BAK Battery Deeply Layout Four Product Lines, Fully Empowering a Better Smart Life

Lithium batteries have the advantages of high energy density, smaller and lighter size, and long cycle life. They have been widely used in 3C electronic products, new energy vehicles, energy storage, smart home appliances and other fields. According to the data released by the market research agency EVTank, the total global shipment of lithium-ion batteries in 2023 was 1202.6 GWh, an increase of 25.6% year-on-year. Among them, the shipment of lithium-ion batteries in China reached 887.4 GWh in 2023, an increase of 34.3% year-on-year, and the development momentum is very rapid.

Shenzhen Bike Power Battery Co., Ltd., as one of the pioneers in the lithium battery industry, has always been at the forefront of the industry, and has carried out a multi-layered layout for different market needs and application scenarios, forming a highly competitive new generation of product matrix. At present, Bike Power has strongly opened up four product lines: large cylinder, small power, polymer, and energy storage. Lithium battery technology and product performance have both broken through, and comprehensively helped to upgrade the "core" of smart life.

BAK large cylindrical battery, promising

The large cylindrical battery has become the new favorite of the industry due to its comprehensive performance, outstanding safety and adaptability to different chemical systems, and is regarded as the breaking point of the second curve of electric vehicle development.

Since the release of the full-pole ear large cylindrical battery in early 2021, BAK Battery has continued to lead in the research and development and marketization of large cylindrical battery technology, gaining high attention from the industry. In terms of product layout, BAK Battery has adopted a two-line strategy, with two core large cylindrical battery product lines, focusing on high-performance high-nickel + high-efficiency silicon products and high-cost-effective lithium iron phosphate + silicon and sodium-ion battery products. The energy density of the representative first-generation product will be above 280Wh/kg, while supporting 4C fast charging. It has not only seized new opportunities in the industry, but also made full preparations for challenges.

BAK Small Power, Performance "Core" Upgrade

Under the development trend of miniaturization and convenience of intelligent end points, the penetration rate of cordless intelligent end points is getting higher and higher. On the basis of the application characteristics of small power scenarios and the higher requirements for batteries, BAK Power continues to promote the optimization and adjustment of small power batteries at four levels: material selection, battery design, safety assurance and customer application. It has six advantages: high energy density, long cycle life, high magnification, fast charging, strong temperature adaptability and high safety.

At present, BAK’s small power cylindrical battery products cover two series of 18650 and 21700. The capacity has not only increased from 2.5Ah of 18650 to 5.8Ah of 21700, but also the volume specific energy density has been greatly improved. Now it has been widely adopted by well-known customers such as Philips, Meituan, Hello Travel, Midea, and Xiaomi. In the beginning of 2024, BAK Power once again announced the mass production of N21700CH-58E high-capacity batteries. This blockbuster new product adopts high nickel + silicon anode system, and the capacity of single cells has "soared" to 5.8Ah, once again refreshing the performance ceiling of small power cylindrical batteries.

BAK Polymer, Open Smart "Core" Life

The 5G era makes life more and more intelligent. BAK battery polymer lithium-ion batteries provide long-lasting and reliable power for smart homes and smart lives.

From 20mAh products to 10000mAh products, all support fast charging and high-rate discharge, and the application scenarios cover sports bracelets, Bluetooth headphones, handheld printers, drones, power tools and portable vacuum cleaners, making a better life within reach with reliable power.

BAK Energy Storage for Efficient Clean Energy

In recent years, many governments in China have successively issued energy storage industry support policies, ushering in a new upsurge in the market. In order to promote the wide application of efficient and clean energy, BAK Power Energy Storage Battery adopts a modular design and is equipped with an intelligent battery management system (BMS). It has the advantages of small size, light weight, long life, high temperature resistance, and support for high current discharge. It is widely used in household energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, UPS energy storage, energy storage power stations on all sides of the power grid, communication energy storage and various customized power supplies.

The four major product lines of BAK Battery not only meet the needs of applications in many fields, but also inject surging impetus into the high-quality development of customer enterprises. On the hot lithium battery track, BAK Battery has fully deployed four product lines, deeply explored the "new path" of development, and created a "new highland" for the lithium battery industry.

