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Since its listing on September 12th, the M7 has been continuously concerned by the market, with orders reaching 15,000 vehicles on the first day of listing and more than 20,000 vehicles within five days of listing. The popularity of orders has caused the stock price to rise sharply recently. From September 14th to 18th, the company’s stock price achieved two boards in three days.

In fact, with the help of Huawei’s auto concept stocks, the company’s share price began to rise after the release of Huawei’s new machine. Since the release of Huawei’s new machine on August 29, the cumulative increase of the company’s share price has reached 56.02%, much higher than the 6.5% increase of the auto sector in the same period. In view of the recent large increase in the share price, the company issued an announcement on the evening of September 18 to remind investors to invest rationally.

However, in contrast to the company’s higher share price, the company has continued to lose money in recent years, and its profitability is not optimistic. In the first half of 2023, the company deducted 1.885 billion yuan from its net profit, down 9.96% year-on-year.

Celestial was originally a brand of Jin Kang New Energy, a new energy subsidiary of Xiaokang, and was renamed Celestial Automobile Co., Ltd. in May 2022, and then the abbreviation of Xiaokang Securities was changed to Celestial in August.

Xiaokang shares are well known to the outside world, mainly relying on mini-vans. In the early days, the company started with the production of springs, and then its business expanded to auto parts. In 2003, the company cooperated with Dongfeng and began to enter the field of automobile production. The main model was Dongfeng Xiaokang van. In 2012, the sales volume of mini-cars exceeded 1 million, and it was once called the three giants of China mini-cars with Wuling Hongguang and Changan Star.

From 2013 to 2016, the company’s fuel vehicle sales showed a slight decline as a whole. In 2017, with the substantial increase in SUV sales, the company’s fuel vehicle sales reached a high point, and then began to decline year by year, from 394,500 in 2017 to 225,200 in 2021, and the fuel vehicle sales in 2022 dropped sharply to 132,100.

The decline of fuel vehicle business made the company begin to shift its focus to new energy vehicles, but the road to transformation was not smooth. In July 2020, the annual sales volume of Celeste SF5 was only 732 vehicles, which was not accepted by the market.

In March, 2021, the company announced that it had reached a cooperative relationship with Huawei. Celestial Huawei Smart Select SF5 was equipped with Huawei electric drive and HiCar system. Through cooperation with Huawei, the sales volume of Celestial SF5 also increased significantly. From April to December, 2021, the cumulative sales volume of Celestial SF5 exceeded 8,500, and the company’s annual sales volume of new energy vehicles reached 41,400, up by 103.94% year-on-year.

The success of the cooperation with Huawei has also enabled the company to further bind Huawei. In December 2021, the company and Huawei jointly launched the AITO Jiejie brand. Huawei has deep participation in industrial design, quality control, intelligent cockpit and automatic driving, and is also responsible for Jiejie marketing and channels.

Thanks to Huawei’s all-round blessing, in 2022, the sales volume of M5 and M7 reached 75,000, becoming the fastest-growing brand of new energy vehicles. The annual sales volume of Celeste new energy vehicles also reached 135,100, up 226.33% year-on-year, and the sales volume exceeded that of fuel vehicles.

 In addition, through the cooperation with Huawei, the company’s share price has tripled in just a few months. When the company reached a cooperative relationship with Huawei in March 2021, the company’s share price was around 20 yuan, and by the end of June 2021, the share price was close to 80 yuan, with an increase of 300%.

Although relying on Huawei’s brand influence and technical strength, the sales of Celestial new energy vehicles have been greatly improved in a short period of time, but Huawei’s dominant position in the world brand has also made Celestial rely heavily on Huawei and lose more decision-making power. Traditional car companies such as Guangzhou Automobile refused to cooperate with Huawei in depth, and the main reason for using Huawei as a component manufacturer was that it was worried that it would lose its independent decision-making power.

On the other hand, apart from cooperating with Cyrus, Huawei is also cooperating with Chery, BAIC and other manufacturers, which will inevitably dilute the influence of Huawei brands on Cyrus. For example, the intelligent world S7, which Huawei cooperates with Chery, will first be equipped with the HarmonyOS 4.0 car system, which is earlier than the M9.

In fact, Celestial is also laying out its own independent brand of new energy vehicles. In March 2023, the company launched its own brand of Blue Power, and in the same month, it released its first model, Blue Power E5. In addition to Huawei HiCar system, BYD hybrid system was adopted as the core three power technologies, but only 1,944 vehicles were sold by the end of August, and the market performance was bleak.

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Tiggo 8 in Linyi area is on hot sale, and the latest offer is 89,900! limited in number

[car home Linyi Promotion Channel] Good news! Good news! We are carrying out preferential promotion activities in Linyi area, with a maximum discount of 20,000 yuan! The minimum starting price is only 89,900 yuan! If you are planning to buy a Tiggo 8, you must not miss this opportunity. Please click "Check the car price" in the quotation form now, and strive for a higher discount!

Tiggo 8 is a medium-sized SUV with stylish design. The front face adopts the family-style air intake grille design, with unique chrome decoration, showing its luxurious and atmospheric style. The body lines are smooth and the overall shape is very smooth. The side of the car body is decorated with chrome to make it more fashionable. The body size is large, giving people a sense of stability. The front design is tough, and the headlights are unique in shape, which echoes the body lines and makes the whole body more dynamic. The shape of the rear is full, and the taillight group adopts LED light source, which improves the sense of science and technology of the whole vehicle. Generally speaking, the design of Tiggo 8 is fashionable and meets the aesthetic needs of current consumers.

Tiggo 8 is a medium-sized SUV with a body length, width and height of 4700*1860*1746mm, a wheelbase of 2710mm, a front track of 1582mm and a rear track of 1604mm respectively. The side lines of the car are smooth, the overall design is simple and generous, and the lines are strong, which shows the sense of movement and strength. The front and rear tyre size are both 235/55 R18, and the rim adopts fashionable multi-spoke design, which adds a sporty atmosphere to the whole vehicle. The height of the car body is high, and with the design of the rim, the whole car looks more stable and atmospheric. Generally speaking, the side design of the Tiggo 8 is both fashionable and powerful, which shows its style as a medium-sized SUV.

Tiggo 8′ s interior design style is simple and atmospheric, with black tone as a whole, which forms a classic color matching with silver decoration. The steering wheel is made of leather, which feels comfortable and supports manual adjustment up and down and back and forth, so that drivers can easily find the driving posture that suits them best. The size of the central control screen is 10.25 inches, the operation interface is clear, and it supports multimedia playing and charging functions. There are two USB interfaces in the front row and a USB/Type-C interface in the back row. The seat is made of imitation leather. The main seat supports front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment and height adjustment (2-way). The auxiliary seat supports front and rear adjustment and backrest adjustment. The front seat is also equipped with heating function. The second row of seats supports backrest adjustment, and the rear seats can be laid down in proportion, which increases the practicality and comfort of the vehicle.

The Tiggo 8 is powered by a 1.5T 156 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 115 kW and a maximum torque of 230n m.. This engine not only has excellent power performance, but also has high fuel economy performance. In terms of gearbox, the Tiggo 8 is equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox, which allows drivers to shift gears according to their own needs, providing a more flexible driving experience. The combination of this engine and gearbox makes the Tiggo 8 perform well in daily driving, and it can be easily handled by both urban roads and highways.

