The dark blue G318 will be unveiled on March 18, with a super range extension powertrain

Netcom News The dark blue G318 will be officially unveiled on March 18. The new car adopts a more square and tough design language. The closed grille on the front face is full of visual impact with the sharp headlights on both sides. In terms of power, the car will be equipped with a super range extension system, and the dual-motor version has a comprehensive power of 316 kilowatts. According to previously announced information, the price of the dark blue G318 may be around 300,000 yuan.

In terms of appearance, the dark blue G318 adopts a more square and tough design language, and the overall shape is full of off-road atmosphere. On the front face, the closed grille is very recognizable with the sharp LED headlights on both sides. In addition, the raised rib line design on the hood combined with the broad and blackened front surrounding components embellished with silver trims further adds to the visual impact of the front of the car.

The side shape of the new car is relatively compact, and the slightly protruding wheel arches combined with blackened wheel eyebrows and side skirt components and large-size multi-spoke wheel rims are full of muscle. At the same time, the dark blue G318 also blackens details such as window frames, and is equipped with roof racks and roof light components. At the rear, the LED taillight groups on both sides are very recognizable with an external full-size spare tire, and the car also has a tow hook assembly.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4915 (4998)/1985/1885 (1960) mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2880mm. In the power part, the dark blue G318 is equipped with a super range extension system. The comprehensive power of the dual-motor version reaches 316 kW, of which the front motor power is 131 kW and the rear motor power is 185 kW. In addition, the car also has functions such as in-situ U-turn.

(Photo/text, Zhang Xiaoyi)

Interview with Ren Xianqi: Playing music to pick up girls, once wronged as a playboy

actliarFrequent changes in shape have suffered, and the old man’s makeup has been accused of resembling Ge You    [Video: Become a giant liar in the rivers and lakes]

    In the new film "Twin Cities", Ren Xianqi plays"Thousand Faced Grimace"His unique skill is disguise, which can instantly transform into another person, including a long-haired shapeGe YouThe charm in "Let the Bullets Fly" is full of "laughing fruit". Due to the large number of different looks to be changed, Ren Xianqi said that he also suffered a lot in makeup.

    Movie Network:Why is it there?"Twin Cities"Playing a liar?

    Ren Xianqi:I think it’s very funny. The "industry" of scammers has always existed since ancient times, and there have been a lot of online scams and SMS scams recently. I hope that through this movie, everyone will know how many scams are carried out. In addition, the story takes place in the early years of the Republic of China and the Northwest of China, where warlords are divided.Raiders of the TreasureThe subject matter is easy to play well.

    Movie Network:So are you often cheated in your life?

    Ren Xianqi:I often receive some fraudulent text messages, but I don’t take them seriously.

In the midst of internal and external troubles, Huang Zhang’s dream machine can’t save Meizu I

  "I will go out of the mountain to build my dream machine to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Meizu."

  When Meizu founder Huang Zhang appeared on the Meizu forum on February 11, 2017 to write this sentence, all Meizu fans cheered, "Mr. Huang, I am ready to buy your flagship phone," and one fan excitedly left a message.

  However, after a year of waiting, Huang Zhang appeared on the forum again, saying that "due to time constraints, 15 is just a small test for me to return to Meizu after many years, and the 16 series launched later is the product I have fully built. The 16 series will be launched around August."

  The Meizu 15 released on April 22, with a very narrow frame, a small circle of return, and a Luo Yun pattern on the antenna, has a clear Huang style brand. However, with the popularity of new technologies such as full-screen and under-screen fingerprints, the tribute to the classic Meizu 15 has not brought too much desire to change phones to picky users.

  Meizu 15 is more like a product that connects the past and the future. At least on the product, it announced again that Huang Zhang, the chief designer of Meizu mobile phones, is back. But in the fiercely competitive Chinese smartphone market, after the failure of the Pro 7 and the test of Meizu 15, how much time is left for Meizu?

  "The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment."

  After Huang Zhang claimed that Meizu 15 was just a small test, many fans left comments saying that "the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment".

  In fact, after Huang Zhang claimed to re-launch the dream machine Meizu 15, expectations for the product have been high. Meizu is also externally promoting the significance of this product to Huang Zhang and Meizu itself.

  If you think about what he has done before, are the M8 and M6 ruthless? So we still have a lot of confidence in Mr. Huang’s products, and I believe that the offensive will be enough. "Li Nan, the president of Meilan, said in an interview with Sina Technology.

  However, judging from the situation after the release of Meizu 15, it is obvious that Meizu fans are not satisfied.

  An old Meizu friend who claimed to be "past the age of brainless fans" posted on the Meizu forum, "Old Huang’s little marketing tricks, to be honest, at an age when he can still be fanatical, I still admire them. Now, I don’t want to say it out. In short, Old Huang is Meizu’s biggest reliance and the biggest obstacle. Stop using Old Huang as a gimmick, and recall the success of J. wong ten years ago to sum up the successful experience. For Old Meizu, the whole mobile phone that makes Old Meizu stand up straight is like the whole m8 back then. Leading the trend is not Meizu’s responsibility, but at least keeping up with the trend is the reason why Meizu continues to buy Meizu mobile phones."

  Huang Zhang’s repetition of Meizu 15’s publicity and marketing rhythm has indeed brought a lot of negative word-of-mouth to this product. Yang Zhe, Meizu’s senior vice president, also admitted in an interview after the press conference that Meizu 15 is indeed just a product of Huang Zhang’s small test. "Mr. Huang has been out of the company’s management and operation for a period of time. After he returns, he must feel that his grasp of the market is accurate or inaccurate, and whether the concept can be accepted by consumers? There are also old Meizu friends who have lost a lot, and many have been replaced and turned into young ones. Whether these people buy such designs is not a simple matter."

  Urgent need for clear brand and product positioning

  After the separation of the Meizu brand and the Meizu brand in May 2017, the Meizu internal positioning of the two brands was clarified: the Meizu brand is more focused on the high-end market, targeting business, government and enterprise, high-end, and elite groups; while the Meizu brand is targeted at the young people market and undertakes the task of sales.

  Although the positioning and differentiation of the two brands have been done well, in fact, the brand perception of the Meizu brand has not been successful, and the business attributes of the product are not enough.

  According to the Flyme user report released by Meizu at the end of last year, the cumulative number of Flyme users exceeded 6,000 units. In terms of overall age distribution, 31% were aged 15-22, 59% were aged 23-35, and only 4% were aged 36-45 and over 46. Geographically, second-tier cities accounted for 35%, third-tier cities 24%, fourth-tier cities 26%, and first-tier cities only 13%.

  This means that Flyme users can also be roughly regarded as Meizu mobile phone users, with young users between the ages of 15 and 35 in second- and third-tier cities accounting for the vast majority.