Hua Chenyu’s Chengdu concert is coming, and it has been hot for three days to occupy the May 1st gear

In the midst of the May Day holiday, the Mars team gathered in Chengdu as scheduled, and the grand and gorgeous light of Mars shone on one side, opening another journey of the ten-year homecoming pact! On April 30, the premiere of the 2023 Hua Chenyu Mars Concert in Chengdu ended successfully. The three-day long standby carnival of the Mars family was unlocked for only one day, which has aroused countless topics and heat. Whether you once belonged to Mars or not, it is difficult not to be infected by this music kingdom full of romance and joy. A total area of 592 acres, 370,000 square meters of Chengdu open-air music park is full of "Mars red", smiling Martians occupy 55 standard football fields, equivalent to the total area of 3 small eggs, many fans shouted: Holiday This does not want to feel everyone, but for Hua Chenyu, I am willing to roll! At the same time, as the first "amusement park" concert in China, everyone also fully enjoyed the high degree of freedom of "Mars Paradise", changing into sunflowers, ghosts, immortals, aliens and other personalized clothing, fancy clocks in huge posters, Mars food trucks, welcome home LOGO, graffiti wall and other scenes, tracking the "happy code" that Huahua buried for them one by one, and feeling the dreamlike Martian heat wave in the pleasant afternoon field of "eating, drinking and playing" and the evening field of "dancing and dancing".

The first day of Mars Utopia arrived in Chengdu, completely igniting the Chengdu open-air music park. Tens of thousands of glow sticks were in unison, like stars converging in the sky to leave a unique symbol belonging to Mars. Some fans who failed to return outside the venue gathered outside the open-air music park to experience the joy of Martians from the air; some funny fans tried to catch a glimpse of Mars through the cracks of the protective net, and were ridiculed for "looking at flowers in the cracks". Fans who entered the city of Mars as they wished covered all ages, with fathers and daughters riding on their shoulders; silver-haired old couples and wives working together to feel the charm of Mars; little boys and old men shooting the same "across the bank" Mars concert pose made netizens play the stick as "Mars old and young love", and successfully came out of the circle! Once again proved that Hua Chenyu fans regardless of age, status, Mars infects everyone equally. This power has also completely awakened everyone’s imagination. 2023 Hua Chenyu Mars Concert · Chengdu Station launched the "Mars Bombing Street Fashion Week" event. The fans’ "fancy robes" have repeatedly subverted everyone’s imagination, and the "outrageous with a hint of reasonable" high freedom atmosphere has also become one of the reasons why people repeatedly fall into Mars. Hua Chenyu still intimately arranges birthday gifts for fans in the afternoon, plays online games, and chats like family to catch up with old times, showcasing the "home temperature" of Mars. He also confessed warmly: The tenth anniversary of my debut is also the tenth anniversary of your debut! In addition, the landing of Chengdu Hua Chenyu also inexplicably with the giant panda came to the wave of dream linkage, Internet celebrity giant panda Huahua and Hua Chenyu collided with fame, guest Zuo Li shouted "Guo Lai" in Chengdu dialect, causing Martians to collectively shout "Guo Lai", really, no "Huahua" can escape "Guo Lai".

Chengdu Station dance beauty modeling romantic pull full Hua Chenyu May Day singing full output surprises continue

The sun is slowly setting, and the premiere of the 2023 Hua Chenyu Mars Concert · Chengdu Station is officially on! Hua Chenyu’s All blue 3D printing shape is matched with the "Tree of God" stage opening, which instantly seals the audience in the dream land of Mars Ideal City. There are also many fans who compare its first set to "melting candles", which fully burn while illuminating more people. The whole evening was intertwined with a variety of emotions such as warm telling, explosive release, tears in the eyes, and reunion after a long absence. Each song implied the exclusive memory of Huahua and Martians: a domineering singing of "Seventh Personality" in a red dress, which pulled many fans back to the night of the king of singers in "Singer Dang’s Year"; "Meeting When Flowers" was full of snow, and staged the ultimate romance in the last "April Day on Earth" in 2023, once again shaking and dreaming for Martian residents; singing an adapted version of "Shanhai" in a real sea of tens of thousands of Martians, the grand dance design was perfectly integrated with the song, and even turned every Martian who went to the scene into a romantic part of the whole performance. At the same time, Huahua’s extremely high music control ability and stable on-site output also added a lot to the whole performance. The fans who came to the scene couldn’t help but shout: It’s not a waste of thousands of miles to go to Mars, and take a trip for the ideal! Every journey of "Huahua Encounter", with the concerted efforts of everyone, blooms the best radiance. This reunion may seem particularly short-lived because of the extreme, but it is only in the moment of collision and blooming, which is enough to make people enjoy it infinitely. I believe that in the next two performances in Chengdu from May 1st to May 2nd, Hua Chenyu can lead everyone to encounter more romance!

Interview with Ren Xianqi: Playing music to pick up girls, once wronged as a playboy

actliarFrequent changes in shape have suffered, and the old man’s makeup has been accused of resembling Ge You    [Video: Become a giant liar in the rivers and lakes]

    In the new film "Twin Cities", Ren Xianqi plays"Thousand Faced Grimace"His unique skill is disguise, which can instantly transform into another person, including a long-haired shapeGe YouThe charm in "Let the Bullets Fly" is full of "laughing fruit". Due to the large number of different looks to be changed, Ren Xianqi said that he also suffered a lot in makeup.

    Movie Network:Why is it there?"Twin Cities"Playing a liar?