In the evaluation of the owner of car home, we can see that he spoke highly of the driving experience of the Tiggo 8. Smooth driving experience, rapid acceleration performance and excellent sound insulation have brought him an excellent driving experience. In addition, the design of Tiggo 8 is magnificent, and the space inside the car is spacious and comfortable, which makes him feel unparalleled comfort during driving. More importantly, there is no smell in the car, which provides him with a healthy driving environment. It can be said that the outstanding performance of Tiggo 8 has been recognized and appreciated by the owners, which is undoubtedly the best proof of the quality of Tiggo 8.

Safety first, please check this wading guide of the Great Wall Cannon.

It’s rainy season again, and the biggest trouble for vehicles in rainy season is wading. Even vehicles with strong wading ability should not blindly wade. Remember that wading is a "no-no", which may cause various serious consequences if it is not handled properly. For the sake of everyone’s life and property safety, we have to repeat the old saying and tell the owners of the Great Wall Cannon what to pay attention to when traveling daily and wading outdoors!

Remember not to wade blindly.

Recently, I saw videos of people who were killed because of driving and wading. Most of them were caused by blind wading. You should think twice before you encounter stagnant roads, and always have a sense of risk prevention to prevent problems before they happen. At the same time, we should learn to judge the depth of water level. We can judge the approximate water level by surrounding reference objects. If there is no reference object, we can also judge the water level by throwing stones and inserting bamboo poles. It is really impossible to judge the water level. Don’t rush into the water. If you can go around, you can go around.

You should also have a full understanding of the maximum wading depth of your car. Because the original factory comes standard with a wading throat, the wading depth of the Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck can reach 700mm, which is far more than the maximum wading depth of 400mm for ordinary cars. Facing the low-lying water-logged sections of the city, there is generally no big problem, but it is better to be cautious when encountering floods or rushing rivers.

In addition to judging the depth of accumulated water and understanding the vehicle’s wading situation, it is necessary to have certain wading driving skills. First, it is best to choose a route with higher terrain to enter the water. During the driving process in the water, you should keep driving at a low speed and at a constant speed, keep the engine at 1500-2000 rpm, keep the throttle, don’t step deeply, and don’t collect oil. In this way, water will not enter the engine room and cockpit because of the excessive speed and splash, and water will not enter the engine because of the backward suction of the exhaust pipe. Finally, don’t forget to put on life jackets for all the people in the car, and open the windows and skylights at the same time to escape quickly in case of emergency.

If the car turns off accidentally, don’t start it again. The second start will lead to serious mechanical failure of the engine, causing irreversible damage, and the insurance will not pay for it. At this time, we can only cut off the power and ask for rescue, and the subsequent maintenance will be handed over to the 4S shop for processing.

Check the vehicle in time and eliminate the problem.

After successfully crossing the water, don’t forget to check the vehicle. Even if the vehicle doesn’t break down suddenly during the wading process, it doesn’t mean that it is foolproof, because there may be various "dark diseases" in the vehicle after wading. Many parts of the Great Wall Cannon can be inspected by itself, such as 360 Panorama, radar control module, horn, compressor assembly, winch assembly, lighting, glass lifter assembly, windshield washer assembly, 220V inverter and starter. The method is also very simple. Start the vehicle first. If the engine can start normally, it means that the starter is normal, and then check other parts one by one.

Among them, the fault of the radar control module of the Great Wall Gun can be displayed in the form of fault code. When checking the headlights, pay attention to whether there is water or silt in the headlights. When checking the glass lifter assembly, press it several times to see if it is normal. When checking the 220V inverter, just turn on the switch and see if the indicator light is on.

If the vehicle is seriously waded, besides self-inspection, the owner is advised to go to the 4S shop or service station, where the staff will inspect more core components, such as battery+generator, electric steering gear, crankshaft position sensor, engine accessory gear train, turbocharger, transmission breather pipe, transmission assembly, radiator, intercooler, oil cooler, fan, drive shaft/transmission shaft sheath, fuel vent valve pipe and transfer case assembly.

Driving in water is not a child’s play. It is necessary to understand that stepping on a puddle and wading are two different things. Everything is safety-oriented. I hope the above wading precautions can help everyone!

Zhuhai Extreme Krypton 001 drastically reduced its price! The highest discount is 37,000, and the car is sufficient.

In [car home Zhuhai Preferential Promotion Channel], you can enjoy a maximum discount of 37,000 yuan in Zhuhai area for the preferential activities being carried out now. The minimum starting price is 269,000 yuan. If you want to know more about the discount, you can click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount.

Extreme Krypton 001 is a futuristic luxury electric car. Its front face design is unique, with streamlined lines and simple shapes, showing a highly technical appearance style. The air intake grille adopts a closed design, which shows the identity of the electric vehicle. The overall style of the car body is fashionable and elegant, and the lines are smooth, which shows the style of luxury car, and at the same time, it is both dynamic and sporty, which is impressive. The front part of the car adopts a unique LED headlight design, which not only has a high degree of recognition, but also adds a sense of technology and futurity to the vehicle. The design of Krypton 001 is very modern, and it is a luxury electric car with both fashion and technology.

Extreme Krypton 001 is a pure electric car with unique appearance. Its body size is 4977*1999*1533, wheelbase (mm) is 3005, front tread (mm) is 1703 and rear tread (mm) is 1716. The side lines of the car body are smooth, the lines are simple and smooth, the outline lines are very smooth, and the car side lines are simple and smooth, showing the unique aesthetic feeling of Krypton 001. In terms of tires, Krypton 001 is equipped with 255/55 R19 front and rear tires, which has good grip and comfort. The wheel rim adopts multi-spoke design, which is fashionable and dynamic, adding a sporty atmosphere to the whole vehicle.

The interior design of Krypton 001 is fashionable and simple, with high-quality leather materials and exquisite craftsmanship, creating a high-grade and comfortable driving experience. The 15.05-inch central control screen size is equipped with advanced speech recognition control system, which can easily realize the operation of multimedia, navigation, telephone and air conditioning functions. The electric up and down+front and rear adjustable steering wheel provides a more comfortable driving experience, and the front row is also equipped with a mobile phone wireless charging function. The front and rear rows are equipped with Type-C interfaces, which are convenient for connecting mobile phones and other devices. The main and auxiliary seats have a variety of adjustment methods, including front and rear, backrest, height, leg rest and lumbar support, which can meet the needs of different drivers and passengers. The front seats are also equipped with heating, ventilation and massage functions, providing a more comfortable driving experience. In addition, the second row seat of Krypton 001 can adjust the backrest, and the rear seat also supports proportional reclining, providing passengers with more space and flexibility. Generally speaking, the interior design of Krypton 001 pays attention to details and comfort, providing a comfortable, intelligent and pleasant driving environment for drivers and passengers.

The engine of Krypton 001 has a maximum power of 580kW and a maximum torque of 810N·m, which provides it with a strong power output.