  This poses a challenge to the high-end business image that Meizu brand is eager to create. On the one hand, only 8% of Meizu’s own users meet this age group. Most Meizu users are not interested in the Buddhist marketing and business brand perception elements added by Meizu on Pro 7 and Meizu 15. This was shown when Yang Zhe released a promotional poster on Weibo to warm up Meizu 15. Existing Meizu users do not like and recognize Huang Zhang and Yang Zhe’s unique brand concept for Meizu.

  On the other hand, the Pro 7 and Meizu 15 did not reflect enough business elements in terms of product attributes. Yang Zhe emphasized at the press conference that purchasing hundreds of kilograms of pure gold materials to color the back shell, spending millions of dollars to customize Samsung’s new size display, and a global haptic feedback system did not constitute a necessary factor to impress the business crowd, let alone compete for users from Huawei, Samsung, and other players.

  Confused product lines and pricing strategies

  "Meizu is the real flagship" is a kind of ridicule by netizens that Meizu’s flagship product is not as good as Meizu’s products in some configurations. Unfortunately, this ridicule happened to Meizu 15.

  Meizu 15 series has a total of three products, the M15 uses the Snapdragon 626 processor, with 4GB memory + 64GB storage, priced at 1699 yuan; the 15 uses the Snapdragon 660 processor, with 4GB + 64GB storage, priced at 2499 yuan; the 15 Plus uses the Samsung Exynos 8895 platform, with 6GB + 128GB storage, priced at 2999 yuan.

  Overall, the three products make a good distinction in terms of configuration and price, but the comparison with the Meizu E3 just released by Meizu will be rather awkward.

  The Meizu E3 uses a Snapdragon 636 processor, with 6GB + 64GB storage, and is priced at 1799 yuan. Although the Meizu E3 lags behind the M15 and 15 in terms of camera performance, it has an advantage in the basic memory combination. This will undoubtedly make the Meizu brand and Meizu brand product lines conflict and confusion in user choices.

  Meizu brand’s previous flagship product Pro 7 also faces this situation.

  Although it has a unique screen design, it is equipped with MediaTek Xili P25 and Xili X30 processors, and the price is as high as 2880 yuan and 3580 yuan at the same time. As a result, the product has not received external recognition, and the price has plunged 1,000 yuan in a short period of time, and it has even been exposed that the order has to be cut in the end.

  Although the Meizu 15 uses a Qualcomm processor, the price of 660 + 4GB + 64GB at 2499 yuan has also attracted controversy. Compared with other brands at the same price, the competitiveness is limited.

  Internal management crisis

  Before the release of Meizu 15, Zhang Jia, the former director of Meizu’s cultural and creative department, bombarded Meizu’s senior vice president Yang Zhe, which had long attracted the attention of netizens and the media.

  According to Zhang Jia’s description, since Yang Zhe joined in May 2017, he has proposed three plans: Meizu Cultural Asset Enhancement Plan, Meizu Financial Business Development New Concept and Flyme Cultural Asset Enhancement Plan, but they have all failed. At present, most of the staff of Benge Technology, a content marketing platform under Meizu founded by him, have also been lost.

  In fact, this is just a microcosm of the change in Meizu’s organizational structure led and inspired by Huang Zhang.

  Three months after Huang Zhang’s return, Meizu underwent a major organizational restructuring. Huang Zhang served as Meizu’s chairperson and CEO, and established three new business divisions – Meizu Business Division, Meizu Business Division, and Flyme Business Division. Huang Zhang personally managed the Meizu business division, and Yang Zhe served as senior vice president and general staff officer, responsible for the marketing of the Meizu brand; while Li Nan was responsible for the Meizu brand.

  In September last year, Pan Yikuan, the vice president of Meizu’s business unit in charge of sales, left after less than four months; a few months later, Chu Chunmin, the vice president of sales of Meizu’s business unit, and most of the employees in the sales team he led announced their departure.

  In December 2017, Huang Zhang adjusted Meizu’s structure again, establishing a new overseas business department, an e-commerce business department, and an accessories business department. He promoted CFO Qi Weimin to senior vice president of the company, on an equal footing with President Bai Yongxiang, with the intention of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure to ensure profits. At the same time, he further expanded overseas markets and expanded sales.

  In addition to structural adjustments, Meizu has been in the bottom 10% for three consecutive years, which has contributed significantly to Meizu’s profitability since 2016.

  Meizu is not so much going through an internal struggle, but rather a rebalancing of power under Huang Zhang’s will. Just as Li Nan, who was supposed to lead Meizu to independence, was finally asked by Huang Zhang to cooperate with Meizu’s division and accessories division on channels. At the same time, Huang Zhang also withdrew Meizu’s product definition and design authority; at the Meizu 15 conference, Yang Zhe also replaced the usual combination of Bai Yongxiang and Li Nan as the main speaker.

  In an interview after the Meizu 15 press conference, Yang Zhe also talked about the recent Zhang Jia incident. He believes that this situation is a harbinger of Meizu’s long-standing accumulation of change. "Reform has been difficult since ancient times, and it is easy to see no reform." He also said that with the deepening of reform, there will be more organizational structure and personnel adjustments. "This incident shows that Meizu has reached a point where it must be changed."

  After the Zhang Jia incident, Huang Zhang immediately called Yang Zhe and said, "No matter what, we must firmly move towards the correct brand strategy. A company should not be threatened by crude cyber attacks or even organized online public opinion. We must firmly follow our own path."

  Conclusion: Can Meizu 15 and 16 save Meizu?

  After experiencing the cold winter of smartphones in 2017, Chinese manufacturers felt the cold winter again in Quarter 1 of 2018. The "Analysis Report on the Operation of the Domestic Mobile Phone Market in March 2018" released by the China Institute of Information and Communications under MIIT shows that in January-March 2018, China’s smartphone shipments were 81.87 million, down 27.0% year-on-year.

  Under the internal and external troubles, Meizu has indeed reached a moment when it has to change. Huang Zhang, who has always paid attention to products and even believes that good products are the only way to solve problems, has also made drastic changes to Meizu in terms of brand, marketing, products, and channels after his return.

  However, just as Huang Zhang’s two comebacks in 2014 and 2017, in the face of such intense competition and rapid changes in the smartphone industry, can the spiritual leader who relies on the apotheosis-style come out to solve the problem again and again? For Meizu, the hope of rebirth is entirely on Huang Zhang, who has been isolated from the outside world for a long time. I am afraid that there must be both expectations of success and preparation for failure.

  After transforming from a dream machine to a small test of the Meizu 15, Huang Zhang claims that the 16 series he has fully built will be released in August this year. If the Meizu 16 does not meet the expectations of the outside world, what should Meizu do?

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The new policy of online car-hailing adopts market pricing to open up the trillion-dollar travel market space

  A few days ago, the "Guiding Opinions on Deepening Reform and Promoting the Healthy Development of the Taxi Industry" (referred to as the "Guiding Opinions") and the "Interim Measures for the Management of Online Booking Taxi Business Services" (referred to as the "Interim Measures") were officially issued. The "Interim Measures" became the first national-level online car-hailing regulations promulgated worldwide. The "Guiding Opinions" reform the system of cruise taxi operation rights and benefit distribution. Industry insiders said that after the online taxi is granted legal status, it will form a differentiated competition with cruise taxis, and the development will enter the fast lane. A huge travel market will gradually open up.