    Ren Xianqi:I think it’s very funny. The "industry" of scammers has always existed since ancient times, and there have been a lot of online scams and SMS scams recently. I hope that through this movie, everyone will know how many scams are carried out. In addition, the story takes place in the early years of the Republic of China and the Northwest of China, where warlords are divided.Raiders of the TreasureThe subject matter is easy to play well.

    Movie Network:So are you often cheated in your life?

    Ren Xianqi:I often receive some fraudulent text messages, but I don’t take them seriously.

"Seventeen" exposes nostalgic trailer, Ren Xianqi meets Alyssa Alyssa 20 years later

Alyssa Alyssa

    1905 movie network news Youth Nostalgia Pure Love has been set to be released nationwide on October 30. Recently, the film’s producers released a trailer for the nostalgic version of the film. The released trailer, with the theme of "Remembering the 1980s," tells the story of the adult Lin Keming, played by Ren Xianqi, and the adult Wang Lei, played by Jia Jingwen, who meet again after two decades of separation. The unexpected encounter also triggered full memories of the young student days of the two.

    "Everyone will have a deep crush when they are 17 or 18 years old," Ren Xianqi, the star of the film, said in an interview. "Secret love is a very shocking thing, but at the same time, secret love is also the most willing to love someone. After many years, time may change a lot, but the original fiery heart may never change." "Seventeen" is directed by Zhou Gertai and stars Ren Xianqi, Jia Jingwen, Cheng Xi and Shi Zhitian.

Ren Xianqi


    In the "1980s" trailer released this time, Lin Keming’s pursuit of Wang Lei during his student days can be said to be "moving". Not only did he try every means to attract Wang Lei’s attention, but he also followed Wang Lei all the way home by bike after school. After being discovered by Wang Lei, Lin Keming, who was in a hurry, fell heavily to the ground because he quickly braked.


    It is reported that the film "Seventeen" tells a love story that spans three decades, showing the audience the truest thoughts of an unmarried man. It is reported that Jia Jingwen had a deep understanding of the film during the filming. She once said: "’Seventeen’ conveys an emotion that a person will meet the person they love and the person who loves them in their life. For the vast majority of men, there is only one woman whose status is unshakable, and that is the first love."

A small step for Hongqi HS7, a big step for China’s automotive industry

International Online Auto Channel News (Huang): Although the popularity of the domestic SUV market has subsided since May this year, and even there has been a year-on-year decline for several consecutive months, at the 16th Guangzhou Auto Show, new SUVs still account for half of the country. Among the many new SUV models, China FAW Hongqi’s first high-end C-class SUV – HS7, with its detached product positioning and unparalleled brand influence, has become the star of this auto show.

Auto Channel [Home Focus Map] A small step for Hongqi HS7, a big step for China's automotive industry

In recent years, independent brands have developed rapidly, and various brands have frequently launched products with higher positioning, and even high-end sub-brands have gradually emerged. However, the "infighting" of independent brands in the A-class and B-class markets is a norm that cannot be changed in a short period of time. There are both technical limitations and objective problems of relatively limited brand influence. In contrast, Hongqi HS7 is like a master who has completed "closed-door cultivation", and has the potential to "ascend to immortality" in the face of the more severe C-class luxury SUV market. The irreplaceable position of Hongqi brand in people’s hearts makes people look forward to Hongqi HS7 and helps China’s auto industry climb to a new peak.

Auto Channel [Home Focus Map] A small step for Hongqi HS7, a big step for China's automotive industry

The debut of Hongqi HS7 not only means the launch of the brand’s new strategic models, but also a concentrated display of the results of the new Hongqi brand strategy announced nearly a year later. Competitive products directly target many high-end imported cars, and Hongqi HS7 has also become the beginning of the struggle of Chinese auto brands in higher-level markets. In January this year, the brand strategy of Xinhongqi was released in the Great Hall of the People. As the eldest son of the Republic and a symbolic brand of China’s automobile industry, the new concept and new positioning conveyed by Xinhongqi instantly ignited the hopes of many viewers. From the release of the brand strategy in January to the launch of Hongqi H5 in April, and then to the debut of Hongqi HS7 in November, the pace of Xinhongqi’s progress was extremely brisk.

From a product perspective, the advent of Hongqi HS7 first enriched the product matrix of the New Hongqi brand, expanding the scale of product production and sales. At the same time, compared with the first model Hongqi H5 launched after the brand transformation, Hongqi HS7’s product positioning and technical level are more in line with the essence of the New Hongqi brand’s Chinese neo-noble refinement. There is no doubt that Hongqi HS7 is the best "spokesperson" of the New Hongqi brand at this stage, and the significance of the new car is also more profound.