From the evaluation of the owner of car home, we can see that he is deeply impressed by the appearance of Krypton 001. He described the appearance of Krypton 001 as fierce and fierce, and the front of the car was sharp, especially the toothpick-shaped lamp, which looked very fierce. This unique design style makes Krypton 001 unique in appearance and unforgettable. As an electric vehicle type, Kykrypton 001 not only fully considers fashion and dynamic elements in its design, but also fully shows the sense of power and technology of electric vehicles. Therefore, we can say that Krypton 001 is an excellent electric vehicle in appearance design.

Haval Xiaolong MAX, which has strong power and saves money, is worth considering.

With the arrival of the new energy era, many car companies have started the road to the new energy track. No matter whether it is a new force to build a car or a traditional car company, there is no doubt that they are competing to make efforts. After all, who can take the lead in bringing better products into the market will get the market initiative, but is this really the case? I believe that Haval Xiaolong MAX will appear in most people’s answers. The positioning of plug-in hybrid medium-sized SUV, the standard four-wheel drive system in the whole system, and the good configuration level, the key price is less than 160,000, and this "king of volume" can be said to give a lesson to peers.

Modeling design is unique.

In fact, most of today’s car designs are similar, especially the design of new energy vehicles in modeling is difficult for consumers to find bright spots. Although different people have different opinions on the appearance, many young consumers are very concerned about the first impression of a new car. Therefore, on the new energy track, Harvard brand does not use the design style of dolls. On the one hand, it wants to show consumers a new side. On the other hand, Harvard brand is committed to creating a more unique new car design, making the brand more in line with the aesthetics of young consumers and showing the brand’s latest product image. Harvard Xiaolong MAX is one of them.

As a plug-in SUV, Haval Xiaolong MAX adopts minimalism as a whole, but skillfully incorporates unique elements to create a brand-new product image that is younger and more scientific. In itself, it is a new breakthrough in technology. If the design does not bring forth new ideas and insists on the traditional SUV design, it will not only fail to keep up with the trend of the times, but also make consumers lose interest. Therefore, the value of Haval Xiaolong MAX alone will definitely make consumers shine.

From the appearance alone, the style of Haval Xiaolong MAX this time can be said to be very different from the fuel car under the previous brand. The design of low wind resistance body lines gives the new car a sense of movement and smoothness, and also improves the overall aerodynamic performance. The unique laser mesh air intake grille also increases the recognition visually, making Haval Xiaolong MAX stand out among many models.

The most impressive thing about the interior is the 12.3-inch full-color LCD central control screen +12.3-inch full-color LCD auxiliary driving screen+12.3-inch full-color LCD instrument. The three screens do not interfere with each other and the image is clear. Among them, the 12.3-inch full-color LCD co-driver screen is equipped with the exclusive entertainment system of the co-driver, which greatly enhances the fun of driving. This design makes the co-pilot no longer feel boring during the long journey.

What new energy needs is safety.

At present, there are many types of new energy vehicles, and the number of new energy vehicles is gradually increasing. Therefore, the safety problems of some new energy vehicles have indeed attracted the attention of many consumers, such as spontaneous combustion and car accidents caused by intelligent driving failure, which are the fuses that restrict consumers from starting new energy vehicles. However, whether it is active or passive, Haval Xiaolong MAX can be said to be full in terms of safety configuration, giving drivers and their families a full sense of security.

First of all, Haval Xiaolong MAX is equipped with Coffee Pilot intelligent driving system, and the top model is equipped with 22 intelligent sensors, which can support L2+ intelligent driving assistance function, which undoubtedly provides drivers, especially novices, with more reliable driving safety protection.

For example, in the scene of daily commuting and long-distance travel, the system can provide intelligent driving assistance functions including ACC full-speed domain adaptive cruise, intelligent cruise, lever change (HWA), intelligent cornering, intelligent dodge active emergency braking, lane departure warning, lane keeping and emergency lane keeping assistance. If you are a novice driver who just got a driver’s license, this configuration can not only make you tired after long-distance driving, but also minimize the occurrence of traffic accidents and ensure the safety of vehicles and occupants.

Moreover, the 540 panoramic panoramic image equipped by Haval Xiaolong MAX can capture road safety hazards more comprehensively during driving, avoid potholes and obstacles in time, and avoid tire sinking and chassis rubbing. Full-scene automatic parking system has three auxiliary functions: integrated parking, remote parking and tracking reversing. By identifying the appropriate parking space and automatically controlling the vehicle, the driver can drive in and out of the parking space only by manipulating the vehicle according to the system prompts, which greatly reduces the parking difficulty of novice drivers in hutong and narrow parking spaces.

Don’t worry about passive safety. The front row has double pre-tightening belts with limited force, and the rear row has tight-limiting seat belts on both sides. The proportion of high-strength steel used in the car body is 73.6%, and the whole system is equipped with 6 airbags as standard, which has reached the C-NCAP five-star safety standard.

Hi4 with intelligent four-wheel drive electric hybrid technology

As a new energy vehicle, especially plug-in hybrid vehicles, efficient powertrain is the biggest selling point. Haval Xiaolong MAX is built on the latest hybrid platform of Great Wall Motor and equipped with a new hybrid architecture Hi4. The power system consists of a brand-new 1.5L high thermal efficiency engine, a two-speed hybrid special transmission, a 70kW front axle motor, a 150kW rear axle motor and a battery pack. The comprehensive power of the system is 205kW, and the comprehensive torque is 585 N m. It takes only 6.8 seconds to accelerate at zero speed, with faster response speed and stronger torque output, which is more advantageous than the traditional double power.

Hi4, a new hybrid architecture, adopts the innovative configuration of series-parallel electric four-wheel drive with front and rear axles, and combines intelligent energy management and iTVC intelligent torque vector control system to accurately identify real-time road conditions and realize intelligent dynamic switching of 3 engines and 9 modes. Equipped with a brand-new single-motor two-speed hybrid special transmission, it adopts fixed-axis gear train and lightweight design to realize multi-mode switching, flat-wire motor and high-efficiency bearing, and all modes operate efficiently to reduce transmission loss. The power battery adopts laminated bipolar ear design, and the anode of the battery cell is made of NCM polycrystalline material, which makes the power battery have strong fast charging ability, with 33kW DC fast charging, and the power is from 30% to 80%, and the fast charging takes only 26 minutes; The maximum discharge power is 3.3kW, and the efficiency is higher.

Not only that, Haval Xiaolong MAX adopts the front McPherson independent suspension and the rear trailing arm three-link independent rear suspension. This suspension has high reliability, strong durability, light weight and fast speed response, which effectively improves the comfort of riding in the back row and does not shake at high speed, greatly reducing the possibility of long-distance carsickness.

Write at the end:

The biggest highlight of Haval Xiaolong MAX is that it has the experience of intelligent electric four-wheel drive under the premise of having the energy consumption of two-wheel drive of the same class. If you are considering buying an SUV that can give strong power and give consideration to fuel economy, and the internal and external design can keep up with the fashion trend and also has a personality, consider this Haval Xiaolong MAX.

The epidemic situation in Guangzhou is severe and complicated, and the source of some infections in Panyu District is unknown. Ukraine has begun to discuss the preconditions for opening negotiations w

[Looking at China]

The supreme leader presided over the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee meeting to listen to the report on the prevention and control of epidemic situation in COVID-19, study and deploy 20 measures to further optimize the prevention and control work.