  Bottom line, keep it safe and fair

  On July 27, 2016, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and the Cyberspace Administration of China jointly promulgated the Interim Measures for the Administration of Online Booking Taxi Business Services.

  "The deep-seated contradictions that the taxi industry has accumulated for a long time have not been fundamentally resolved. The rapid development of new business formats such as online car-hailing has enriched the travel experience of the people, but also brought some new situations and new problems. The old and new contradictions are superimposed, and the situation is complex. Instability incidents in the industry occur from time to time, which seriously affects the healthy and sustainable development of the taxi industry and makes it difficult to meet the personalized travel needs of the people." Liu Xiaoming, vice-minister of transportation, said at a news conference held by the State Information Office.

  At present, China has become the world’s largest online car-hailing market, but many problems have been exposed during the development process. For example, the main body of responsibility is not clear, the safety of passengers and the rights and interests of drivers cannot be guaranteed, and the risk of personal information security leakage is relatively high.

  The price war and subsidy war between online ride-hailing platforms have not only disrupted the cruise taxi market, but also hindered the construction of a fair and orderly market environment. "We have not banned online ride-hailing, but have introduced the world’s first online ride-hailing regulations at the national level. By tailoring the regulatory model, we have given it legal status and supported its standardized development. This is also the first time we have defined private passenger car sharing at the national level. This clearly encourages and supports the way of travel that truly reflects the sharing economy, and provides a policy foundation for the development of ride-sharing services across the country," Liu Xiaoming said.

  "In the process of formulating the development of the new business model, everyone noticed that we clearly put people first, encourage innovation, seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and control the bottom line. What bottom line to control? It is the safety of passengers and fair competition in the market," Liu Xiaoming said.

  The "Interim Measures" make requirements for operating platforms, drivers, and vehicles. Online ride-hailing platform companies shall obtain the corresponding "Online Reservation Taxi Business License", online ride-hailing vehicles shall obtain the "Online Reservation Taxi Transportation License", and drivers shall obtain the "Online Reservation Taxi Driver License".

  Compared with the exposure draft released in October last year, the "Interim Measures" have made many revisions and optimizations. For example, on the nature of the registration of online car-hailing vehicles. It is clear that the registration of online car-hailing vehicles as reserved taxi passengers reflects not only the nature of taxis, but also the characteristics of new business models.

  The Interim Measures stipulate that when the mileage of the online car reaches 600,000 kilometers, it will be forcibly scrapped; when the mileage does not reach 600,000 kilometers but the service life reaches 8 years, it will withdraw from the online car business. Previously, it was required to be scrapped for 8 years.

  The Interim Measures clarify that online car-hailing platform companies and drivers should sign various forms of employment contracts or agreements with drivers according to the characteristics of working hours and service frequency, and clarify the rights and obligations of both parties. Previously, it was clear to sign an employment contract.

  New Deal, Execution Period Restrictions on Cruise Vehicle Operation Rights and Free Use

  On July 26, 2016, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Deepening Reform and Promoting the Healthy Development of the Taxi Industry". The "Guiding Opinions" pointed out that it is necessary to clarify the positioning of taxis in the urban comprehensive transportation system, adhere to the priority development of public transportation, the appropriate development of taxis, and the overall development of cruise cars and online car-hailing to promote the gradual integration of the two business forms.

  The Guiding Opinions add restrictions on the operating period and free use of the operating right, and the operating entity may not be changed. If the existing operating right does not specify the specific operating period or has been used for compensation, the urban people’s government shall formulate a scientific transition plan, reasonably determine the operating period, gradually cancel the paid use fee, and go through the modification procedures in accordance with the conditions and procedures stipulated by laws and regulations, and shall not speculate or transfer without authorization.

  Encourage the integration and development of new and old business models through mergers and acquisitions. Build a business model in which enterprises and drivers share operational risks and interests are reasonably distributed. "To improve the benefit distribution system, we must use Internet technology to better build a business model in which enterprises and drivers share operational risks and interests are reasonably distributed, that is, there is no contract fee or quota system, but according to the operation situation, drivers and enterprises reasonably bear risks, share risks, and reasonably distribute benefits. If the contract method is still used, encourage the use of industry associations and trade unions to jointly negotiate to determine reasonable contract fees, and implement dynamic adjustments to protect the legitimate rights and interests of drivers," Liu Xiaoming said.

  Liu Xiaoming said that the "Guiding Opinions" straighten out the price formation mechanism, because the traditional taxi freight is the implementation of government pricing or government guidance price, scientifically formulate and timely adjust the level and structure of taxi freight, establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism for taxi freight, and give full play to the leverage of freight to adjust the supply and demand relationship in the taxi transportation market.

  In addition, the "Guiding Opinions" also encourage private passenger car sharing. The plan makes it clear that in order to promote the development of the sharing economy, facilitate the travel of the people, alleviate urban traffic congestion and reduce air pollution, the urban people’s government should encourage private passenger car sharing and formulate corresponding regulations, clarify the rights and obligations of the three parties, including the ride-sharing information service platform, the ride-sharing service provider and the ride-sharing person, and standardize its development.

  Prospects, the trillion-dollar travel market opens

  Although the "Interim Measures" put many restrictions on online car-hailing, the introduction of the document has received a positive response from online car-hailing platform companies. Didi Chuxing responded that the company will follow the requirements of the "Interim Measures" to standardize operations, actively apply for relevant business licenses of online car-hailing platform companies, and will also actively explore with relevant government departments and related enterprises in the travel industry to increase technological innovation, improve the utilization of transportation resources and urban traffic efficiency, improve travel experience, create more flexible employment opportunities for the society, and better provide safe, convenient and comfortable travel services for hundreds of millions of people.

  Uber responded that the introduction of the "Interim Measures" reflects the government’s recognition and support for the new business of online car-hailing, making our country the first country in the world’s major economies to promulgate such national regulations. Uber meets the relevant requirements of corporate legal persons, ICP licenses, database and server settings in the Chinese mainland, cyber security management and security protection technical measures required for the application of the "Booking Taxi Business License" in the Interim Measures. Uber will fully cooperate with cities to formulate corresponding implementation rules, and is confident that it will obtain the operation license issued by the local government as soon as possible.

  Shenzhou Special Car also expressed its welcome to the release of the document, and will continue to adhere to the B2C model of "professional vehicles and professional drivers" in strict accordance with the requirements of the online car-hailing regulatory policy, and continue to provide customers with safer and better travel services as always.

  According to a report released by Roland Berger, a well-known consulting firm, the size of China’s online car-hailing market will reach 500 billion yuan by 2020, and its addressable market demand will reach 1.10 trillion yuan. The huge market potential attracts all kinds of capital to compete in the field of online car-hailing.