Auto Channel [Home Focus Map] A small step for Hongqi HS7, a big step for China's automotive industry

On the basis of adhering to the concept of "Chinese New Noble Exquisite" of the New Hongqi brand, the Hongqi HS7 integrates the design concept of "Shang · Zhi · Yi". The straight waterfall air intake grille is larger than the Hongqi H5 in size, echoing the new interpretation of the Hongqi vertical standard, showing the noble temperament, and also showing the symmetrical beauty of Chinese aesthetics. In addition to the majestic shape, the core of the Hongqi HS7 is also ready to impact the C-class SUV market.

The 3.0L V6TD engine independently developed by China FAW with the highest level in China will become the "heart" of Hongqi HS7, with a maximum power of 248kW and a peak torque of 445Nm. It matches the Aisin 8-speed automatic transmission. Hongqi HS7 already has the foundation of not losing to international brands in terms of core power technology. At the same time, in terms of vehicle interconnection performance, Hongqi HS7 is also worth looking forward to. Although no specific information has been disclosed at the auto show, on November 6, Xu Liuping, chairperson of China FAW, said in Wuzhen: "Hongqi has begun to layout in the fields of electrification, intelligent networking, and mobile travel, and has made substantial progress." For the family’s flagship SUV products at this stage, Hongqi HS7 will naturally become the best carrier of the new Hongqi brand’s intelligent technology.

Auto Channel [Home Focus Map] A small step for Hongqi HS7, a big step for China's automotive industry

The "leapfrog" Hongqi HS7 has become a well-deserved masterpiece of Chinese SUV products in one fell swoop, and will also become a milestone worth remembering in China’s automotive industry at every node of exploring the higher-end market. With the ultimate quality, strong product force, deep brand connotation and intelligent "brain", Hongqi HS7 will surely become a breakthrough SUV product. Every step Hongqi HS7 takes in the market will powerfully drive the wheels of China’s automotive industry development. (Image source: FAW Hongqi)

2008 Moved Chinese Candidate – Andy Lau

Andy Lau endorses the Paralympic Games

    Andy Lau (a star who actively promotes the Paralympic Games, the unique scenery at the Paralympic Games)

    Male, born in 1961, 47 years old, image ambassador for the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games.

    During the 2008 Olympic Games, he advocated for all the stars in the entertainment industry to welcome and pay attention to the Olympic Games together. From the torch relay to the Olympic closing ceremony, he sang. He did what a Chinese should do, and he threw himself into everything he did. Therefore, he became a role model for everyone.

    When the Olympic Games ended, Andy Lau kept reminding everyone that there was more to be done at the Paralympic Games. Therefore, when Andy Lau promoted the Paralympic Games in various places, he had to explain the wonders of the Paralympic Games to everyone, hoping that everyone would pay attention to the Paralympic Games at the same time as the Olympic Games. Therefore, Andy Lau always wanted to cheer for the athletes without disturbing them. Under the prompt arrangement of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, as soon as Andy finished his performance at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, he set off for the Paralympic Training Center in Shunyi, Beijing the next morning. The people at the center allowed Andy Lau to visit 10 practices for disabled athletes.

    For an appointment four years ago, Andy Lau cancelled all other activities and showed up at the "Water Cube" as scheduled to watch He Junquan’s game. He also kept clapping his hands for his friends.

    But it is precisely because of Andy Lau’s actions at the Olympic Games that we have seen the real star effect. And it is because of him that he has become another sight during the Olympic Games!

Editor in charge: Zhang Tuoya

Last year, Cyrus sold 150,000 new energy vehicles, and its subsidiary Ruichi Electric increased its capital in the second round.

On the evening of January 1st, Cyrus (601127) announced the production and sales express in December 2023. In that month, the company sold 42,141 new energy vehicles, a substantial increase of 153.21% year-on-year. Among them, for the first time, the monthly sales volume of Sailis AITO series exceeded 30,000 units, reaching 31,490 units, a record high, with a year-on-year increase of 210.03%.

From January to December this year, the sales volume of new energy vehicles reached 151,798, a year-on-year increase of 12.40%; Among them, the sales volume of "Sailis" brand car AITO series was 106,703, up 33.31% year-on-year.

Sailis also announced that its Ruichi Electric started the second round of capital increase, and seven companies including Liangjiang Fund invested 1.54 billion yuan in shares. 

A: The delivery of the new M7 exceeded 20,000 vehicles in that month.

On December 26, 2023, the flagship SUV of panoramic wisdom & mdash; — The M9 of AITO is listed, and it is also the highest specification model in AITO. Driven by this, the new M7 delivered by AITO in the same month exceeded 20,000 vehicles.

AITO asked the M9 to break through 30,000 vehicles in seven days; AITO asked the community that the new M7 has been listed for just three months, and the cumulative number has exceeded 120,000. Celestial Automobile has obtained L3 autopilot test license, becoming the only automobile enterprise that has obtained L3 autopilot test license in Chongqing and Shenzhen at the same time.

