (pseudonym), a student who has just set foot in love, listened to Shi Xiaochen’s lecture with the idea of making his feelings more stable. "We should first cherish ourselves and let love naturally transition to marriage" impressed him deeply. He also helped his roommate who suffered from lovelorn to divert his attention and finally "come out" through Shi Xiaochen’s method of dealing with lovelorn. "The scientific method taught by the teacher solved my confusion."

  Li Jianwei, a teacher of the Psychological Counseling Health Center of Tianjin Medical University, added "self-healing therapy of assimilation of morning Dan poems" to his college students’ mental health class, and helped students adjust their emotions and relieve their pressure by reading poems. "Nowadays, young people are under great pressure, and love is one of the problems that students are deeply confused about, which can affect their study, life and even the sound development of their personality. Let everyone read poetry together, which can not only inherit and develop Chinese excellent traditional culture, but also touch its inner nature, thus helping it to improve and change. Judging from the current student feedback, this method works well. " Li Jianwei said.

  Since 2007, Tianjin University of Technology has offered the elective course of "Happiness Psychology", which enriches the course content in various ways, such as group counseling and artistic expression, and guides students to explore the meaning of life, feel love and warmth, better enjoy college life and improve their positive psychological quality. The course content also attracts students deeply, especially in universities of science and engineering, which gives young students more opportunities for self-exploration and interactive communication. "This course needs to give full play to students’ initiative, and there are many classroom experiences and contents shared by groups. In the classroom, teachers and students discuss and promote each other and gain love and strength." Professor Jiang Kun, the first lecturer of the course and vice minister of the Department of Education of Tianjin University of Technology, said.

  "In addition, the school also passed the compulsory course of general education ‘ Mental health education for college students ’ Zhong ‘ Establishment and maintenance of intimate relationship ’ And elective course ‘ Reading and a Happy Life ’ In combination with psychological counseling and questionnaire surveys, collect students’ needs for intimate relationships such as love and redesign the course. " Yin Desheng, a full-time psychological teacher at the Mental Health Education and Counseling Center of Tianjin University of Technology, said that since this year, they have added a lot of group counseling to this course, changing the course from giving lectures to interacting with classmates, and letting every student participate in it through warm-up activities, group discussions, painting exercises, situation setting, and role-playing of psychological dramas. Judging from the effect, the satisfaction degree of students in love group counseling and the teaching evaluation level of students in compulsory courses and elective courses are all A-level.