  Since the beginning of this year, online car-hailing platform companies have set off a round of financing climax. At present, Didi Chuxing and Yidao are planning to go public, and Shenzhou special cars have been listed on the New Third Board, and they have been actively traded and increased significantly since their listing.

  Experts say that the net-hailing car has gained legal status, and the trillion-level travel market has been fully opened. In the future, when the four net-hailing platform companies share the super cake, the already heated market competition may further escalate.

  Reporter, Zhang Bin

Last year, Cyrus sold 150,000 new energy vehicles, and its subsidiary Ruichi Electric increased its capital in the second round.

On the evening of January 1st, Cyrus (601127) announced the production and sales express in December 2023. In that month, the company sold 42,141 new energy vehicles, a substantial increase of 153.21% year-on-year. Among them, for the first time, the monthly sales volume of Sailis AITO series exceeded 30,000 units, reaching 31,490 units, a record high, with a year-on-year increase of 210.03%.

From January to December this year, the sales volume of new energy vehicles reached 151,798, a year-on-year increase of 12.40%; Among them, the sales volume of "Sailis" brand car AITO series was 106,703, up 33.31% year-on-year.

Sailis also announced that its Ruichi Electric started the second round of capital increase, and seven companies including Liangjiang Fund invested 1.54 billion yuan in shares. 

A: The delivery of the new M7 exceeded 20,000 vehicles in that month.

On December 26, 2023, the flagship SUV of panoramic wisdom & mdash; — The M9 of AITO is listed, and it is also the highest specification model in AITO. Driven by this, the new M7 delivered by AITO in the same month exceeded 20,000 vehicles.

AITO asked the M9 to break through 30,000 vehicles in seven days; AITO asked the community that the new M7 has been listed for just three months, and the cumulative number has exceeded 120,000. Celestial Automobile has obtained L3 autopilot test license, becoming the only automobile enterprise that has obtained L3 autopilot test license in Chongqing and Shenzhen at the same time.

At the same time, Cyrus Smart Factory took the lead in introducing the world’s leading super-large 9000T integrated die casting machine, and used it for the first time on AITO M9. Highly integrated one-piece die casting design, 87 parts can be integrated into one part. At present, the factory has a production capacity of 30,000 vehicles per month, and a new car can be rolled off the assembly line every 30 seconds.

The capital increase price of Ruichi Electric is 10 yuan/share.

Cyrus also announced that after the first round of capital increase introduced the investment of 1 billion yuan from Ganfeng Lithium Industry, Ricci Electric, a subsidiary of Cyrus, started the second round of capital increase and share expansion.

On December 29th last year, the company’s wholly-owned subsidiaries, Sailisi Hubei and Ruichi Electric, signed agreements with Liangjiang Fund, respectively. The above-mentioned seven objects invested a total of 1.54 billion yuan to subscribe for the newly-increased registered capital of Ruichi Electric of 154 million yuan, and the capital increase price was 10 yuan per yuan of registered capital.

Liangjiang Fund subscribed for the newly-increased registered capital of Ruichi Electric with 460 million yuan, Green Fund with 450 million yuan, Xiaokang Holdings with 300 million yuan, Haichen shares with 150 million yuan, Ganzhan Hengyuan with 100 million yuan, BOE Fund with 50 million yuan and Xu Jianqiao (president of Ruichi Electric) with 30 million yuan.

Cyrus said that he would give up the relevant preemptive right. After the capital increase is completed, the share ratio of Cyrus Hubei will be reduced from 66.67% to 44.05%; The share ratio of Ganfeng Lithium Industry will drop from 33.33% to 22.03%, while Chongqing Liangjiang Fund, National Green Fund and Xiaokang Holdings will rank third, fourth and fifth largest shareholders with share ratios of 10.13%, 9.91% and 6.61% respectively.

The board of directors of Ruichi Electric is composed of five directors, of which, Celeste Hubei has the right to appoint two directors, and Ganfeng Lithium Industry, Liangjiang Fund and Xiaokang Holdings have the right to appoint one director respectively.

Ruichi electric zhuanzhu commercial vehicle

According to the data, Ruichi Electric was established in September 2003 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. The registered place is located in Fusheng Town, Jiangbei District, Chongqing, and it has the qualification to produce commercial electric vehicles. By the end of July 2023, its total assets were 1.924 billion yuan and its net assets were 447 million yuan. From January to July in 2022 and 2023, the operating income was 2.76 billion yuan and 1.155 billion yuan respectively, and the net profit was 130 million yuan and 24.9256 million yuan respectively. The capital increase of Ruichi Electric will all be used for the operation and development of its main business.

Sailis said that Ruichi Electric focuses on the electric commercial vehicle business. The introduction of investors to provide funds for business development is conducive to enhancing its capital strength, enhancing its comprehensive strength and market competitiveness, and promoting its own business development, which is in line with the industrial layout and development strategy. There is no harm to the interests of the company and all shareholders, especially small and medium shareholders.

At the same time, Cyrus also suggested that after this capital increase and share expansion, if the audit institution confirms that Ruichi Electric is no longer included in the scope of consolidated statements, the accounting method of the company’s equity investment will be changed from cost method to equity method, which is expected to bring investment income to the company; If the scope of consolidated statements of the company does not change after confirmation by the audit institution, the introduction of investors this time will not have a significant impact on the annual performance in 2023, which shall be subject to the audit results of the audit institution.

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BYD Qin PLUS DM-i 2023 Champion Edition went on the market: from 99,800 yuan, the fuel consumption was only 3.8L

[TechWeb] On February 10th, BYD Qin PLUS DM-i 2023 Champion Edition was officially launched today, and five models were launched. The pure battery life includes 55KM and 120KM versions, and the official guide price is 99,800-145,800 yuan. It is worth mentioning that this is also the first time that the price of DM-i models has dropped to less than 100,000.

As a "subversive of fuel cars", Qin PLUS DM-i 2023 Champion Edition officially opens a new era of "the same price of oil and electricity" with five major subversion and four major rejuvenation, and will subvert fuel to the end!

In terms of appearance, the new car continues the design of the previous model, adding a jet blue appearance and a warm sun brown interior color matching, which makes the texture full. In the interior, the electric adjustment of the passenger seat and the heating function of the front seat are added, and the 8-speaker hi-fi system is also upgraded for the high-profile models.

In terms of intelligence, the 2023 Champion Edition upgraded the 8.8-inch floating instrument with rich functions and better display effect. Equipped with the brand-new DiLink 4.0(4G) intelligent network connection system, the UI interface is more beautiful and the voice recognition is faster.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with DM-i super hybrid technology, with Xiaoyun-plug-in special 1.5L high-efficiency engine, EHS electric hybrid system and DM-i super hybrid special blade battery as the core, to create an electric hybrid technology, which brings five subversive driving experiences of "fast, provincial, quiet, smooth and green", with an acceleration of 7.3s per 100 kilometers, a fuel consumption of 3.8L per 100 kilometers and a comprehensive battery life of 1,244.