At the same time, Cyrus Smart Factory took the lead in introducing the world’s leading super-large 9000T integrated die casting machine, and used it for the first time on AITO M9. Highly integrated one-piece die casting design, 87 parts can be integrated into one part. At present, the factory has a production capacity of 30,000 vehicles per month, and a new car can be rolled off the assembly line every 30 seconds.

The capital increase price of Ruichi Electric is 10 yuan/share.

Cyrus also announced that after the first round of capital increase introduced the investment of 1 billion yuan from Ganfeng Lithium Industry, Ricci Electric, a subsidiary of Cyrus, started the second round of capital increase and share expansion.

On December 29th last year, the company’s wholly-owned subsidiaries, Sailisi Hubei and Ruichi Electric, signed agreements with Liangjiang Fund, respectively. The above-mentioned seven objects invested a total of 1.54 billion yuan to subscribe for the newly-increased registered capital of Ruichi Electric of 154 million yuan, and the capital increase price was 10 yuan per yuan of registered capital.

Liangjiang Fund subscribed for the newly-increased registered capital of Ruichi Electric with 460 million yuan, Green Fund with 450 million yuan, Xiaokang Holdings with 300 million yuan, Haichen shares with 150 million yuan, Ganzhan Hengyuan with 100 million yuan, BOE Fund with 50 million yuan and Xu Jianqiao (president of Ruichi Electric) with 30 million yuan.

Cyrus said that he would give up the relevant preemptive right. After the capital increase is completed, the share ratio of Cyrus Hubei will be reduced from 66.67% to 44.05%; The share ratio of Ganfeng Lithium Industry will drop from 33.33% to 22.03%, while Chongqing Liangjiang Fund, National Green Fund and Xiaokang Holdings will rank third, fourth and fifth largest shareholders with share ratios of 10.13%, 9.91% and 6.61% respectively.

The board of directors of Ruichi Electric is composed of five directors, of which, Celeste Hubei has the right to appoint two directors, and Ganfeng Lithium Industry, Liangjiang Fund and Xiaokang Holdings have the right to appoint one director respectively.

Ruichi electric zhuanzhu commercial vehicle

According to the data, Ruichi Electric was established in September 2003 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. The registered place is located in Fusheng Town, Jiangbei District, Chongqing, and it has the qualification to produce commercial electric vehicles. By the end of July 2023, its total assets were 1.924 billion yuan and its net assets were 447 million yuan. From January to July in 2022 and 2023, the operating income was 2.76 billion yuan and 1.155 billion yuan respectively, and the net profit was 130 million yuan and 24.9256 million yuan respectively. The capital increase of Ruichi Electric will all be used for the operation and development of its main business.

Sailis said that Ruichi Electric focuses on the electric commercial vehicle business. The introduction of investors to provide funds for business development is conducive to enhancing its capital strength, enhancing its comprehensive strength and market competitiveness, and promoting its own business development, which is in line with the industrial layout and development strategy. There is no harm to the interests of the company and all shareholders, especially small and medium shareholders.

At the same time, Cyrus also suggested that after this capital increase and share expansion, if the audit institution confirms that Ruichi Electric is no longer included in the scope of consolidated statements, the accounting method of the company’s equity investment will be changed from cost method to equity method, which is expected to bring investment income to the company; If the scope of consolidated statements of the company does not change after confirmation by the audit institution, the introduction of investors this time will not have a significant impact on the annual performance in 2023, which shall be subject to the audit results of the audit institution.

Upstream journalist liuyong Intern Yang Hongyu


Editor: Xia Hongling Editor: Sun Qiongying, Liao Yi Audit: Feng Fei

A new way to play krypton 001? Take Dangbei X3 Pro to an open-air cinema.

In the past two years, camping culture has risen. Many people yearn to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, and camping in the wild has become a new outdoor lifestyle. On the one hand, due to the epidemic situation, everyone can’t go out to travel. On the other hand, the way of punching in and taking pictures in camping is more popular among young people, and camping has once become synonymous with this summer fashion.

A new way to play krypton 001? Take Dangbei X3 Pro to an open-air cinema.

Of course, while pursuing poetry and distance, and pursuing exquisite camping, it is essential to remove camping equipment by means of transportation and products with a sense of atmosphere that take us across mountains and rivers. As a sports coupe for young people, krypton cars are the most suitable for camping in my opinion. We have five friends in this camping trip, just one car. When looking for a venue, everyone can be said to have taken great pains, not considering places too far away, and not in places too remote and dangerous. Finally, we found this closed section where we can camp, which is located near Baima Lake in Binjiang District. Friends who are interested in camping can explore the road.

A new way to play krypton 001? Take Dangbei X3 Pro to an open-air cinema.