天舟五号任务组织全区合练 具备发射条件





Recently, the asset management association of china Pension Business Committee held its second meeting in 2022 in Beijing through the combination of "online and offline". Relevant responsible comrades of the CSRC responded to the opinions and suggestions put forward by the industry on the scope of pension products, investment targets, investment services, valuation standards, etc., and said that the relevant preparations for personal pension accounts and investments are ready, and the directory of personal pension fund products and sales organizations will be released in the near future.

Personal pension financing industry platform completes technical launch.

The reporter learned from the Banking Financial Registration and Custody Center on the 10th that the personal pension financial management industry platform built by the Banking Financial Registration and Custody Center has recently completed the technical launch. This means that the basic technical facilities of the financial industry platform related to personal pension investment and wealth management products have been successfully built, supporting the full implementation of personal pension investment and wealth management business. (Xinhua News Agency)

National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC): Formulated and introduced special measures to relax market access through regional collaborative innovation in Pudong and Yangtze River Delta.

On November 10th, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Three-year Action Plan for Building a World-class Business Environment in the Yangtze River Delta". The plan proposes that by 2025, the resource elements in the Yangtze River Delta region will flow freely in an orderly manner, administrative barriers will be gradually eliminated, and a unified and open market system will be basically established. In addition, the plan mentioned that a more open, transparent, standardized and efficient market entry and exit mechanism should be improved. We will formulate special measures to relax market access through regional collaborative innovation in Pudong and the Yangtze River Delta.

The annual turnover of the 5th China International Import Expo(CIIE) was 73.52 billion US dollars.

On November 10th, the 5th China International Import Expo(CIIE) closed. In one year, the cumulative intentional turnover was US$ 73.52 billion, an increase of 3.9% over the previous session. The fifth China International Import Expo(CIIE) set a new high for the intentional turnover in China International Import Expo(CIIE) since 2018.

The epidemic situation in Guangzhou is severe and complicated, and the source of some infections in Panyu District is unknown.

On the afternoon of November 10th, Guangzhou Municipal Health and Health Commission reported that from 0: 00 to 24: 00 on November 9th, there were 2,555 new cases of Covid-19 native infection in Guangzhou. Recently, Panyu District has continuously reported new cases of infection in the society, with a long transmission chain, unknown sources of some infections, and the phenomenon of gathering in families and workplaces. Zhang Zhoubin, secretary of the Party Committee of Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the epidemic situation in the city is still severe and complicated.

The 2022 Beijing Auto Show stopped.

On November 10th, beijing international automotive exhibition announced that, in view of the domestic epidemic prevention and control situation, all units of beijing international automotive exhibition Joint Exhibition decided to stop the plan of hosting the 17th beijing international automotive exhibition in 2022 after consultation with many parties, and the specific date will be announced separately.

Ningbo suspends inter-provincial tourism activities

On November 10th, the Office of the Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control in COVID-19, Ningbo issued an announcement, informing that from 0: 00 on November 11th, the frequency of normalized nucleic acid detection for residents and other people in Ningbo will be adjusted from 72 hours to 48 hours. In addition, the announcement also requires strict control of gathering activities and the number and scale of meeting activities. Meeting activities with more than 50 people need to be reported to the local epidemic prevention and control office for approval. Suspend inter-provincial tourism activities.

[Looking overseas]

The voting results of the 2022 mid-term elections in the United States were announced one after another.

Up to now, according to NBC and other media reports, in the election of 435 seats in the House of Representatives, the Republican Party won 222 seats, more than half. In the Senate, statistics from many media show that among the 100 seats, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party won 49 and 48 seats respectively. In Georgia, it has been announced that the second round of Senate election will be held on December 6, because the votes of the candidates of both parties do not exceed 50%. (CCTV News)

The US consumer price index rose by 7.7% year-on-year in October.

On the 10th local time, data released by the US Department of Labor showed that the consumer price index (CPI) in October rose by 7.7% year-on-year, the smallest increase since January, down 0.5 percentage points from the previous value of 8.2%. In October, the CPI rose by 0.4% month-on-month after seasonal adjustment, which was lower than the expected value of 0.6%, which was the same as the previous value.

Russian Embassy in Indonesia: Putin will not attend the G20 summit.

On November 10th, local time, according to the Russian Embassy in Indonesia, Russian President Vladimir Putin will not attend the G20 summit. (CCTV News)

Russia plans to announce foreign food and energy supply measures at G20 summit.

On November 10th, local time, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that Russia plans to announce measures to supply food and energy to foreign markets at the G20 summit and its intention to strengthen cooperation with Turkey in the field of natural gas. (CCTV News)

Ukraine has begun to discuss the preconditions for opening negotiations with Russia.

According to RIA Novosti, on the 10th, local time, Podolyak, director adviser of the Ukrainian President’s Office, said that the Ukrainian President’s Office had begun to discuss the preconditions for opening negotiations with Russia. He said that Uzbekistan will identify those who accept the preconditions as the negotiating object. (CCTV)

The European Parliament voted for Croatia to join the Schengen area.

On November 10th, local time, the European Parliament voted by an absolute majority to support Croatia to join the Schengen area. At the same time, the European Parliament asked Croatia to ensure that the basic rights of the EU’s external borders are respected, and to inform the European Parliament and the European Council of specific measures on border management. The next step will be for the European Council to finally decide when to start opening the internal border to Croatia. (CCTV News)

The number of newborns in Japan in 2022 may be below 800,000 for the first time, 8 years ahead of the forecast.

According to a report by the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) on the 10th, the Japanese think tank "Japan Research Institute" predicts that the number of newborns in Japan will be about 770,000 in 2022. If this figure becomes a reality, it will be the first time that the number of newborns in Japan has fallen below 800,000 since statistics were available. According to the report, if the number of newborns is less than 800,000 this year, it will be eight years earlier than expected by the Japanese population research institute, which shows that the speed of declining birthrate in Japan is faster than expected. (China News Network)

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Huawei engineer: The deformation of A-pillar in M7 collision test is not equal to poor safety.

On the evening of November 9th, Weibo’s account @ Touch a Stone, which was certified as "Huawei Smart Car Solution Engineer", sent a message in response to the deformation of A-pillar in the M7 crash test of AITO. "Front 25% offset collision A-pillar deformation ≠ Poor security! There is also A-pillar deformation ≠ A-pillar is broken! " The engineer said that the deformation of the A-pillar was due to the safety optimization of the external structure of the vehicle. As the strongest part of the vehicle, the A-pillar had to bear and decompose the impact force of a large part to protect the cab.

Dong Mingzhu rumored that "successor" Meng Yutong was "fired", and the two people broadcast live on the same stage and attracted millions of onlookers.

On November 10th, Dong Mingzhu and Meng Yutong once again appeared on the same stage in the live broadcast room of "Pearl Feather Boy Selection" in Tik Tok. The live broadcast of them shattered the rumor that Meng Yutong left Gree, but Meng Yutong was no longer "Gree Viya" but returned to the role of Dong Mingzhu’s secretary. Dong Mingzhu joked that recently, Yu Tong was "hacked" on the Internet and was told that he was fired every day. You can rest assured that Yu Tong is growing every day. Meng Yutong echoed: "I’m still working in Gree." CBN noted that the live broadcast also attracted millions of onlookers, which triggered more than 100,000 praises in ten minutes.