Great Wall pickup trucks sold 21,251 Great Wall guns worldwide in June, with a cumulative sales volume of over 10,000 in 23 months.

  Recently, Great Wall pickup truck announced its sales data for June. Great Wall pickup trucks sold 21,251 units worldwide in June, up 18% year-on-year and 25% quarter-on-quarter. Among them, 5,132 units were sold overseas, up 49% from the previous month. From January to June, the global sales totaled 94,417 units. Great Wall Gun sold 14,674 units worldwide in June, up 46% year-on-year, with a cumulative sales volume of over 10,000 in 23 months, ranking first in pickup truck sales. From January to June, the Great Wall Gun sold 71,088 units worldwide, up 14% year-on-year.

  In May 2022, the 300,000th complete vehicle of the Great Wall Gun was officially rolled off the assembly line. From zero to 300,000, the Great Wall Gun took only two years and eight months, creating a new "Great Wall Gun Speed", becoming the first high-end pickup truck brand in China to break through 300,000 sets, setting a new industry record, leading the brand upward, and helping the category value of pickup trucks to jump.

The Great Wall pickup truck sold 21,251 Great Wall guns worldwide in June, and the cumulative sales in 23 months exceeded 10,000 copies of _fororder_image001.

The 300,000th complete vehicle of Great Wall Gun officially rolled off the assembly line.

  Diversified product layout helps the industry to move up with category innovation

  At present, a new wave of lifting the ban on pickup trucks is coming. In particular, the State Council has twice issued a document to support the relaxation of restrictions on pickup trucks entering cities and the formal implementation of General Technical Conditions for Multi-purpose Trucks. More and more cities have joined the lifting of the ban on pickup trucks, and the pickup truck market has a million-level expansion potential. Great Wall Gun insists on category innovation and redefines pickup truck. Pickup truck is a family universal car, a living car and a universal modified car. Seize the opportunity, Great Wall Gun will make full efforts to take advantage of leisure and fashion business, and the global product layout will achieve full lineup, full scene and full price coverage. The Great Wall Gun Fashion Products category focuses on building compact and medium-sized pickup trucks, and is committed to building a car of value and people’s livelihood for thousands of industries. In March, the fashion commercial pickup truck King Kong Gun was officially launched. With the five hard-core strengths of Fashion King Kong, Smart King Kong, Super King Kong, King Kong Quality and Ever-changing King Kong, together with users in the new era, we will jointly expand new formats, innovate businesses and help industrial upgrading.

Great Wall pickup trucks sold 21,251 Great Wall guns worldwide in June, and the cumulative sales in 23 months exceeded 10,000 _fororder_image002.

King kong cannon

  The passenger leisure category is based on the global intelligent professional off-road tank platform, covering medium-sized, large-sized and full-size pickup trucks in an all-round way, and is committed to meeting the diversified and personalized needs of users. In May, the trailer versions of passenger guns and commercial guns were officially launched, and they have the towing qualification of C6 driving, unlocking the life of pickup trucks in the whole scene. At present, the whole vehicle system of the Great Wall Gun has been equipped with trailer models. In June, 2022 Black Bomb was launched, and the chassis was newly developed and upgraded to meet the individual needs of off-road players.

Great Wall pickup trucks sold 21,251 Great Wall guns worldwide in June, and the cumulative sales in 23 months exceeded 10,000 _fororder_image003.


  Recently, the Great Wall Gun has two major categories, leisure and fashion business. The 2022 Black Bomb, Off-road Gun Trailer and King Kong Gun Flat-bottom Container have appeared at auto shows in Qilu and Chongqing successively, further enhancing the brand potential with a new look. As the leader of pickup trucks, Great Wall Gun constantly helps the industry to move up with category innovation. In June, Great Wall Gun, as a representative of pickup truck enterprises, participated in the seminar on promoting the development of pickup truck characteristic consumer market in 2022 (the third session). The association, friends and media jointly promoted the establishment of pickup truck branch to promote the prosperity and development of pickup truck market.

  Insist on users to create deep ploughing circles and create a full-scene pickup life.

  Great Wall Gun insists on creating user brands with users, and promotes pickup truck culture in China. During the Dragon Boat Festival, the third season of the Great Wall artillery survey of Mount Everest was held. More than 100 people gathered in Lhasa, and all the way through the complex weather test in the plateau area, they successfully arrived at Mount Everest base camp to pay tribute to the spirit of climbers. Since 2020, the Great Wall Gun has been measuring Everest for three consecutive years, and practiced the "climber spirit" with its own experience.

Great Wall pickup trucks sold 21,251 Great Wall guns worldwide in June, and the cumulative sales in 23 months exceeded 10,000 _fororder_image004.

Measure Everest activities

  Playing with users, Great Wall Gun also held the Mars artillery team crossing the sea channel, the first artillery conference and the desert cross-country challenge, and jointly created the 2022 Great Wall Gun Outdoor Sports Carnival with Tik Tok to jointly build the China pickup cultural base camp, making pickup a life, an attitude and a spirit.

Great Wall pickup trucks sold 21,251 Great Wall guns worldwide in June, and the cumulative sales in 23 months exceeded 10,000 _fororder_image005.

Desert challenge

  Great Wall Gun is not only the pioneer of new pickup truck category, but also the leader of pickup truck culture and the leader of users’ co-creation. Up to now, 31 provincial teams have been set up by the Firearms Association Cheyouhui, with 900,000 users of the Great Wall Gun APP, and six pickup colleges have been fully operated.

  Be a responsible corporate social citizen and help industrial upgrading.

  Empower thousands of industries and help industrial upgrading. Deeply link the tea format, and the Great Wall Cannon will create "a cannon tea together — — Explore the trip to the tea king, and set up a Great Wall artillery product co-creation base to promote the upgrading of the tea industry. Insight into the needs of drug dealers and drug farmers, Great Wall Gun launched the King Kong Gun Drug Dealer Edition to empower Chinese medicine practitioners and help upgrade the Chinese medicine industry. Great Wall Gun will join hands with users to create value and realize co-creation, sharing and win-win with users.

Great Wall pickup trucks sold 21,251 Great Wall guns worldwide in June, and the cumulative sales in 23 months exceeded 10,000 _fororder_image006.

Exploring the journey of tea king

  Great Wall Gun is more brave in corporate social responsibility, fighting epidemic situation, fighting floods, climbing Mount Everest and escorting national scientific research. Following the first batch of training camps at the end of 2021, in the first half of this year, the Great Wall Gun Public Welfare Rescue College organized the second training camp. At present, more than 80 users have graduated, which greatly improved the practical skills of public welfare rescue and empowered users to standardize public welfare rescue.

  The deepening of globalization has made China pickup trucks popular all over the world.

  At present, Great Wall Gun has been listed in more than 50 countries on four continents, and it has become the first China brand with five-star safety rating under the latest Australian ANCAP standard. Relying on the new positioning of Great Wall Motor, such as "global layout", "R&D investment", "enterprise transformation" and "user operation", Great Wall Gun adheres to global R&D, global manufacturing and global sharing to build a truly global car.