On that day, the weather in Hangzhou was extremely hot, up to 36 degrees. Before we set off, our electricity consumption was 92% (finally, we will tell you the remaining electricity), and we sang songs all the way to our destination with the air conditioner on (of course, we didn’t know how hot and painful the construction process was). Choosing a camping site that has been built is totally against our desire to do it ourselves, and it is more meaningful to build a "home" by ourselves. So the final result is that the five of us have built it for 2 hours under the scorching sun without any camping experience, but the moment we built it is a bitter experience. Here’s a warm reminder, we should learn to build the canopy or tent in advance before camping, otherwise we may eventually grow up through trial and error.

A new way to play krypton 001? Take Dangbei X3 Pro to an open-air cinema.

A new way to play krypton 001? Take Dangbei X3 Pro to an open-air cinema.

I don’t know about others, but for us, the first thing after the successful construction is definitely shooting! Photo! Film! Before I set off, I took the dangbei projection at home, put away my notebook, projector and snacks, and the camping atmosphere came.

A new way to play krypton 001? Take Dangbei X3 Pro to an open-air cinema.

As an important member of this trip, Krypton 001 is still in always online. Its positioning is a medium and large hunting car with pure electric crossover coupe wind design, which is very handsome. The front face has a highly recognizable split headlight combination, the side lines are smooth and dynamic, and the design of the tail is also layered and full, which is highly recognizable after lighting at night. At the same time, the spoiler top wing and frameless doors plus the interior of science and technology create a full sports atmosphere as a whole.

A new way to play krypton 001? Take Dangbei X3 Pro to an open-air cinema.

Moreover, as a new energy vehicle, Krypton 001 has a long battery life and a reverse charging function, which is very convenient for our outdoor camping, and for safety reasons, electricity is safer than open fire. With electricity, when we are camping, the induction cooker, baking tray, coffee machine, air fryer, ice maker, electric kettle and projector can all be used freely, so the feeling of moving home into nature should not be too cool.

The space of Krypton 001 is the most satisfying part for me to go camping this time. The trunk space is very large, and our car full of equipment (including awning, tables and chairs, projection curtain, projection bracket, projector and the most important food) can be easily loaded into the car. Looking at the space inside the car, two boys are the main driver and co-pilot, and three girls are sitting in the back row. After adjusting the comfortable sitting posture in the front row, the space in the back row is still very large, and there is plenty of legroom, even if 180 boys sit, there is no problem.

Of course, many places may need to drive for a long time during camping. For vehicles, it is not only necessary to have better comfort, but also to be smarter. Extreme Krypton 001 supports voice control, and also has an intelligent central control screen. The operation of air conditioning, ambient lights, skylights, music, etc. are all completed by this big screen, such as the adjustment of steering wheel and rearview mirror. I can adjust it directly through the central control screen. The most interesting thing is the large skylight overhead. You can adjust the light transmittance of the skylight by sliding the screen.

A new way to play krypton 001? Take Dangbei X3 Pro to an open-air cinema.

A new way to play krypton 001? Take Dangbei X3 Pro to an open-air cinema.

On the big screen, I have to mention the Dangbei Projection that I brought this time. I brought two kinds of projections during camping, namely Dangbei C2 and Dangbei X3 Pro. As a portable projection, Dangbei C2 has a built-in lithium battery, which can be played without power supply, which is very convenient for friends who go camping but have no power supply. And small in size, you can carry it with you in your bag.

A new way to play krypton 001? Take Dangbei X3 Pro to an open-air cinema.

The other is the Dangbei X3 Pro, which is the Dangbei projection I just bought, and also the flagship 4K laser projection that Dangbei launched this year. Its appearance is very scientific and technological, which is inexplicably consistent with our theme of car camping today, so it just happened to take advantage of camping to have an outdoor party. We set up the curtain just as the sun was about to set. The reason why I chose to carry the Dombey X3 Pro was because the Dombey X3 Pro has 3200ANSI lumens, and the brightness is really good in the domestic intelligent projection. Moreover, because we watch it outdoors and bring a big curtain, the projector with high brightness will definitely be better.

A new way to play krypton 001? Take Dangbei X3 Pro to an open-air cinema.

The reverse charging function of Krypton 001 can also continuously supply power to the projector, without worrying about power failure during use.

A new way to play krypton 001? Take Dangbei X3 Pro to an open-air cinema.

This time period is almost after 6: 00, and the friends come to watch movies with karaoke after work. Several of us have propped up the projection early. Although the outside light is still very bright, the projection picture is still very clear, and Dangbei X3Pro supports far-field voice. Although there are a large number of friends, it can be done without grabbing the same remote control.

A new way to play krypton 001? Take Dangbei X3 Pro to an open-air cinema.

At sunset, the starry sky cinema under camping officially opened, and everyone watched movies and ate snacks. You are not afraid of losing power on your mobile phone. You can also use wireless charging to charge your mobile phone on Krypton 001. In short, Krypton 001 can make you feel full of security when camping outdoors, and Dangbei X3 Pro projection will make the camping experience full of atmosphere.