[Nuggets Circle]

The three major US stock indexes closed up sharply, with the Nasdaq rising by over 7%, with semiconductors and software applications among the top gainers.

On November 11th, the three major US stock indexes collectively closed up sharply, with the Dow up 3.69%, the Nasdaq up 7.34% and the S&P 500 up 5.53%. Various sectors generally rose, with semiconductors and software applications among the top gainers. NVIDIA rose by over 14%, Amazon rose by over 12%, the biggest one-day increase since February 4, Apple and Microsoft rose by over 8%, and Google and Tesla rose by over 7%. Consumer electronics, nonferrous metals, automobile manufacturing, tourism and other sectors have gone up one after another, with Fiske rising more than 22%.

The institution bought these 13 shares yesterday and sold Lianhong Xinke 217 million yuan.

In the Dragon and Tiger List on November 10th, a total of 35 stocks appeared as institutions, 13 stocks were net bought by institutions, and 22 stocks were net sold by institutions. On that day, the top three stocks bought by institutions were Qiaoyuan, Sino Medical and Roman, with net purchases of 48.05 million yuan, 32.55 million yuan and 25.36 million yuan respectively. On that day, the top three stocks sold by institutions were Lianhong Xinke, Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical and Rongji Software, with net outflows of 217 million yuan, 145 million yuan and 88.2 million yuan respectively.

Northbound funds sold 757 million yuan yesterday, and Midea Group and Northern Rare Earth were added.

On November 10th, northbound funds sold a total of 757 million yuan, of which Shanghai Stock Connect sold 24.46 million yuan and Shenzhen Stock Connect sold 733 million yuan. Among the top ten trading stocks, Midea Group, Northern Rare Earth and Ganfeng Lithium were the top three net buyers, with net purchases of 335 million yuan, 308 million yuan and 292 million yuan respectively. The top three net sales were Wuliangye, BYD and Changjiang Electric Power, with net sales of 630 million yuan, 519 million yuan and 267 million yuan respectively.

The concept of Web3.0 is on fire! What new opportunities does it bring?

Recently, the concept of Web3.0 has attracted much attention from the market. On November 10th, Web3.0 concept stocks set off a wave of daily limit. Tiandi Online won 8 boards in 10 days and 4 boards in Rongji Software. Some organizations believe that Web3.0 is in the early stage of development, and the construction of the underlying infrastructure is particularly important. It is recommended to pay attention to operators and distributed storage service providers that provide blockchain technology services.

MSCI: Incorporate China Zhongmian and Chow Tai Fook Jewelry into the Emerging Markets Index.

Morgan stanley capital international Corporation (MSCI) said that 83 stocks were added to the MSCI ACWI index and 78 stocks were removed from the index. The top three stocks listed in MSCI Emerging Markets Index include China Zhongmian, Chow Tai Fook Jewelry and Dimitris Group in Abu Dhabi.

"A wealth selection"

China’s tax structure is optimized again! The reform direction of major taxes such as individual tax is clearer.

China’s tax system reform is still going on, which is related to the establishment of a modern financial system, the realization of the country’s long-term stability and common prosperity. In the Party’s Report to the 20th CPC National Congress Tutorial Reader, Liu Kun, Minister of Finance, and Ning Jizhe, Deputy Director of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Economic Commission, all wrote articles about the optimization of tax structure, individual tax, value-added tax, real estate tax, consumption tax and other specific reform directions. China’s tax structure and related tax reform will be further clarified in the future.

Those who make sesame paste come to cross-border investment, and there are hidden concerns behind the fiery energy storage industry.

Since the beginning of this year, more than 20 listed companies that had nothing to do with energy storage have laid out new energy storage, including boilers, water conservancy enterprises, and even food and education industries. The upsurge of investing in energy storage industry is in full swing, but there are also hidden concerns behind it.

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8: 30-The third quarter results of SMIC in 2022 will be broadcast live.

9: 00-2022 Live broadcast of China inclusive finance International Forum.


Just bought a new car and changed it into an old one. The owner is angry! The merchant replied like this. …

  CCTV News:Faced with the question that "voice" is greater than "product", since the beginning of this year, the new car-making force, which is mainly based on the Internet, has begun to provide a large number of new cars to the market. In the first half of this year, the production and sales of the three head enterprises, Tucki, Weimar and Weilai, all approached 10,000 vehicles. While consumers are experiencing the new mode of building cars on the Internet, new problems have also emerged.

  Just bought a new car, changed the old one, and the loyal car owner turned black.

  Early in the morning, Zhu Yue drove his new car, which he had just bought for less than a month, from Shenzhen to Xpeng Motors headquarters. Now, he has long forgotten the joy when he picked up the car. The purpose of going to Guangzhou this time is to discuss this new car.

  Zhu Yue, owner of Xpeng Motors, Shenzhen, Guangdong:I feel trapped and cheated. Because at the beginning, I also wanted a high battery life when I ordered this car, but the sales kept telling me that there was no such version.

  To Zhu Yue’s surprise and anger, on July 10th, Xpeng Motors officially released the G3 2020 model and accepted the reservation at the same time. The new model not only fully optimizes the chassis and braking performance, but also greatly increases the maximum cruising range from 365 km to 520 km, while the price has only increased by more than 10,000 yuan.

  Zhu Yue, owner of Xpeng Motors, Shenzhen, Guangdong:I can’t accept this high-endurance version later. I have repeatedly stressed the need for a high-endurance version even if the price is increased.

  What makes car owners most dissatisfied is that in June, many salespeople not only denied that there would be a new car with high endurance in the near future, but also urged car owners to book cars on the grounds that subsidies for new energy vehicles would decline.

  Hao Xianju, owner of Xpeng Motors, Guangzhou, Guangdong:There is no reason to build a car, only half a month and then build it. So I feel misled and cheated.

  Fan Nina, Head of Guangzhou Gaode Land Experience Center in Xpeng Motors:We also know the news synchronously with the consumer, just one hour in advance.

  Data show that G3, as the first product in Xpeng Motors, did not start mass delivery until March this year. In other words, most car owners have only used 2019 new cars for less than 4 months, and now they have become old models. In June 2019 alone, the 2019 model of G3 sold 2,237 vehicles, accounting for almost a quarter of the total cumulative sales of 9,596 vehicles.

  Li Pengcheng, General Manager of Xpeng Motors Brand Public Relations:There are some differences between the new forces of making cars and traditional automobile enterprises. Our products will be iterated quickly from now to the future, and the hardware iteration, such as the electronic control of battery motors, has indeed developed rapidly in recent years, so the product iteration will be relatively faster.

  The solution is not satisfactory. It is difficult for consumers to defend their rights.

  In the face of the dissatisfaction of car owners, recently, He Xiaopeng, chairman of Xpeng Motors, publicly apologized on the Internet. "The rapid iteration of our hardware really blocked our former Pengyou, sorry!" This week, Xpeng Motors officially gave the exclusive rights and interests of the old car owners, but consumers didn’t buy it. Just this weekend, car owners in many cities across the country are defending their rights to Xiaopeng Automobile.