  The Great Wall Gun is also rooted in overseas local culture, helping the world’s top surfing events and Australian triathlon, escorting extreme sports, sharing a healthy life with global users, and letting global users experience the charm of China pickup culture.

  With the glory of 300,000 units, Great Wall Gun and global users create a new world of pickup trucks. In the future, Great Wall Gun will insist on category innovation and user co-creation, and represent China pickup truck brand in the global market to fight against the international mainstream brands, and the sword refers to the top three in the world, making China pickup truck popular all over the world. (Photo courtesy of Great Wall Motor)

Mercedes-Benz E300 Body Dimensions

The automobile field has always been an industry with continuous progress and development, among which Mercedes-Benz brand stands out in the market with its excellent quality and innovative technology. As a classic model of Mercedes-Benz brand, Mercedes-Benz E300 has always been the focus of consumers’ attention. Today, we will discuss the body size and characteristics of Mercedes-Benz E300 in depth to help you better understand this car.

Mercedes-Benz E300′ s body size is very suitable, neither too large nor too compact. Its length, width and height are 4925mm, 1860mm and 1470mm respectively, and its wheelbase is 2939mm. This body size not only provides drivers with spacious driving space, but also provides passengers with a comfortable ride experience.

In appearance, the lines of Mercedes-Benz E300 are smooth, and the body proportion is coordinated, giving people an elegant feeling. Its front face adopts a family-style design, and the combination of headlights and air intake grille is both domineering and gentle. The lines on the side of the car body are smooth, and the waistline extends from the front wheel eyebrows to the taillights, which enhances the three-dimensional sense of the car body. The design of the rear of the car is simple, and the shape of the taillights is unique, which echoes the headlights and makes the whole car look more harmonious and unified.

In the interior, Mercedes-Benz E300 also performed well. The car has spacious space, exquisite materials and fine workmanship. The seat is made of high-grade leather, which is extremely comfortable. The design of the center console is simple and generous, and the layout of various buttons and knobs is reasonable and easy to operate. In addition, E300 is equipped with many high-tech configurations, such as navigation system, reversing radar and multi-function steering wheel, which provides great convenience for drivers.

The following is a simple table, which can visually show the comparison between the body size of Mercedes-Benz E300 and that of the same class:

By comparison, we can see that the body size of Mercedes-Benz E300 is in the leading position in the same class, and its wheelbase and width are particularly outstanding. This not only means that E300 has more spacious interior space, but also makes it more stable during driving.

Generally speaking, the body size of Mercedes-Benz E300 is one of its highlights, which not only meets the consumer’s demand for space, but also reflects the Mercedes-Benz brand’s unremitting pursuit of vehicle performance and comfort. If you are considering buying a luxury medium and large car, Mercedes-Benz E300 is definitely a choice worth considering.

Huawei: The two "boundaries" are ready, and the two "boundaries" are ready to go.

With its affordable price, Zhijie S7 has pre-sold more than 20,000 vehicles so far.

On November 28th,Yu Chengdong announced the official selling price of Zhijie S7-starting from 249,800 yuan, which is nearly 10,000 yuan cheaper than the pre-sale price.


For Huawei, the significance of Smart S7 is not only that it is a "real fragrance" product that attracts a large number of consumers, but also the embodiment of Huawei’s core competitiveness and product strength, and marks that Huawei’s smart car selection business has entered a new chapter.



New energy vehicle companies with the highest sales volume must have their core competitiveness. Among them, Huawei’s smart car selection, including the core competitiveness of the intellectual and intellectual circles, is undoubtedly the high-level smart driving that Huawei empowers.


Some time ago, Huawei boarded the hot search because of AEB problem. Through the live test of some bloggers, we found that Huawei’s intelligent driving level is really outstanding. It was only at the full scene conference of Zhijie S7 and Huawei that Huawei showed the full strength of ADS 2.0.

In the past, we often saw drivers drive their cars slowly to the booth when attending car conferences, but the intellectual S7 was different.It can automatically drive to the booth without a driver, and face the audience at the press conference, and it can automatically drive out of the booth after the press conference.Yes, this is the strength of Huawei ADS 2.0. Users take out their mobile phones and open the App to summon cars, and the cars can automatically drive to the users.


Parking service is also a highlight of the intelligent S7 intelligent driving. Unlike automatic parking, parking service doesn’t need anyone in the car.After entering the parking lot, the owner can leave after opening the parking service, and the car will automatically find a free parking space and stop. Even if it isThe parking space is relatively narrow, and it is difficult for old drivers to park in it. There is no pressure on the intellectual S7.



Traditional automatic parking requires drivers to sit in the driver’s seat and concentrate on it to prevent bumping when parking. If the parking space is too narrow, the driver may need to get off and use the remote parking function.


Huawei is not the first enterprise to put forward the functions of Calling Auto and parking service, but it may be the first enterprise to realize and gradually popularize these two technologies.


In the aspect of automatic driving, which users pay attention to, ADS 2.0 also realizes more accurate and fast obstacle recognition ability through general obstacle monitoring network, RCR road topology reasoning network and other technologies. At the same time, Huawei said that by the end of 2023, NCA (Intelligent Navigation Assistance) coverage in urban areas can be achieved nationwide, and it is a map-free mode.



Undoubtedly, in terms of intelligent driving of core competitiveness, Huawei strives for perfection and takes the lead in achieving the goal set by its friends a few years ago. However, Huawei’s research on smart driving goes far beyond this. The core of smart driving is not only "smart driving" but also "smart travel".


With the blessing of AI big model and Harmony 4.0, Xiaoyi voice assistant has stronger interactive ability, can answer all kinds of questions of car owners at any time, and provide various services, such as voice-controlled booking and facial recognition payment. The whole process can be completed automatically without users’ hands-on.



In-car payment mode has also been proposed by car companies before, but Huawei has once again achieved it first.



The protagonist of this conference is naturally Zhijie S7, the first car of Huawei’s smart car selection business.Superb technology is only one aspect of creating explosions, and on the other hand, it has enough hard power.


Zero-hundred acceleration of 3.3 seconds, 0.203cD wind resistance, Turing chassis, suspension, 855 km long battery life, 800V fast charging, high-order intelligent driving, magic space, queen space, no wheat K song …



These functions all illustrate the Excellence of Zhijie S7, with a starting price of 249,800 yuan, and without losing the configuration and experience of Model S, 20,000 orders are only the limit of time, not the limit of Zhijie S7.


In fact, there is another car that announced the price at this conference, that is, the new M7 Max rear-drive intelligent driving version, with a five-seat version of 289,800 yuan and a six-seat version of 309,800 yuan, which is 20,000 yuan cheaper than the four-wheel drive version. With lower price, similar configuration and driving pleasure brought by rear drive, this car is undoubtedly very competitive.