During this period, passers-by were also curious. What kind of car is this? And charge the projector? What kind of projection is this? It looks so clear.

A new way to play krypton 001? Take Dangbei X3 Pro to an open-air cinema.

Because this camping site can’t stay, after camping, everyone will go home separately. Of course, all the garbage should be collected and taken away, and environmental awareness must be maintained. Moreover, through the feedback from onlookers, the two protagonists of this camping trip, the Krypton car and the Dangbei X3 Pro projector I brought with me, have been widely praised (inner OS: I really have a unique vision).

A new way to play krypton 001? Take Dangbei X3 Pro to an open-air cinema.

Finally, let’s take a small group photo after a busy day (warm reminder: vehicles are not allowed to enter the lawn, and we have also been educated by the security uncle. It is indeed our mistake and we must accept criticism with an open mind)

At about 9 o’clock in the evening, everyone packed their things and returned home. On the return trip, I observed the electricity consumption of the vehicle. Under the condition of turning on the air conditioner and reverse charging, about 10% of the electricity was used, and the electricity was indeed very durable. Moreover, for new energy vehicles, the consumption of electricity was also the most concerned topic. During driving, the electricity of Krypton 001 was still very resistant to taxis.

A new way to play krypton 001? Take Dangbei X3 Pro to an open-air cinema.

Camping can really slow down our busy life, stay away from the noise, integrate life with nature, and gain a unique life experience in practice, which is also a kind of fun. Of course, we should remind our friends who are going camping to check the vehicles, camping equipment and don’t go to remote and dangerous places before we leave. After all, safety is the most important thing, and the departure time can be judged by ourselves according to the weather and driving distance of the day. Anyway, we are sunburned, and those who have the conditions can also try to start with a projector. With the blessing of the projector, the camping experience is really by going up one flight of stairs.

How far is Cyrus, who is hugging Huawei’s thigh, far ahead? | Titanium Investment Research

Since its listing on September 12th, the M7 has been continuously concerned by the market, with orders reaching 15,000 vehicles on the first day of listing and more than 20,000 vehicles within five days of listing. The popularity of orders has caused the stock price to rise sharply recently. From September 14th to 18th, the company’s stock price achieved two boards in three days.

In fact, with the help of Huawei’s auto concept stocks, the company’s share price began to rise after the release of Huawei’s new machine. Since the release of Huawei’s new machine on August 29, the cumulative increase of the company’s share price has reached 56.02%, much higher than the 6.5% increase of the auto sector in the same period. In view of the recent large increase in the share price, the company issued an announcement on the evening of September 18 to remind investors to invest rationally.

However, in contrast to the company’s higher share price, the company has continued to lose money in recent years, and its profitability is not optimistic. In the first half of 2023, the company deducted 1.885 billion yuan from its net profit, down 9.96% year-on-year.

Celestial was originally a brand of Jin Kang New Energy, a new energy subsidiary of Xiaokang, and was renamed Celestial Automobile Co., Ltd. in May 2022, and then the abbreviation of Xiaokang Securities was changed to Celestial in August.

Xiaokang shares are well known to the outside world, mainly relying on mini-vans. In the early days, the company started with the production of springs, and then its business expanded to auto parts. In 2003, the company cooperated with Dongfeng and began to enter the field of automobile production. The main model was Dongfeng Xiaokang van. In 2012, the sales volume of mini-cars exceeded 1 million, and it was once called the three giants of China mini-cars with Wuling Hongguang and Changan Star.

From 2013 to 2016, the company’s fuel vehicle sales showed a slight decline as a whole. In 2017, with the substantial increase in SUV sales, the company’s fuel vehicle sales reached a high point, and then began to decline year by year, from 394,500 in 2017 to 225,200 in 2021, and the fuel vehicle sales in 2022 dropped sharply to 132,100.

The decline of fuel vehicle business made the company begin to shift its focus to new energy vehicles, but the road to transformation was not smooth. In July 2020, the annual sales volume of Celeste SF5 was only 732 vehicles, which was not accepted by the market.

In March, 2021, the company announced that it had reached a cooperative relationship with Huawei. Celestial Huawei Smart Select SF5 was equipped with Huawei electric drive and HiCar system. Through cooperation with Huawei, the sales volume of Celestial SF5 also increased significantly. From April to December, 2021, the cumulative sales volume of Celestial SF5 exceeded 8,500, and the company’s annual sales volume of new energy vehicles reached 41,400, up by 103.94% year-on-year.

The success of the cooperation with Huawei has also enabled the company to further bind Huawei. In December 2021, the company and Huawei jointly launched the AITO Jiejie brand. Huawei has deep participation in industrial design, quality control, intelligent cockpit and automatic driving, and is also responsible for Jiejie marketing and channels.