  At the Xpeng Motors Service Center of Chengshou Temple in Beijing, more than 30 car owners and the staff of Xpeng Motors are having a heated debate. According to the solution put forward by Xpeng Motors on July 24th, every old car owner has two choices: to get a consumption fund of 10,000 yuan now, or to choose the right to replace it with a 60% discount when it is replaced in Xpeng Motors three years later. Faced with such a solution, the car owners at the scene did not agree.

  The legal person believes that if the salesperson’s introduction to the old model is true and no other facts are fabricated, it will be difficult to legally determine that it constitutes fraud, and it will be difficult to terminate the contract. At the same time, it is not easy to organize evidence to prove that salespeople are subjectively and intentionally concealing facts.

  Li Bin, lawyer of China Consumers Association Lawyers Group:If all the information propaganda of the old car itself is true, it just means that you bought the old car because you didn’t know that the new car was coming on the market, which obviously doesn’t conform to the legal situation that you can legally return the car unilaterally, so I’m afraid it won’t be realized.

  Iteration accelerates to normal, and new forces encounter new problems.

  The core of the dispute between consumers and Xpeng Motors is the iteration of automobile product upgrading. Under normal circumstances, the price of traditional cars will be gradually lowered over time. Car companies will generally forecast the new models in advance, and promote the price reduction of the previous generation models to a certain extent, and the update time is generally 3 ~ 4 years. This time, Xpeng Motors caused controversy mainly because the product iteration was too fast, and the news of updating the model was not told to consumers before. These new problems are also industry problems faced by Internet car companies.

  The new car-making forces, represented by Weilai, Tucki and Weimar, have deep Internet genes, and their sales models are very different from those of traditional cars. On the one hand, the iterative speed of product upgrade is fast, and the technology will be updated in half a year or even three months. On the other hand, because the enterprise has a weak foundation for building cars, the production cycle of initial models is long, and consumers have to wait for several months or even more than one year after placing orders.

  Experts said that at present, the domestic battery cost is basically declining at a rate of 20% per year, and the cruising range is rapidly increasing, with "revolutionary changes" almost every year. In order to seize the market, all car companies will apply the latest technology to new cars at the first time, and the price is also sold at the cost.

  In December last year, the second mass production model ES6 of Weilai was officially launched, which caused a dispute about whether the old model ES8 would be eliminated or reduced in price. On February 28 this year, Tesla officially announced that the price of all the models on sale had been greatly reduced, which was fiercely resisted by the old car owners. Tesla was also forced to introduce a compensation plan for users who had placed an order and did not mention the car. How to deal with the relationship between technology upgrading, rapid product iteration and consumers will be an urgent problem for Internet car companies.

Great Wall pickup trucks sold 21,251 Great Wall guns worldwide in June, with a cumulative sales volume of over 10,000 in 23 months.

  Recently, Great Wall pickup truck announced its sales data for June. Great Wall pickup trucks sold 21,251 units worldwide in June, up 18% year-on-year and 25% quarter-on-quarter. Among them, 5,132 units were sold overseas, up 49% from the previous month. From January to June, the global sales totaled 94,417 units. Great Wall Gun sold 14,674 units worldwide in June, up 46% year-on-year, with a cumulative sales volume of over 10,000 in 23 months, ranking first in pickup truck sales. From January to June, the Great Wall Gun sold 71,088 units worldwide, up 14% year-on-year.

  In May 2022, the 300,000th complete vehicle of the Great Wall Gun was officially rolled off the assembly line. From zero to 300,000, the Great Wall Gun took only two years and eight months, creating a new "Great Wall Gun Speed", becoming the first high-end pickup truck brand in China to break through 300,000 sets, setting a new industry record, leading the brand upward, and helping the category value of pickup trucks to jump.

The Great Wall pickup truck sold 21,251 Great Wall guns worldwide in June, and the cumulative sales in 23 months exceeded 10,000 copies of _fororder_image001.

The 300,000th complete vehicle of Great Wall Gun officially rolled off the assembly line.

  Diversified product layout helps the industry to move up with category innovation

  At present, a new wave of lifting the ban on pickup trucks is coming. In particular, the State Council has twice issued a document to support the relaxation of restrictions on pickup trucks entering cities and the formal implementation of General Technical Conditions for Multi-purpose Trucks. More and more cities have joined the lifting of the ban on pickup trucks, and the pickup truck market has a million-level expansion potential. Great Wall Gun insists on category innovation and redefines pickup truck. Pickup truck is a family universal car, a living car and a universal modified car. Seize the opportunity, Great Wall Gun will make full efforts to take advantage of leisure and fashion business, and the global product layout will achieve full lineup, full scene and full price coverage. The Great Wall Gun Fashion Products category focuses on building compact and medium-sized pickup trucks, and is committed to building a car of value and people’s livelihood for thousands of industries. In March, the fashion commercial pickup truck King Kong Gun was officially launched. With the five hard-core strengths of Fashion King Kong, Smart King Kong, Super King Kong, King Kong Quality and Ever-changing King Kong, together with users in the new era, we will jointly expand new formats, innovate businesses and help industrial upgrading.

Great Wall pickup trucks sold 21,251 Great Wall guns worldwide in June, and the cumulative sales in 23 months exceeded 10,000 _fororder_image002.

King kong cannon

  The passenger leisure category is based on the global intelligent professional off-road tank platform, covering medium-sized, large-sized and full-size pickup trucks in an all-round way, and is committed to meeting the diversified and personalized needs of users. In May, the trailer versions of passenger guns and commercial guns were officially launched, and they have the towing qualification of C6 driving, unlocking the life of pickup trucks in the whole scene. At present, the whole vehicle system of the Great Wall Gun has been equipped with trailer models. In June, 2022 Black Bomb was launched, and the chassis was newly developed and upgraded to meet the individual needs of off-road players.

Great Wall pickup trucks sold 21,251 Great Wall guns worldwide in June, and the cumulative sales in 23 months exceeded 10,000 _fororder_image003.


  Recently, the Great Wall Gun has two major categories, leisure and fashion business. The 2022 Black Bomb, Off-road Gun Trailer and King Kong Gun Flat-bottom Container have appeared at auto shows in Qilu and Chongqing successively, further enhancing the brand potential with a new look. As the leader of pickup trucks, Great Wall Gun constantly helps the industry to move up with category innovation. In June, Great Wall Gun, as a representative of pickup truck enterprises, participated in the seminar on promoting the development of pickup truck characteristic consumer market in 2022 (the third session). The association, friends and media jointly promoted the establishment of pickup truck branch to promote the prosperity and development of pickup truck market.

  Insist on users to create deep ploughing circles and create a full-scene pickup life.

  Great Wall Gun insists on creating user brands with users, and promotes pickup truck culture in China. During the Dragon Boat Festival, the third season of the Great Wall artillery survey of Mount Everest was held. More than 100 people gathered in Lhasa, and all the way through the complex weather test in the plateau area, they successfully arrived at Mount Everest base camp to pay tribute to the spirit of climbers. Since 2020, the Great Wall Gun has been measuring Everest for three consecutive years, and practiced the "climber spirit" with its own experience.

Great Wall pickup trucks sold 21,251 Great Wall guns worldwide in June, and the cumulative sales in 23 months exceeded 10,000 _fororder_image004.