Perhaps it is because Huawei and Cyrus saw the hot sale of the new M7 Max rear-drive intelligent driving version.According to Huawei’s official data, the new M7 in the world has exceeded 100,000, of which 60% is the smart driving version, and 75% of users have selected the smart driving package in the city.


At present, the most serious problem facing the new M7 is probably the production capacity. Huawei has stated that the expected delivery volume will reach 23,000+in December this year, and the monthly delivery capacity will be increased to 30,000+next year.



Another reason why Huawei is eager to increase its production capacity lies in the release of the M9—— in December, the product with the highest positioning in the car industry. The car has not been officially released, and the order volume has exceeded 33,000 units, which shows that the heat is high.


Ask the world to focus on SUVs, the intellectual world to focus on cars, and the route of Huawei’s smart car selection business has been determined. Relatively speaking, SUVs meet the needs of home users, while cars are more suitable for young people who pursue a sense of driving.


8227600 _ 20231127141045 _ 267975 _ 658279615 _ Mie7728-Edit-Edit-Edit.jpg.

The M5 Smart Driving Edition, the new M7, and the upcoming M9 have helped the car to achieve mainstream price coverage of more than 200,000 yuan. Perhaps in the future, after Huawei’s smart car selection business and the car industry realize profitability, the car industry will also launch M1 and M3 with lower positioning to achieve full coverage of major price points. At present, it is possible to make a profit if the new forces build cars and launch cars with more than 200 thousand yuan.


The era of the intellectual world has just arrived. An S7 is in the front line, and it is not expected to take long. S5, S9 and other models will also be released. Occupy the two mainstream models of cars and SUVs, and there are still some smaller models such as off-road vehicles and MPVs. I wonder if Huawei is willing to get involved. However, it is certain that the scale of Huawei’s smart car lineup will have a period of rapid expansion, and the brands that help Huawei achieve subsequent expansion are the remaining two "boundaries".



At the press conference, Yu Chengdong personally admitted that there are two "boundaries" coming, and the other two corresponding car companies are BAIC and JAC.


Long ago, Huawei HarmonyOS Zhixing registered many trademarks related to "Jiejie", such as HarmonyOS Jiejie, Yaojie, Youjie, Xuanjie and Huijie, which made preparations for other partners who might join Huawei’s smart car selection business.


As the most valued model of Huawei’s automobile business, under the smart car selection model, Huawei will not only provide technical support for car companies, but also use its own offline channels and the brand value and popularity accumulated by C-side operations for many years to promote them.

8227600 _ 20231127162135 _ 267975 _ 658360553 _ Mie7792-Edit. jpg


Today, only Changan Automobile is left in Huawei’s Hi model, but the partners of smart car selection business have developed from only Celeste to Chery, BAIC and Jianghuai.


In the era of new energy vehicles, the automobile industry will usher in a reshuffle. Just like the changes in the era of smart phones, it is inevitable that some old car companies will fall.

Today, with the emphasis on the Internet of Everything, full-scene intelligence is particularly important, and Huawei’s strength lies in full-scene intelligence. As early as the early days of the 5G era, Huawei launched the whole house intelligence, and now it has also included cars in the whole scene interconnection, taking the lead.


Up to now, there are still more than 60 self-owned brand car companies in China, and the competition among new car-making forces has reached a white-hot stage, with more and more new forces with monthly sales exceeding 10,000 yuan. On the contrary, it is a traditional car company. Except for Chang ‘an, Great Wall, Chery, Geely and BYD, the performance of other independent brands is very general.


It is expected that more car companies will join Huawei’s smart car selection model, use Huawei’s technical strength to help them improve their product competitiveness, and use Huawei’s brand value, popularity and offline channels to help them sell vehicles.


Huawei has already registered a large number of "Jie" trademarks and is waiting for them to come.

"Smart luxury flagship SUV" Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris highlights listed

[Global Network Automobile Comprehensive Report] On February 21st, the "Smart and Light Luxury Flagship SUV" Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris was listed in the global highlight of Shanghai Bund E-sports International Cultural Center, which started the first shot of the high-end SUV market in China in 2023. There are six models of 400T TGDI two-wheel drive and 400T TGDI four-wheel drive in the new car, and the price range is 15.28-20.28 million yuan. Judging from the previous professional media evaluation, Starway Eta Ursae Majoris has the leapfrog strength to comprehensively benchmark the 400,000 joint venture luxury SUV. Combined with the people-friendly price and rich configuration level announced this time, it is believed that after listing, it will quickly set off a "luxury equal rights" movement in the 200,000-yuan SUV market, leading the Starway brand to establish a new pattern of independent high-end market.

What’s even more surprising is that on the basis of high-value purchasing power, the listed Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris has also brought six star enjoyment rights to users, effectively achieving "understanding what users think and pampering what users need":

  1. Hui Xingli: You can enjoy a discount of 10,000 yuan when you buy a car with a loan.
  2. Huanxingli: enjoy a subsidy of 10,000 yuan for replacement to the highest level.
  3. Provincial Star Gift: Free basic maintenance for the first owner for 3 years or 6 times (including the first insurance)
  4. Yuexingli: Free basic traffic for life (first car owner) and free entertainment traffic for 3 years (10G/ month).
  5. An Xingli: the first owner’s lifetime warranty for the whole vehicle
  6. Star ceremony: the first car owner’s life-long free road rescue

Yin Tongyue, Party Secretary and Chairman of Chery Holding Group, said at the press conference that "Starway is the crown jewel of Chery Group, and the global model Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is the representative work of Chery Group’s latest technical concept and latest user concept". Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris is not only the first strategic model in Xingtu brand 2.0 era, but also the first model of Chery Group’s "Eta Ursae Majoris 202.5 billion science and technology strategy", which is the best embodiment of the innovative spirit of "Technical Chery" in the new era. It is such a model born with its own star aura that has won professional recognition in the automobile industry. Since the blind booking was started on December 27th and the pre-sale was started on January 30th last year, Eta Ursae Majoris has received a high degree of attention-12,900 units were blindly ordered and 5,118 units were fixed. On the eve of listing, with the arrival of the existing cars of Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris, new cars have become the "hot cakes" of the local automobile market in the first-and second-tier important markets such as Chengdu, Wuhan, Guangzhou and Chongqing, and the hot market value continues to be full.

Judging from the market results of "hot before listing", the product positioning of Xingtu brand for Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris’s "400,000-class smart and light luxury flagship SUV" is not an armchair strategist, and the key lies in the precise product strategy of "breaking through the purchasing power of doubling the car price". Today, the automobile market in China is undergoing earth-shaking changes. Joint-venture luxury brands have shown signs of fatigue in terms of product change, market demand and user concept. China brand has started to rise strongly through independent innovation technology, and gradually mastered the discourse power and pricing power of the mainstream family car market. At present, there is an urgent need for a product that can show national pride and has the value of high-end cars in China, and Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris is such a model with a product value of 400,000, which is comparable to the joint venture luxury SUV brand.