Thanks to Huawei’s all-round blessing, in 2022, the sales volume of M5 and M7 reached 75,000, becoming the fastest-growing brand of new energy vehicles. The annual sales volume of Celeste new energy vehicles also reached 135,100, up 226.33% year-on-year, and the sales volume exceeded that of fuel vehicles.

 In addition, through the cooperation with Huawei, the company’s share price has tripled in just a few months. When the company reached a cooperative relationship with Huawei in March 2021, the company’s share price was around 20 yuan, and by the end of June 2021, the share price was close to 80 yuan, with an increase of 300%.

Although relying on Huawei’s brand influence and technical strength, the sales of Celestial new energy vehicles have been greatly improved in a short period of time, but Huawei’s dominant position in the world brand has also made Celestial rely heavily on Huawei and lose more decision-making power. Traditional car companies such as Guangzhou Automobile refused to cooperate with Huawei in depth, and the main reason for using Huawei as a component manufacturer was that it was worried that it would lose its independent decision-making power.

On the other hand, apart from cooperating with Cyrus, Huawei is also cooperating with Chery, BAIC and other manufacturers, which will inevitably dilute the influence of Huawei brands on Cyrus. For example, the intelligent world S7, which Huawei cooperates with Chery, will first be equipped with the HarmonyOS 4.0 car system, which is earlier than the M9.

In fact, Celestial is also laying out its own independent brand of new energy vehicles. In March 2023, the company launched its own brand of Blue Power, and in the same month, it released its first model, Blue Power E5. In addition to Huawei HiCar system, BYD hybrid system was adopted as the core three power technologies, but only 1,944 vehicles were sold by the end of August, and the market performance was bleak.

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Tiggo 8 in Linyi area is on hot sale, and the latest offer is 89,900! limited in number

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Tiggo 8 is a medium-sized SUV with stylish design. The front face adopts the family-style air intake grille design, with unique chrome decoration, showing its luxurious and atmospheric style. The body lines are smooth and the overall shape is very smooth. The side of the car body is decorated with chrome to make it more fashionable. The body size is large, giving people a sense of stability. The front design is tough, and the headlights are unique in shape, which echoes the body lines and makes the whole body more dynamic. The shape of the rear is full, and the taillight group adopts LED light source, which improves the sense of science and technology of the whole vehicle. Generally speaking, the design of Tiggo 8 is fashionable and meets the aesthetic needs of current consumers.

Tiggo 8 is a medium-sized SUV with a body length, width and height of 4700*1860*1746mm, a wheelbase of 2710mm, a front track of 1582mm and a rear track of 1604mm respectively. The side lines of the car are smooth, the overall design is simple and generous, and the lines are strong, which shows the sense of movement and strength. The front and rear tyre size are both 235/55 R18, and the rim adopts fashionable multi-spoke design, which adds a sporty atmosphere to the whole vehicle. The height of the car body is high, and with the design of the rim, the whole car looks more stable and atmospheric. Generally speaking, the side design of the Tiggo 8 is both fashionable and powerful, which shows its style as a medium-sized SUV.

Tiggo 8′ s interior design style is simple and atmospheric, with black tone as a whole, which forms a classic color matching with silver decoration. The steering wheel is made of leather, which feels comfortable and supports manual adjustment up and down and back and forth, so that drivers can easily find the driving posture that suits them best. The size of the central control screen is 10.25 inches, the operation interface is clear, and it supports multimedia playing and charging functions. There are two USB interfaces in the front row and a USB/Type-C interface in the back row. The seat is made of imitation leather. The main seat supports front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment and height adjustment (2-way). The auxiliary seat supports front and rear adjustment and backrest adjustment. The front seat is also equipped with heating function. The second row of seats supports backrest adjustment, and the rear seats can be laid down in proportion, which increases the practicality and comfort of the vehicle.

The Tiggo 8 is powered by a 1.5T 156 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 115 kW and a maximum torque of 230n m.. This engine not only has excellent power performance, but also has high fuel economy performance. In terms of gearbox, the Tiggo 8 is equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox, which allows drivers to shift gears according to their own needs, providing a more flexible driving experience. The combination of this engine and gearbox makes the Tiggo 8 perform well in daily driving, and it can be easily handled by both urban roads and highways.

In the evaluation of the owner of car home, we can see that he spoke highly of the driving experience of the Tiggo 8. Smooth driving experience, rapid acceleration performance and excellent sound insulation have brought him an excellent driving experience. In addition, the design of Tiggo 8 is magnificent, and the space inside the car is spacious and comfortable, which makes him feel unparalleled comfort during driving. More importantly, there is no smell in the car, which provides him with a healthy driving environment. It can be said that the outstanding performance of Tiggo 8 has been recognized and appreciated by the owners, which is undoubtedly the best proof of the quality of Tiggo 8.