Measure Everest activities

  Playing with users, Great Wall Gun also held the Mars artillery team crossing the sea channel, the first artillery conference and the desert cross-country challenge, and jointly created the 2022 Great Wall Gun Outdoor Sports Carnival with Tik Tok to jointly build the China pickup cultural base camp, making pickup a life, an attitude and a spirit.

Great Wall pickup trucks sold 21,251 Great Wall guns worldwide in June, and the cumulative sales in 23 months exceeded 10,000 _fororder_image005.

Desert challenge

  Great Wall Gun is not only the pioneer of new pickup truck category, but also the leader of pickup truck culture and the leader of users’ co-creation. Up to now, 31 provincial teams have been set up by the Firearms Association Cheyouhui, with 900,000 users of the Great Wall Gun APP, and six pickup colleges have been fully operated.

  Be a responsible corporate social citizen and help industrial upgrading.

  Empower thousands of industries and help industrial upgrading. Deeply link the tea format, and the Great Wall Cannon will create "a cannon tea together — — Explore the trip to the tea king, and set up a Great Wall artillery product co-creation base to promote the upgrading of the tea industry. Insight into the needs of drug dealers and drug farmers, Great Wall Gun launched the King Kong Gun Drug Dealer Edition to empower Chinese medicine practitioners and help upgrade the Chinese medicine industry. Great Wall Gun will join hands with users to create value and realize co-creation, sharing and win-win with users.

Great Wall pickup trucks sold 21,251 Great Wall guns worldwide in June, and the cumulative sales in 23 months exceeded 10,000 _fororder_image006.

Exploring the journey of tea king

  Great Wall Gun is more brave in corporate social responsibility, fighting epidemic situation, fighting floods, climbing Mount Everest and escorting national scientific research. Following the first batch of training camps at the end of 2021, in the first half of this year, the Great Wall Gun Public Welfare Rescue College organized the second training camp. At present, more than 80 users have graduated, which greatly improved the practical skills of public welfare rescue and empowered users to standardize public welfare rescue.

  The deepening of globalization has made China pickup trucks popular all over the world.

  At present, Great Wall Gun has been listed in more than 50 countries on four continents, and it has become the first China brand with five-star safety rating under the latest Australian ANCAP standard. Relying on the new positioning of Great Wall Motor, such as "global layout", "R&D investment", "enterprise transformation" and "user operation", Great Wall Gun adheres to global R&D, global manufacturing and global sharing to build a truly global car.

  The Great Wall Gun is also rooted in overseas local culture, helping the world’s top surfing events and Australian triathlon, escorting extreme sports, sharing a healthy life with global users, and letting global users experience the charm of China pickup culture.

  With the glory of 300,000 units, Great Wall Gun and global users create a new world of pickup trucks. In the future, Great Wall Gun will insist on category innovation and user co-creation, and represent China pickup truck brand in the global market to fight against the international mainstream brands, and the sword refers to the top three in the world, making China pickup truck popular all over the world. (Photo courtesy of Great Wall Motor)

Tang DMi top version contrast CR-V sharp mixed net speed version

  Two of the most mainstream hybrid SUVs, let’s take a look at the fuel consumption that everyone is most concerned about. There are two kinds of fuel consumption declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Honda Sharp CR-V Hybrid Net Speed Edition, the NEDC comprehensive working condition is 4.9 liters, and the Tang DMi is 1.2L. In addition, Tang DMi also has a power loss and fuel consumption of 5.5L

Tang DMi top version contrast CR-V sharp mixed net speed version

  In the actual test drive evaluation, when the speed of 0-80 is below 100 km/h at most, the DONG DMi Zunrong model has always been in the most fuel-efficient range, with an average fuel consumption of about 3.5L At this time, it is mainly driven by the motor, and the engine is only responsible for charging the motor, and it continues to operate in a high-efficiency area, so the fuel consumption is very low. Moreover, Tang DMi also has a pure battery life of 112 kilometers. At this time, the fuel consumption is 0. The engine is not working. Therefore, Tang DMi is very suitable for driving at a speed of about 30 kilometers per hour on urban congested roads. The more blocked, the more fuel-efficient it is, which is worthy of the name.

Tang DMi top version contrast CR-V sharp mixed net speed version
Tang DMi top version contrast CR-V sharp mixed net speed version
Tang DMi top version contrast CR-V sharp mixed net speed version

  Similarly, when the speed of 0-80 is below 100 km/h at most, the Honda CR-V sharp hybrid net speed version is also the most fuel-efficient range. However, it is not 100% motor-driven like I when starting, but the motor directly drives the engine to start running together, even if the full charge is sufficient. Therefore, its comprehensive fuel consumption in Bitang DMi is slightly higher. When it is below 100 kilometers, it is usually measured at around 6L.

Tang DMi top version contrast CR-V sharp mixed net speed version
Tang DMi top version contrast CR-V sharp mixed net speed version

  Then, at the speed of 100-140 kilometers per hour, the fuel consumption of both cars has increased a lot. When the average speed of Tang DMi is 130, the highest measured fuel consumption of both cars exceeds 9L-10L. It can be said that there is no difference between high-speed industrial and mining hybrid and ordinary self-priming fuel consumption.

  Let’s look at the following chassis. The suspensions of both cars are very good, flexible and comfortable to drive. If we must say something bad, the tire noise is a bit loud when the speed exceeds 130 per hour. In addition, Tang DMi chassis protective guard plate is larger than Cr-V.

  Finally, neither car has a spare tire, and the CR-V comes with an air pump and a tire repair tank. Don DMi does have a tire tonic. Because the battery is under the trunk of the hybrid model. There is no room for sinking.

  The interior atmosphere and materials are basically dominated by Tang DMi. In particular, the buttons on the CR-V steering wheel feel cheap, the multimedia screen is small and the switching speed is slow. Of course, there are also comments that BYD is slow, but the one we tested is ok.

Tang DMi top version contrast CR-V sharp mixed net speed version
Tang DMi top version contrast CR-V sharp mixed net speed version

  Well, after comparison, it is found that Tang DMi and CR-V sharp hybrid net speed version are evenly matched, with better space and interior, almost equal power and fuel consumption, and Tang has a slight advantage. However, Tang DMi has just been listed, and its stability and reliability need to be tested for a long time. CR-V sharp hybrid has been well-known in the market for nearly five years. In addition, Tang DMi has two-wheel drive systems, and CR-V sharp hybrid has four-wheel drive systems. If there are only short-distance urban scenes, you may wish to try Tang DMi. If there is still off-road demand, please consider CR-V sharp hybrid four-wheel drive systems, or Tang DM.

  Welcome to leave a message to support the one-click attention of engineering women.

  Looking back at the space and power comparison between the two cars, please see the first episode: Who is better for home hybrid SUV? Tang DMi top version contrast CR-V sharp mixed net speed version

Challenge the 72-turn road, and take advantage of the N7′ s Yunnian -A and smart chassis.

Can Tengshi N7 be bought? Which configuration is better? When is it more worthwhile to start?

After watching Tengshi N7 challenge the North 72 turn, Xiao Bian came to the conclusion that:Tengshi N7 is definitely a good car.

First, Tengshi N7′ s three-electricity system is ahead enough!

Tengshi N7 is built with the pure electric architecture of BYD’s E platform 3.0, and after iteration, Tengshi N7 is further upgraded, which is mainly reflected in the two dimensions of performance and safety.