Light up the "light" in users’ hearts and achieve the "light" of the national tide in the new era.

"Although the blind booking and pre-sale orders of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris have created a new speed, what is even more surprising is that we have also seen new changes in the portraits of brand users, and a large number of intellectual users and urban light and middle-class car buyers have emerged, which is also the target group of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris", shared by Huang Zhaogen, assistant general manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. and general manager of EXEED Starway Marketing Center.

According to the data, there are 350 million light and middle-class cities in China that are becoming the backbone of consumption. They are well-educated and in the initial stage of their families and careers. They attach great importance to the comfort and quality of life, and self-pleasing consumption is their belief, and they are willing to spend more on hobbies and self-improvement. But at the same time, they are also rational consumers, who know how to be moderate in consumption and pursue a more rational brand. The gratifying market results of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris in the early stage undoubtedly fully verified the accurate positioning of Starway brand to the user population and its forward-looking insight into the future market.

"They are not only the real users of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris, but also the brand genes of Starway," said Huang Zhaogen. Users have always been the best product managers in Starway, in order to practice the brand promise of "understanding what users think and pampering what users need" on the spot. Up to now, Starway has set up user co-creation activities such as Starlight Club and Starlight Friends. Starting from Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris, Star Road will continue to make progress, and join hands with the vast number of users, partners, media, social elites and other industry representatives to create a new user ecosystem in Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris, deeply cultivate the middle-class user population, realize content co-creation, brand co-creation, and users and brands grow together.

At the event site, representatives from various industries, such as Zhang Zhijing, a senior jewelry designer, Qiu Yudong, president of What’s Worth Buying, Li Jing, a teacher from Peking University, and Qiu Yun, an entrepreneur, gathered together to talk about their vision, share their strong recognition of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris’s product strength comparable to that of 400,000-class joint venture luxury SUV, and ardent expectations of Starway brand as "the light of high-end domestic products", which once pushed the atmosphere to a climax.

400,000-level luxury value, for "enjoyment and better"

At the listing meeting, Dr. Gao Xinhua, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. and President of Automotive Engineering Technology R&D Institute, once again emphasized the "gold content" of the products of Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris. He said, "Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris is a brand-new three-good SUV model of Chery Group with the best Chery system, better brand and better market segment". Behind Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris, three firsts were realized: the first product and birth of scientific research achievements in Eta Ursae Majoris 2025 laboratory. It is precisely because of the strong technical background of Chery Group that as a "leading generation" global product, Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris can perfectly match the life and spiritual taste of the urban light and middle class.

With its advanced, luxurious and technologically perceptive design language of "Aesthetics of Light", Starway Eta Ursae Majoris won the 2022 IDA International Design Gold Award in the United States, becoming the first fuel SUV of a local brand in China to win this award. On the front face, the borderless middle net of Star Window is matched with X-type starship daytime running lights on both sides, which makes the front face very avant-garde. The car side design subverts the inherent impression of the traditional SUV. With the maximum width-height ratio of 1.149, the design of the cockpit sliding roof and the spoiler of the fighter tail, it has created a fighting atmosphere and dynamic style that is as shocking as a sports car. The design of Xinghe taillight contains mystery, and it has an intelligent light system that can rhythm with the music played in the car. Coupled with the design of the star ring welcome lamp blanket with a full sense of ceremony, it creates a sense of honor and ceremony when getting on and off.

The length, width and height of the new car are 4781 mm *1920 mm *1671mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2815mm. The size of the leapfrog body gives all the staff a wide and comfortable seating space. In a spacious space, the NAPPA leather interstellar travel seat has a delicate texture and comfortable sitting feeling comparable to that of a high-end sofa. The front seat integrates functions such as ventilation/heating, electrically adjustable leg rest, headrest sound, etc., and the co-driver position is additionally provided with an electric foot rest and five modes of back pneumatic massage. The electric stepless adjustable backrest angle of 7 and independent fresh air system make every occupant find the most comfortable place to belong.

As the first model of "Lion Eco-2023", Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is an example of its peers in four dimensions: architecture, hardware, audio-visual and intelligent driving. With the support of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 smart chip+Xiongshi Zhiyun 5.0 gold combination, Starway Eta Ursae Majoris can easily realize operations such as quick start of the vehicle in 3 seconds, identification in 2 seconds, and continuous processing of more than 20 instructions in 30 seconds, and its ultra-fast computing and processing ability eliminates waiting. 24.6-inch curved screen design, brand-new HMI 5.0 UI visual interaction, super ID and Xunfei voice engine and other configurations bring more caring. The 50-inch imaging AR-HUD function further enhances the user’s driving experience. In terms of intelligent driving configuration, the new car will also be equipped with high-heat functions such as AVP autonomous parking service and NOC high-speed pilot intelligent driving.

The new flying fish super-sensing chassis with CDC electromagnetic suspension system, Soft Stop system, chassis hydraulic vibration isolation system, all-terrain technology system, all-scene intelligent four-wheel drive system, intelligent brake-by-wire system and other advanced functions as the core will bring the new car a "flying fish"-like free leap and elegant sliding posture in all road conditions and all-scene environment, and at the same time achieve the ultimate balance of comfort, control and safety in dynamic performance. The new car is equipped with a high-efficiency power system with a 2.0TGDI turbocharged engine and a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox. Among them, the 2.0TGDI turbocharged engine has won the title of "Top Ten Engines of China Heart", which can produce a super power output with a maximum power of 192kW and a maximum torque of 400N·m, and the fuel consumption under WLTC condition is 7.5L/100km.

The safety protection capability of Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris is also very eye-catching. The new car is built according to the global N-CAP five-star safety standard, equipped with 32 ADAS driving assistance functions, and the car body adopts the new cage-type energy-absorbing space capsule technology, accounting for 85% of the ultra-high-strength steel of the whole car, which can withstand the compression of the 10-ton car body. The unique design of "six energy-absorbing boxes and three-layer force transmission paths" can better absorb and distribute the impact and energy generated by the collision.

It is worth mentioning that the Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris, which is built with the highest five-star standard in the world, has been polished by three rigorous test standards: 1.37 million km+ ultra-long user simulation test, 260,000 km+ durability test and misuse test of 12 working conditions including pits, bumps, braking and squeezing in Eta Ursae Majoris Laboratory, and its reliability can be called the "king of volume" at the same level.

Born to the light, shining to the world, lighting up the next distance.

In 2022, in the extremely ups and downs of the market environment, Xingtu brand achieved a cumulative breakthrough of 100,000 users and a few independent high-end brands achieved positive growth. The annual sales volume increased by 37.6% year-on-year, demonstrating the promising "post-wave" potential and brand resilience. Standing at the starting point of the next 100,000 yuan, Starway Eta Ursae Majoris, a "star model", is bound to lead Starway to achieve brand breakthrough, user breakthrough and market breakthrough, lead Starway to a better future and contribute more brand added value to the global development of Chery Group.