In terms of performance, Tengshi N7′ s four-wheel drive performance versionThe acceleration of 100 kilometers is only 3.9 seconds.Proper first echelon level. And so is the rear-axle permanent magnet synchronous motor of Tengshi N7.The first mass-produced eight-in-one electric powertrainIt has more advantages in the miniaturization and lightweight level of the system, and the comprehensive efficiency has been greatly improved, which is helpful to reduce the power consumption of vehicles.

In terms of security,Naturally, I have to mention the combination of BYD CTB technology and blade battery.Compared with CTP scheme, CTB technology combines the upper cover of the blade battery and the floor of the car body into a sandwich structure of the whole car, which saves space occupation, improves the torsional stiffness of the whole car and has higher safety.

Moreover, thanks to the CTB battery body integration technology, Tengshi N7 has a lower center of gravity and a flatter floor, so the longitudinal space inside the car is naturally larger. The electric pony Xiaobian is sitting in the back row, and it is very ample in both head space and leg space.

Second, the chassis of Tengshi N7 is the ceiling in a 300,000-class pure tram.

Tengshi N7 in the editorial department of Dianju has been bought and opened for less than half a year, and friends have given unanimous praise to the chassis of Tengshi N7. In the video, I believe everyone also felt the powerful driving performance of Tengshi N7.

We often see that a car is not luxurious, high or high, and the chassis texture actually accounts for a large part. The chassis performance of Tengshi N7 is so powerful, which is a very important reason.Cloud chariot a (standard edition) system on board. The hardware foundation of this system is air spring and variable damping shock absorber, which can dynamically adjust the damping and stiffness of suspension system to better balance the handling performance and ride comfort of vehicles.

By the way, Tengshi N7 is also worried that people think that the maintenance cost of the suspension will be high.Therefore, the 8-year or 160,000-kilometer super-long warranty was introduced for the suspension.The main thing is sincerity.

Third, the intelligence of Tengshi N7 is surprising.

As all the friends who are concerned about the automobile circle know, last year, a big melon incident was that He Xiaopeng and Yu Chengdong had been fighting each other for a long time over who was the best in their AEB.

As a result, the car emperor couldn’t stand it any longer, so he came out as the referee and invited seven popular models, including Aouita 11, Tucki G9, Tucki G6 and Tengshi N7, to hold a comparative test on AEB.

I don’t know this ratio, but I directly blew up the hidden master Tengshi N7.

In the static fake car test, Tengshi N7 successfully identified the preceding car at 60km/h, ranking second, only behind Huawei’s Aouita 11 and Wenjie M5. In the rear-end collision test of static two-wheeled vehicles, Huawei’s Wujie M5 and Aouita 11 accurately identified obstacles at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, and then avoided collisions. Tengshi N7 also accurately identifies obstacles at 60 kilometers per hour, avoiding collisions. Tengshi N7 and Huawei are tied for the first place in this project.

Moreover, in the recent winter test of Knowing Car Emperor, Tengshi N7 was among the best in all tests, and ACC and pure battery life were far ahead of peers.

Therefore, Dianju Xiaobian is very much looking forward to it. What level will NOA, the city of Tengshi N7, be? You know, the hardware configuration of Tengshi N7 advanced intelligent driving version is also very high, with33 sensors, including dual lidar, and a NVIDIA Orin X chip.

In short, judging from the strength shown by Tengshi N7, BYD has been reinforced in the level of intelligent driving, even reaching the level of the first echelon in the industry.

In addition to the reinforcement of intelligent driving, Tengshi N7 has also been further upgraded in the intelligent cockpit. To sum up, it isSmarter and more luxurious.

The smarter place is Tengshi N7.The whole system comes standard with 6 large screens and 6 nm process chips., multi-screen can realize the function of mutual transmission. Although the central control screen no longer supports rotation, the screen size has been further increased to 17.3 inches, which makes the visual and control experience even better.

The AR-HUD system is also equipped under the windshield in front of the driver, which displays more information and can realize real-life navigation and other functions.

In addition, the left and right air conditioning air outlet areas in the front of the vehicle are also equipped with display screens, which can display air conditioning temperature and wind speed information.

Of course, if you want to achieve and drive so many screen linkages, the hardware can’t be bad.Tengshi N7′ s cockpit chip adopts 6 nm process and integrates 5G network, and the officially announced running score reaches 550,000.

In terms of car system, Tengshi N7 is equipped with Tengshi Link super intelligent interactive car system.

In terms of luxury configuration, Tengshi N7 is directly full.

The most interesting luxury configuration isTengshi N7 cooperates with French luxury brand Divare.The first Tivare car audio system was built, which has 16 customized speakers and a total power of 960 watts. You know, as a luxury brand, Divare has to sell a Bluetooth stereo for 30,000-40,000 yuan, so there is no need to worry about the sound quality.

Of course, it is not only the configuration, but also the materials and design of Tengshi N7 in the interior space. It is very willing to pay for the materials. The combination of leather, solid wood and crystal makes the cockpit more luxurious and textured. In addition, the N7′ s seat is in place in terms of angle and support for the body. There are also many configurations such as massage and ventilation.

Moreover, the above configurations including audio are standard. In Teng Shi’s own words:The top match of others is the standard of Tengshi N7.

Fourth, Tengshi N7′ s exclusive function-double gun overcharge!

If you don’t think an overcharge is fast enough, plug in another charging gun! Tengshi N7 is equipped with BYD’s dual-gun fast charging technology. The single-gun charging power is 150kW, and the dual-gun charging power can reach 230kW. According to the official,The maximum charging mileage of Tengshi N7 in 15 minutes is 350km.

At present, many manufacturers have introduced overcharge technology, and the charging efficiency is really fast. However, judging from the popularity of existing overfilling, it is still far from enough. For example, in many high-speed and remote areas, many manufacturers have not yet laid out overfilling.

On the one hand, BYD’s dual-gun overcharge technology just covers the vacancies in some markets, allowing users to achieve charging power of more than 200kW in most parts of China and reduce charging waiting time; Second, there is no need to spend more cost to build overfilling, which can be said to be a very practical innovative technology.

Tengshi N7 not only has a strong charging function, but also has a strong discharging function. Tengshi N7 is equipped with V2V mobile power station, and its external discharge power has risen to 6 kW.

Well, speaking of which, the first question at the beginning of the article must have been answered by everyone. As far as product strength is concerned, Tengshi N7 is definitely a good car. In terms of product strength,Tengshi N7 almost integrates all the top technologies of BYD in electric drive, battery, body control and intelligence.

As for which configuration is better?

Xiao bian feels that he must buy the version with air suspension. With the blessing of Yunqi A (standard version) system, the comfort and handling of the whole vehicle will be improved a lot. As for four-wheel drive or single motor, it depends on the individual’s pursuit of battery life or motivation.

In addition, Xiao Bian suggested that if you have sufficient budget, you can also choose Tengshi N7′ s smart driving high-speed smart driving bag to enjoy the convenient and safe travel experience brought by the high-speed NOA function. Besides, there is a limited time discount now.

By the way, Tengshi N7 also has the latest terminal rights. If you want to buy a car before the Spring Festival, you may wish to go to the physical store to have a closer look.